Taylor Swift: You Need To Calm Down

I never understood the Taylor Swift thing.

Here’s the latest cultural garbage churned out by the “mainstream” which manages to simultaneously be anti-White, anti-Southern and anti-Christian all rolled into one. It is also a stark reminder of what you need to do to succeed in the Jewish-dominated entertainment industry.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: this is what happens when Jews are allowed to control the commanding heights of our culture. This is what is going to be “cultivated.” It is no coincidence that it is a celebration of pushing the limits of “freedom” and “equality” and “tolerance” in ways which are culturally degenerate for Gentiles while simultaneously pushing bigotry and intolerance of our traditional Christian culture to the point of censorship and violence in order to marginalize that culture.

Although it seems like at first glance that our society is becoming more tolerant and accepting, the truth is we are not. Instead, we have a group of cultural arsonists who are glorifying and celebrating what used to be considered degenerate and perverse while demonizing and stigmatizing what used to be considered normal and healthy. In such a “transvaluation of values,” the rights and liberties of “minorities” are expanding while those of the shrinking majority are simultaneously being curtailed. Whether it is Big Tech censorship, Iran warmongering, Antifa violence or degenerate art, the same face in the commanding heights of our culture is always found when you pull back the curtain.

Note: I don’t even have to verify.

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  1. Re: the bald sunburnt caveman in the center of the photo, they forgot to blacken a few of his teeth.

    Somebody fire the art director.

  2. There is no greater hatred in this world than the Jew hatred of the innocent Christ. Sooner or later those who hate hate aregoing to come to the truth of the Jew hatreds and how they have been used to harm the innocent one. Sooner or later. It is only a matter of time.

  3. Swift is a very pretty physical specimen. That’s what it’s “all about”. Whites are such pathetic whores for Sheeny gelte. It’s genuinely tragic.

    • I must disagree with you Denise. Taylor Swift, in my view, is a very unattractive female.
      I suppose it is whatever the Televitz portrays as “beautiful” the gentiles are supposed to think that it is so.
      She is as ugly as her inner being. EMPTY, soulless and that is NOT what a woman is.
      People consume Jewish “entertainment” and destroy themselves in the process.

      This is a good starting place to learn about it:

      • Meh, Taylor not-so-Swift has legs that look like broomsticks. I’m guessing that this new semitically correct routine of hers is a last-ditch effort to stay relevant in an industry where 30 year olds like her are considered over the hill.

    • Denise is correct. Taylor is a very fine physical specimen; Pennsylvania “Dutch”(German). Very sad what she has turned into.

  4. After commenting I attempted to stomach that abomination of a music video. The jew and african influence is complete with this THOT.
    She’s probably getting Muh-diked as I type.

  5. Looks like the right wing death squad commander Taylor Swift has defected and is a traitor. LoL, what else is new under thumb of jew?

  6. Our traditionally DEIST culture/structure !

    ( Dirty little fact, most of the primary authors of Americas Constitution didn’t subscribe to Christian Doctrine. Washington quit attending church an always refused communion ).

      • You wish. Every colony had a trinitarian oath for citizenry who could vote, and over 90% of the colonies were more Calvinist than Arminian. The “Founders” were REBELLING against God’s Order, not creating anything.

  7. What the Taylor Swifts of the world don’t understand is that they are living at the apex of a society built and maintained by others (whom they despise) that is running on momentum from the past. Unfortunately the trajectory of the U.S. is downhill and we are picking up speed. The coming crash will end the lifestyles of the rich and famous currently enjoyed by the parasite and degenerate classes epitomized by the Taylor Swifts of the world.

    The financial situation of the U.S. is precarious because of massive debts accumulated over a long time that can never be paid back in anything but inflated dollars.This is the financial racket the U.S. has run on the rest of the world since 1945. The usual suspects who have led the various campaigns to rot the country from the inside out have profited enormously from their various schemes and are well prepared to flee the country when things go bad as they have historically done. There is nothing new under the sun.

    It is surplus wealth in society that supports these parasites including the “educational” racket which recently got caught selling college admissions spots to these wealthy degenerates. These “entertainers” (and most college degrees) are useless and many of them are as dumb as a stump. Why weren’t any of the obscenely wealthy parents trying to buy admissions spots to MIT or Cal Tech for their budding geniuses with all their “talent”?

    There will be no surplus to waste after the wheels come off of the U.S. All of the various rackets e.g. finance, law, diversity, education, entertainment etc. will fail when the crash comes taking the useful idiots down with them. This is the risk Trump is running, that the crash will happen on his watch and he will get blamed like GWB II in 2008. Provoking a disastrous war with Iran for the benefit of his masters may be the catalyst this country needs to clean house and fix things if the country isn’t already too far gone for fixing. Either way, war or peace the crash is coming, it’s only a matter of time.

    • You have hit the nail squarely on the head and nailed precisely the Absolute State of the current day. It has always astonished me, how these Negrofied singing/ dancind sluts think their mortal shell of female physical sexuality is some unlimited, unbreachable power source that as 12AX7 so eloquently points out is extended by the mere whim of modern male capitulation to female (and male) exhibitionism.

      The Taylor Swifts of the world fail to understand that the laws of nature cannot and will not be repealed.

  8. Did you all know that (((John Mayer))) dated Taylor Swift when she was only 19? The rumor is the experience turned her lesbian, while John marked a notch on his bed post and moved on to the next shiksa.

  9. HW, your cultural commentary gets stronger all the time. All the reviewing of history has made your thoughts on our modern predicament even more clear and focused, I think. The comments have become even more perceptive (I’m not talking about myself), and usually expand on what you’ve written. I enjoy coming here. Keep it up!

  10. “Modern” music is just like modern art, modern architecture, modern family, modern everything. Culturally degraded trash.

    • I never understood the Taylor Swift thing.

      Yankees doing Country, or playing cowboys in movies and TV, has always been incongruous to me. In some cases, ridiculous.

    • “MPO
      JUNE 26, 2019 AT 6:59 PM
      “Modern” music is just like modern art”

      I respond:

      You are referencing “abstract art” which is ~ 100 years old. It’s not new, modern, cutting edge. It’s old sh*&. Like some 100 year old man trying to bed 19 year old hot looking chicks.

      We must always, ALWAYS oppose Leftists looking to disguise their ugly, hateful art and politics by giving it some nice name like being….


      “What are you against progress”?

      I live in and outside Chicago 3,000 annual shootings, 600 annual murders. Our city politics got taken over by the worst BlackLiesMatter and Lesbian homos. That’s not progress.

  11. She wasn’t happy with Country Music. Now she’s pop and one of the biggest liberals in entertainment. Typical of the United Sodomite States of America. Deo Vindice !

  12. Taylor Swift was a country music artist like Big and Rich or Billy Ray Cyrus. Dolly Parton, on the other hand, played legitimate “Nashville” country music, but has associated with the likes of Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda for decades. Dolly recently appeared on a televised awards program and requested a dildo. Dolly also removed the Confederate aspect from her “Dixie Stampede” medieval times, rodeo thing. Interestingly, Dollywood is built over the top of an older theme attraction that was originally the Rebel Railroad, and the train that runs through the park is the same one that has been there since the beginning.

    Sadly, none of these people are on the right page. Lynyrd Scalawag and Petty Tom both tossed their loyal fan bases aside in lame attempts to kowtow to the sensitivities of people who will never listen to their music regardless of their groveling. I hope Skinny Lenny, Taylor Skank and Dolly Boobs will remember that Southern Men don’t need them around anyhow!

    • Yeah, well Dollie Parton flirted very near American entertainment death when she commented and just “noticed” that there were a lot of Jews in Hollywood that didn’t want to produce Christmas themed movies that Dollie liked.

      • I didn’t know that she had ever called attention to the Jew’s disdain for Christmas. When was this? I’ve only noticed how she has either towed the PC line or remained aloof.

        • Her comments about Jews running Hollywood was many years ago. She groveled and it didn’t end her career like it did so many others:


          “Entertainer Dolly Parton says she is very contrite after drawing heat over a comment she made about Jewish executives in Hollywood that was reported in Vogue and reprinted in Time. In explaining why she thinks her proposed TV series about a Southern gospel singer got the cold shoulder from the studio types, she had said: “People (in Hollywood) are Jewish. And it’s a frightening thing for them to promote Christianity.” Parton now says, “I believe everyone’s religion is sacred to them and I would never intentionally give any other impression. If I have ever said anything that can be taken the wrong way, I’m truly sorry.”

  13. Wow. I had to close my eyes several times during that video, as it was so stunningly vile. What would the men of the Antebellum South, or Reformation era Geneva, think of that video?

  14. Not sure if you ever read the website “Vigilant Citizen” (their premise is that govt/entertainment is steeped in occultism, satanism and MK Ultra mind control); well, they’re always citing the butterfly as a symbol of MK Ultra “Monarch” programming, and why it crops up all the time with obviously-controlled celebrities along with the one-eye sign.
    Interesting to note Taylor Swift’s back covered with butterfly tattoos (brief glimpse near the start of video.)

  15. Video means that we are going to have world war gay in Iran.

    That’s the bottom line.

    How do I know this? In the Swift video the redneck with the “Get a Brain Morans!” Sign is originally from Pro-Bush counter-protests during Iraq-Iran wars.

    Soldiers are going to get to die so Abdullah Hossaini can sashay on stage in a gay club.

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