MIGA: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Arrives In Israel

Ask not what your country can do for you.

Ask what your country can do for Israel.

#Blompf2020 #MIGA2020

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  1. No chance that pos McCarthey will witness the IDF using American taxpayer funded aid to slaughter innocent men, women, and children in the occupied territories, eh?

    Hopefully, the Israelis washed their asses because they’re about to be kissed by the house minority leader.

    Addendum: I wonder if a very alive jeffrey epstein was onboard with McCarthey.

  2. How is this any different from what the British did in India? By that I mean bringing their groveling subjects, Indians who were willing to go along with British rule, to show them how mighty and strong Great Britain was. This is tribute. The United States is a satellite of Israel. They are the masters.

    • Sursumcorda,

      One of the major differences between the Indian situation and the American situation is that India was officially under British rule and would have to show respect toward their rulers. The United States is officially an independent country with the subservience and even the groveling done voluntarily.

      Historically, I am not familiar with a situation where the strong bow to the weak. When the weak bow it is normal, when the strong bow it is sickening. I am pretty sure the rest of the world’s politicians recognizes this even if most American citizens do not.

    • Sursumcorda,

      The British did build infrastructure in India and did not morally corrupt the Indian people.

      Jews are takers, the British were takers and givers.

      You can’t compare the two although I get your drift.

  3. Too bad they never showed this level of concern for Whites in Rhodesia, south Africa or any other Whites.

    • Not only have they displayed no concern for whites in SA and Rhodesia, they have been hostile to them and their interests. When Trump voiced timid concern about the murders of white farmers in SA he was denounced for “white supremacy.” Not a peep from him since…

  4. Tell me I am wrong. Tell me the Irish aren’t whores for the Jews. I dare you to. Every Goddamned one last one of yours filthy disgusting Irish. I dare you to tell me. The Irish love putting out for the Jews. The Irish are the biggest whores on Gods green earth.

    • You’re wrong, there are some Irish who speak out, eurofolkradio has some.
      Last I checked, john Hagee, Joyce meyers, etc. aren’t in Dublin.

      • Then answer the question——Why do you hate Muslims? What if anything have Muslims done to the Irish? Why do you hate them? Is it Jew money that is making you hate the innocent? ANSWER ME.

        I am trying to reason with you, you fucking retard, do you know that?

        • McCarthy is just another Irish Roman Catholic asshole sucking Jew dick for dollars. It’s an old and accepted practice among Irish Catholic politicians.

          • But nothing recently or you personally correct retard? No Muslims robbed you or harmed you or your family members in any way, correct?

            Cromwell was the Jews man. Why no hatred for the Jews, Mick? Because you are two-faced whore is that it?

        • If you don’t hate Islam, you don’t understand it. That doesn’t mean that people have the right to go around killing Muslims, but Islam is one of the biggest problems on Earth, and is one of the biggest problems in the Western World today, as it has been many times throughout history.

          • How is Islam a problem retard? Because they don’t obey your Jew masters whom you whored yourselves out to?

            Christ and his mom are mentioned over 200 times in the Koran and always with reverence and respect,. So tell me retard how are Muslims a problem and why do you hate them you miserable dirty Irish fuck? I would really like to know. aAnd don’t tell me everybody hate them, only the Jews and their Irish whores hate them.

    • Brits, Germans, Swedes , Fins and almost all other white tribes are doing the exact same thing and bowing to zionist nonstop, get real.
      Sounds like someone is scorned about being bullied as a child or still mad about some mick who took your HS sweetie…lol divisive white people who claim that “all” whites of a certain group are “bad” are just tools of jewry who are being counterproductive , to say the very least.
      Cheer up bud, not all Irish people are catholics or jewish slaves.
      I despise the catholic church about as much as jewry.

        • “I despise the catholic church about as much as jewry.”

          It is too domineering, total control, tyrannical.

      • You don’t like the taste of your own medicine do you, you Irish prick?

        Mick, just tell me why you hate Muslims. If you are not a henchman for the Jews and Muslims have done your kind wrong then surly you can tell us all why? The fact is Muslims have not done one Goddamned thing to you or your kind in centuries. And you are your kind are shameful filthy whores who have sold their souls to the Jews. And I will scream it right in your ugly fucking face. Do you understand me you fucking Irish retard?

        • Love how you want guys like Arian and irAte irishman too reason with you but your only response is to attack them with pitiful insults.
          Was your parents or grandparents siblings by any chance, Robert? Because that’s the only explanation for your pathetic little arse. Your whore mother should’ve aborted your ass after getting knocked up by her brothers spunk. Ya genetic waste of space

          • What is it Carl Greenbaum or Carl Greenstein? WTF are you doing here Jew? Why aren’t you in Israel with your own kind where you belong? Didn’t we give you you own country to rid ourselves of your hatred for us and our Christ once and for all? WTF are you doing here retard?

    • Browning – their are Irish who have and do speak out against Jews. FYI the original Race Traitor whores have been Germans and the English. Germany has been the bug-out refuge for Jews, for a thousand years. Whenever they got booted from everywhere else, they could flee to Germany. And then there’s the English. The English have been the willing water carriers for the Jews for over 400 years. So oyu are WRONG, about so many things, Browning.

      • Answer the question you stupid fucking cunt, why do you hate Muslims? What have Muslims ever done to you? How have Muslims harmed you? You dirty filthy Irish shit can’t even bring yourselves to lie to me and tell me you don’t hate them. I hate you fucking guts and I have good reason, You and your kind persecute and torment the innocents. That is why I hate you, you rotten fuck.

    • I’m part Irish. Do you want to step outside?

      On a serious note, it’s either the Zionism or the Catholicism. Some of them are fanatics about both. Religion can do funny things to people and Zionism has become a religion.

      • Tell me why you hate Muslims, you fucking Irish retard?

        You and your kind like to tar Muslims all with one brush, but you don’t like it when it is done to you, now do you, you worthless Irish prick? You don’t like the taste of your own medicine now do you?
        But I am going to force it down your fucking throat and make you take it. Do you understand me you fucking Irish retard?

        • Have you run out of lithium? Did the shock treatments fail and your doctor is no longer accepting your calls?

          Little Balls Browning has completely lost it.

          By the way, I have always been sympathetic towards Muslims. I don’t have a gripe with them. They are useful idiots like the anti-Muslims. I know they are a tool of the Khazars. However, the herd doesn’t get it.

          Have Nurse Ratched put the straight jacket back on. You’re embarrassing yourself and the white race along with it.

          • Seriously Mick, you need to be Hannotized. You need to be Hannotized like you have never been Hannotized before. You need to be Hannotized until it is coming out of your ears.
            Anally and orally Mick. Anally and orally. You need to be Hannotized so bad.

            And Mick you are going to love to be Hannotized. You are going to love it because you are a dirty filthy Irish whore.

  5. Obviously they have to impress their donors, but is it really necessary for American politicians to cuck this embarrassingly hard?

  6. Be interesting to see how much this drug and whore infested junket will cost the rest of us in more gibs to Israel.

    • @Seetorius – I’d be willing ot bet that, in the near future, if you refuse to agree to being killed, if a Jew needs your organs, or if you refuse to turn over your small children for the sexual gratification for the (((Tribe))), you’ll be labelled as an EVIL “White Supremacist” (no matter what your Race) and a KNAAAZEEE, and assaulted by the (((FBI))) at 4AM, kidnapped, jailed, and suicided in a maximum security prison.

  7. We often hear some Christian Zionist or Kosher Conservative propose making Israel the 51st state in order to starve off attacks by other nations on Israel. But this proposal assumes America is the leading player in American and Israeli affairs. In reality America does not have a Middle Eastern foreign policy. Instead Israel has one that America implements . Who is really the whore and who is really the pimp in this situation?

  8. Meanwhile the jew-run press continues to insist that it’s the Russians who are influencing American politics. Perhaps they are referring to powerful Zionist jews whose ancestors came from the shtetls of Russia?

  9. When you vote Republican you are voting for Israel, Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer and the Koch brothers. Don’t bother. Only a handful of them care about your interests and those poor bastards are usually demonized by the rest.

  10. Spending that much time with Netanyahu will ensure he’s walking funny by the time he gets home.

    Happy Healing, traitor!

    • Snowhitey,

      McCarthy is an experienced ‘bottom’ by way of his special ‘twink’ over at TPUSA. Bibi doesn’t give Kevin a ‘reach around’ though. Netanyahu saves that act of generosity for Blompf, Pompeo, and Bolton.

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