The Forward: Racial Justice and LGBTQ Equality Are The Same Fight. It’s A Jewish Fight.

The Forward:

“As  Jewish leaders working for LGBTQ equality and racial justicein Jewish life, our emotions run deep this month: June marks two historical moments of liberation. Fifty years ago, LGBTQ people resisted a violent police raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York City, sparking the start of the modern LGBT rights movement and signaling to the world that trans women, drag queens, gay men, lesbians, and other queer people demanded dignity, equal rights, and freedom.

More than 100 years before that transformative night at a New York City bar, the course of history changed forever in the American South. On June 19, 1865, a Union Army general arrived in Texas and shared the news that the Civil War had ended, and that enslaved African Americans were now free. Known by many as “Juneteenth”, this day is considered the most historic celebration of the end of slavery in the United States.

As we reflect on the power of these historical moments, we are troubled by how the struggles for LGBTQ rights and Black liberation are often viewed as separate, unrelated movements. And yet, these two histories — and our ongoing work for LGBTQ equality and racial justice today — are deeply intertwined and profoundly interdependent. …”

In addition to 9-year-old drag queens and plunging into war with Iran, internet censorship of conservatives is another Jewish fight in the culture war. There is a reason why Jews are once again found spearheading Weimerica. The Nazis destroyed them for it the first time around for degrading and demoralizing the Germans with their degenerate propaganda.

Mainstream conservatives want to pretend this isn’t happening. They can’t even so much as acknowledge it is going on without committing professional suicide. It’s just a massive coincidence the same people are involved in all these things. If they won’t say it, someone else will.

Note: The “fringe” has its advantages over the “mainstream.” We can say whatever we think is true without worrying about the consequences. We’re going to be called the -isms and -phobias anyway. We have nothing to lose so we don’t have to be shy in our analysis of major social problems. It is entirely true that Jews have demonized White identity and Christianity while simultaneously promoting 9-year-old drag queens as a healthy and positive trend that should be encouraged in our society.

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  1. This is all about normalizing pedophilia, and any other perversion that will aid in destroying what’s left of Christian civilization and European identity. Seeing a child being pimped out like that makes me want to whip his parents up and down the street. Child abuse is particularly evil.

    Obviously, this will not be stopped in our “sophisticated,” urbanized, and multicultural society. I wish I knew how to stop such large-scale societal disintegration, but I get the idea that those of us not conforming to our own destruction are going to have to try to save the remnant. By “remnant,” I mean those few who will not bend or yield to this satanic control of our lives, thoughts, and actions.

  2. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be one of them. Their overheated brains are always running a million miles an hour. And what do they produce with all thier furious activity? It is always shit.

    If the Nazis destroyed them, why was there no mention of it in the 1971 Encyclopedia Britanica? Why no mention of it by the victorious war time leaders? Why did Holocaustianity only start to become America’s state religion in the late 1970s? Why is it the only event in human history that is illegal to discuss/question?

  3. If there is suppose to be a balance between good and evil, why does the good side always lose? It may not always be apparent at first, but time always reveals the bad guys won.

    What are these things that call themselves Jews? Why are they pretending to be something they are not? What motivates their thirst for blood? We’re horrified by it and they don’t even bat an eye. What are the monarchies? Are they related? What’s with “the bloodline”? Why is a supposed house of God rife with pedophiles, homosexuals, and adherents of child sacrifice? The book, The Highest Altar, states human sacrifice has been going on for thousands of years – or far more – and continues to this day. How can it be stopped if most don’t have a clue it even occurs? Wouldn’t war casualties be a method of human sacrifice? No wonder they achieved so much power during the 20th Century.

    One has to ask….. all the civilizations before us….. what really happened to them? Was the same force(s) that we’re dealing with today behind their destruction as well? What really happened to Neanderthals and Cro Magnons? Are we hybrids? Is it Satan or some other unknown force we’re dealing with? How come nothing seems to stop it? Why are so many of our “fellow humans” so anti-human? Are they even us?

    Everything we believe has been fed to us. Who or what contols us? Why are our borders really open? What’s with all the social engineering? Why is technology advancing at such a rapid rate and how did we get here?

    Don’t believe anything you didn’t see or experience yourself.

    We are entering even darker times.

    Lastly, what’s going on with Angela Merkel in this clip? I don’t know of any condition or disease that causes this reaction? That’s surely not Parkinson’s! Is she out of frequency? Is a weapon being used on her?

    Actions speak louder than words. Besides, their words are trickery. Don’t let them socially engineer you and your loved ones.

    • Well its obvious what is happening there. Merkel has a broken a cog and its affecting the other gears connected to it. The only fix is a replacement android. The reptilians will have to get a new conservadroid.

  4. Perhaps we can take some measure of comfort in knowing that the present course of events will lead to the richly-deserved destruction of our “civilization” and its rebirth into something far greater. Wax up your surfboards, because it’s time to surf the Kali Yuga.

  5. Public Stoning, to the death. Or any other viable, corporate, physical JUDICIAL action of the many, to rid the land of the pervert and the Deicide- in short, THE ‘Final Solution.’ I’ve said time and again, if we don’t do it, God WILL let this land fall to the Moslems, as punishment for our NOT acting biblically/morally, when we could. Then Shari’a will accomplish what squeamish ‘Christians’ would not do, to honor God- just as happened in the division of the twelve tribes, and their banishment from the Land.

    One cannot be at ease in Zion, when the Uruk-hai and the Christ-killers are storming the gates… or, in our case, are erecting altars to Moloch everywhere we turn, and running for public office. It falls to us, as a group- and not just the ‘lone gunman’ types. No man is an island, separate from the whole.

  6. “Fighting Fascism” is also a Jewish neurosis.

    A Jewess on Twitter refers to individuals who want political independence for the Southern People, or who think children should be protected from sexual perversion, as “Fascists” who want to murder Jews.

    She talks about America not as a nation that’s hers, or where she belongs, but simply as a place that her ancestors escaped to from Russia. She’s completely unaware of the fact that she’s like this.

    I’m convinced that the politically active Jews like this lady are neurotic and insane. They all walk, talk and act the same. Virtually no individual distinctiveness what so ever.

  7. Hey Goys dress up your kids as degenerate freaks while we tutor ours in math, grammar, thoelogy and law. Absolutely fabulous!

  8. The state of Urban Weimerica in 2019 actually makes Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge look like they were onto something back in the 70s.

  9. The entire anti-White script derives from the (((Frankfurt School))). Our own White anti-White traitors produce, direct and act it out.

  10. Hunter I was a devoted Christian I lived the life. Now I’m not saying it isn’t true or that sort of thing but what is CALLED Christianity today is a mockery of what Jesus taught.
    And folks wonder why churches are dying.

    They are teaching children in schools all of this evil. And in England i it is only the Moslems taking to the streets against it.

    White Christians have allowed all this to happen. They watch TV and going to the movies and sports all of that.

    Let Dr MacDonald show you in about 5 minutes what they have done and what they will do…
    They are committing GENOCIDE against the Aryan race!

  11. Fast forwars 30 years, it would be interesting to see how many of these “drag kids” are dead from drug overdoses or suicide. You cant tell me they arent being molested.

  12. Everything the Jews do is to prepare the world for the arrival of their messiah ,their Moshiach, the anti-Christ. Now in light of Jew advocacy for everything perverted and anal is it safe to assume the kyke messiah is a flaming faggott?

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