The Feds Are Arresting Fed Posters Now

The FBI was looking for the slightest pretext to detain and question White Nationalists before the El Paso mass shooting. It was becoming clear to us after the Pittsburgh mass shooting, the Christchurch mass shooting and the Poway synagogue shooting where this was going.

For a decade on this website, I’ve never supported violent accelerationists and mass shootings and time and again have discouraged the use of violence as a tactic and criticized the fever swamps of nihilism that these people emerge from. Most recently, I have pushed back hard against Joachim Hoch and Andrew Auernheimer for promoting this poison in our community.

There’s nothing else that I can do. If you are going to fed post on the internet and want to be associated with malevolent actors like Weev, you are going to be monitored by the feds and possibly arrested by them. The feds are on red alert and looking for any excuse to arrest as many “white supremacists” as possible so that they can say they are “doing something” about stopping mass shootings.

We’re currently in a moral panic about mass shootings. Most of the people who will be caught in the federal dragnet and arrested will be the habitual fed posters picked up for trivial reasons while the people who are bent on engaging in violence will be smart enough not to announce it on the internet beforehand. You need to have some situational awareness of what is happening. Don’t assume that you have rights and can say whatever you want within the limits of Brandenburg.

Do you remember the time that Jordan Jereb thought it was hilarious that he was being linked to Nikolas Cruz the Parkland mass shooter? Jordan is a harmless sperg with zero social intelligence and ended up getting labeled a “white supremacist” by the media and arrested by the FBI.

Don’t be Jordan Jereb.

Note: The moderation on this site can be annoying at times. I hope you see now why it is necessary. I don’t want this site anywhere near this.

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  1. Personally I’m kind of fed up with these tacti-cool wannabes. Look at me I’m a operator. Right, operate the light switch to see yourself in the mirror.

  2. Many people just talk smack and will never do anything. Now talking smack is a crime because it could end in Violence. Act on it or not….The Law will put you in jail. I think everybody should take a step back and learn from past and current figures in the White Nationalist Movement. Our people should focus on peaceful political activism in representing the White Race. Deo Vindice !

    • The only violent accelerationist mass shooter who comes to mind who was dumb enough to telegraph his actions was Glenn Miller. In Glenn Miller’s case, he was in contact with Joseph Paul Franklin. The rest of them – Roof, Breivik, Bowers, Tarrant, Earnest, Crusius – left no indication of what they were about to do until it was too late to stop them.

      • For anyone who’s interested, there’s a different Glen Miller who runs a website called, a great Christian resource. It has nothing to do with politics, though.

        • I’m sorry but this really isn’t just a matter of strategy y’all. Mass murder is evil. Period. That’s why we should oppose it, not simply because it might be bad optics. Damn, is that really so hard to understand? Maybe part of the reason implicit Whites don’t join the movement is because when mass murders take place in our name the greatest resistance we can think of is “we don’t condone that – because it’s unhelpful to the cause.” That’s so pathetic. If you can’t find the moral courage to say “anyone who is a mass murderer is evil and has nothing to do with me” then don’t be surprised people don’t want to be a part of the movement. I agree it’s bad optics, but that’s not really the point. Don’t kill innocent people. Jeez.

  3. I don’t even completely believe these stories. Anyone who is sincerely trying to promote White racial consciousness knows there’s only one thing worse than committing racial violence – and that is writing a Hollywood-style “American History X” manifesto before committing racial violence. I can only conclude the federal government is identifying weak-minded people and leading them into these situations.

  4. The (((system))) wants to criminalize law-abiding pro-white activists under the guise of fighting “terrorism” or because of national security even though they have our porous Southern border wide open. The Kritarchy doesn’t care about the Constitution especially our Bill of Rights. We both know the Federal Government doesn’t have a stellar reputation, I.e., Kathy Ainsworth, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and their cynical plot to steal the 2016 election. With that being said: stay legal.

    • >>>The (((system))) wants to criminalize law-abiding pro-white activists under the guise of fighting “terrorism” or because of national security even though they have our porous Southern border wide open.

      exactly – they spend $700 billion/year, year after year after year to send ships and troops all over the world but they pretend they don’t have $5 billion x 5 years to help stop an actual invasion of this country

      they are engaged in treason

  5. I always thought of william l. pierce as being a government agent. He constantly incited violence in his trash books and on his adv broadcasts, yet he was never arrested by the feds.

    • to me Pierce sounds very angry in some of the audio i’ve listened to – almost frothing at the mouth

      I don’t think this kind of thing draws people to the movement

    • What I still don’t get, is the late (and not lamented, in my book) Northwest Front ‘author,’ whose obese self was beyond reactionary, way back in 1996!!! Covington, that was the dude. Now they are giving his books away. That should say a lot….

    • Dr. Pierce was a great man of courage and intellect.

      Both of his novels were excellent eye openers for “Joe Six-Pack” types.

      Devon Stack aka “Blackpilled” on jewtube recently wrote and released a book entitled “Day of the Rope,” which is basically the same as the books by Dr. Pierce.

      Bad mouthing the man after he I’d dead is the behavior of a beta cuck.

  6. The (((Feds))) are doing everything they can do to destroy Whites. Hunter – I agree with you. Don’t do anything to help them along.

    • In other words, let them win so they don’t win. Denise, you are different, but no Nation was ever saved by a woman (fact). Only actions should be debated, making racy or nationalist comments or jokes have to be acceptable or we might as well pull our pants down and take what coming. This guy did nothing that should irritate WN’s or involve any level of law enforcement.

      • MPO,

        Try St. Joan of Arc. Boudicea gave the Romans a run for their money. Queen Isabella was as important as her husband Ferdinand in reconquering Spain against the Infidel. The English Queen Elizabeth I was the ruler instrumental in saving England from Spain. I am on Spain’s side by I mention this information anyway.

        Maria Theresa in the 18th century saved Austria from completely being gobbled up by Prussia and France. I imagine there have been others.

        Besides is there not a famous saying that goes————“The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World”

        Christina Romana

  7. Right now is not the time to fight. When the time actually comes, there’ll be plenty enough fighting to go around for everybody. But by that time, legality won’t matter because there won’t be any federal government, or any U.S. anymore, anyway.

    The U.S. as a political entity isn’t going to last long enough for a revolution to take place. We’ll just wake up one day and It’ll be gone.

  8. I have officially entered Fedposters Anonymous 12 Step Rehabilitation Program.

    Step 1: We admiited that too much Vodka and Mr. Bond listening could induce dangerous levels of Fedposting.

    Steps 2 – 12 haven’t been revealed yet. The management says I have to pay $10,000 to complete each Step and for the next Step to be revealed, sort of like Scientology.

    I figure Step 1 should suffice. The heat of the Summer is on the wane and Winter will be here shortly.


  9. Hunter, I appreciate the fact that you monitor this site. I find this a nice oasis from the extreme negativity on the internet in general that seems to have been on the rise as of late.

    I’ve seen where there are some that label you as naive. I don’t agree with that.

    The key to happiness is to reduce the amount of negativity in your life and a good way to do that is to expect the best, rather than the worst. But this is in conjunction with preparing yourself for the worst, just in case.

    I think you fall into that category and I thank you for being a bit of an optimist. Lately I’ve been very “doom and gloom” with my attitude and I know it isn’t healthy, but it’s hard sometimes because there is so much evil in this world. It’s overwhelming sometimes.

  10. Yeah I remember the Jordan jereb thing that was retarded How did they pin him for arrest exactly you recruited this cuban half jew into your wn training miltia? I remember he was tried for giving a false report or something He still imprisoned?

  11. Boomercons post outright threats on places like Breitbart comment sections or facebook posts all the time and I don’t see the feds hunting then down.

  12. Notice that the cops and Feds are overwhelmingly White, and they have absolutely no qualms about planting false evidence, entrapping, arresting, or killing White advocates.

    The boys and girls in blue serve you know who.

  13. Just a thought…the “siege mask” crowd likes using Telegram for their hangouts-livestreams.
    I’m lookin’ at YOU: TGSL, DOTR, RR, VSN…fed post much?

  14. Who bad mouths William Pierce? Bunch of cucks. A great man who did the best he could. Constantly harassed by small hats. Spent his life trying to awaken whites and rekindle our Folkish spirit. You’ve done what exactly random anons? Long Live WLP!

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