Is West Baltimore a Shithole?

What do you think?

Is this the part of Baltimore where The Wire was shot? I’m not from the area.

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  1. Baltimore was a shithole in the 90’s the last time I was there, it has not gotten any better by all reports.

  2. N#gger Public Radio (NPR) reports with a straight face that the ‘raycissst’ Trump is attacking them merely for being poc — meanwhile ignoring his shilling of ASAP & every other unworthy thug & his being called a RACIST by every poc Official in the realm… You gotta LAUGH!

    Honk! Honk!

  3. What do you think?

    A short excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on the Sandtown-Winchester West Baltimore neighborhood apparently encompassing 72 square blocks:

    The community is 98.5% black.

    What do you think? LOL!

    • The 2020 election is going to be all about who is the real “racist” and who is the real “anti-Semite”.
      I’ve lost interest already.

  4. Cummings’s district is the poorest in Maryland, having a slightly lower median household income than Delaware or Jeff Van Drew’s district in New Jersey. I presume Fox&Friends’s description is accurate.

  5. “Is West Baltimore a shithole?”

    Anywhere and everywhere that emancipated negros cluster turns into a shithole. Examples are legion.

  6. I was in Baltimore a year and a half ago with my wife. She had a conference to attend and I basically just hung around the hotel and drove around the rental car during the days.

    I googled Sand Town, which is where “The Wire” was filmed. I used the gps and located a business located there and drove over to take a look at the wildlife.

    It is a complete shithole, worse than areas even deep in the Bronx and Harlem or LA. I wrote a long post here when I got back. I had a water bottle thrown at my car and a couple of feral niggers charged my car at a stop light only to stop just before they got to the car and laughed hysterically.

    Not a friendly place for Whites to say the least. There is no saving Baltimore. The inner Harbor is covered with police just to keep the tourists somewhat safe.

  7. I think Trump’s comments here are funny.

    And yes, any place 83% black is very likely a first-class shithole.

  8. Colin Flaherty has great info and videos on Baltimore. It’s like a third world country inside America ran by liberal do gooders, SJW’s and progressives of course. I have witnessed this progress in my lifetime in my opinion progressive ideas and reforms are destroying America.

  9. During the blackest period of my life I spent three years (1998 -2001) in the most dangerous ghettos of Philadelphia harming myself. Badlands/Kensington/Fairhill, North Philly, West Philly, Southwest Philly, etc. Robbed many times and escaped death due to sheer luck. I wish I would never had experienced that but since I wasn’t killed I have knowledge that White Liberals think we on the Right don’t have. I don’t have the moral righteousness to judge these ghettos since I was pouring my money into this hole.

    Plenty of other Whites, like myself, have poured their money into these holes while engaging in degeneracy. Plenty of these Whites are now dead.

    The American government has poured possible trillions into these holes. The solution isn’t for suburban Whites to be lecturing urban Blacks. Blacks have the capacity to fix these things in their own way like the Nation of Islam.

    I see the violence being committed against Whites by Blacks. I fully understand the White anger. I know it full well.

    Separation, not being stupid/degenerate, arming yourself, and self-defense training are all good ideas.

    But, the J-Mainstream Media/J-Hollywood will continue to provoke and stoke these racial tensions.


  10. What kind of white society lets it greatest cities become home to feral negroes? It is intentional. The chaos that white leaders (industry included) do to the nations other whites built is despicable.

    Vote black – the blacker the better – and let everything cave in. Worse may be worse but the ideal worse is the one that destroys the white capitalists/traitors and every single thing they own and cherish. Make it so that they never feel safe and blacks are the ideal weapon of choice. All the destruction and social chaos should enter their homes and those who protect them. All we need to do is turn the cannon in the opposite direction.

  11. Only the Johns Hopkins campus and one small, white neighborhood next to the campus are habitable but only because of a constant police presence. Even that one neighborhood has had blacks sneak in recently to commit crimes including a murder. Zero Hedge has a story on beautiful, diverse, multicultural Baltimore and how bad it is.

    According to ZH (quoting ADT, the security company) Baltimore is number one for robberies and murders on a per capita basis, even worse than Detroit. It’s so bad that Johns Hopkins petitioned the State Government for their campus police to have authority to respond and enforce state laws off campus where Johns Hopkins students/faculty live. The Baltimore City Government naturally opposed the plan. That is not in ZH and I don’t have the link now.

    How ironic, Johns Hopkins was a big abolitionist and founded several charitable institutions for “colored” people. Too bad he couldn’t come back to see what his good deeds have accomplished for Baltimore. He would need several bodyguards, a flak jacket and an M-203.

    BTW, this is what typical American shithole cities are like now with electricity, clean running water, fuel, food, EBT, weed, 40 ounce beverages etc. all available 24/7. What do you think it will be like next time there is a financial catastrophe like 2008 or some other event that disrupts life? What happens if there is nothing in the stores or the EBT fails?

    The further away the better when things finally fail. Get thee prepared now.

  12. He’s all talk. The Republican Party will never let him be racial on issues like this. He can only talk about it and brainwash people and get Votes. Deo Vindice !

  13. Yes. Baltimore is a shithole. I used to live in DC. We’d visit L”Bal’mer” all the time. The Inner Harbor, of course, but we’d go to see the Orioles play, as well. We’d dine and dance and laugh in the wonderful venues in Canton. This was years and years ago I had some of the most joyful, happiest times in my life, in Baltimore. The city was swirling down the Black Hole already, though. We could see the graffiti on the walls.

    I loved Baltimore. But it’s gone,

    • I think the bottom line is that whites did.

      If you don’t protect what is yours, you deserve to lose it. How the new owners take care of it is their business. Stay out and they make sure you do.

  14. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the niggers in Blackimore agreed with Blormp about the condition of their coon – munity , instead of pretending to be offended and outraged by his tweets? Funny how none of them actually deny that it’s a shit-hole, eh?

    Racism and anti semitism = the unspeakable, unforgiveable crime of white people noticing things about the jews and the coloreds.

  15. I saw this on twitter about Baltimore:

    “I once wandered several blocks away from the inner harbor and an old black lady yelled from a window several stories up “you better get you white ass back to that inner harbor before these niggas mug yoe ass, crazy honky” and so I ran back.”

  16. I had to deliver to the Pimlico race track several times for one company I drove for. Scary, weird place. Some of the most feral blacks you will ever see with a bunch of rich white horse people mixed in. The blacks would loiter around watching as YT drove by in a $100K+ pickemup trucks pulling nice shiny trailers with horses that costs God knows how much. Never could understand how the YT’s managed to survive getting in and out as they all seemed completely oblivious to the danger that surrounded them. Had to actually stay on the grounds one night as I ran out of hours (could not do anything as we were running automated onboard logging – I miss those paper logs!) and could hear drug deals going on right outside the security fence. One thing that still sticks in my mind is the rows and rows of golf carts that had for one of the big races. They were secured with chain and aircraft grade steel cable to prevent the EMPLOYEES OF PIMLICO from stealing them. I will never go back!

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