Andrew Yang: Trump Is a White Supremacist

This settles a very important question.

How far would Andrew Yang be pushed to the left to win the Democratic primary? How would he respond to the Far Left? In the first Democratic debate, he embraced Julian Castro’s positions on free health care for illegal aliens and decriminalizing the Mexican border. Now, he is embracing Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker’s position that Blompf is a “white supremacist.”

Look, I am hardly a fan of Blompf, but this is a ludicrous accusation. It will absolutely help him in the 2020 election. In the space of two months, Andrew Yang’s campaign has gone from Not Left. Not Right. Forward to Hard Left. He has allowed his campaign to be dragged from the center by his progressive rivals, which appealed to populists because it was about automation and Universal Basic Income, and has steadily embraced their toxic positions rather than appealing to Biden’s moderate followers.

I’m thankful that Yang has brought the issue of automation to public attention. I can’t support him though for president. This is a bridge too far for me.

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  1. And you didn’t see this coming? The mindless embracing of Yang is what finally caused me to start commenting here. For the record, I voted for Trump in 2016, the first time I’d voted since Jesse Helms retired. I’m as disappointed as anyone, and as an “Unaffiliated” voter here in NC, I’m planning to vote for Tulsi in the Demoncrat primary if she’s on the ballot. But I’d not vote for her in the general election, nor will I vote for Trump again. Frankly, if I vote at all, I’m planning to write in “Matteo Salvini,” since he’s the ONLY politician even vaguely on “our side” who has accomplished anything. Although the idea of a protest vote for Tucker is interesting — but I would NOT vote for him in a general election, either. I don’t trust him.

    I miss Jesse Helms, I swear I do! Even if you disagreed with him, which I often did, you knew where he stood, and he invariably pissed off ALL the right people, which was in a way more than enough for me.

    • Tulsi voted to punish companies who choose to divest from importing goods from Israel. The only reason she opposes intervention is Syria is because [like Tucker] she is fine with a holocaust of Sunni Arabs be Assad/Putin.The only reason she is fed up with our wars in Iraq/Afghanistan is because those Muslims are still there; we did not kill em all, which was the promise[ not stated explicitly but implied] the media/politicians made to her vengeful heart after 9-11.Her and all the other gulls who supported the iraq war.

      • Nellie Bly, yours is a gibberish reply; but as a white man in North Carolina, why should I care about Israhell, or Muslims Sunni or otherwise? As I said, I would not vote for Tulsi in a REAL election; I would not vote for ANY woman in a real election, for anything, as women are not suited for wielding political power (among other things). Period.

  2. Yikes yang really cucked himself here with him saying this… this world is becoming to bizzaro for me lately, trump is a literal zionist globalist caving on every campaign promise that no one even acknowledges and then we hear hes a white supremacist because some mystery half breed jew kills abunch of Mexicans in a walmart and a Satanist antifa shoots up some bar? These were white supremacists I dunno anymore man literally tired of this shit

  3. You will have to close your eyes and hold your nose and vote for Trump. The existing political alternatives are literally genocidal for the White race. I think that we can agree that that much is becoming clear now. An entire political movement is forming in the US that would like to mass murder Whites. It’s a growing Zeitgeist. It’s in the air.

    • It’s got parallels to South Africa or even Rhodesia. Whites being actively massacred and pogromed. Multiculturalism is an inherently violent ideology. No doubt about it.

      • Trump is the worst. He will convince his base that his second term will be ‘the real deal’ all while being totally in bed with the cabal.

        He is absolutely the worst choice. Better to not vote and remind people that our government is no longer legitimate, or try to get Harris in. Her voice annoys everyone, even people who like it half the time. The fact that she slept her way up California’s political ladder…comes from slaveowners…but still hates whites…

        No matter how hard that woman jockeys around the center she’ll inflame entire segments of the country. This gives us maybe some chance to foment revolution in at least some part(s) of the country.

    • The propaganda against one racial group has been a constant drumbeat for decades.

      White Privilige, White Supremacist, Nazi, Racist.
      White Privilige, White Supremacist, Nazi, Racist.
      White Privilige, White Supremacist, Nazi, Racist.

      The drumbeat will get louder and faster, the closer they are to their goal.

  4. HW,

    No need to worry. Yang never was going to be potus. The only path to yang being inside the White House is as a cabinet secretary.

    Yang was probably that dorky whip smart East Asian kid who had very few friends, didn’t play sports, and was unpopular .

    It isn’t surprising that yang is susceptible to peer pressure from the ‘cool kids’ and wants to fit in.

    Ultimately, it demonstrates that yang like blompf are spineless wind socks and don’t possess personal deeply held ideologies.

  5. The El Paso shooter was talking about UBI and Automation in his manifesto.
    It’s hardly a secret that UBI and Automation fears are Yang’s signature issues. Trumps about as much of a white Supremacist as any Spanish speaking caudillo or Junta generalissimo.

    • It’s possible the elites whose hired scriptwriters created the narrative surrounding him were trying to undermine the valid alarms Yang has raised, by portraying him as some white race-inciter.

  6. I noted of Yang in an early post on all this that, while he is ‘Christian,’ he is one in name only; he is part of the extremely liberal NY RCA (Reformed Church of America) and that his Impastor was both a Gaia worshiper, and a Sodomite advocate- which non-biblical positions, Yang also adopted.

    But to cuck so quickly? Whew. I think he really does have inferiority issues about being a Chink, at heart. It was both noted by him, and asked of him in his early interviews. Wonder why he was even on that Joe Rogan show, (which is where I first heard him) and where the black brush of ‘association’ with Whites first made him realize, he either had to grow a pair, or become the subservient gook he is. Anathema.

  7. UBI would have made us less of a wage slave society, and given us more freedom to move and do what we really wanted. Which is why the oligarchy doesn’t want it. The focus for decades has been herding people into cities while reducing wages and job opportunities. That would keep us corralled and docile, dependent on their scraps to live. We’re almost in the urbanized cattle pen now, and urbanites worship the state above any other god. That ensures a population which will approve of their own marginalization. There are few freethinkers left that are willing to buck the system.

    • Yup, and Yang’s contribution to those freethinkers is being castigated and corralled so as to control.

    • And look at them now. Most of them are completely wacked out, just like whites. Japanese society is pretty screwed up. They aren’t in danger of extinction like we are, though.

  8. People shouldn’t gloat about Yang. While I wasn’t too keen on supporting the “Secure the Bag!” memes back in March, I understand why they started in the first place.

    We have to remember that back in Feb/March, the movement as a whole was losing faith in Trump. Even the AmNats were finding it difficult to continue defending the Orange Rabbi. His “I want to increase legal immigration” speech was the straw that broke the AmNat’s back.

    That was a prime opportunity to redirect the movement’s energy away from Trump. While a pro-White candidate would have been ideal, there were none on the table at the time. David Duke briefly toyed with the idea, but didn’t commit to it, and Patrick Little fizzled out.

    There was no one to turn to but the based Asian who seemed interested in reaching out to White American voters, which was unusual for a Current Year Democrat. There was nothing wrong with at least checking out Yang and consider a new approach.

    I didn’t stay on the Yang Yacht for very long, and I have my reasons for bailing. But that being said, I don’t blame Hunter for at least trying to find a path that rejected both plan trusting and mass shootings.

    More importantly, Hunter jumped off the Yacht when he realized that Yang was no different than any other anti-White liberal. It takes much wisdom to realize when one’s in error, and to correct the mistake and own up to it. If Hunter were like the AmNats at all, he’d be pushing 4D Mahjong theories to this day.

    So enough with the “I told you so”‘s and let’s instead figure out what’s next for our movement.

  9. White Christians are supreme and our supremacy is based Christ, on our willing to treat others as we would like to be treated and our willingness to defend and protect the weak and the innocent. All other lesser people should aspire to put the same qualities in themselves and make themselves supreme too.

  10. The Universal Basic Income is a great idea and could really help people. However that don’t work by adding a Value Added Tax. The last thing we need is more taxes. He was asked about that in the debate and he paused for a second and made an excuse how the $1,000 a month would still help even with a VAT. I think that hurt his campaign. Now he’s really acting like a leftist by calling Trump a White Supremacist. Seems the Blue Dog Democrats are less and less now. That and those Occupy Wall Street types that realize the Super Rich are good for nothing and keep people Working Poor. Deo Vindice !

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