Mainstream Conservatives Are Rebranding as “National Conservatism”

The Spectator:

“The conference’s lone foreign policy panel was a parade of hawks from the Hudson Institute and its cousins. Risible re-brandings were the order of the day: America should be a global ‘sheriff, not a cop,’ which apparently amounts to a reheated Ledeen Doctrine. Gary Cooper, six shooters…it was enough to make another draft dodger, the Duke, smile from the saddle, somewhere.

The vapid doctrine of ‘fight them over there’ was trotted out (pro tip: think a little harder about who ‘them’ is). All ritualistically bashed NATO, but no speaker had the sense or independence to suggest actually junking the farcical Atlantic alliance. Instead, the trick is apparently to continue to cajole the Europeans to pay more – a show that hit reruns during the Nixon administration.

Hudson’s Michael Doran invoked America’s supposed Middle Eastern allies. Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey, he averred, were the guarantors of regional stability. That these states are basically mutually antagonistic and increasingly unable to defeat even their weak neighbors was hand-waved away or outright ignored. David Goldman, the lone interesting voice on stage, noted that Turkey’s Erdogan has ‘been bought lock, stock, and smoking barrel by the Chinese.’ Everyone has woken up to China, at least rhetorically. …

For those paying attention, the elephant in the room was National Conservatism’s eager emcee, David Brog. Brimming over with bonhomie, he is an Adelson acolyte, a longtime operative for perhaps the most execrable billionaire in all of American politics – a coveted title, to be sure. Sheldon Adelson, octogenarian casino magnate and GOP mega-donor, has advocated tossing a nuke into the Iranian desert. He is more beholden to the Chinese than even the hated Google; Adelson now draws the bulk of his gaming revenue from Macau, not Vegas. Yet there stood his surrogate as the new cheerleader for American nationalism. Washington wept. …”

America isn’t the “policeman of the world” anymore.

It only intends to be the sheriff under “national conservatism.” As for our foreign policy, Sheldon Adelson remains the proud owner of it and all his puppets were there to insist ISRAEL IS OUR GREATEST ALLY. There is no room for dissent on that subject in “conservatism.”

New York Times:

“We are nationalists, not white nationalists,” David Brog, one of the organizers, said in his welcoming remarks, calling any equation of the two “a slander.” He then pointed to the door and invited anyone who “defines our American nation in terms of race” who had slipped through the conference’s careful screening to leave. …

“Today is our independence day,” Yoram Hazony, an Israeli political theorist, author of the recent book “The Virtue of Nationalism” and the conference’s intellectual prime mover, declared in his fiery opening remarks. “We declare independence from neoconservatism. We declare independence from neoliberalism, from libertarianism, from what they call classical liberalism.”

“There is something that unites everyone in this room,” he continued. “We are national conservatives.” …

In a talk called “Why America Is Not an Idea,” Mr. Lowry, the author of the forthcoming book “The Case for Nationalism,” took aim at “one of our most honored clichés”: that the essence of Americanism lies only in its ideals. …”

In case you haven’t heard, Rich Lowry and Marco Rubio are national conservatives now. John Bolton was also a keynote speaker. Yoram Hazony, the organizer of the “National Conservatism” conference and president of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem, is an Israeli nationalist.

The Herzl Institute “aims to contribute to a revitalization of the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and the family of nations through a renewed encounter with the foundational ideas of Judaism.” It is nice to know their real priorities. David Brog, Yazony’s wingman who is on the payroll of Sheldon Adelson, is a Jew who is the former executive of Christians United For Israel.

So, here you have two Jewish nationalists presenting themselves as the gatekeepers of this exciting new thing called “National Conservatism,” and the ringleader of it isn’t even an American citizen. These are the people who have the chutzpah to tell Anglo-Americans who are descended from the founding stock of America itself to “get out” out of their conference and expect to be taken seriously.


“The conference organizers kept repeating how unwelcome white nationalists were at the event, as well as in the movement they’re trying to launch. In a speech on the opening night, Brog told anyone in the room who might have racist sympathies to leave, telling them “there is the door.” Hazony made similar points in his remarks, and encouraged attendees to take the threat of white nationalism seriously and not just dismiss it as a “tiny periphery.” Several well-known white nationalists, including VDare founder Peter Brimelow, American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor, and Identity Europa leader Patrick Casey, had applied to come to the conference and been rejected (Brimelow and Hazony fought on Twitter over the rejection). The organizers seemed cognizant of the imperative of keeping them away in order for their movement to be taken seriously, more so than the organizers of CPAC, who over the years have allowed white nationalists like Brimelow into the event. But the fact that they even had to address this issue shows the uncomfortable proximity of their ideas in many people’s minds with an openly virulent form of nationalism. …”

We need to take the threat of “National Conservatism” seriously though. These people are worried about the long term. They are thinking about us. We need to start thinking about them.

After the MAGA movement collapses, this is being prepped as the next new thing to suck the energy out of nationalism and populism and divert it back into the Jewish-controlled gutter of conservatism. It is totally and completely controlled by the same Jewish donors and staffed by the same cast of conservatives who have wrecked this country in pursuit of their agenda. The whole point of this effort is not to do anything about our problems, but to contain us as this country goes off the cliff in the 2020s.

Note: I was right to be skeptical two and a half years ago. As a rule of thumb, assume they have the worst intentions.

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  1. Co-opting of new movements by the knobgobblers of the elites is nothing new. We can change our “branding” just as easily as they try to capture it. We can be National Populists, New Jacksonians, or whatever else we deem appropriate.

    • Experience has proven that “conservative” is just a code word for Kosher Nationalist. Conservatives haven’t been about to conserve a damned thing that is cherished by White Christians. I love your idea about changing our brand to something more specific that can’t be co-opted by the Usual Suspects.

      Let’s face it, any non-hyphenated American is basically a White American and any so-called “person of color” who represents themselves as American is code for saying they want to live in a White-dominated, Western-oriented society.

      My choice would be to re-brand White Nationalism to American Nationalism or American Populism.

  2. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. It’s also one of the Jews’ favorite weapons.

  3. Who is it these assholes are trying to win over, the Atlantic Council? The American Enterprise Institute? The Club for Growth? The US Chamber of Commerce? Disgruntled Bill O’Reilly fans?

    • There’s a process to capturing the intellectual side of a movement through normie channels: the initial meeting or convention where goals are announced; writings by “scholars” and other respectable characters; once those ideas get approval from the “right people,” publications and then think tanks are setup. Then voila, you have a movement! Officially approved, funded (by special people), and everything!

      We hoi polloi will stick with reading people like Hunter and networking among ourselves. But we’re just rubes, so who cares? There’s a new Bill Buckley to be the “official voice” of the movement! CNN and Fox await his presence.

  4. The key question is how to get normal white people, except maybe the boomers who are beyond saving, how do we get normal white muricans to stop loving the jew … what can break through the shekel induced stupor?

    • It’s more like how to get normies to stop indulging in White self hatred. White self hatred is SICK!

  5. I was right to be skeptical two and a half years ago. As a rule of thumb, assume they have the worst intentions.

    Or as I often tell the youngsters in my little circle, “distrust but verify.”

    Good reporting, Sir. I’ll be passing this along.

  6. Mainstream conservative inc., would have no objection PM Netanyahu is the acting vice for Pence a mannequin.

  7. I am sitting here laughing at how they think putting national in front of conservatism somehow changes anything. They seem to be picking up where Steve Bannon left off.

    This is nothing more than a continuation of what he was trying to do in 2017. They are giving Whites permission to be nationalistic – for Israel. We see Trump committing to this despicable agenda as well.

    Bottom line: the agenda is to make it clear to Whites that nationalism will only be tolerated if all the energy is sent to propping up Israel. Trump didn’t like it when the deplorables in North Carolina chanted send her back. That was not what he was trying to accomplish – it was too uncomfortable and the Israel-first message was getting muddied so he needed to change course. That is why Trump disavowed his voters in NC. They were getting a little to uppity and needed to be put back in their place – MAGA is about Israel-first and the deplorables were not getting the message clearly enough.

  8. Oy vey, nationalism for me but not for thee Also disgusting that cucker tarlson was there he’s obviously been comprimised and had a talking to by the higher ups at fox news in order to keep his job

  9. This is why “American nationalism” from the likes of AIM and weevglin is such a bad meme. It is very easily turn down into standard patriotardism and jingoism, which is then in turn very easily coopted by our greatest allies into just another iteration of judeo-American imperialist apologetics.

  10. “All ritualistically bashed NATO, but no speaker had the sense or independence to suggest actually junking the farcical Atlantic alliance.”

    If the actual purpose of NATO was to repel a Soviet invasion of Western Europe, instead of keeping Germany from ever being a White country again, it would have disappeared, along with the Warsaw Pact, in 1990.

    At the time, I expected it to dissolve. Logic dictated that it would.

    An actual German Government would drop out of NATO, ask the Americans, Canadians and British to end their occupation and go home, sign a peace treaty with Russia and other countries, and legally and factually end World War II.

    East Germany used to threaten the Anglo-Americans with legally ending WWII, by signing a separate peace treaty with Soviet Russia. These circumstances, and this opportunity, still exist.

  11. As an aside;

    The struggle of the early to mid Twenty-First Century, for Europe, particularly, will be ending WWII. For Europe, and the rest of the World generally, it will be ending USZOG and BRITZOG. Which will be easier to do, once the Boomers have passed away.

  12. Nuke the GOP……

    It’s better to be politically powerless than to waste any more energy looking for pseudo-solutions and pseudo-representation within the Anti-White Kosher Sandwich.

    The path of James Taylor and American Renaissance is also not a viable solution and Tucker Carlson is only slightly better than Blormpf.

    Kosher-Free (vaccination) must be the firm bedrock foundation going forward.

    We have plenty of talented, highly educated, and intelligent people in this sphere and we easily have the numbers.

    We just need REPRESENTATION……..

  13. “In a talk called “Why America Is Not an Idea,” Mr. Lowry, the author of the forthcoming book “The Case for Nationalism,” took aim at “one of our most honored clichés”: that the essence of Americanism lies only in its ideals. …”” – Americanism isn’t an Idea, and its not a people bound by common heritage, so what is it? How will they navigate between these two positions?

  14. I was onto this conference when I heard it advertised on the Dennis Prager show…Prager, articulate and has a soothing voice, but is against any kind of white nationalism in favor of this ‘Americanism’ at the conference, which seems to be a new con to keep the Israel/Cuck lovers in the wagon train.

    The Jews learned their lesson when Trump won using the internet, and are taking it over, now getting people off of websites and Youtube they don’t like, etc.
    I’ll quote from Harold Covington’s book The Brigade, where a future NW republic of whites battle to survive against a ‘conservative, pro-Israel Amurrica’:

    ‘The American ruling class had long ago realized that there were certain advantages to allowing a small number of white people to remain mentally frozen in the era of Pat Boone and Ronald Reagan, like flies in amber. Protestant evangelicals who deeply and sincerely believed that Jews were the apple of God’s eye, and to criticize or argue with them was blasphemy, had for years made up the battering edge of spies, torturers, secret policemen and federal leg-breakers in the United States. ‘

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