The New Republic: The Man Behind National Conservatism

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Yarom Hazony is here to tell us about our Anglo-American heritage and traditions and the real meaning of American Nationalism “shorn of its uglier elements.”

The New Republic:

“Last week, the Ritz-Carlton in Washington played host to a much-hyped conference devoted to “national conservatism.” Hosted by the newly-formed Edmund Burke Foundation, the conference sought to sketch the blueprint of a right-wing nationalism shorn of its uglier elements (the mission statement cast itself “in stark opposition to political theories grounded in race”). The keynote speakers were Tucker Carlson, John Bolton, Josh Hawley, and Peter Thiel, but the impresario behind it was the Edmund Burke Foundation’s chairman, Yoram Hazony, whose speech announced that “today is our independence day” from neoconservatism and neoliberalism and called for a return to “Anglo-American traditions.” …

Media coverage of Hazony in the United States has tended to refer to him simply as an “Israeli political philosopher,” but the label doesn’t really do justice to his interesting and highly illustrative career. Born in Israel in 1964, but raised and educated in the United States, he described being “mesmerized” by an encounter as a Princeton undergraduate with the ultranationalist Rabbi Meir Kahane, a few years before Kahane’s party was banned in Israel for anti-Arab racism. Going on to earn a doctorate in political theory, Hazony chose not to pursue an academic career, instead moving to Israel with Princeton friends to found the Shalem Center, an American-style think tank based in Jerusalem. Hazony was an early member of Benjamin Netanyahu’s inner circle, and Shalem would remain closely aligned with the Likud Party. It would also serve as a nexus for the Israeli and American right; funding came from American billionaires like Ronald Lauder and Sheldon Adelson, while the roster of fellows tended to feature Israeli political figures who played well inside the Beltway. Hazony and others in the Shalem leadership spent the 1990s living in Eli, an Israeli settlement deep in the West Bank, until security concerns following the Second Intifada convinced them to relocate to East Jerusalem. …”

Oh, wow.

So, we have an Israeli nationalist in a yarmulke who was mesmerized by Rabbi Meir Kahane, a member of Netanyahu’s inner circle, a man who is funded by Sheldon Adelson, who works with David Brog of Christians United For Israel, who as the head of The Herzl Institute is equally at home in the West Bank in Washington. He is TOTALLY going to fix conservatism!

Why not just put Jared Kushner in charge of American Nationalism? He has been doing a helluva job for the past two and half years.

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  1. I’m sure Hazony would call the Founding Father’s and the States racist for wanting to preserve their heritage and keep it majority European American.

    Europe, and not England, is the parent country of America. This new world hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from every part of Europe.

    We claim brotherhood with every European Christian, and triumph in the
    generosity of the sentiment.

    Thomas Paine, Common Sense


    ARTICLE VII, SECTION 1. “Every male person of the United States of the age of twenty-one years or upwards, belonging to either of the following classes,. .shall be entitled to vote at such election:

    First. “White citizens of the United States.”

    Second. “White persons of foreign birth, who shall have de-clared their intentions to become a citizen.”

  2. “…a man who is funded by Sheldon Adelson…”

    Nothing says “nationalist” like being funded by one of the biggest donors in support of amnesty and open borders.

  3. Edmund Burke must be spinning in his tomb.
    We are the only race not allowed to have our own countries.
    American nationalism means civic nationalism which is White Genocide with flag waving.

  4. I used to be mocked on this sight for “mono-maniacal” Jew Naming.

    I was wrong.

    The REAL problem is not Jews, themselves. They are wat they are. A Jew is gonna Jew

    The REAL problem are the millions of idiotic brain damaged RETARDS that let Jews screw us all over front back and sideways.

    • I’m deeply concerned that our man Tuckah is involved in this latest example of jewish chicanery, madam!

      • I told people…Denise and whoever else.

        You can’t trust ANY of the people the jews give a mainstream mouthpiece to.


        And if you think you can use them somehow, look where that got you with Trump. While I don’t want to conclude 100% that there’s no value whatsoever in trying to play off them playing us, I will say that
        it’s a dangerous – and rigged – game.

      • You’ve come a long way Denise. Duke’s My Awakening had me brainwashed for a couple of years. All I could see was Jews until I learned the deep history of the ancient White civilizations that had turned brown and fallen before.

        What you have to realize next:

        1 The White traitor’s behavior is genetically hardwired into him. WIth adult behaviors, 80% are caused by genes, while only 20% is how they were raised.

        2 Pro Whites are the very best of our race and should breed in vast numbers.

        3 The White traitor is a self hating, sick mutant. He should be identified, punished and expelled from our countries. Even when we are in power he will remain an insidious threat, like a forgotten unexploded atomic bomb from WW2.

        • Bingo! Jews aren’t our scapegoats, Jews are their scapegoats. Now figure out who “they” — and not (((they))) — are. At the top there is a common bond and it’s not Judaism.

    • Right again, Denise. They couldn’t have done anything if we hadn’t let them in and allowed them to. The warnings were there, from great men throughout history. But we are cursed with too many fools, traitors, and nearsighted/shortsighted people.

      • ‘Right again, Denise. They couldn’t have done anything if we hadn’t let them in and allowed them to’

        Whites have all the agency. The Jews have none.


        Repeat after me. Infiltration, manipulation and exploitation.

        Ever heard of crypto Jews?

        Precisely how do you have a clear picture of the historical relationship between Whites and Jews when Jews conspire secretly and information is suppressed?

        Why am I even bothering. You are probably a half-Jew or a shill.

    • Not quite. The number one culprit has been the upper-class and/or self-made Whites of active mind and high agency. Pretty much only of that group, is it reasonable to say that they had the responsibility, intelligence, opportunity, and ability to steer the ship aright.

    • THANK YOU, Denise. It is truly astonishing stuff; the epidemic of White self-hating, delusional TRAITORS.

    • Denise I pretty much agree, but think the problem isn’t so much idiotic brain damaged retard White gentiles, it’s more that the treason works well for these individual White Anglo gentiles – their lives are successful and comfortable and they all sense that they might or would lose that comfort if they ever did, said or even thought something in defense of Whites or in opposition to the J tribe.

      My family is a classic example of Cuckservatives and bad anti White Lib Leftist academics. I tried to make peace with a family member 2 days ago at his super expensive private business club, I kept the conversation non political – other members and guests were charmed by my stories, I was one of the best dressers – think everything would be OK? No – family member freaked out, treated me like Charles Manson out on bail, called authorities to have me removed if I got out of his eye site. The guy was singing the praises of David Axelrod.

      And this family member is positioned as a “Conservative” with ~ 4 posh houses, country retreats, suburban mansion, Florida vacation home, downtown Michigan avenue work apartment. He used to be a White Gentile front for the second worst Jewish Investment banking schemers now he’s a White Gentile front for the largest Black AA financial group.

      White Anglo Gentile/Christian traitors do what they do because it benefits them personally and socially. It’ is related in any way to reason – we will not change them by getting them to read some honest race realist, immigration realist, Islam realist or J realist book.

      Look at the lives of Instauration Magazine, American Renaissance traitors of the year – they all had great lives – George Will, Ted Turner, Jack Kemp, Fred Barnes, John McCain,

      • Very insightful, what you shared above Mr. Ryan. It is so very pernicious — simple truth & info obviously won’t solve the problem of White traitors, as you have eloquently illustrated in your OD post on the subject.

        I read a comment recently on the DS forum, where as the writer put it: “It’s f#cking hard to fight for people who want to destroy you. Let’s face it: most White people aren’t worth saving. “

        • This is why, Everybody, we need to force the collapse. We need to get Trump out of office.

          Register Democrat, vote Harris, and then if necessary, in purple states, vote for her. Sure, she’ll re-court the center once in office, just like Trump has. But, in so doing, she’ll alienate her base, even moreso since they resent ‘oreos’ or blacks who aren’t really. She’s dark beige, ultimately, and her black Jamaican father isn’t even african-american, as Ultimate Oreo Don Lemon pointed out sometime ago on CNN.

          This is my present strategy. I think she’s the best shot at guaranteeing the most chaos and the most defiant reaction in whites.

          I could be wrong, but as of now the only other strategy that seems plausible is to not vote at all, and to somehow advertise that, thereby invalidating elections generally.

  5. Wow, a Kahanist.

    Anyway, despite the whole purpose of this thing being to prevent whites being drawn towards WN ideas, it’s definitely still a net positive.

    First and foremost, it actually wants stop immigration. That goal is preliminary to anything else WNs might want, so these ‘national conservatives’ are going to have the same set of enemies that WNs have – including significant portions of organized Jewry. The main difference is it will be more difficult for enemies to discredit them as ‘racists’ and ‘anti-semites’.

    Secondly, even though they desperately want to prevent whites from getting any big ideas about white racial interests, they have no way sure way of doing it. They can convince themselves that their own ideas are inherently more attractive to whites than WN ideas, but structurally, they cannot avoid being a gateway to WN. At some point, any ‘national conservatism’ worth its salt is going to have to take a stand against anti-whitism, and that there is the best point for WNs to infiltrate. The only alternative these national conservative shysters would have have is to go all Max Boot and become ‘educated’ about ‘white privilege’, which would have whites abandoning ‘national conservatism’ in droves.

    • Connecting Kahane’s views to this co-opting movement could help some enterprising people infiltrate it for higher purposes. Maybe reminding people of Kahane wanting every non-Jew thrown out of Israel would help cancel out the anti-white hopes of the national conservatism crowd. An (((ethnostate))) for me but not for thee should red-pill even some CivNat Zionist cucks.

    • The only immigration (((conservatives))) are interested in stopping is Islamic immigration. They want a big White Genocide party where everyone on the planet is invited into White countries, except Muslims.

      I explained that this plan won’t work to the conservative boomer cucks in my family, but they don’t get it.

      You can’t have a White Genocide party and invite everyone on the planet to it, except Muslims. That is discriminatory.

    • “The main difference is it will be more difficult for enemies to discredit them as ‘racists’ and ‘anti-semites’. ”

      Since winning office by dog whistling to Whites, trump has been doing what the country club Republicans want. That being ignoring Whites and sucking up to minorities, so anti-whites won’t call him racist.

      Biden just bragged that he is polling 10% ahead of Trump.

      How has the strategy of ignoring his base and appeazing anti-Whites worked for trump? Have they stopped calling him racist? Has his approval among his 90% White base gone up or down?

    • Wrong. You’re appealing to the same spirit of wishful thinking of those who believe Trump’s presidency advances the interests of White people, and that latter delusion has been properly scorned by a number of major voices on the dissident right.

    • That’s basically what he was. House he got for free off Wexner was an old Girls Academy.

  6. Anther example of the Jews controlling Conservatives and the Republican Party. Donald Trump ran on being a Populist and a Nationalist. He was “different” and would be more like the Reform Party, Ross Perot, and Pat Buchanan. He would even talk like David Duke. However he’s run this country like the usual Republican. Now the National Conservatives are here and now we have Neoconservatives 2.0! What happens if Trump wins in 2020? The National Conservatives (Jews) will really control the White House. Deo Vindice !

  7. “in stark opposition to political theories grounded in race”

    Without race, we wouldn’t have civilization, which we are quickly losing.

    Devoid of race, we’d be a bunch of bug eating Bantus smearing feces on everything.

  8. I like how we are allowing coin clippers, diamond merchants and rag peddlers from Oriental pest holes to define who we should be as Americans.

    • Truly pathetic and shameful. But Amerika had a central role in shaping this world as it is. Bad actions have consequences.

  9. I am telling you the Jews are taking over the Republican party and are forcing white Christians out. The Democrats will now be the party of Blacks and foreigners. The whole Jew scheme is to marginalize white Christians to the point of irrelevance. we are seeing their plan play out right before our eyes and Trump has signed off on it. You know why Trump has been so against Roy Moore? Roy Moore could revitalize the Christian vote and damage this disgusting Jew scheme.

  10. “… Hazony and others in the Shalem leadership spent the 1990s living in Eli, an Israeli settlement deep in the West Bank …”

    A quote from another jew living on stolen land, “The gentiles will want to be our slaves. Being a slave to a Jew is the best. They’re glad to be slaves, they want to be slaves. Instead of just walking the streets and being stupid and violent and harming each other, once they’re slaves, their lives can begin to take shapes” – Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel, the head of the Bnei David pre-military academy in the settlement of Eli in the West Bank, May 2019

  11. Horus the Avenger has been saying since the beginning of the year, that it is strange that Tucker Carlson uses our talking points and lets anti-Whites on his show, but he never lets Pro White activists on.

    In his last youtube show, Horus said an anon source told him it was not Tucker’s fault, since Fox is not letting their staff interview Pro Whites. If that is true, why is Tucker Carlson voluntarily speaking at a conference, that also by some strange (((coincidence))) excludes Pro White activists?

    When Horus first pointed it out at the beginning of the year, it was obvious to me the people behind Fox News are attempting to hijack authentic nationalism and Tucker is in on it.

    But that can’t be true! Tucker is our pal! That is why he rose so high in the system, Tucker 2024!

  12. Will “Hatikva” become the offical anthem of the National Conservative movement? I heard it’s a great tune to dance to!

  13. I’m the Boss of the Company……

    I’ll do what I want…….

    I’ll bring in and promote whomever I want…….

    It’s my Company…….

    If you say anything in disagreement you’ll get fired…….

    If you want to get paid and get ahead then submit and shut the F up……


  14. There is based Viktor Orban there sucking Hazonys dick giving him heeb advice, I remember when some propped him up as some saviour of Europe because he was very critical of the eu yet he doesn’t want to leave it funny that hey? Phony populist phony saviour just like trump and just like putin

  15. Un F****** believable! But just a regular day in our life in an occupied country, think there are going to be lot more Bobby Kennedys who will have a harder time being completely pro anything non White including anything Arab/Palestinian and 100% pro Jewish, pro Israel. Sirhan Sirhan just couldn’t make all this work.

  16. Edmund Burke Foundation? I guess it’s in homage to the Anglo-Irish politician. The Foundation appears to have been started by two Dutchmen, Andreas Kinneging and Bart Jan Spruyt. So, why is its Chairman an Israeli Jew? And, one that is President of the (Theodor) Herzl Institute in Jerusalem? Did the Dutch accept Zionist money or just straight up Zionists themselves? That’s a ridiculous statement I just made when we all know that Zionist money has Zionist strings attached. And lots and lots of them.

    The only time a Jew devotes time to a seemingly white cause is to take control of it for the sole benefit of Jews and Israel.

    Immensely stupid white folks doing totally stupid things.

    • @ Snowhitey,

      It’s blind short-sided greed. Laugh now. Cry later.

      These White gentile turncoats are the vector between the ((( pathogenic reservoir))) and global pandemic.

    • Be very careful of the Dutch…Jews. It’s not that bizarrely rare for some of them to show no obvious signs of being semitic-looking, particularly when you’re talking about the upper classes (those who didn’t leave after WWII…and sure, a few even got killed although not in any fake gas chambers). Unlike German Jews, who rarely can pass even when they’re relatively white/german-looking, some of the Dutch can or are much closer to passing.

      The Dutch West India Company was intrinsic to the jewiness of NYC.

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