Surviving July 4th Weekend

I hope everyone had a decent July 4th weekend or at least I hope our readers survived and had a safer “Independence Day” weekend than I did. I managed to have 2 motorcycle accidents (bloodied and bruised but no bones broken) and had a pepper self defense spray go off in my back pocket! I had my ass seriously burnt with embarrassing back pant stains.

I discussed my amusing, embarrassing July 4th accidents and took a pro British anti American Independence position with James Edwards on this week’s The Political Cesspool 3rd hour closing out the show:

There are certain days, nights, weekends in Chicago or some other big Northern/International City where it’s best to be on guard – expect trouble and hunker down. These days/nights/weekends include:

July 4th Independence Day weekend – lots of fireworks, bombs, guns shot in the air, plus it’s all based on Tommy Jefferson’s INSANE Declaration of Independence demanding universal human equality… Tommy Jefferson was a slave owner at the time he penned that nonsense.

Halloween.. trick or treat, lot’s of mean tricks and poisoned apples from our big cities underclass – remember Detroit’s Devil’s Night Link

New Year’s Eve – HAPPY NEW YEAR, celebrated in places like Cologne Germany by North African migrant invaders, getting drunk and raping young German girls, here in the USA we can get DUIs, hit by drunk drivers – no thanks. And on this July 4th some geniuses had the bright idea to offer free fireworks displays on our Lake Michigan Navy Pier – inviting tens of thousands of out for the whole summer Chicago public school teens to gather, start fights, start stampedes, stab people etc. Happy independence day from Chicago!


  1. Why the hell do you live in chicongo?

    Where I live, I didn’t even hear a bottlerocket. The only bang I heard was my neighbor poaching a deer for the freezer.

    Everything is going to look like South Africa to you if you don’t get you some white flight and gtfo!

    L2 commute from the country Whitey!

  2. Mr. Ryan,

    I did not know you did a Political Cesspool show last weekend.

    I do wish at the least that the colonials would have been more restrained in their revolutionary ideas. Why not just get independence and dispense with the nonsense of making universal the false ideas of equality and democracy. Once freedom and equality become a religion where does it stop?

    The answer is that it never stops until society implodes. They are already figuratively burning people at the stake for views that were considered normal just a short time ago.

    • The reason they did what they did is because it was the late 18th century, they didn’t really believe Negroes were are good as they were, no matter what egalitarian drivel they espoused, and they really only ever interacted, on a day to day basis, with energetic, honest, hard working Whites. One of the Tragic Flaws of the White Race is that we truly believe, to our marrow, that all other Races really, deep down, secretly want to BE us.

      This causes a world of damage.

      • Denise,

        You are so correct. Other races want what you have but they do not want to be you. I mean I hope you are not offended but your Founding Fathers mean nothing to me. They were WASP people creating a society by and for WASP people. Or at least it should have been limited that way.

        My anglo girl friends are always shocked that the anglo ideas of individualism, extreme capitalism etc. are abhorrent to me. Group and community feeling is more important. The anglo is always on crusade to go around the world and help the environment and animals.

        I even saw a commercial where some American whites were cleaning up a beach in the Pacific. What were the natives doing? Sitting on their buns?

        • Christina – our individualism is a blessing in a White homogenous social order. It factors in our creativity and generosity. In a multi racial society – it’s a DISASTER for us.

          I do love animals. My entire family does. We all have multiple pets. I’m not sorry about that. Re: cleaning up the environment – this planet is our home. All of us. “Global warming” is a scam – but global garbage is REAL, We Whites do care about a beautiful and pristine environment – as we should. Yes. Whites will clean up and orcs will make a mess and live in it.

          Another reason to limit the Orc population. Severely.

          • Denise,

            Interesting take on individualism and animals. I understand keeping things clean out of self interest and beauty. But only anglo saxon types as a group care to the same extent as you do. Some environmentalism makes sense of course.

            In Catholic belief animals have no rights. No reason to be cruel to them just that in our belief the modern concern is called the sin of sentimentality. It is even in a catechism book. I seem to like canine types of animals. Cats… well no. As for horses? My grandfather ( the one who is part German) said I was like an Indian in that I would ride a horse to death, not care and then eat it.———-Now that it ever happened. He was just saying that is my mentality.

            As for individualism that is considered sinful as well since laws are made for society as a whole, the common good not the individual. Even an Irish-American priest mentioned that from the pulpit. He had a wonderful Irish accent. He reminded me of Barry Fitzgerald.

            The idea of individual rights like freedom of religion, speech, right to keep and bear arms, separation of Church and State etc. are not not Catholic or traditional beliefs even in Europe. As recently as the Fronde Revolt in France in 1659 it was over communal rights not individual rights. It has been noted that civilian ownership of weapons was more common in western/northern Europe traditionally than in Southern/Eastern Europe.

            In short the idea of billionaires in a society existing while many of their fellow citizens do not have the basic necessities of life is appalling.

            I do believe that anglo saxon types (roughly northern/western) European types are more individualistic than others.

            Anyway, I am not condemning your beliefs just commenting on how different they are to mine. As there are racial differences among humans that matter so it is true that all whites are not one in belief and attitude as well. Ethnic/cultural/religious differences play a role as well.

            I will check out that movie Glory you mentioned below since you said it shows the liberal white feel good mentality in dealing with non whites ——as long as their contact with them is from as safe position in authority etc.

            As always interesting to further understand anglos. I learn more about you from this site than reading books or watching your ridiculous modern movies. You did have a lot of good movies in the past however.

          • Denise,

            I forgot to mention that I can not imagine any other people in the world at that time in history coming up with the ideas put forth in the 1775 Revolution. That is neither a condemnation nor praise———just an observation.

          • Denise,

            Sorry to keep bothering you. I am coming to the conclusion that animals seem better than most humans.

    • Christinia RA the very smart, young moral but also fun Catholic Latina asks:

      “I do wish at the least that the colonials would have been more restrained in their revolutionary ideas. Why not just get independence and dispense with the nonsense of making universal the false ideas of equality and democracy”

      I respond:

      The answer to your question as I tried to explain to James Edwards last weekend on TPC is that we Anglos are known on some occasion to say and do really stupid things. In Tommy Jefferson’s case it was mouthing off about universal human equality at the same time that he was a slave owner. He was basically acting like a naughty school boy trying to upset his British School masters.

      In my case my stupidity involved driving a revamped motorcycle with fault brakes, having two bloody and painful motorcycle accidents than having a Pepper Spray self defense spray go off in my back pocket.

      At least I was honest with James Edwards – I had one really bad, one really stupid day and I think this was the same with Tommy Jefferson when he wrote that ridiculous nonsense about universal human equality in the US Declaration of Independence.

      I hope that answers your question.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        I am glad that no permanent damage occurred. I hope you wear a helmet when you drive.
        2 accidents in one day. I bet you are going to swear off motorcycles.

        White indentured servitude violates the equality obsession as well as slavery. So does female submission etc.

        Do not forget the white indentured servants. Historian Richard Hofstadter wrote:

        The most unenviable situation was that of servants on Southern plantations, living alongside but never with Negro slaves, both groups doing much the same work, often under the supervision of a relentless overseer… Even as late as 1770, William Eddis, the English surveyor of customs at Annapolis, thought that the Maryland Negroes were better off than “the Europeans, over whom the rigid planter exercises an inflexible severity.” The Negroes, Eddis thought, were a lifelong property so were treated with a certain care, but the whites were “strained to the utmost to perform their allotted labour.”[36]

  3. @Jaye Ryan, you should have linked some of the videos available of the mass stampede of tourists and locals from the multiple stabbings by teenage negro gangbangers that took place supposedly just outside the security perimeter of Navy Pier.

    Peoples were fleeing for their lives after one of the incompetent security officers claimed there was “an active shooter,” which was false but caused incredible chaos and panic. Some families jumped into Lake Michigan to avoid being trampled and/or shot by the non-existent shooter. Baby strollers, backpacks, and other personal items were left behind.

    A dozen ambulances were needed to transport the wounded to area hospitals. To add insult to injury, the ghetto coons that triggered the incident were being “uncooperative ” with the police all the while receiving medical care on the White tax payer’s dime.

    @Christina and Denise, Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers were not egalitarilitarians.

    Negros were considering 3/5 human, and White women were not given to “right” to vote until the insane 19th Amendment one hundred years ago. Negros weren’t allowed to vote until a few years after the Civil War during “Reconstruction.”

    Both women and non-whites being allowed to vote by law was the pernicious ideology of the Northeast Yankee elites.

    There are times where I fantasize about finding a portal to an alternative reality where all the mistakes of the past never took place.

    • November,

      I didn’t find many/any good videos about the mass stampede of tourists off of Navy Pier. If you you found some please share them.

      I was however, not in the least surprised as this happens when ever a big Northern City like Chicago or Detroit offers some huge, free fireworks display on a hot summer night. No, please take the Derb’s advice and give your family and friends….

      “The Talk”

      • @Jaye Ryan, Just sit friends and family down to watch Colin Flaherty’s videos.

        If you’re not familiar with his work, he wrote two bestsellers about non-White violence. One is titled, “Don’t make the black kids angry,” and the other is “White girl bleed a lot.”

    • November,

      I find it strange that negroes were given the right to vote 50 years before white women.

      • Honestly, neither should be able to vote in a White Republic.

        It is puzzling that black males were able to vote before White females.

        • November,

          That would not bother me in the slightest. Unless I am made Queen i would not play.

        • It was felt that the vote could not be denied to a group which contained some who had volunteered to fight. Another casualty of war.

      • Christina,

        Whites want to feel positive and helpful. Negroes, when they choose, have a “winning personality”. Funny, engaging, lively, etc. Especially when they want something. They can change in the wink of and eyelash, and grow violent and murderous. I’ve warned naive Whites about this. Do Gooder White males patronized Negroes because they thought they could teach Negroes to behave like decent Humans. White men were acclimated to White women. Not Negroes. Patronizing Negroes has been THE CHIEF virtue signaling maguffin, in America, for over 100 years. Whites have to learn the very very very hard way….

        There’s a 1989 film called “Glory”. the subject is the “54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment”. The Yankee Negro Regiment, organized to fight in the Rothschild’s Cotton War. The film stars 2 mischings, Matthew Broderick and Cary Elwes, and Negro actors like Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. If you’ve never seen the film, check it out sometime, If you can stand it. I saw the movie years ago; I was very impressed. The film is very, very professional and artfully executed. The photography, editing, costumes, etc are perfection. These are not my reasons for suggesting you view this film, though. As I wrote – the 2 “White” leads are mischling Jews – but they portray elite White Yankees of the era. The film brilliantly encapsulates and delineates the White “Anglo” psychological idee fixe of playing the role of White Savior for the Dark Hordes.

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