Angry Black People Are Derailing Pete Buttigieg’s Presidential Campaign

New York Times:

“SOUTH BEND, Ind. — It has been one of the biggest challenges for Pete Buttigieg since he began his improbable presidential campaign in January: Could the Harvard-educated mayor of South Bend, who often comes across like the brainy technocrat he once was as a McKinsey & Company consultant, build a following among black voters, one of the Democratic Party’s most vital constituencies?

Early signs were worrisome. Few African-Americans showed up at his campaign events, even in predominantly black areas of key primary states like South Carolina. His poll numbers among black voters were low to nonexistent. And he was shadowed by criticism from some black residents of South Bend about his firing of the city’s first black police chief and his handling of economic and housing issues.

But Mr. Buttigieg’s troubles intensified into a crisis on Sunday as he faced pointed questions and angry jeers from some African-American residents of South Bend at a packed town-hall-style meeting that he held in his latest attempt to respond to the fatal police shooting last week of Eric J. Logan, a 54-year-old black man. …”

Mayor Pete promised them several months ago that he would never say All Lives Matter again. Now his presidential campaign is being devoured by them. He just sits there and takes it and looks weak. Meanwhile, Yang is jumping off the stage into cheering throngs of supporters.

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  1. Minorities are throwing out their White Champions. As the white vote becomes less necessary to them, they are demanding minority candidates.

    As nonwhites flow into white countries, each group will get its own spokesmen. More and more coloreds will demand to take over their OWN politics, with their OWN spokesmen. This process is just beginning. It is a process in which today’s white anti-whites will have no place

      • @spahnranch 1969 — It doesn’t matter to the Blacks whether he is or not. .. He looks WHITE to them!

    • Exactly. Race trumps ideology. White anti-White race traitors reject or deny this. They are destined to fade into irrelevance and obscurity. Good riddance.

    • Then why do so many of the powerful black groups back Biden?

      I think they think they can get more gibs out of him, that he’s more believable to whites, and further, Buttigig was accused of favoring some blacks over others. It’s like he’s responsible for their whole chaotic endless whinefest.

      None of it matters, since he can’t win, so maybe that’s why the riff raff take him down.

      • When elections outcomes are assured, blacks vote for the one who is most likely to win. When elections are close, blacks vote for the one the Democrats tell them to vote for. They have never ignored the call from the Democrats.

        Blacks back Biden because he is still a big dog in the party, but he is the last of a dying breed. The future of the Democrats is brown man’s party. All Whites to the back of the bus.

  2. The two commenters above are both correct: Non-Whites are possessed of a TRIBAL mind, and stupidly think that only someone of their race, can be allowed to rule over them- no matter how deficient their IQ. Niggers also find gays to be even less ‘viable’ on their ‘hierarchy of niggerdom.’ In short, black gays are even more ‘nigga,’ than hetero blacks (even if they are on the ‘down low’)!

    Whites- being highly altruistic, actually have come to believe the lie that ‘everyone is equal’ – until someone less desireable moves into their subdivision…. But even then, they will vote/virtue signal as a DUMB-o-crat, to avoid all labels of ‘republican, racist, homophobe, white supremacist’- even though they all are, at base.

    • Father John,

      Well you mostly got it right. I would never accept someone voluntarily of a different race or religion ruling me. But I am not stupid. Any decent anglo elected would have many people of my own race who has his views or we would not support him. Therefore, we should be represented by our own kind with our views. The two should not be mutually exclusive.

      The only time to accept someone different than ourselves ruling us would be someone of a different race who is just morally head and shoulders above one of our own. In that case reluctantly I would support the other.

  3. Its almost as of dozens of competing groups with different beliefs and ideologies don’t get along. Crazy!

    • @Someone, I always wonder the same about these White traitor cucks- — I’m sure they’re fighting to maintain the brainwashing with all their might, but how can they possibly sit there and not be thinking “these people really are just Niggers” !.

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