Vox: Donald Trump and The Dead End of National Conservatism


“The inaugural National Conservatism conference, hosted by the Edmund Burke Foundation, is an attempt to build a new vision of conservatism less wary of state power and more focused on addressing American social ills like fraying family ties and the hollowing out of small towns. Luminaries ranging from National Security Adviser John Bolton to Sen. Josh Hawley to Fox News host Tucker Carlson showed up to help flesh out what, exactly, “conservative nationalism” or “national conservatism” should stand for.

Speakers took great pains to draw distinctions between the conference’s ideals and those of the alt-right. During an opening night speech, David Brog, one of the conference organizers, pointed out the exit door and told any racists in the audience that they should head out of it. Yet the speakers also overwhelmingly agreed that a central part of “national conservatism” involved opposing allegedly divisive cultural change wrought by mass immigration. …

This practical reality is, more fundamentally than theory, why Brog and Hazony’s project is doomed. All their denunciations of racism in the abstract, however heartfelt, are empty without a full-throated denunciation of Trump — like a fancy of way of saying “I’m not a racist, but.” Yet they cannot denounce Trump and still claim to speak for “national conservatism,” because Trump is seen by most people (correctly) as this set of ideas made flesh.

There is no way to square this circle. The “national conservative” conference attendees may dream of a better conservatism, but they already have what they’re trying to create. And it’s much uglier than they can admit.”

Meet the new brand of Jewish-controlled nationalism.

It is the old brand of Jewish-controlled conservatism with a face lift.

Here are a few of the vetting questions that I would ask in my opening speech to screen our audience at a National Populism conference:

Who here is Jewish? If you are Jewish, GET OUT …

Who here is on the payroll of Sheldon Adelson or the Koch Brothers? If you are on the payroll of Sheldon Adelson or the Koch Brothers, GET OUT … that alone will solve 75 percent of the problem.

Who here believes in “Judeo-Christianity” or that ISRAEL IS OUR GREATEST ALLY? If you believe in any of that, GET OUT …

Who here cares what “journalists” from the mainstream media think and find their spines melting into a puddle whenever a hit piece is published in Huff Post? If this is you, GET OUT …

Who here believes that America is a “proposition” or an “idea” and is synonymous with the ideology of classical liberalism? If you believe that, GET OUT …

Assuming there are any of you left after the Christ killing, nation wreckers have exited the room, who here sympathizes with neocons? If you sympathize with neocons, GET OUT …

Who here believes that free-market principles is more important than the welfare of the American worker? If you believe that, GET OUT …

Who here objects to the phrase “It is Okay To Be White”? If you object to White people cultivating a positive sense of racial, ethnic and cultural identity, GET OUT …

The rest of you can stay and listen and participate and socialize with everyone who is attending this conference. The problem has been solved. Ben Shapiro will be playing “Schindler’s List” outside for David Brog and everyone who has been purged from this conference.

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  1. Awesome idea, having our own conference. But as free speech no longer exists, and cops protect the leftist agitators that can’t leave independent-thinking people alone, let’s call it a meeting of the Southern Ceramic Thimble Collector’s Guild, or something equally inoffensive and bland.

    • Since I am already onboard with HW’s bulletpoints, I’d volunteer to secure the perimeter of the meeting hall, but I couldn’t do it alone.

      This would be a irl test of who has the intestinal fortitude to put up or shut up for the 14 Words.

  2. “It is the old brand of Jewish-controlled conservatism with a face lift” says it all. Conservatives conserve nothing. Conservatives are anti-White controlled opposition.

  3. It’s another conference of grifters, they just changed their names, not their tired old act. I wonder what other group constantly changes their names after they get caught? Hmmm , , , who could that be?

  4. Pretty good list of questions

    I had to scroll up to check if this was a Marcus Cicero article heh

  5. “Who here believes that free-market principles is more important than the welfare of the American worker? If you believe that, GET OUT …”

    Darn it–and I was doing so well.

    • Swarthy, mustachioed guineas like you have to go back to Sicily and Naples, Bonocorsi. Arrivederci!

  6. “Assuming there are any of you left after the Christ killing, nation wreckers have exited the room…”

    FINALLY. Brad, you are finally ‘getting it.’ (I know, you knew all along, but were trying to be ‘intuhleckshual’ and sheeit.’)

    The Lawyer Edgar J. Steele wrote a column over almost two decades ago, (Before the FBICIAFEDGOV did a false flag on him, and got him into prison to silence, and then, kill him) with the apt title,
    “It’s the Jews, Stupid!”


    NO OTHER RACE/RELIGION has been accused (rightly) of DEICIDE- KILLING GOD, in the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.


    Isn’t it about damn time the entirety of America listened to Lindbergh’s speech in Des Moines in 1941, and acted on it?

    • This has always been my view.

      The root of the problem is liberal democracy and free-market capitalism. The secondary problem is Jews who are able to game the system and amass the wealth to become a hostile elite. It is like HIV and AIDS.

  7. Let’s not forget the utterly JEWISH nature of organized Mob Crime, as this article by Unz makes crystal clear.

    Here’s just a quote: “Throughout my lengthy discussion of the corrupt looting of the seized Japanese-American property by men with strong Syndicate ties, who subsequently achieved the political conquest of California, virtually every participant I mentioned came from a Jewish background, even including those bearing the most Anglo-Saxon of names.

    And this remarkable skew merely reflects the actual contents of Russo’s very deeply researched 300,000 word study. Although some of the heroic figures who did their utmost to expose and frustrate the growing power of organized crime were Jewish, notably journalists Seymour Hersh and Colliers‘ Lester Velie, that same ethnic background was found in nearly all of the dozens of Supermob members whose overwhelming success across the second half of the twentieth century becomes depressingly evident throughout the sweep of Russo’s narrative arc. When examining the leading beneficiaries of the expropriated Japanese or the Syndicate alumni who seized control of California politics, it takes considerable effort to locate a single Gentile”


    Every. Single. Time.

    • Saul Alinsky before becoming the radical’s radical cooked the books for the Chicago outfit/mafia.

  8. The great quotes just keep on coming.

    “Not for nothing did the famous Jewish intellectual Susan Sontag once state that “The white race is the cancer of human history,” with no prominent Jew that I am aware of ever having criticized the comment. What needs to be done with a cancer? It is obviously necessary to excise it from the body in order to restore it to health.

    The program is clear: Just as Custer and his cavalry needed to all die so as to atone for multiple sins of whites against Native Americans, so on an immensely larger scale all the whites on the planet need to die off as a separate race through miscegenation or outright disappearance over time to atone for the Holocaust.

    I wonder whether this huge, white collective guilt trip over the Holocaust is at some point going to have to be dealt with fully in order for the ongoing white genocide to be stopped in its tracks, because as the Buddhist monk observed, “….if a race or religion dies, you can never get it back.” ”


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