Trump Personally Calls The Prime Minister of Sweden On Behalf of A$AP Rocky’s Incarceration

Who is Kanye West’s friend A$AP Rocky?

What did he do to get locked up in Sweden in the first place?

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  1. He defended himself against a couple of stoned immigrants from Afghanistan (probably) so in this case i support the black thug.

  2. Defend yourself from antifa terrorists? Trump won’t help.
    Be black and go to a European country and assault one of its citizens? Trump will help

    • Haha, yes. Get beaten, pelted with excrement, or maimed by antifa at a Trump rally? Well, that’s your own problem. Just hope you didn’t fight back or you’ll be looking at hefty legal fees at best and 400 years on hate crimes at worst, courtesy of Trump’s DOJ.

  3. Blompf uses his office to try to spring a violent ghetto thug from a Swedish jail, but looks the other way when White men are being given 2-3 years in federal prison for defending themselves from anarchist-communists.

    I’ll remember next November.

    Fuck you blompf, pence, and barr.

    • Bend over for you massa, bitch! Say its name “jewvanka” … that’s right Blompf’s favorite threesome.

  4. Trump can virtue signal and sell out his White base all he wants but the anti-Whites he’s trying to please are still going to hate him. You’re White Trump. That’s why they hate you, you backstabbing traitorous bastard.

  5. I suppose you could say he’s highlighted A$AP’s feral behavior with this attempt to pardon the Dindu.

  6. Very talented Prime Minister of Sweden? Russia will probably have to nuke the Swedish Caliphate someday for the safety of whatever remains of Europe.

  7. Remember that time Trump tweeted he would “look into” the issues in South Africa? Then we never heard about it again? No news of Trump or his people ever talking to South Africa. But as soon as a violent black thug is facing a prison sentence he is suddenly mr diplomat, making special calls to politicians and doing everything in his power to release the guy. He cares more about helping one black guy than he does about systematic dispossession and murder of Whites.

  8. President Kushner got Plon Plimpf to intervene on behalf of this spearchucker’s (((manager))).

  9. I suspect that whenever a white politician like Zion Don tries to ingratiate himself with the Negroes it is not their approval he is seeking. Rather it is that of the jews and other powerful interests who control that white politician. You dig?

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