Weev’s Revenge On Society

Happy Charles Manson Day and greetings fellow White brothers and followers of Helter Skelter:


Is this a Red Flag?

I don’t know if this is just an insane person having an outburst on YouTube or a valid threat. I don’t think he was ever compensated for the 29,000 hours of his time. What do you think?

I’ve been scratching my head trying to explain this recent uptick in mass shootings committed by incels and violent accelerationists radicalized in the bowels of the internet.

My current theory is that most Alt-Right and White Nationalist leaders are clean as a whistle and lack a criminal record. There doesn’t seem to be any encouragement of violence against women or minorities on most of these “hate sites.” This trend certainly isn’t being encouraged at Occidental Dissent, The Right Stuff or Counter-Currents, but it is obviously emanating from somewhere.

There’s probably an arsonist out there somewhere who is playing with matches. I wouldn’t want him attracting crazy people and having outbursts on my BBS either. Weev’s Nazi Troll Army has already proven to be a $14 million dollar albatross for The Daily Stormer.

I was having a hard time seeing the pattern until I pulled the file on Andrew Escher Auernheimer aka “Weev” who spent 41 months in a federal person and was released on April 11, 2014. This was shortly over a year before Dylann Roof launched his attack in Charleston.

Auernheimer claims to be living in Moldavian Republic of Transnistria which is strange. The only attraction of this location seems to be internet access and its lack of an extradition treaty with the United States. It is the sort of place that an American engaged in criminal activity would go.


“The only hope I have of returning to the land I love, where I was kidnapped at gunpoint and had my house bulldozed, is if there is a such a consistent level of change that most of the agents of the federal government are dead. I want to go home but I can’t.”

It’s late on a Tuesday evening and I’m sitting with Andrew Auernheimer in the posh environs of east Beirut’s Achrafieh neighborhood. The man most people know by his online handle, “weev,” is seated across from me at a cozy cafe just down the street from the city’s flagship Western-style shopping mall. Auernheimer, 29, is explaining why he’s been living in Beirut for the past month, and why he can’t return home to America. …

He says he’s encouraged by recent militia movements like that of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, but that they don’t have their priorities straight. He tells me that he views Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh as a hero, and explained his vision of sending tiny drones laden with high explosives to the personal residences of US federal government employees.

“We are close to having atomically precise engineering for asymmetric warfare. Cheap, 3D-printed drones. The tech is simple. The drones that the US uses for airstrikes are crap. Several generations behind. Pretty soon anyone who wants will be able to have something better.”

“Somehow we need to get the ‘soldier types’ connected with the people who have the ideas about who should be targeted and how,” he says. “It’s about the ideological preparation of a segment of the population.”

Lebanon has no extradition treaty with the United States. Weev says that was a crucial criterion for him in choosing a new home.

What could be the motivation?

What is Auernheimer doing living in places like Lebanon or Transnistria?

“A big part of the reason for weev setting up his home base in Lebanon seems to be frustration and desperation stemming from his first-hand experience of mistreatment at the hands of the U.S. government.

“I’ve got nothing to lose. I was rich and successful in my industry and they took that from me,” he said. “From now on I plan to be even more offensive to the American government.” …”

Oh … so this is Weev’s revenge?

Who is Volund the Elf? Why is Weev covered in weird pagan tattoos?

“After studying the Norse Eddas while incarcerated in Pennsylvania, he says he has taken inspiration from one legend in particular, that of Volund the Elf.

“Volund was basically a proto-hacker. He was a blacksmith who was imprisoned by a tyrant but later escaped and smote his enemies, killing the king’s sons and raping his daughters,” he says. …”

This seems meaningful to Auernheimer.

Volund the Elf escapes from prison and releases chaos and carnage on his enemies. Perhaps this is why Weev is stirring up the crazies from the safety of Transnistria?

“Auernheimer describes himself as the “point person for the press” for the loosely organized crews of which he is member, and has written that “I make art… I see federal courts, financial markets, world media and the very act of human perception as the canvas.” Perhaps by meeting Weev and reporting our conversation, I’m acting as a conduit for the expression of this sort of “art.”

So, it is all a work of art?

The news cycle is Weev’s canvas. Yuk Yuk Yuk Yuk.

White Nationalists are tarred with the fallout … Yuk Yuk Yuk Yuk Yuk Yuk

I’m going to have to listen to the episode of Race Ghost on CHARLIE LOVES YOU.

I had forgotten that Weev was in personal contact with that Atomwaffen cell in Tampa that was taken out in a mass shooting. He didn’t like that Devon Arthurs aka PatricianSalafist99 was fedposting in the Daily Stormer Discord channel before he murdered his roommates.

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  1. Transnistria (btw: Stalin tried to settle the jews of the UdSSR there in some kind of protection scheme) and Nigeria (Anglin claims to be living there) are probably only a few blocks away in some jewish quarter in NYC.

    • I doubt anglin is in Nigeria but he could be anywhere in the world I always thought he was somewhere in the Philippines or something because of his yellow fever and having previously lived there

  2. Transnistria is a pretty cool place actually, and the only true white nationalist state in the world. I doubt this jew actually lives there though.

    • Accurate, he’s probably in Tel Aviv- who also doesn’t have an extradition treaty with their “greatest ally”

      • The citizens of Transnistria are not actually members of the White race proper. No light eyes, no blonde hair, they are some kind of Turcs, I suppose. So it is not true that they form a WN etnostate.

  3. The weather in the Northeast today was a dream. I had a wonderful day. Why do people keep bringing this Weev guy up?

    No one was even thinking about him and I’m sure the El Paso shooter wasn’t either……..


  4. For all his talk of violence he hasn’t committed any. So obvious this weirdo is a paid instigator, probably funded by Israel.

  5. Weev’s paganism is apart of his psyop to paint the roots of European civilization as evil.

    Weev’s favorite nordic god is Loki, the trickster god who was essentially a jewish archetype and portrayed as a demonic force that needs to be exiled. And in the Edda’s he was. Banished from the gods.

    Loki was used as a parable of how *not* to be.

    Viking king’s and their communities worshipped Tyr, Thor and Odin. There were no cults of Loki, even the berserkers didn’t worship Loki, most berserker bands worshipped Odin.

    Blacksmiths generally had to have financial backing(either from inheritance, the king or an ‘outside’ money lender) and connections, as iron ore was very expensive and hard to obtain. Most of us think of medieval blacksmiths as a solo operator, historical this is incorrect and most “blacksmiths” was actually a cohort of blacksmiths working together.

    While blacksmithing wasn’t exclusively jewish like money lending was in the Middle Ages, it was a common trade for lower level jews and often used as a bargaining chip for money lenders who would promise to send in their own blacksmiths with large amounts of iron ore local goy blacksmiths could have access to. As such blacksmiths in the Middle Ages is an indicator of a potential jew

    Half gods in European mythology which the elf of Volund is, are understood as Jews or a mamzer- which is very fitting for weev.

    In weevs fax prank where we stated he wanted to rape and kill FBI agents children he wrote “this is European morality…”

    You couldn’t find anyone who’s apart of any ASATRU group who would define their morality on/by killing children.

    Weev’s goal is to make being pro-white as toxic as possible.

    *elves are not always identified as Jews in Nordic mythology, some elves were used to symbolize a half Anglo half Viking. But when ever you’re dealing with a half god it represents a half breed of one kind or another.

    **most jewish “blacksmiths” did little to no ‘smithing’ themselves but ran the shop and supplied the iron ore. It’s basically the same as Jews owning military industrial companies while doing little of the engineering. Blacksmiths made practical items but they were also the weapon manufacturers. Vikings resisted jewish blacksmiths for a very long time and it wasn’t until the Christians declared war on them did they finally let jewish blacksmiths in for access to more iron ore. This parable is probably from the last couple of centuries of the Vikings existence and reads as precautionary tale of disloyal outsiders.

    • This is a very interesting take on the blacksmiths. It squares well with the artistic portrait of Mime the blacksmith in Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring der Nibelungen”. Mime was seen by the contemporary audience as a caricature of a jew. And that is why “Siegfried”, the third part of this tetralogy, where Mime is one of the main characters was met with hostile reactions by jewish opera goers.

      Gustav Mahler a jew himself said this about Wagner’s Mime the blacksmith:

      “Diese Gestalt (Mime) ist die leibhaftige, von Wagner gewollte Persiflage eines Juden (in allen Zügen, mit denen er sie ausstattete: der kleinlichen Gescheitheit, Habsucht und dem musikalisch wie textlich treffenden Jargon).”

      Roughly translated:

      “This character is the incarnate caricature of a jew, as Wagner has intended it (in all features that he gave him: the petty cleverness, the greediness and this with an appropriate jargon in text and music.”

      Could you please give your sources for your take on blacksmiths?

  6. Who is the greatest threat to this Movement?

    Weev or Roberta Kaplan?

    One is a demented troll. The other is using J-Lawfare to sue people out of home and livelihood.

    I’d reckon the latter is the greatest threat…..

    Strangely, I never hear anything about the latter.


    • If you had asked me that a year ago, I would have said Roberta Kaplan, but I am less worried now about the Charlottesville lawsuits than the fallout from these mass shooters. Specifically, I am concerned that although we have nothing to do with this that we are being scapegoated for it.

  7. timeline:
    weev sends faxes of extreme nazi rhetoric to random printers > now there is a White extremist threat
    weev wants access to DS TRS MPC etc so he offers tech help > once they are dependent on him he starts to tone police the bbs, and the movement, his articles and views become dominant
    weev is the first fedposter on Gab > not long after the attention he caused is used to attack the site after it was discovered Bowers had a profile there
    weev decides with Ricky vaughn to “divide” the movement: mainstreamers (amnats) vs vanguardists (wignats) this destroys the entire movement, all activism stops, therefor all networking stops, therefor there are only 2 options: vote or go lone wolf. he damn well knows voting is a dead end strategy and massive waste of time. think of all the free advertising the alt right gave trump, and in return they were HUNTED by him and his DOJ. so whats left? you have a bunch of angry men with no future radicalized by the sites that weev runs and since he has demonized any form of constructive activism, there are those that go postal. he praises all of them.
    weev is a jew (by his own admission on a reddit ama, and his mothers admission) who is “leading the revolution against themselves (the jews)” like his direct descendant herzl said. he is making a boogy man and giving the jews exactly what they need to attack us. his swastika tat is just peak ironybroism: a jew with a swastika tattoo. “im just like you goy!”
    he is a shill, as is Anglin

    • Rabbi Aurenheimer and Col. Anglin wrecked the fledgling alt-right movement, no question about that. Was it done deliberately? That I don’t know. What I do know is the Daily Sewer is a toxic stew of violent misogyny and puerile autism. If at all possible, I shall see to it that those creeps are ruthlessly dealt with.

  8. I am less concerned about these things than about his insistence that voting downticket Republican is the key to victory. Supporting the GOP is 100x more subversive than praising killers or writing edgy articles about punching women in the throat.

  9. I use to watch weevs youtube channel quite frequently in 2016-2017 then he nuked it 1 month after the newsweek article with his mom saying he has partial Indian and Jewish ancestry

    He is quite a actor I tell ya, he talks in a sort of panicked frenzy rants and raves sort of laughs like a evil milhouse sometimes I’m glad i never became a part of the stormer forum it seems like a bunch of edgelords and trollsters fighting with one another and stroking each others egos

  10. They found Epstein’s suicide note:

    “As for myself, I walk abroad a-nights,
    And kill sick people groaning under walls.
    Sometimes I go about and poison wells;
    And now and then, to cherish Christian thieves,
    I am content to lose some of my crowns,
    That I may, walking in my gallery,
    See ’em go pinion’d along by my door.
    Being young, I studied physic, and began
    To practice first upon the Italian;
    There I enrich’d the priests with burials,
    And always kept the sexton’s arms in ure
    With digging graves and ringing dead men’s knells.
    And, after that, was I an engineer,
    And in the wars ‘twixt France and Germany,
    Under pretence of helping Charles the Fifth,
    Slew friend and enemy with my stratagems:
    Then, after that, was I an usurer,
    And with extorting, cozening, forfeiting,
    And tricks belonging unto brokery,
    I fill’d the gaols with bankrupts in a year,
    And with young orphans planted hospitals;
    And every moon made some or other mad,
    And now and then one hang himself for grief,
    Pinning upon his breast a long great scroll
    How I with interest tormented him.
    But mark how I am blest for plaguing them:
    I have as much coin as will buy the town.”

    Eternal Epstein.

  11. He got them pedophile eyes just like that Irish prick George Mitchell. Did this Jew retard know Epstein?? Something is not right with that Jew retard upstairs.

  12. None of you have proven that A. Anglin is a shill, a paid operative for the Deep State, or anything like that -it’s all just so much Kabuki theater. For the record, I told AA on his site, years ago, that if Weev’s views were to become normative on the DS site, as he [Weev] was as anti-christian in his pseudo-paganism (as Denise is here), he was my and a great number of other posters on the site (at the time) perennial enemy – because I serve Christ the King, above all ‘human governance.’

    And so what do I read over at AA’s site this AM, before Church? https://dailystormer.name/stefan-molyneux-endorses-christianity-calls-out-the-christ-hating-jews/

    Written by Anglin! I’ve noted, ever since @ late 2017-2018 or so, that Anglin is much more amenable to historic Christianity as a counter to the ‘jews and their lies,’ and has written more articles more favorable to that worldview; as opposed to this site, where HW’s claims to “Lutheranism” never amount to an endorsement to ‘turn and be saved’ to his readership- now, that could be the ‘passive-aggressive’ nature of Lutheranism as it is practiced today (unlike Luther’s own day, and actions!), I don’t know.

    But HW’s insistence on avoiding ‘communication’ with others on this side of the Left-Right spectrum, is a convenient cop-out on determining if a ‘small awakening’ is occurring among the former alt-right folk, that HW wishes might not happen, as he would then have to acknowledge via ‘brethren’ status [Ps. 133:1] on those whom he wishes would just go away….

    Weev is antichrist because he is genetically jewish, as well as highly intelligent in his arena- almost an ‘idiot savant’ tier type of person, I would wager- the counterpart to John McAfee, as it were.

    He is a danger to himself, but the question asked earlier, still has not been answered. Why concentrate on this overgrown kid, when the Deep State’s legal system is kiked, and ‘Red Flag’ laws are destroying our nation on a far more pernicious level, than anything some oddball Jew might do?

  13. People need to be considering the concept of growing up.

    At what point do the ‘lords of the net’ figure out that internet subcultures have on the one hand, revolutionized some aspects of our society but on the other, still represent youth and even a form of extant culture.

    Weev is an avatar of the ironic internet generation, as opposed to Generation X’s (mine) less tech-influenced irony.

    Brad thinks he’s Gen X one minute and some form of perennially delayed adolescent millennial the next.

    I think it’s time for him and some others to grow up. Since this is impossible for Weev and Anglin, they no longer matter.

    • Agreed, but I’d say ‘evil and vile’ as opposed to ‘loony.’

      I add this so no one misinterprets my comment for some kind of approval of what Anglin and Weev ever were, which was never legit even for youth culture. If there was a brief period for a year or two when DS woke some people up, more young than old, so be it, but mostly it took young woke (what young white males weren’t) white males and warped them beyond what society or their parents already did.

  14. In Weev’s defense he is pro-Hitler, Manson and Nixon, as am I. He also is an opera fan, something which I find impressive, especially when one considers how crude and vulgar the musical tastes of your average American slob are (I myself prefer the string quartets of Bartok).

    • Well liking opera and classical is one thing but Why are you pro manson spahn? was killing sharon tate and a few drug dealers really so beneficial to the white race? Not to mention all the innocent randoms his followers killed. I don’t think he is especially in the way Hollywood propells him and idolizes him Pick better idols manson is scum

      • Manson didn’t brainwash anyone into doing his bidding, people like Tex Watson and Susan Atkins voluntarily killed their victims. Not that Manson was 100% innocent, but for his role in those crimes he should not have served more than 15 or 20 years.

  15. There was an excellent story at the disgusting neonazi website Dailystormer.com yesterday, about the four former heads of the Federal Reserve and the Wall Street Journal article that went out under their names. All Jews. Really a fine story. What these people could accomplish if they would only grow up, and drop all their vile nazi garbage. I might mention, it is bizarre those self proclaimed nazis pontificating about free speech.

  16. l was listening to a Weev interview once, about four years ago (?) . he was questioned about his role in the creation of the ‘social justice warrior’…he dodged and said it will be explained in his book
    I have heard that he had a site where he was constantly banning “Nazi’s” , back when he was a leftist, before he entered prison. Then he came out a “Nazi”…. He is at least half Jewish.
    He does smack of being an agent, but maybe he is a double or triple agent? He and Anglin did help create and foster the Alt Right culture ( and Weev helped create the Antifa) I think both are compromised or maybe they were all along and a rising white nationalism was the goal of the controllers from the beginning? They play games and then complain about the fire getting out of control.

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