ADL Takes Victory Lap After Trump Administration Publicly Disinvites Ben Garrison From The Social Media Summit

The Social Media Summit photo op doesn’t seem to be generating the optics the Trump administration is aiming for to energize all the populist voters who have since deserted him:

The Trump administration isn’t going to do shit about social media censorship. It wants to look like it is doing something. That’s why it has invited all these people to the White House to stand around and clap for him. The whole point of this is solely to restore Blompf’s lost credibility.

See also Blompf congratulating himself at a press conference in front of his border wall prototypes which were torn down. See also Blompf vowing to eliminate birthright citizenship. See also the millions of illegal aliens who Blompf swore were going to be deported after the 4th of July. See also the big military parade Blompf threw for himself with tanks and jets so that he could create the optics of nationalism while delivering nothing but the substance of mainstream conservatism.

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  1. Zyklon Ben should just say “Screw It” and go full 1488 now – stuff that would make Julius Streicher blush.

    • “A. Wyatt Mann” was the best and most semitically incorrect cartoonist of ’em all.

  2. Serves Garrison right after drawing that cartoon where he trashed Coulter may well share an honorable distinction with you, Brad. Finding himself with a place with you on the ADL “hatewatch” list. 🙂 I hope he leaned a lesson about these bastards.

    • @Sert: Garrison hasn’t learned any lesson, except that he must shill harder for Trump and do more groveling for jewish approval.

  3. Hitler was right about the Jews becoming more open and blatant as they sense what is to them, approaching victory.

    They’ve all but come out and said directly that only they and their interests matter.

    They also known that they’ve been here before, when, in the moment of triumph, the Goyim counterattacked and snatched victory from their hands.

    That’s why they’re now neurotically obsessed with “fighting Fascism.” And why they have Antifa out on the streets attacking what they perceive as their enemies. And why they’re pushing censorship and political correctness. They’re expecting the counterattack.

    This has all happened before, in Central and Eastern Europe, especially from the 1880s onwards. Hitler did, for a time, what the Kaisers and Tsars had failed to do.

    As an aside;

    Antifa are not very active or effective in places with an acute absence of Jewish communities and Synagogues. In fact, everwhere that they’ve attempted to organise and act as free Goyim, in places like Arkansas, they’ve failed because of a lack of Jewish Kommissars to lead them, and a Jewish community to support them.

    This is what Antifa mean when they say they’re defending the “community” or they have the support of the “community.” They don’t mean whatever Goy town they’re in. They mean the local Jewish community. The ostensibly White rank and file of AntiFa, who think that they’re defending metropolitan Portland or Seattle from “Fascists,” don’t notice this, however.

    • Great post James. Exactly. 12 years not a slave. Heil! Never forget the Tsar and his poor children as well. That is what they want for us here in the states. 14

    • Years ago, I attended an Anti illegal immigration protest. I went with some great big burly males, as back up. There were a bunch of normies, as few White Advocates, and a group of proto Anfi Fa. The Commies showed up half way through the proceedings. The group consisted of young White males – college student age – led by a loud mouthed Jew. The White males were laughing; they obviously thought they were being tolerant and enlightened, and were basically larping. I very quietly began talking to them, telling them how they were being used, and that they were hurting their own country, and citizens (a lot of the Normies were elderly.) and that the other Races hated THEM, and were racist against Whites, etc. THAT’S when their Jew leader started yelling at me. I called him a racist – and he began to charge me. He was outraged; “You’re calling ME a RACIST???!!!”. “Yes. I am”. I think he would have hit me, but he realized, at the last second, that the entire crowd was watching, and turned on his heel and led the young idiots away. I’ll never forget the absolute surprise on the faces of the young White guys in his group. This was a fun game for them, then. I think the Jew shocked them with his aggression.

      I’m certain I’d be physically attacked today.

      • I make no distinction between Antifa, the press, the politicians and the pigs, madam. They are all paid servants of ZOG.

  4. When the Crusaders cried out, “God exalt Christianity,” it seemed often to be a mandate to abuse Judaism.

    When Pope Urban II, the disciple of Gregory VII, addressed the Crusaders as “the children of Israel,” his words may well have carried for his excited listeners a reminder that the Jews were children of the devil, Jesus’ murderers, and God’s enemies.

    ADL of B’nai Brith, 1971, p.86, History of the Jews.

  5. It’s the emperor with no clothes who is surrounding himself with all his faithful subjects who will tell him what splendid clothing he is wearing.

    The ADL threw a pie right into the face of this fake election stunt and exposed it for what it was. The event will also be used so Trump can grandstand some more on this laughable census issue which is meaningless in the light of him rebuking E-Verify.

    Garrison was upset that the Trump admin publicly uninvited him instead of doing so quietly like had been agreed to behind closed doors. Of course the Trump admin made it public – they wanted to virtue signal and dance to the ADL’s tune in front of the media.

    Apparently all if forgiven though – Garrison told his fans to trust the plan and trust Trump.

      • Alan Dershowitz’s loathsome mug is all over the TV despite being implicated as a pervert who raped child sex slaves on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island”. He is treated like royalty by all the cowardly hosts

  6. Well…garrison’s ‘trust the plan’ stupidity plays into the entire zionist stooge handbook. He remains a trumpster apologist and saw his role at the ‘summit’ as a ‘distraction from the president’s message’ – rather than seeing it as an opportunity to promote ‘free speech’. In essence, garrison played the dupe.

    Totally lost any respect I myself may had for him…?

  7. I think a major problem with the right is they have no plan for going on attack in social media or culture. A Trump News network might help, but as we see, one of the problems with the ‘conservative’ media, such as it is, is that the Jews own it. Look at talk radio. Many great things are said, but NEVER dump on Israel, although Michael Savage does so on occasion, but being a jew, he’s allowed to.

    Yet, listen to what he says, especially one time; ‘the thing is, if you mess with the Jews, THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU.’ Compare this with Israel threatening to nuke Europe if it ever turns on them.

    I remember The New American, the John Birch publication, had a good article noting how in the late 80’s, paleo conservatives like Buchanan and others were purposely cut and the Neocons let in to the Reagan circle…of course, they never said ‘Jew’ but that’s what it was.

    I can see Garrison’s complaint, but I’ve left all the ‘my many Jewish friends’ argument.
    It recalls some years ago when I was in church, and a minister was discussing Schindler’s List, and said how ‘my conservative Jewish friend said when he sees chimneys at Christmas, he doesn’t think about a happy fireplace or the holiday, but Auschwitz and his people being exterminated.’ I shot back ‘how does it feel knowing your’conservative’ Jewish friend is putting a guilt trip on you?’
    The minister was immediately apologetic about his friend, with a no-no-no that’s not what he meant, meanwhile some old bag gave me a deep, murderous stare. I stared back.
    It’s odd how Trump is so Jew warm, but most of them detest him, showing he’s not exactly their boy. Why? I think it might be a tactic used by con men called ‘cooling the mark’, where a man gets shafted or cheated, and the crook leaves someone behind to calm him down, that it wasn’t all that bad, it could have been worse, etc.

    Really, the Jews make no bones how they hate the goyim. It’s so much more out in the open now, and any serious opposition to the system must discuss this.

    I think Garrison’s cartoons are pretty funny, honest, and well-drawn. Most political cartoons are crap, and a lot of them can barely be understood. His use of color and tint reminds me or European comics.

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