David French: Third World Immigrants Should Be Preferred To European Immigrants

Now watch:

This is a True Con take on immigration that is so awful that you don’t even have to be told that it was David French who wrote it. The only people in America who are stupid enough to find this a compelling argument and to publish an article about it are conservative pundits.

National Review:

“Last week at the National Conservatism Conference, University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax stirred up controversy with a comment about immigration that, yanked out of context, seemed clearly racist. In context, it’s not racist. It’s just wrong. And the reason it’s wrong should help us understand a vital truth: American civilization is now quite clearly distinct from European civilization, and that’s a good thing indeed. …

My own views are simple: American culture is so distinct that no single world region mimics it. American culture is so powerful that assimilation is the natural (but not immediate) immigrant process. It’s not the “dirt” that’s magical, but the ideas and opportunity that exist on this dirt are extraordinarily potent. They’ve been potent for more than two centuries, and they remain potent still. …

Since skilled immigrants do well regardless of their race or country of origin, we should bias our system in their favor while continuing the American tradition of compassion for refugees fleeing oppression abroad. But Europe is not our cultural match. In many ways it’s our cultural rival, and any immigration system biased in its favor will socially engineer increased secularism into our national DNA.”

I’m not going to even respond to French’s arguments.

I’m just going to point and laugh. If this is the “conservative liberal” position on immigration, then it is worthless and unworthy of our support. The “conservative base” doesn’t want Frenchism either. It wants a nationalist immigration policy to slow changing racial demographics.

Europe has a lot of problems. It has those problems because it has the same system that we do in the United States: liberal capitalist democracy. Similarly, Europe has nationalist movements which are reacting to the same problems because the system produces the same grievances everywhere.

Liberal democracy and free-market capitalism destroys the social fabric and the racial, religious, cultural and ethnic foundations of society over time in the pursuit of unlimited greed and bending organic cultures to abstract principles. “Conservative liberalism” is an oxymoron.

French wants to conserve liberalism. We want to preserve the aspects of our civilization that existed before liberalism. This is the heart of the divide.

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  1. The Republican party is the default party of white people but it has a fatal flaw that the Democrats don’t have. The beneficial owners of the Republican party i.e. oligarchs, CEOs, Sheldon Adelson/Koch brothers type rich guys are completely antagonistic to Republican voters. The beneficial owners want and get policies (such as immigration) that are destroying the lives of Republican voters most of whom aren’t wealthy and vote Republican only because of the crazy white people hating Democrats.

    The Democrats don’t have this problem. The people who run and own the Democratic party are on the same page as their voters, hate whitey. The crazier the candidates are e.g. Pete Buttplug, CamelToe Harris and Bernie the Communist the better from the point of view of the Democrat voters.

    The Democrats consistently pursue policies that benefit both the leadership and the voters of the Democrat Party such as unlimited third world immigration. This is tipping the country in to permanent Democrat iron rule and an array of benefits for colored people at the hated white man’s expense, a win for both the Democrat Party and their voters.

    The Republicans campaign as though they were going to advance their white voters’ interests then promptly sell out their voters once they have been elected. Drudge has been reporting that not one new mile of border wall has been built which hurts white Republican voters but increases the obscene wealth of the oligarchs through lowering wages. Trump campaigned in opposition to Bush’s wars but attacked Syria and is risking a huge, terrible war against Iran for the benefit of Israel and the detriment of his supporters who fight the wars.

    Trump is one misstep away regarding Iran from plunging the country in to a huge war that will end his presidency, the Republican Party and provoke a Weimar Germany type of economic catastrophe. He appears to be unaware or indifferent to this prospect as long as Israel is taken car of. His voters? Never heard of them, don’t know them from Adam.

  2. At least some European countries have viable nationalist movements. We have Frenchism, or Totally-cucked Civic Nationalism, where dark-skinned savages from backwards cultures are somehow more American than us before they get here…because they’re less secular than Europeans? I lost brain cells just reading senseless crap like that. The retard passes over the fact that they’re also usually not Christian. “Less secular,” in the Turd World dusky case, usually means pisslamic. Those are the ones already approved for resettlement here by the immigration racket, which makes certain elites a ton of money from foundations, NGOs, and Western (UN, EU) gov’t agencies.

    I’ve been enriched enough by the unasked-for presence of Somalis. We should go a step further than Salvini in Italy, and not allow the planes filled with other vessels of cultural enrichment to land on US soil. Until they’ve lost their cargo, Pinochet-style, that is. If the passengers can survive the fall and swim here, I would support giving them a first-class plane ride back to Mogadishu. The planes won’t land there, but we’ll give the lucky ducks a parachute, or at least a sturdy umbrella.

  3. No, we won’t be voting our way out of this because there is NO ONE for whom to vote.

    Btw Trump seems to become more and more obsessed with defending Israel and its honor by the day– Oh, no the “squad” is insulting Israel! Pretty weird that members of Congress are expected to support and praise a foreign country.

    He’s a disgrace. All of them are a disgrace.

  4. There is really no good reason to favor clowns like David French over other clowns like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

  5. There are not enough white people anywhere left to take in as migrants anyway. What we need are higher birth rates.

    • White survival depending on a breeding contest with 3rd worlders in White countries is an admission of White Genocide.

  6. French is not a stupid person. He knows the purpose and intent of flooding America with third worlders is to destroy Christ and Christianity. He knows. And he is going to hell in a hand basket.

    • No, he doesn’t know that. He is stupid enough to believe that his form of cucked Christianity will go on perfectly well. He just wants to destroy whites. Look at what he adopted. He is strongly infected with the white suicide mind virus.

  7. This son-of-a-bitch French thinks that by slandering someone with the empty term, ‘racist’
    (“I welcome your enmity, racist. https://t.co/4Q3hhLkAI1)

    that he has either won the argument, OR WORSE, that he is MORALLY SUPERIOR.

    I call you out as a JUDAS, an ANTICHRIST, and a COWARD, you accursed bald-headed goon.
    May GOD DAMN YOU, and may your seed perish off the face of the earth, ass.

    Anathema, anathema, anathema DAVID FRENCH.

  8. No one is more despicable or pathetic than a White anti-White.
    White self hatred is SICK!

  9. This jew by the name of “French”, what’s his jew last name? What’s his real last name, because his real last name certainly isn’t French. Jew Frenchovitz needs to go back to Israel and tell his fellow Jews that third world NON-Jew immigrants into Jew Israel should be preferred to Jew immigrants into Israel. It’s so obvious Jew Frenchovitz is pushing the Jew Communist NWO agenda.

  10. I have read that this David French dude is a Southerner – a Kentuckyan by birth and adopted ‘son of Tennessee’ – and is therefore a traitor to his own people. Be that as it may, I don’t believe he is a true son of the South, but is more probably a direct descendant of a Yankee Contract Preacher I have read of named Dr. French. The apple doesn’t fall far, as they say, and this putrid SOB shares too many characteristics with the infamous Dr. French of “Reconstruction” notoriety for the shared surname to be mere coincidence. Here are a few morsels of evidence to the fact.:

    They have a miserable, crack-brained fanatic here now, named French, who has been sent out from somewhere in New England to “elevate” the negroes and stuff their poor woolly heads full of all sorts of impossible nonsense. Cousin Liza was telling us the other day what she had heard about him, how he lives among the negroes and eats at the same table with them, and she got so angry before she finished that she had to stop short because she said she didn’t know any words bad enough to describe him. Mett told her that if she would go out and listen the next time Emily got into a quarrel with some of the other negroes, she wouldn’t have to consult the dictionary, and Cora said if we would wait till Henry came home, she would call him up and let him say “damn” for us, and then we had to laugh in spite of our indignation.

    …rushed to the windows to see the negroes pass on their way to hear the New England apostle, Dr. French, give his lecture, I tried to keep him from feeling that he was losing anything, by pretending that I would much rather stay inside and listen to the music. But all the time I was craning my neck, to see what was going on. The negroes looked very funny in their holiday attire, going to hear “the Frenchman,” as they call this missionary from the Freedman’s Bureau, expound to them the gospel according to Phillips, Garrison & Co.

    An opportune thunder storm, the only one we have had since Monday, came up just in time to cool the air for us and catch Dr. French in the midst of his daily ceremonies with the negroes. I was sorry for the poor darkeys to get their Sunday clothes spoilt, but I hope “the Frenchman” will catch a cough that will stop that pestiferous windpipe of his and follow him to – his last resting place, wherever that may be.

    There has been more insolence and crime among them since that rascal French came here with his pernicious teachings, than in all the 200 years since they were brought into the country. His escort of negro troops flirt around with the negro women – a ridiculous travesty of what used to take place among ourselves when Washington was filled with Confederate officers and their brave men. Our Cinthy has two admirers among them who call on her every night, and she generally makes her appearance to wait on the tea-table with her face whitened with flour – contributions being levied on our biscuit allowance for the purpose of beautifying her complexion..

    …His very presence in a town where his first footfall would once have been his death warrant, is a sufficient disgrace.

    Old French, like the vain fool of a fanatic that he is, blabs everything he knows; father says he saw to the bottom of him in two hours. … Such Pharisaical hypocrites as Wild and French make Capt. Cooley seem almost an angel of light. We are actually beginning to regard this Yankee officer as a friend and protector. He undoubtedly has behaved like a gentleman in every respect. While Gen. Wild and Dr. French make a business of dining two or three times a week with a party of negroes at old Uncle Spenser’s, Capt. Cooley never associates with either of them any more than he can help, and does his best to make the negroes behave themselves. He says that the two newcomers have given him more trouble than all the rebels he ever had to deal with, and has been heard to “damn” them soundly.

    Dr. French has been cheating and imposing upon them all the time, but the poor, ignorant creatures can see nothing wrong in him whom they call their “white Jesus,” – little knowing what horrid blasphemy they are uttering. … I believe this whang-nosed fanatic is a more despicable creature than even Gen. Wild; he is one of the sleek, unctuous kind that tries to cover his rascality under the cloak of religion, but his – (word illegible) comes out too strong for that much patched garment to hide.

    The Wartime Journal of a Georgia Girl, by Eliza Frances Andrews

    • I don’t give a fuck if he is a “Yankee” or a “Southerner”; it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he is a self-hating white p.o.s. who would destroy us all if he had his way.

  11. “Conservative” is becoming synomous with “effeminate” and “weakling”. How can anyone take a creepy weirdo like French seriously?

  12. Europe, and not England, is the parent country of America. This new world hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from every part of Europe.

    We claim brotherhood with every European Christian, and triumph in the
    generosity of the sentiment.

    Thomas Paine, Common Sense


    ART. XIV. “That every free white male citizen of this State, above twenty-one years of age, and no other.. shall have a
    right of suffrage, and shall vote, by ballot.”

    Also used in Maryland Constitution of 1864 & 1867.


    ART. 5, “That the right of the people to participate in the legislature is the best security of liberty, and the foundation of
    all free government; for this purpose elections ought to be free and frequent, and every free white male citizen having the qualifications prescribed by the constitution ought to have the
    right of suffrage.”

    ART. 21. “That nothing in this article shall be so construed as to prevent the legislature from passing all laws for the
    government, regulation, and disposition of the free colored population of this State as they may deem necessary.”


    ARTICLE III, SEC. 4. “The white population of the State shall constitute the basis of representation in the house of delegates.”

    ARTICLEX, SEC.1. “. . .nor shall any new county contain less than four hundred square miles nor less than ten thousand
    white inhabitants.”

  13. French has a point -White Europeans are more pro-same-sex marriage and far less religious than immigrants of colored races- but that’s as far a point he has. The third world has very little valuable to offer to the West. It is a given that inviting third-worlders to the West breeds conflict. And, of course, we all know the irony French’s politics are much more Western European than they are third-world.

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