American Mind: Conservative Rationalism Has Failed

Editor’s Note: This is a work in progress.

Yoram Hazony:

“What were once linchpin concepts such as family and nation, man and woman, God and Scripture, the honorable and the sacred, have been found wanting and severely damaged, if not overthrown. The resulting void has been filled by new doctrines, until now mostly neo-Marxist or libertarian in character. But a racialist “white identity” politics in a Darwinian key is gathering momentum as well.

All three of these approaches to political and moral questions are, in a sense, creatures of the Enlightenment, claiming to be founded on a universally accessible reason and to play by its rules. This is another way of saying that none of them have much regard for inherited tradition, seeing it as contributing little to our understanding of politics and morals.

The reality, however, is that the exercise of free human reasoning leads to Marxism or to a quasi-Darwinian “white identity politics” just as easily as it leads to social liberalism or libertarianism. And tomorrow, it will lead somewhere else entirely, abandoning the results of today’s reasoning as relics of a bygone and benighted past. …

The revolution unleashed in this way did have certain positive consequences. Among these I would count the elimination of state-sanctioned racial segregation in the American South, and other items could certainly be named. But the new era of what Selden called “free and untrammeled reason” as the sole guide for our understanding of what is good and right has thrown us into a perpetual revolution that is devouring all inherited wisdom and common sense. As is now obvious to many, this revolution has no natural stopping point. If its course cannot be deflected, it will end with the destruction of the Western democracies and their replacement by a despotism sufficiently vicious to be able to put a stop to the revolution by force.”

This is a highly misleading essay.

I agree with Mike Enoch that Yarom Hazony’s National Conservatism conference is just the latest example of Jewish gatekeeping and the whole purpose of it is to misdirect the rising nationalist and populist sentiment in the West in order to maintain the status quo of Jewish power.

A few points:

1.) First, Hazony complains about “white identity politics in a Darwinian key” and attributes it to Enlightenment rationalism. This is historically false. White identity emerged in the American colonies in the 17th century as an organic response to slavery and warfare with Indians. White supremacy was an established fact in Barbados and Virginia and Maryland decades before John Locke sat down to write his Two Treatises of Government. It was over two centuries old by the time of Darwin. Darwinism is just the latest scientific framework for understanding racial differences.

2.) Second, Hazony is mischaracterizing the return of White identity politics. It would be more accurate to say that it was repressed by the so-called “mainstream” in the aftermath of the Second World War. As the Jewish “mainstream” has lost its legitimacy and resentment has grown about the neverending tidal wave of Third World immigration, White identity politics has revived. This is a tradition that is older than the Enlightenment and the American Founding and is ultimately rooted in racial conflict in the New World which has been around since the time of Columbus.

3.) Third, Yazony complains about how liberalism has dissolved organic national traditions, but then goes on to celebrate “the elimination of state-sanctioned segregation” in the South as a positive development. He is right though that the demise of segregation in the 1960s should be seen in the larger historical context of the liberation of women and homosexuals which were all the byproduct of the same Jewish liberal worldview. A century before, the South seceded from the Union to escape the nightmare of “Black Republicanism” which was the projected future of not only the abolition of slavery, but also liberalism run amok in the abolition of patriarchy and gender norms as well.

4.) Fourth, Yazony deliberately avoids the elephant in the room which is what happened to the WASP elite in the mid-20th century. The truth is that it was overthrown and displaced by its Jewish challenger. Jews became wealthy and powerful and ascended into the American elite in the mid-20th century and that social fact has had far reaching consequences for the entire Western world which has been under American hegemony since the Second World War. We have a hostile elite of Jews who are setting the cultural norms now. These are the people who are celebrating Drag Queen Story Hour, but demonizing Christian bakeries. These are the people who are censoring the internet and agitating for war with Iran. They are the reason why “anti-Semitism” is now considered highly immoral, but not pornography.

5.) Finally, it was the liberal order which made this situation possible by weakening the social fabric to the point that this was able to happen. Previously, Christians wouldn’t have consented to being lorded over by a hostile Jewish elite bent on their cultural destruction and demographic displacement, but now we live under the myth of “Judeo-Christianity” which was fabricated by the “mainstream.” In fact, the “mainstream” created and enforced an entirely new moral code which didn’t exist in 1900 and has steadily replaced the “Christianity” in “Judeo-Christianity” with it.

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  1. And the sad thing is that the clownservatives fall for the gatekeepers every time. Like Lucy, Charlie Brown, and the football.

  2. I call this kind of thing neoconservatism 2.0.

    I predicted a few years ago that neocons would not go away, they would rebrand as “nationalists.”

    • Yes, especially “civic” nationalists (eg, Rat Boy Shapiro, Dennis Prickface, Mark “Testicle Head” Levin).

  3. I agree that there is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity. The Old Law is dead. There is only Christianity.

    Also the idea that white people only thought of being white since the 17th century is laughable. In Spain the idea of being blue blood is obviously a racial feeling. Goes back to the middle ages. A brotherhood of monks was formed in Spain in the 15th century in which the monks had to be pure white. The Jesuits had to be pure white from 1593-1946.

    I read a couple of years ago in Edward Gibbon’s trilogy on the Fall of the Roman Empire where one of the Roman(Byzantine) mentioned the difference between negroes and whites. Egyptians quite clearly noticed racial differences etc.

    Obviously, no one is going to think of race if everyone around them is the same race as themselves.

    • Christina, race or ethnicity only becomes a problem when people from different groups are living in close proximity to each other. This is the basis for the historical formula, Diversity + Proximity = War. There are innate differences between groups. It is a feature of humanity that most prefer living amongst their own, of course. Even if there were no substantial differences between racial and ethnic groups, it would be expected that those most like each other would be most comfortable around their own kind. That is another reason the globalist project is so evil. It denies human nature, and so brings chaos and violence wherever it is forced upon the people.

    • Leftism is still based on the early 20th century view that animals have no class system, no wars and no territory. That nonsense is SHOT.

  4. “I agree with Mike Enoch that Yarom Hazony’s National Conservatism conference is just the latest example of Jewish gatekeeping and the whole purpose of it is to misdirect the rising nationalist and populist sentiment in the West in order to maintain the status quo of Jewish power.”

    I’m glad there’s such agreement. Brimelow’s commentary, about being rejected from the conference, also makes a good case for skepticism, in regards to Hazony and his set:

    • I used to be derided on this site, years ago, once in awhile even by our Host, himself, for being a “Jew Blamer”. “Blaming the Jews for Everything” etc. ….

      Tell me how and where I’m wrong.

      • Don’t forget about those in our midst that look like us but have no loyalty to us, aka traitors. They work with anti-White Jews like a pair of scissors works. We wouldn’t have a Jew problem if we didn’t have a traitor problem.

  5. Hunter, darlin’ – Christians have been dancing to the Jew’s tune for centuries. Jews collected “tithes” aka taxes/ shekel shakedowns at the doors of churches IN THE MIDDLE AGES.

    PLEASE tell me that you grasp the meaning and ramifications of this fact……….

    • Once Christianity turned against Biblical bans on usury (no interest charged whatsoever, in this case) around the 16th century, the mainly unchallenged ascent of undue Jewish influence and the supremacy of elitist moneyed powers among the Europeans was bound to happen. I think most of our civilizational ills can be traced back to that point.

      • I don’t think most people understand the true significance or long-term effects of the 1789 Revolution in France.

    • There really was no such thing as “the Middle Ages.” It was an age of priests and knights, of chivalry and cathedrals. It was a glorious time that is worthy to be admired, in its own absolute right, and I state that view, even though I am a committed Pagan.

      • There was an interesting mix of paganism and Christianity in the medieval period. Many pagan deities were given new identities as “saints”. God the Gatetther was portrayed as Jupiter, the Virgin Mary as Juno and Jesus as Apollo.

        • The Catholic Church used pagan holidays and customs to convert Europeans to Christianity. The Church merged the natural and supernatural order. They didn’t destroy pagan culture as much as they Christianized it. Christmas and Easter are the best examples. Puritans and what’s left of their latter day descendants have a big problem with this.

  6. Racial identity is the survival instinct. Jews never question it when it comes to themselves or other non Whites. Attacking and undermining a race’s survival instinct is premediated Genocide.

    • There is no such thing as Christianity. Jesus spent his whole life rallying against such a monstrosity.

      in the wheel of awareness, with pure awareness at the center and all we are aware of at the rim of the wheel, Jesus only taught one thing – you (all of us) are the Light at the center. But not the “you” “you” think “you” are!

      Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven – just as Moses, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Krishna, Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Julian of Norwich, and every other awakened person – and all else IS added unto You.

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