Bill Maher Predicts Andrew Yang Will Rise In The Polls

We’ve spent months arguing about it.

In two weeks, we’re going to find out whether the #YangGang has legs. I’m confident that it does and Yang will make a splash on the national stage. I could always be wrong though. Bill Maher agrees that Yang is the candidate to watch in the first debate.

If Yang’s candidacy doesn’t take off after the debates and he drops out, then nothing will have been lost. We’re still a long way out from the primaries and even further away from the 2020 presidential election. Blompf will likely sink in that election no matter who is the Democratic nominee.

Note: My reasoning is that presumably everyone else in the populist Right in America is significantly less “racist” than I am. If I am supporting Yang this early, then it is reasonable to assume that all of those people who far more moderate than I am will also be receptive to his message. I’m not really bothered by the fact that Andrew Yang is Asian because Blompf is Orange and has no loyalty to White folks and is letting Jared Kushner and his Jewish donors rule the country anyway.

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  1. C’mon HW. Are we going to cherry pick what genetically half jew and ideologically full Jew Bill Maher believes? Manlet maher doesn’t care about White well being.

    Maher is the j left’s Dennis Miller.

    • Hey larper, can’t think of your own screen name and got to go off and reverse somebody else’s? I’d bet a 1000 shekels you’re a slimy parasitic kabbalist yid. God I pray everyday you parasitic demonic people’s will just vanish. Just maybe we need WW3 for that to happen.

  2. I fear the orange kike is going to win reelection by default. Hopefully the 2020 election will be cancelled due to widespread political and racial unrest.

  3. I believe that Yang will be screwed over, like Bernie Sanders will be, too.

    They want Biden in. Nothing will derail that, if they have any say about it.

    • Worse: they want the (heretofore unimaginably) “electable” Biden in, with the Hindu Dindu K. Harris as VP. Once sworn in, the visibly frail and elderly Joe can plausibly be put to sleep, leaving the otherwise-unelectable Kamala as the sitting president.

      Then the racial-jackboot Bolshevik revanchist violence, which is what (((they))) really want, can begin.

  4. The ease with which ‘commenters’ on this forum descend into sophomoric… no, grade-school childish rhetoric when their stances are challenged (think outside the L/R, Dem/Rep box, for instance) merely confirms the reality that Democracy is one of the least valid forms of governance in the universe.

    Cretins are not the equals of the Aristos. The ‘hoi polloi’ are not interchangeable with the Gerontes.
    Never have been, never will be. Even at the level of Orange Cheetoh Man.

  5. Yang will rise in the polls because he’s offering something different. The question is will russiagate programming short circuit democrat primary voters priorities and will burger right wingers be able to look past the D and the R?

    I’m not answering these questions, I do not know. Us “racists” understand neither of the two party’s represents us, so we can move with more agility than the average voter.

    I personally would like to see a Tulsi/yang ticket. Tulsi has adopted ubi as apart of her platform but she’s far more dedicated to ending wars than yang and would be less likely convinced by jewish gaslighting for the need of a war.

    Put in yang in VP and have him only working ubi and let Tulsi bring our troops home

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