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  1. I love that channel. Been watching much of his uploads for the last year. Great, traditional American pioneer cuisine with basic ingredients and simple methods.

  2. I hate potatoes. HATE ’em. I didn’t have a chance to make the veggie soup; I’ll have to do that sometime this week. I was running all over the terrain today. I was gone til 10PM Sunday night. The chicken looks great. I’m a huge fan of meat! I had a teriyaki steak salad tonight, at this fabulous hole in the wall hipster restaurant, in the middle of farm country. In addition to the DELICIOUS steak – there was essentially half a produce department on my plate. Super fresh greens, tomatoes, carrots (I LOVE carrots! XXXOOOXXX CARROTS!) all kinds of other stuff. My hubby ate the black olives. Raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Made on site. And….I ruined all the healthy stuff with a deliiiiiish-sus margarita, served in a glass the size of a loving cup. the stem was green, and shaped like a cactus. But it was Heaven! I’m still hammered. Woo HOO!

    • But madam, the potato is so versatile! I can be baked, fried, mashed, boiled, etc.
      I think I shall follow your excellent example and take few days off to enjoy myself at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

  3. Have some smothered fries on me, Spawn! Yum. Just found a low G.I. potato. Will plant it next season, to enjoy the tuber of my Celtic ancestors…..

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