MIGA: $259 Million Reasons To Bomb Iran

Lobe Log:

“Yet, there’s another omnipresent influence on Trump: $259 million given by some of the GOP’s top supporters to boost his campaign in 2016 and support Republican congressional and senate campaigns in 2016 and 2018.

Those funds  came from Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Paul Singer and Bernard Marcus, donors who have made no secret, both through public statements and funding think tanks that support military action against Iran, of their desire for the United States to destroy the Islamic Republic.

Adelson, who alongside his wife Miriam are the biggest donors to Trump and the GOP, contributed $205 million to Republicans in the past two political cycles and reportedly sent $35 million to the Future 45 Super PAC that supported Trump’s presidential bid. His role as the biggest funder of Republican House and Senate campaigns makes him a vital ally for Trump—who relied on Adelson’s campaign donations to maintain a Republican majority in the Senate and curb Republican losses in the House in the 2018 midterm election—and any Republican seeking national office. …

The billionaire Iran hawks—the Adelsons, Singer, and Marcus—made combined donations of over $259 million to GOP politicians in the past two cycles, making them some of the Republican Party’s most important donors. That quarter-billion-dollars doesn’t include contributions to dark money 501c4 groups and donations to 501c3 nonprofits, such as think tanks like FDD. …”

This is why it is pointless to vote for the GOP.

It doesn’t matter what they say on the campaign trail. In between the Kochs, Adelson, Singer and Marcus, the policies are sold to the highest bidder. That’s how we got their man John Bolton.

Note: In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis went to Israel to sign an anti-Semitism bill for Sheldon Adelson that makes it a crime in Florida to point out how much of a negative influence these people have over our foreign policy.

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  1. I cheesed off my nephew tonight, because I am NIOT voting for Trump. Alas, he still believes in Q. He asked me, “So you want Biden, then?” I replied, “What the difference? I don’t think Biden will be the nominee, cuz he seems to be going genuinely senile, but everything Trump does is for Israel. Not America – Israel”.

    I think people still need to believe…Tragic.

    • Your nephew sounds more like a boomer madam, although I have some boomer relatives who are j-wise, albeit in a respectable 1950s country club Republican sort of way.

    • The “two party system” is a big scam. Heads they win, tails we lose. As George Carlin put it:: Forget about the politicians. They’re there to make you think you have a choice. You don’t.

  2. What if zog started a war with Iran, but no one stepped forward to fight in it?

    Boomers are way too old to join zog’s war machine, and there aren’t enough evangelical military age males to invade Iran. Even the EU would sit out this judaic fiasco.

    After the sheeple were deceived by ziocons in Iraq, who is left to rally behind the flag of greater israel?

    • @November – this is one of the chief reasons for Open Borders. ZOG’s Military Machers are one of the most virulent forces for Open Borders. They want to get those Macho Mestizos to enlist. And lesbians. That who will serve ZOG. Excepting these demographics…don’t usually work out that well.

      • @Denise, A lot of those those mestizos are old timey Catholics that still refer to Jews as ” Christ killers.” They aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, and their innate and cultural bravado do make them excellent pawn to be used by zog.

        Lesbians and faggots that think being physically aggressive on a cultural marxist campus has hardened them for the sights, sounds, and smells of actual combat are in for a hellish wake up call.

        You’re correct that this multicultural mulligan’s stew would not gel together well. As you wrote, macho Catholic mestizos are probably the most anti-lgbtq group that to be found.

        Zog’s janissaries would be in firefights on their own ships and barracks.

  3. “Many have said to us: “What difference does it make? The truth of the Holocaust is of no concern to Christians.” Nonsense! A Christian is not free to believe and promote a lie about any person or nation. A Christian is guided by truth and facts, not emotions and majority opinion.

    If Christians can accept as historical fact the Holocaust, despite all the powerful evidence that it is a hoax, what does that say about their ability to evaluate evidence? What about their scholarship? Is it any wonder that some Revisionists, who have made a careful study of the Holocaust, question the scholarship of Christians, so many of whom swallow as absolute truth what is clearly a hoax? ”

  4. It’s crystal clear: The only country our anti-White overlords have loyalty to is Israel. They have abandoned and betrayed their own people and owe their only loyalty to another country. This used to be called treason. It still is.

  5. You can complain about these big Jews all you want but the bottom line is our political system is for sale. Whether it’s Adelson or Marcus or Singer et al, someone is going to buy them. No one would complain if these donors had our best interests at heart. A whore is a whore no matter who the John is.

    Let’s find out who the pimp is!

  6. Hello HW;

    The current diverse/tranny/multi-cult U.S. military is already stretched to its limit with its deployments all around the globe spreading globo-homo democracy. There has also been a drastic fall in its technical competence because of this diverse/tranny/multi-culturalism. The only thing keeping the more technically challenging aspects of the U.S. military functioning at all is the still large presence of white, Christian males there. This affects the Navy and air Force particularly but the Army and Marines are also adversely affected.

    Assuming Herr Trump obeys his master’s voice and gets involved in a war with Iran the current military will be depleted quickly and need replenishment to continue the war. National Guard and Reserve units are already rotated through deployments so there is little untapped potential there. The hordes of chocolate colored people simply don’t have what it takes to operate Patriot missile batteries, Aegis radars, F-22s and all the other high tech weaponry that needs TLC every day to be operational as well as properly administer such large organizations.

    The terrible dilemma for Trump/Congress will be whether to call it a day after the war uses up current U.S. forces or institute conscription to continue the war for Trump/Congress’s masters. No doubt there will be a massive propaganda campaign hearkening back to WWII showing white men eagerly signing up for war. The propaganda campaign will be in contrast to current advertising which shows black male/white female and superior, competent coloreds in charge of whites. The propaganda campaign will fail, whites don’t want to die for Israel and Saudi.

    Does the draft dodging president call for conscription at that point? What about those scumbags in Congress, what do they do when they cannot hide? N.B., conscription would be directed at high IQ white males mostly who are unlikely to accept conscription meekly. The white public defiance of the U.S. Government at that point could be what breaks the current malicious regime that ruined this country in the last century. It would be a great irony if the very forces that ruled this country and wrecked it are themselves wrecked by their own hubris.

  7. Nazi Germany won the war,they were the defender of western civilization.London,Whashington, Moscow, unholly alliance.

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