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      • If you love Chinese food, swing by Leanh’s in Daytona on the way home. About 7-10 minutes off I-95. The absolute best I’ve had since I left New York. Closed Sundays. Get off at Breville Rd (Rte 400 or one exit south of International Speedway) go east about 1-1/2 miles and make a right on Nova Rd. About 1/3 mile down on right. Although they have decent versions of non-Chinese dishes like Pho and Bulgogi, I’d stick with the Chinese dishes which are obviously their specialty. I love Chicken Chow Mein and they have the absolute best that I can recall ever – EVER – having (they understand white American tastes).

  1. Oh no not Florida , that place is like a hotbed of tragedy and mishaps Not to mention all the rich boomer jews in Florida Also Florida man is in Florida

    • So is Snowhitey.

      What’s the problem with North Florida and the Panhandle? Except for portions of Jacksonville, portions of Tallahassee, and most of Gadsden County, it’s pretty good here. Orlando and south of it is where the concern starts.

  2. Jacksonville, I’m guessing? That’s my second favorite beach in the state, of the ones I’ve actually seen. Have fun!

    • Hurricane Season officially starts June1st in Florida. But, yes, most happen toward the end of summer to early Fall.

  3. So glad your family is going off to enjoy themselves! The extreme heat would either melt me to a puddle or burn me to a pile of ashes, but more power to you, if you and yours can handle it and like it.

  4. Enjoy the family time my friend…glad you avoided “jewish heaven” by vacationing in the Panhandle.

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