GOP: Squad Goals: Anarchy


Scary violent anarchists are destroying America. Vote for the GOP to save America.


Scary brown socialists are destroying America. Vote for the GOP to save America.

What did the GOP do about Antifa after the 2018 midterms? Nothing … it dropped the issue and pivoted to criminal justice reform. It also took up the DREAM Act, banning bump stocks, regime change in Iran and Venezuela, the anti-BDS bill, condemning anti-Semitism for the 1,000th time, etc.


Here is what I said at the time about The Left Is Crazytown:

This political ad should appeal to me.

As someone who despises ANTIFA, I should be motivated to vote for the GOP in the midterm elections. I’m not motivated though because this is another cynical election year stunt.

Why hasn’t the GOP done anything about ANTIFA street violence for the past two years now? Why has it presided over the destruction of our historical monuments and the loss of our free speech on the internet? Why did the GOP Congress condemn us after Charlottesville while exempting ANTIFA from any blame?Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio openly embraced ANTIFA.

If the GOP Congress loses in the midterm elections, I don’t really care. I’m not being cynical when I notice that the GOP runs on one platform and governs on an entirely different one. I haven’t seen any evidence that the GOP Congress will actually use political power to do anything but reward donors with tax cuts, deregulation, sanctions against Russia, fund Israel, bloat the military, etc.

Yes, it’s true that the Left has lost its mind, but if you aren’t serious about doing anything about the problem … why should anyone vote for you?

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  1. So-called normies have had more than enough time to get off their asses and become pro-White/pro-secessionist activists. The fact that they have declined to do so means they are selfish, indifferent and cowardly. So let the Mud Squad and Pantifa do their worst. I enjoy watching MAGA conservatives getting beaten up in the streets. They deserve it.

    • Spahnranch1969, sooner or later, ALL of us (normies included) will need to take actions that will indicate courage or cowardice.

      • Thank you @November; well said!! An exhausting number of commenters on the Normie-Con sites I troll do the “grab the popcorn & sit back and watch ” blather. .. Or the “who cares ; they’re crazy” bit. I always respond — YOU DUMMY- – you’d better care ! They’re coming for YOU NEXT.

    • No one’s fighting back. We’re a distinct and mostly separate minority, so it would make us easy targets if we went out there and actually did something. Most gun owners are normie to the core, so don’t expect much help from that quarter. They scrupulously follow all the laws, venerate cops, and respect the right of businesses to tell customers they can’t have guns to defend themselves. That will make it easier to track them and their weapons, leave them defenseless in public, and allow cops to have an easy time with the red-flag confiscations. Their bragging about being the descendants of the Three Percent that fought in the Revolution is really laughable. Is this the millionth time someone here has said that we really need to organize? If it is, do I get a prize?

      • We need to prepare, Rich. Things are going to get a lot worse. YOU are obviously very aware of the fact that ANYTHING Whites do to preserve ourselves, publicly, with put us right in the bull’s eye. So we must wait – because WE are the only people that matter. I’m watching Tucka right now; they topic if The Squad. They are showing the typical nonsense; the Orc Squad making inane comments. Clips from Trump’s latest rally. He is only complaining about….wait for it…Anti Semitism. Dana Perino is only blabbing about Anti Jewishim.


        I don’t know how much more obvious it’s got to get – but Normies don’t seem to EVER get it. It’s absurd beyond the pale. We just have to keep asking WHY are we Whites expected to pander to and grovel before EVERY non-White on Planet Earth, and why Whites voted for Trump, and he NEVER mentions or does anything FOR Whites, and everything for the Jews that HATE him.

        • It is because of economic self interest. The lower classes are always sold out. Therefore, white nationalism has always made an error in assuming the elites will help the lower classes of their own race. That has simply never been true under the modern economic system.

          On the other hand, the jews have created a financial incentive and false narrative to inspire non whites to hate us. That no one in the elite class has the courage to stop it has enraged me to the point of hating the rich.

          Hunter absolutely has made the right call in withdrawing all support for the republican party.

      • Anothet great point, @Rich L. And sooo true about the Normie-Cons. Muh personal arsenal! These dudes think they can fire on the enemy because muh concealed carry permit.

        They’ll be under the jail and on the docket so fast they won’t know won’t know what hit them.. Then they’ll find out they too are considered a far-right extremist White Nationalist White Supreeemacist!

        • Part of me wants to support the most rigid gun control, a complete banning of guns and ammunition. Far from being a guarantee of liberty guns have become just another way of controlling the white population. They’re so afraid of losing the RTKBA, particularly in the face of government engineered anti-white terrorism, that it makes them meek and compliant. Guns have become a false, final insurance against the third-worlding of America. But in the end the cold, dead hands and Molon Labe crown will likely turn in their guns at the concentration camp gate so the guards won’t call them racist.

  2. Zionist Uniparty. Zio-Jews hate Whites same as Tikkujn Ola Jews.

    Drumpf? His latest dog-and-ponyshow tweetstorm meant to cover up non-occurence of his much-trumpeted weekend roundup of illegals.

    seems to have worked, at least among the MAGA-idiots.

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