Ground Turkey and Bacon Meatballs and Butternut Squash Noodles Recipe

Food Porn July continues with Low Carb Spaghetti.

The Low Carb Spaghetti that I had for supper tonight only had three ingredients: a pound of ground turkey and bacon, a frozen package of butternut squash noddles and a jar of marinara sauce.


1.) Microwave and rinse the frozen package of butternut squash noddles.

2.) Heat up the marinara sauce on the stove.

3.) Roll the ground turkey into small meatballs. Heat in a skillet with some olive oil until done.

4.) Combine and you are done.

For the record, I wasn’t going for taste or aesthetics in this recipe. I just wanted to eat spaghetti while sticking to my low carb diet this month. I discovered last year that the butternut squash noddles are a simple substitute. There isn’t much of a difference in taste.

If you want to make a tastier and more complicated version that looks better, check out the Flav City videos below. You can also use zucchini noodles for this recipe. I’m definitely going to try out this recipe with the cheese next time.

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  1. Brad,
    You are just plain cruel!
    You torture us with these visually delicious photos and healthful recipes.

    I hope everyone can eat better and be healthier, stopping this tidal wave of diabetes and stroke.
    Thanks for your work, Brad.


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