Trump Threatens To Label Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Organization

Maybe he is tired of seeing the Potato Trump meme?

So, this weekend the Supreme Court is letting him build part of his fence, he is calling Baltimore a shithole and now he is threatening Antifa. I will have more to say later.

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  1. Of course there’s the idea Trump is being allowed to throw some bones to his base, now that the oligarchs realise they don’t have their Democratic party pets under adequate control, so Trump should stay in 2020

    But regarding Trump / Blompf generally, a 4chan thread the other day had a good argument on why we should see Trump as a hostage under duress by the oligarch & Israeli neo-cons, rather than as a con artist who tricked us (or a Q 3D chess master)

    It was noted that
    “4 of previous 10 USA presidents before Trump, were ‘hit’
    – JFK shot in 63, CIA, Israeli links, etc
    – Reagan shot in 81, shooter’s father working for Bush’s brother
    – ‘impeachment’ of Nixon in 73-74, revenge for trying to focus on Muricans, ‘Silent Coup’ using Bernstein & Navy intel officer Woodward
    – ‘impeachment’ of Clinton 1998-99, agents Drudge & Lewinsky, to force Bill to bomb Serbia

    The same people who hit the other 4 Presidents, we have to think they menace Trump too”

    The Deep State can drug Trump’s food, make a video of him babbling insanely, and then remove him from office in a few hours as ‘mentally impaired’ under the 25th amendment, if just 8 out of 15 cabinet members sign on, & Congress votes along … Trump knows this & lives with this

    4chan also said that:
    “What about his constant over-cucking for Israel? – This is hostage Trump fighting back with the only possible strategy … going over-board as a way of signalling to the world, about Jewish mafia power in the USA … Trump is instinctively ‘accelerationist’, making Israel & the USA both look ridiculous, the quicker to bring down the old cabal …

    With the Deep State menacing him, there is not much Trump can do, except talk trash on Twitter, and try to hold the machine back from starting new wars …

    Trump’s eternal legacy:
    – He legitimised saying the news was fake
    – He legitimised saying people were menaced by globalists
    – He legitimised that you can defend your own culture …

    Trump can’t do much, but we should remember him like he was at his best”

    Maybe 4chan is right that Trump is “a flawed but real guy who tried to do something for people … and is now trying to stay alive … Trump is holding on, despite knowing any day could be his last on earth … A brave boomer, who also has to live with the fact few understand his struggle”

    Good photo meme of hostage Trump

    • There’s more than a few nuggets in this to make it worth your time to listen … Trump may be about to do much more than just destroy the dumber than a box of rocks useful idiots known as Antifa …

    • This may be a valid analysis. It may be that no elected official can effect any kind of substantive change.

      Suppose, for instance, that the first thing that Trump learned upon being elected was that most of Congress is compromised by Mossad, and that Israel has dirty nukes emplaced in every major US city and European capital. Is this such a stretch? Our borders have been so porous for the last 50 years that it’s certainly possible. And the “Samson Option” appears to be a very real thing. I can honestly think of no other reason that the US government is so slavish to Israel — and why anyone who dares criticize our so-called “relationship” with that shitty little country™ is either driven out in disgrace or dies “mysteriously.” Epstein, Pizzagate — it’s quite possible that Trump has had the facts of Israeli life explained to him, and that there is NO way to elect someone to do anything for the white people whose ancestors built this country without risking its destruction.

      In other words, it may be worse than you guys can possibly think it is, and the hour later than you can possibly imagine.

  2. More bait and switch for the Boomer True Cons. I’m pretty sure a liberal San Francisco judge and the 9th Circuit will have ruled against in an injunction by the same Friday if declared on a Monday.

    I’m just laughing thinking of the squabbling in Ivanka’s bed last night between Blompf and Jared, something like, “Godammit, Donald, we weren’t supposed to win !!! You better tweet some bullshit quick so that we can slow roll our way out of this or give the money to Bibi, peace be upon him, so that they can use the money against the Palestinians … WE NEED THE LATINO VOTE, the whites are already in the bag !!!”

  3. What would it take for Antifa to be declared a terrorist organization? Could Trump just do it right now, or does he need the approval of Congress?

  4. How does any of this BS help the everyday lives of Whites like you and me and our families, HW? That’s right – It doesn’t. It is just Trump talking schoolyard BS trying to gin up support for the Big Push for reelection.

  5. “…along with MS-13 and others…”

    By others I can only assume white nationalists. The problem with this is if it’s white nationalists and Antifa they will be able to simply drop the label and avoid persecution. White nationalists, or white advocates, not at all.

    Anti fascism is the ideology of our elites, if antifa simply drops the name they blend in. Antifa really only distinguish themselves from any other college leftist by their promoting of violence.

    As opposed to “white nationalism” which is now so broadly defined as including immigration restrictionists, or white majoritarians. Pro white advocates have no institutionalized power to gain legitimacy from.

    This tweet is probably throw away red meat, nor I have not seen confirmed that white nationalists was apart of the “others” but considering how trump has treated pro whites I would be surprised if it wasn’t.

    If trump wanted to prosecute Antifa he already would have, and still could under existing laws.

    How bout a bill guaranteeing employment protection for off the clock political activities?

    • @strawman akkad — You’re on to something here…Some neo-Con sites are attempting to meme that Antifa are ‘White Supremacists’ , because they’re 99% composed of White people ..Get it?? This will be US defined as terrorists, and sites like OD banned, and any future association between former members made a criminal offense –as they do in the UK.

  6. Clearly this has to be regarded as substance-free bluster until such point as we see some actual action.

    Trump SAYS a lot of things. Much more often than not he DOES nothing.

    I know that isn’t news to readers here.

  7. LMAO! Did you ever think you’d live to see a US President using language like that?

    If he knocked off the jew and black worship, built a concrete wall with towers and machine guns on it, knocked off the mass legal immigration, booted the anchor babies and illegals out, and started seriously questioning why non-whites who came in after 1965 are allowed to remain, he’d be the best President the USA ever had and Whites would have a fighting chance of holding on to the West.

    • “If he knocked off the jew and black worship, built a concrete wall with towers and machine guns on it, knocked off the mass legal immigration, booted the anchor babies and illegals out, and started seriously questioning why non-whites who came in after 1965 are allowed to remain, he’d be the best President the USA ever had and Whites would have a fighting chance of holding on to the West.”

      I seriously doubt that!!

      Even if they deported 50million (which financially is not possible) Europeans are still set to become minorities in this jew-s-a because we don’t have enough children and are committing suicide and overdosing at astronomical rates.
      The immigration laws have been blatantly re-designed to render us to nil (Hart Cellar) and to be honest , this despicable country of cucks and race traitors and orc scum just cannot crumble and implode fast enough for me.

      IMO smart white people are learning Mandarin, seeing how the Chinese race is a serious people with serious loyalty to their kin, the nation and achieving what their leaders want and are destined to achieve great things and rule this world.
      Soon, they’ll be turning all those precious metals and oil in apefricka into power and wealth and America may find ourselves the laughing stock of the world once again for letting altruism once again to defeat us.
      That entire continent could have been ours, but noooooooooo that would be waycisssssssss.
      The Chinese are (obviously)national Socialists and racial loyalists and don’t find it “virtuous” to become voiceless ,powerless minorities in their own nation or bow to some religious nonsense in the name of jew sympathy that only applies to the goyim or whatever jews can insert that will racially destroy them.

      Nonwhites are permitted to be tribal and we have accepted this oppression against our interests for decades.

      They use common sense and respect/cherish their culture and people & that within itself is respectable.

      Imagine some chink apologizng to the world and kvetching about how mean and sexist and racist and homophobic Genghis Khan was?

      • “Even if they deported 50million (which financially is not possible) ”

        If I was in charge they would get the message that the good times are over and would leave as fast as their feet could carry them. The traitors that facilitated it all, would be given the choice of leave the country or go to jail. And no, they don’t get to take their assets with them.

        “because we don’t have enough children and are committing suicide and overdosing at astronomical rates.”

        Whites don’t breed in captivity. We are under occupation by people that hate us.

      • Genghis Khan was a Mongol and he killed many “chinks”. Asians really don’t appreciate being lumped together. Don’t be mad, it just proves your point even more.

    • Wishful thinkning achieves what, exactly?
      “If he …”
      Yeah, well he hasn’t and he won’t.
      Show of hands, you here still believes in the good ole’ Jew$A and that (((it))) can be salvaged?

      • All it would take is a President that talked like Trump and followed it up with real world action. But all we get is politicians that worry about winning the next election, instead of taking care of business right now.

        • No President has the power to do what you want. Too many checks and the true power structure would prevent it. A military coup is what you are looking for.

  8. A lot of people are suggesting that any measures that claim to go against Anti-fa will end up being used against “white supreeemists”

  9. He might actually be able to do it if only because the system is now cozy with trump. The system is slowly trying to get rid of antifa. They’re more of an issue then anything else at this point. Overall we will just have to see. Would be great if they were on equal footing with us.

  10. Sigh……It looks as if Amnesty Don is going to win a second term by default. But I guess the strategy now is to make sure he wins in a landslide.

    • I don’t see that it really matters one way or another. The entire political class, government, and media is hostile to continued white existence. Jews seek positions of power to enhance their tribe. Whites seek positions of power to enhance themselves.

  11. He won’t do a thing about Antifa. It’s a Jewish outfit from top to bottom. Jews are simply beyond the pale of Goy justice, and unprosecutable. At the very least, a few Goy underlings might go to prison, after being convicted in political show trials. But that’s it.

    The death of Mary Phagan is proof of that.

  12. Here’s an anti-White jew saying Trump isn’t a racist, because he’s executing a White Sooopremacist.

    ?Verified account @greggutfeld
    14h14 hours ago

    Trumps about to execute a white supremacist, while trying to free a black rapper from jail, as he pushes prison reform that directly benefits families of black men, while calling out a city where minorities are victims of crime & blight. if Trumps a racist, he sucks at it.”

    So executing pro whites is how conservatives prove to their left wing tormentors that they aren’t heretics these days….

    I thought ya’ll said this racist word was going away? Look at the clowns in the comments. They are taking it deadly seriously. Its back.

    The left repeats what hurts the right. The right never repeats anything that hurts the left. You won’t repeat, you lose. Its your neck on the block, big heads.

  13. Yep hes just throwing meat to his MIGA base I doubt nothing will come of this ‘consideration’ but I hope hes sick of the potato trump meme cause as long as he acts like a zog potato he will be treated like one

  14. Also any anti terror bill trump signs will most likely be a trojan horse to shut down any pro white movement. Ted cruzs anti antifa bill is mostly a anti white and pro jew bill you have to read between the lines with bronald potatus blumpf

  15. That’s never going to happen. We all know the roots of Antifa’s core and its connection to powerful elites.
    More meaningless electioneering noise…..

  16. Honest question: Does Trump write the twitter messages himself? And if not, who writes them?

    My assumption: Trump is not intelligent enough to be so cynical as the writer must be; always promising his White voters something knowing too well he will not deliver on it.

  17. Trump is 2.0 David Duke.He does have pro white sentiment walking a tight rope due to Republican congress GOP lack of support.

    • No cause David duke unlike blumpf actually cares about white people. To be 2.0 of something you have to be worse at being worse or better then

  18. Wow… a label.
    Kinda makes ya all warm and fuzzy.
    This is winning… MS13 is still here too.
    No Wall, The Fed is still here and this guy championed himself another Andrew ‘Stonewall’ Jackson… that shut down Fed #2.

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