Bret Stephens: The Pirates of Tehran

Bret Stephens:

“On April 14, 1988, the U.S.S. Samuel B. Roberts, a frigate, hit an Iranian naval mine while sailing in the Persian Gulf. The explosion injured 10 of her crew and nearly sank the ship. Four days later, the U.S. Navy destroyed half the Iranian fleet in a matter of hours. Iran did not molest the Navy or international shipping for many years thereafter.

Now that’s changed. Iran’s piratical regime is back yet again to its piratical ways.

Or so it seems, based on a detailed timeline of Thursday’s attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman provided by the U.S. Central Command, including a surveillance video of one of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps patrol boats removing an unexploded limpet mine from the hull of one of the damaged tankers.

The Iranians categorically deny responsibility. And the Trump administration has credibility issues, to put it mildly, which is one reason why electing a compulsive prevaricator to the presidency is dangerous to national security.

In this case, however, the evidence against Iran is compelling.  …

What is appropriate is a new set of rules — with swift consequences if Iran chooses to break them. The Trump administration ought to declare new rules of engagement to allow the Navy to engage and destroy Iranian ships or fast boats that harass or threaten any ship, military or commercial, operating in international waters. If Tehran fails to comply, the U.S. should threaten to sink any Iranian naval ship that leaves port. …”

Literally on one else in the world but the pro-Israel lobby and Jewish neocons who write editorials for the New York Times thinks the evidence against Iran is compelling. The operator of the Japanese oil tanker claims that it was hit by a flying object, not an Iranian mine

New York Times:

“TOKYO — One of the tankers that were attacked in the Gulf of Oman was struck by a flying object, the ship’s Japanese operator said on Friday, expressing doubt that a mine had been attached to its hull.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday that American intelligence agencies had concluded that Tehran was behind the disabling of two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, a vital conduit for much of the world’s oil. Iranian officials denied any involvement in the events, which have escalated tensions in the region. …”

Iran has no incentive to antagonize Japan while its president is visiting the country to quell regional tensions to avoid a destructive war with the United States that could engulf the entire region. The idea that Iran which has stuck to the terms of the nuclear deal long after Blompf abandoned it out of subservience to Sheldon Adelson and put up with crushing American sanctions and repeated military attacks on Iranian forces in Syria by Israel attacked the oil tanker to prove that Blompf is a “Twitter Tiger” is laughable. It says a lot though about the credibility of The New York Times.


“Israeli officials told me that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is responsible for the attack against the two oil tankers in the Gulf earlier this week. Israeli officials intimately involved in policy on Iran claimed the IRGC used naval mines and a torpedo to attack the tankers.

Why it matters: Israel is the third country with advanced intelligence gathering capability on Iran to publicly point a finger at the IRGC for the attacks. In the last few days both President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed the Iranians for the attack. Yesterday, the British Foreign Office announced there is high probability the IRGC is behind the attacks.”

Naturally, Israel is already blaming Iran for its false flag attack.

I’m more of a humanitarian than these people. I actually don’t want to see millions of people die in a new war in the Middle East or in Venezuela in South America for that matter.

The whole world is laughing at American foreign policy. No one else in the world believes the lies coming from Mike Pompeo and the Trump administration. The human race is opposed to Israeli control of American policy. The only people who support this are a handful of elderly Jewish Zionist donors who have corrupted our politics by donating millions of dollars to Republican politicians.

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  1. The zionist zealots in both parties are chomping at the bit for another war for Israel.

    Most us are well informed on Israel’s intentional attack on the USS Liberty, but how many are aware of the U.S. Navy’s intentional shoot down of Iranian Airliner 655 in 1987?

    The USS Vincennes launched a surface to air missle (SAM) that blew Iran flight 655 out of the sky in Iranian airspace. Two hundred and ninety people were murdered including 66 children.

    Zog and their useful idiots have been pushing for war with Iran for over three decades, but their latest escapade is a farce.

  2. In the interest of Bipartisanship, it should be understood that all those political Swamp Critters take Shlomo’s Shekels…

  3. The ‘Murican Empire is the eternal (((neo-con))) war state. Let the Israelis (both there and in the US) spill their own blood for their own causes. I’m so glad my nephew got talked out of joining the vampiric war profiteer’s army.

  4. Who is we? Christians do not persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. Only animals prey on the weak and the innocent. Only animals. Civilized human beings protect and defend the weak and the innocent. Without proof the Iranians are innocent of any wrong doing.

    • “Christians do not persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. Only animals prey on the weak and the innocent. Only animals. Civilized human beings protect and defend the weak and the innocent.”


    • Re “protecting the weak,….Does this mean you want open borders? In defense of animals, they prey on the weak — which strengthens the population they are preying on. As for animals preying on the “innocent” — childish, nursery school sentimentality.
      Only humans engage in sadistic, unnatural killing- – not animals.

    • Pff, Christians are no different from any other religious types. They can be mean, cruel sons of bitches too. And animals do what they have to in order to survive.

      Have you checked your T levels lately, Roberta?

  5. I suspect the same people who told America Iraq has weapons of mass destruction also told them that an attack upon American troops or interests in Iran was imminent. The phrase “By way of deception thou shalt practice war” comes to mind for some reason.

  6. Retarded FoxNews-watching Boomers eat this shit up – they all still have that Cold War mindset where the US exemplifies all that is righteous and they need “The Bad Guys” like Iran and Iraq and Syria to kick around and Israel fills the role of “The Plucky Underdog” that the jews love to fill their dopey movies with.

  7. “The whole world is laughing at American foreign policy.”

    It’s also the same policy that they had in 1980, as Putin has pointed out.

  8. Most everything I’m seeing on Twitter is calling this a false flag, which, I believe, it is. The only players anxious to start WWIII are our Clown World overlords with their insatiable lust for blood and destruction. They are losing what little credibility they have left and that’s a good thing.

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