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CORRECTION: Weev denies being an incel and claims to be a parent of two children. He isn’t an incel himself. He only stirs up and manipulates the rage of those people on the internet for his own purposes and giggles to himself about their “score” when they have their periodic meltdowns. Presumably, he has abandoned the mothers of his two children on the other side of the world after dropping his load. He’s not projecting about “whigger nationalists.”

UPDATE: Weev’s response to this article:

For Weev, this is rather muted response, but it is 8:43 AM in the morning in Transnistria and he hasn’t had time to work the demon in himself up yet about Timmy McVeigh or how the women and children deserve to be murdered. He basically says here the FBI hasn’t taken lone wolf mass shootings seriously. This is exactly what someone would say who has our best interest at heart, right? BTW, Weev disavowed John Earnest because of his low score after his gun jammed on him and he didn’t kill enough people.

UPDATE: We’ve known for some time now that the FBI has been on edge since the Pittsburgh and Poway synagogue shootings and was rounding up White Nationalists on the slightest pretext. This was before El Paso. Now, it seems they are detaining shitposters on The Daily Stormer BBS for fedposting about these manifestos. Sven was wise to junk the 504um and the association with Weev before he had another one of his predictable outbursts and got TRS in legal trouble.

Everyone who reads this website is likely already familiar with my view of Andrew Escher Auernheimer aka Weev who I disavowed and warned people about in March 2018.

Over a year ago, I quit the Alt-Right movement because I got fed up with the nihilism, the optics spiraling and the Blompf personality cult. My ideological views intersect with these people on some issues – mainly, the existence of racial differences, the negative impact of Jewish power and influence and a positive take on White identity – but widely diverge in other areas.

I’m a Southerner, a Lutheran, a husband and a father. There is no room in mainstream society for people like me who are comfortable in our own skin being White and Southern, who believe that race exists and who believe that Jews are having a negative impact on our culture and their influence should be curtailed. When it comes to the specific issue of violence, Lutherans have always believed that while self defense is justified the state, or lesser magistrates in the event of a tyranny, should have a monopoly on the use of force. Otherwise, the social order would collapse and descend into anarchy. It is a very German way of looking at the world. Germans are very big on order and Martin Luther hated fanaticism.

This is where I part ways with Weev who is an incel of Jewish ancestry who hates women and is obviously suffering from an untreated mental illness. Lots of people know me in real life and can easily confirm that I live in Alabama with my wignat wife and kid:

I’ve heard a lot of negative things said about Chris Cantwell.

As far as I know, the criticism of Cantwell is that he doxed some of his own supporters and cooperated with law enforcement after Charlottesville. I’ve never seen Cantwell say things though like he unequivocally endorses murdering and raping the children of federal agents. This is Weev’s stated position which he faxed in his manifesto to more than a dozen college campuses.

The source of the Weev-Cantwell beef is that Weev went on Cantwell’s radio show Radical Agenda and started ranting like a loon about killing children:

Want to talk about a Red Flag? That was a Red Flag if there ever was one. Notice how Weev talks about Mexican subhuman non-White animals. He is so crazy and such a bad influence that Gab banned him voluntarily for fedposting about the Oklahoma City bombing:

Here is Weev’s 2016 manifesto WHY I AM GETTING A BOWLCUT:

The New York Times said at the time that one of the fliers sent by Weev to Princeton mentioned “the struggle for global white supremacy.”

“PRINCETON, N.J. — A well-known computer hacker who goes by the name of “Weev” said he was behind a wave of anti-Semitic, racist fliers that appeared on printers at more than a dozen college campuses last week.

Covered in swastikas, the fliers, which seemed to appear spontaneously on printers, including those at Princeton University, mentioned “the struggle for global white supremacy.” …”

A year later, Weev called on his Glorious Leader Donald Trump to start killing the Jews down to the last women and children:

“In a post published last Friday by The Daily Stormer, Auernheimer accused prominent Jewish people of trying to “frame” him for the recent wave of bomb threats to Jewish community centers. The primary suspect in the threats — a 19-year-old Jewish man — was arrested in Israel last Thursday.

Auernheimer ended his post with this plea: “Please, Donald Trump, kill the Jews, down to the last woman and child. Leave nothing left of the Jewish menace. It is all on you, my glorious leader.” …”

The article is still online:

Weev admires Islam which he sees as a model for White-Boy al-Qaeda:

According to Weev, mass shootings worked to grow terrorist groups like ISIS and if you don’t agree that violence is “the most effective rhetoric in this entire community,” then you are “just LARPing.”

People laughed about all this at the time.

Weev had a reputation as an internet troll.

Weev is just trolling again. Weev is just being ironic.

Weev disavowed the Poway synagogue shooter for his “low score” in April:

A few days ago, Weev explained on The Daily Stormer BBS that he doesn’t think mass shootings are particularly harmful or bad optics for the movement:

According to Weev, it is better to be a mass shooter than a fat person who attends a political protest because murdering innocent people isn’t bad optics. He points out that William Pierce was a strong supporter of lone wolf mass shootings and wrote a book about it called Hunter.

Weev reiterates his long standing violent incel position on raping women:

Weev believes St. Tarrant was the most daring cinematographer of his lifetime. He says that there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t want to go full Bowers, but he believes he can have a greater cultural impact by glorifying this shit on the internet. As a physical coward, he lacks the courage and integrity to lash out himself and would rather sit back and shit post about “high scores” on online forums.

In May, I wrote The 25 Points of 3.0 in order to explain my own worldview and to separate myself from the detritus of the Alt-Right like Weev. See Point 11 about morality, Point 20 about Non-Violent Persuasion, Point 22 about Depolarization, Point 23 about Humanitarianism. See also Point 17 about Positive Accelerationism as opposed to Negative Accelerationism.

I agree that people like Weev are toxic.

I’ve believed this for a long time. Admittedly, I never paid any attention to this individual until he started saying things after Charlottesville that were so crazy that it caught my attention like how women should be brutally tortured, raped and murdered. I found it horrifying because as nationalists and traditionalists we are supposed to protect our wives, daughters, mothers and sisters. This is our role as men in the natural order and it is why we have such a visceral reaction to interracial rape.

Weev was fanning the flames of the incel revolt at the time. He still has his fingers in both pots stirring up both the violent incels and violent accelerationists:

Here is Weev on Scott Beierle, Nazi Scott or St. Yogacel, the Tallahassee shooter:

Here is Weev on Jeffrey Epstein:

Let me get this straight.

We’re the people who are bad optics? We’re the ones who are feds? I wouldn’t be caught dead near anyone with Weev’s level of off the charts fedposting. He is fixated on raping and killing children. I don’t share their beliefs or their “strategy” which makes no sense to anyone who isn’t mentally ill. What would any father do to someone who talked about raping their daughter?

Weev is also Blompf’s biggest supporter in our circles. I’ve often wondered if he is active on 8chan promoting this nihilistic garbage. My guess is probably because he never shuts up about it even when writing under his own name. This is his revenge for going to prison as a result of his hacking crimes. This guy is nothing but a straight up liability for anyone who interacts with him.

Why does this keep happening? Although no one can tell who is shit stirring in the anonymous bowels of the internet, I suspect it has a lot to do with one lunatic whose parents were unsuccessful in getting him locked up in an insane asylum and getting him treatment. Everyone has noticed the fire of incel and accelerationist shooters. Where is the smoke coming from?

Note: In case you are wondering where Weev is these days, he claims to be in Transnistria on the border of Ukraine which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the United States. What is he up to there? Better yet, what is Weev doing online when he is posting anonymously?

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  1. Weev is a textbook example of the deranged nature of Der ewige Jude. He’s fully aware of the nature of Jewish malevolence; he is one after all – yet pretends to take the side of Der ewige Gullible Goy. He plays on the feelings of betrayal, rage, and despair. He encourages young, very foolish Goyim to act out in ruinous ways that destroy their live, and Volk, and truly acts on behalf of his own Race.

    Stay away. Just stay away. Avoid Jews in every way you can. And to some of your dimmer Readers – you Dixians can blame Yanquis from now until the end of time – but it’s the Jew. Everywhere they go.

  2. Yea, many of these people have a negative nasty nature. I don’t want to be associated with them anymore than I want to be associated with antifa. We need many more families and far less single Disturbed young men. We want to change things because we have something better to offer, not because we hate someone. That’s the Lefts moral depravity. I want a positive identity, not a negative one.

    • In a disagreement I’d with weev on YT comments section, he informed me that he has “the right to rape the daughters of liberals” and that he “works for a private army”, which I can only imagine must mean a GANG. There are two big gang enterprises: stealing the identities of Whites and selling drugs to Whites. Which is weev bragging about?

  3. He calls women whores and yet said that he’s had sex with over a hundred different women. He’s thoroughly blinded by his own sin.

    • Isn’t that interesting?

      According to Weev, he has had countless women, but he foments violence against women. He also hates “wignats,” but promotes murderers. It’s almost like he is just an evil psychopathic troll

    • “He’s thoroughly blinded by his own sin.” Jews don’t believe THEY are sinners, in that they should be suffering from guilt, and seek repentance and absolution. Every Yom Kippur, they recite the “Kol Nidrei” oath (which they think) absolves them from all sins they are GOING to commit in the coming year!

      That’s worse than papal indulgences, for those who know the history of the RC on this point. It’s a ‘get out of jail free card’ that is actually ‘This Yid AIN’T GOING to Hell.’ – That’s why they are porn stars, smut merchants, sleazy businessment, Las Vegas shills, and Me Too Hollywood sleazebags.

      Oh, how rude an awakening they will have, once they meet the Lord.

  4. Brad,
    Thanks for posting this info.

    Weev is dangerously excessive.
    His mannerisms are exactly what we’d expect from a (Hollywood) script, written by (them).

    • Martin Luther; the Karl Marx of Protestantism, whose reformation caused the 30 Years War, much like the latter’s Communism caused Bolshevism, and both of which ravaged and genocided Germanic and Slavic Europeans on a scale distinctly genocidal.
      And Martin Luther had a problem with fanatacism?
      That is so epically lulzy.
      I think he had a problem with Catholic fanaticism only. Not that Catholicism leaves one much to be fanatic about. But when you’re a Protestant hammer everything is a nail. Just ask Oliver Cromwell. Or even better yet, ask SJWs and feminists who are really a neo-puritanical continuation of that same Protestant madness finding heretics, bigots, racists and misogynists under every feather, leaf, and twig… Thank God!
      But the lesson is the same. Where that genius Bismarck saw sectarian genocide he united the tribes into a strong German nationhood that proved itself the master race of Europe, much to their (((neighbors))) complete shock and horror. “Oy vey!” said the Anglos and Normans, “Shut it down Shlomo! Shut Germany down! So harrible! Their economy is six million shekels ahead of ours! Six million!”
      Whether or not they realize it, Germans are the Israelis of Europe, and the Six Day War has been raging since 1871. And the Jews are the Arabs trying to wipe Germany off the map.
      Unlike the Jews, Germans have had a great and legendary messiahs to lead them in their hour of need. Heil Hitler.

      • Martin luther karl marx of Protestantism? Thats a good one lol seriously the 30 years war didn’t start because of luther if anything it was because king Ferdinand the 2nd destroying religious liberties and freedom. Violently imposing a Catholic enthnostate on people who didn’t want one. Also the french german royal families played a big role too you RCC dickriders are always twisting the truth

    • But to be a fed you can’t name the jew weev although toxic does, everyone thinks he works for this or that type of alphabet organisation but it doesn’t have to be, he could just as well be lone wolf controlled opposition

    • A government agent is allowed to incite terrorism, an ordinary citizen is not.

      His early release and work at the Daily Stormer was obviously part of his early release from prison deal.

  5. ‘It’s almost like he is just an evil psychopathic troll’

    Or a schiz that has latched onto WN cause.

    • He is a mischling not a full blood tho he might have 2-8% jew in him but Escher and Auerheimer are prominent german/dutch names

      • Are we really at this point? Where someone with 2-8% Jewish ethnicity is a “mischling” and can’t count one a white nationalist? This sorta purity spiraling could cause terror amongst WNs and is totally unrealistic. Hitler permitted non-practicing 50%s to have German citizenship. Perhaps, we can consider accepting in people who have an accidental (and likely debatable) amount of Jewish blood?

        If not, I guess I’ll have to find a new movement. My grandfather got is DNA results back and was about 5% Ashkenazi, which makes me a little under 2%. Oh no!

        For the record, I don’t like or trust Weev. I think he’s likely a Fed. If not, he’s an evil psychopath.

        • I never said that! I know there can be good half breed jews I’m not a purity spiraler It is unrealistic and yes weev is either controlled op or at the least mentally unstable and toxic I use to like weev but i definitely find him suspect with all the facts coming out

  6. I definitely think he’s with the Feds as well.

    As a side comment about the 3.0 agenda, I really think that the 2 most important points on that list are economics and morality.

    I think the task of “converting” normies to our side is made easier by emphasizing these points. Those two factors also happen to be the main elements that (((they))) have control over at the moment. And it’s an easier transition to “now look behind the curtain and see who the culprit is”.

    It’s far more effective than larping around with a swastika arm band shouting “kikes” every other word.

  7. With “leaders” Like Rabbi “Ed Gein did nothing wrong” Aurenheimer and Asian sex-tourist enthusiast Colonel Anglin is it any wonder the pro-White movement is little more than an internet joke?

  8. Somewhat unrelated but i’ve always been baffled by the Montana troll operation that andrew and weev planned on that Jewish woman protesting one of richard spencers mom’s properties. Why exactly did they aim to achieve with that whole thing?

    Didn’t they ask stormers money for legal fees? 150 grand too i think if my memory of it is right I don’t have a dog in the fight obviously the Jewish lady who ran hope not hate in Montana is a subversive little witch but was having stormers send hate messages to her was that really helpful? I dunno

    • The Jewish woman in Montana was a realtor who engaged in attempted criminal extortion of Spencer’s mother by blackmailing her into leaving the area and engaging this woman as the agent to sell her property at a discount to an unnamed buyer under threat of street protests by a Jewish run human rights organisation in the area and a boycott of the commercial tenants in the building.

      Needless to say the protection of the law only applies to some people.

      • Thanks for the reply Ian, yeah the Jewish lady is playing the victim I didn’t do nuffin wrong ebil nazis r bad routine and now some judge wants to give her 14 million thats bigger then most state lotteries ffs

  9. The only thing I would add here is that this is a case of morality versus a case of mental illness. People throw around the term ‘mentally ill’ way too much.

    America is ill. Our society and culture are ill. We’re all ill to a certain extent due to living under these conditions.

    What is a normal and healthy mind? Who decides that standard?

    Those with Power and Status.

    It’s not Science.

    It’s Social Control.

    We sent hundreds of thousands of troops to Iraq based on complete BS Neocon propaganda. Thousands died and tens of thousands were maimed for life.

    Who was mentally ill in this case? The Neocons, the duped American public who supported it, the J-mainstream media who pushed it, or the Jarhead Soldiers who were willing to die for nothing?

    Are these soldiers who are committing suicide daily, mentally ill?

    In a healthy and homogeneous nation/society, stigmatizing certain individuals as ‘mentally ill’ seems quite useful.

    In spiraling downward America, it’s a means to crush DISSENT.

    • There’s a great quote: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

  10. A lot of what he says is correct. A lot of chicks need to be beaten or feel like they can be.

    I have a huge problem with teenage girls running around pretty much naked with 0 plans of kids until 30.

    Now beating them isn’t the solution and a slap or two is different from what this jew advocates lol.

    He does make some good points though.

      • Dismantling liberalism would necessarily entail a return to coverture and pre-liberal norms where women had very little or no recourse in cases of domestic abuse. So it is not so different. Much of European history included institutionalized violence against women. So it is not so different.

  11. Know how to piss this cheesy kyke off? Go on his site and mention Christ. The kyke can’t take.

    • That’s really interesting because he used to give fiery sermons on youtube. I’m not joking — you might, might be able to find them. Not joking, they were fire and brimstone, old-school Christian sermons. Strange, but they definitely weren’t pagan.

      My guess is his handlers would think it more useful to switch his character from a Christian to a pagan. Makes more sense.

  12. The doctrine that the state has a full monopoly on force is Satanic. I am a Lutheran too, and we paddled our kids, and I am sure it did a lot of good. Better to stick with scripture than totalitarian statist doctrines. What we need is not a return to the worst of Luther’s teachings, but a return to Scripture, especially the biblical doctrine of the kinsman avenger. If someone kills or maims one of our kin, it is upon us to take revenge, as God taught us through Moses.

  13. The chest tattoo was done by his girlfriend he shacked up with at the time, who is Arab. So when he got out of prison and spontaneously decided to become the leader of the “global white supremacy” movement, he was living/sleeping with an Arab girl. For some reason this did not give anyone cause for concern or cast doubts on his sincerity.

    • It doesn’t matter. When I was younger I banged at least one girl from every continent, except for Sub-Sahara Africa. I never bred any of them so w/e. I don’t hold it against a young guy when he Fs up, especially since white fathers today are so obsessed with giving their children zero guidance. It’s what happens when father’s spines are liquid. Since I have never bred a non-White girl I don’t hold it against myself that I screwed around a lot. I played that russian roulette game of unprotected sex more than once lol!
      What choice did I have back then? I went to a boys school and absolutely no one at any point ever taught me a single thing about the opposite sex or how to form healthy relationships with girls. I spent a lot of time alone and depressed after school. It was either be an incel beta loser, or take advantage of the Asian, Persian, and Hispanic girls that were so easy to get with back then. I made the right choice.
      If you don’t like that then man the F up and start controlling white women until they are no longer whores. As above so below. As within so without.

  14. Didn’t want to post my post eh, yeah you’re living in your own bubble now, no Brad not everybody thinks like you. I even put it politely, you deserve harsher criticism. Your solutions to problems are weak.

    • Maybe your reply is in the spam filter silverdawn? One of my replies on the lion king review got lost too could just be the spam filter i dunno

  15. In wars or conflicts or battles you have winners and losers. Gen. Patton said the goal is not for YOU to die for your country but for you to make sure the OTHER GUY DOES. So, for example, if you were to go into an actual real battle, whose motivational speech would you prefer to hear theoretically? Hunter’s or Weev’s ?

  16. Alot of these internet or youtube personalities, from David Duke to Richard Spencer are some type of intel-backed psy-op. To give even the lesser ones any publicity is a disservice to everyone. Cantwell to many in New Hampshire is some type of Agent Provacateur. He was probably hired by one of the intel agencies as some type of deal where he got out of the legal trouble he was facing in Long Island, NY. These internet personalities really never run for office nor encourage anyone else to do so. They are social-media influencers. And they’re awful! Just look at Duke. Even if you agree with him, there’s not a single politician like him in power.

    • That looks so phony dude no way people like anglin and weev are making millions like that also how tf is don black is worth 64 mil millieanli woes 116 lauren southern 200 m? Somebody is pulling these numbers out of their asshole I’m not saying some of these people are well off from their propaganda shilling but not fucking multi millionaires for god sake

  17. As a fan of the Daily Stormer, I read every article of the Daily Stormer every day.

    1. I hate infighting and mudslinging. Please you both Stop it.
    STOP IT.

    Both of you.

    If you wanna fight someone, go fight a Jew.

    2. Anglin and Weev started this infighting.

    When Paul Nehlen doxxed Ricky Vaughn.

    They declared that anyone who talks to Paul Nehlen is forever banned.


    I hate all this mudslinging, from both sides.

    It’s counterproductive.

    Weev is doing a good job, and he has a point in posting what he does and advocating for violence. We will never win this peacefully.

    Nevertheless, Hunter Wallace is right in exposing his hypocrisy.

    He talks about “optics” and “wignats” — and he has the worst optics and encourages mass shootings



    If we can’t work together, CAN WE STOP ATTACKING EACH OTHER?


    That goes for Anglin too, he recently attacked TRS and called Cantwell a FED.

    If you can’t see eye to eye, let’s each do our thing.

    I’m not even knocking Hunter here, because Weev and Anglin started ALL THIS SHIT.

  18. Weev is either psychotic or an agent. If people on our side are going to bash Duke tell me what you have done to save our people? He has devoted his life to it and with his intelligence he could have been a highly paid lawyer or CEO. Weev’s hated of women sounds like it comes straight out of the classic science fiction novels the Chronicles of Gor.

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