How To Stop Mass Shootings

I’ve come up with a novel way to solve the problem of mass shootings.

My solution is to listen to the grievances in these manifestos and if they are reasonable to address them and lance the boil instead of allowing it to fester. Otherwise, there will simply be more mass shooters motivated by the same grievance which is unlikely to go away.

The El Paso shooter was primarily motivated by “the Hispanic invasion of Texas.” It seems that he was triggered by our politicians standing idly by while endless waves of caravans of over a million illegal aliens cross our border and are released into the interior of the United States.

What if we enforced our immigration laws? Would that have made a difference? I would say that enforcing the immigration laws and addressing the grievance is a more effective solution that any implausible scheme of gun control. There are millions of people motivated by that grievance who don’t become mass shooters. Even if we succeeded in banning assault weapons tomorrow, these budding mass shooters would probably still be able to acquire them from private owners or already own their weapons.

If some people are so mad about disproportionate Jewish wealth, power and influence in our society that they are willing to attack synagogues and kill people to get their point across, maybe there shouldn’t be a taboo on the subject? Maybe they should be allowed to publicly air their grievance like other groups? Why are the grievances of non-Whites against Whites allowed to be publicly aired while White grievances are made toxic and driven into underground forums like 8chan?

I think that many of these mass shootings are being caused by making issues toxic and ruling them out of bounds in the national conversation: things like involuntary celibacy caused by feminism and the abandonment of traditional moral values, immigration enforcement, Jewish power and influence in our society and White identity and demographic replacement.

If mainstream conservatives weren’t such cowards, we would be able to discuss these things. Unfortunately, cowardice is the hallmark of conservatism and resentment is funneled into the bowels of the internet where it turns toxic and erupts in periodic mass shootings.

What is worse? The carnage of mass shootings or listening to these people, hearing them out and trying to solve their problems?

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    • I don’t really get the joke spahn Are you calling Hunter a Freemason? Considering how Freemasonrys highly judiac and occult background I doubt hunter is

      • Brilliant, Spawn.

        Most bubbas in Baptist Churches down South, are stupid whites who join every cockamamie ‘group’ out there, in order to ‘belong’ to the good ol’ boys network: Rotary, SOCW, Boy Scouts, Masons, Odd Fellows, a ‘church with good connections’ (rather than Truth), etc.

        I even knew a [gay] Baptist cum Krishna vegetarian, who was already high up in Masonry before he embraced the Orange tunic, who was so effed up, he didn’t see the bifurcation in his soul, at 22, who, even after all that, had foolishly tried to join the Marines- and that was where we met- it was in So Cal, back in the 1980’s! The poor fool just had a strong desire to ‘belong,’ and never sought to fix the mess inside…

        Southernors can be (at times) utterly nutso. I’ve observed this as both a cultural, and (frankly) poorer genetical outworking of their failed ‘culture’ since I’ve been here. I mean, what’s with eating “greens?”
        Or “monster truck rallies” (shudders……)? Bubba is, as bubba does.

    • I’m glad other people see the patterns of HWs rhetoric writings pointing people to the psychotic left communist Democratic Party and believing these .gov phyops to be real.
      Apparently Brad doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories regarding these mass shootings. I’d advise everyone on these boards to look into ‘Operation Gladio’ an operation giving .gov permission through executive orders under Obama to perform these acts of violence against the populace. It,s like ‘Operation Mockingbird but in a violent fashion.
      Brad you’re so easy to see through from your rhetoric writings from almost four years ago finding your blog until now.
      At least you answered my question on being a Freemason, but what about any other secret societies you belong? Wear any sheets lately burning Christian crosses following Martin Luther?

      • No, I don’t belong to any secret societies. That’s paranoia. Also, I believe violent accelerationists are acting on their own rhetoric, which they are happy to post all over the internet and would do so here if I allowed it in the comment section. It’s not a conspiracy. It is a worldview.

        • So you’re saying secret societies that rule us are paranoia? Freemasonic White men are the biggest zionists going, they’re more Jew than the tribe they represent and put on a pedestal. Every president, prime minister or almost anyone in world .gov belong to these societies. Is that all a ‘conspiracy theory’? Your man Martin Luther was part of the knights Templar organization back when, he wouldn’t of got the recognition he did if he he wasn’t.
          My advice to you Brad, stop reading those fake history books and look at the world for what it really is, everything is a lie, open your mind, I know you got one.

        • Have to give a big agreement on that. Our enemies are doing what comes naturally to them, there is no need for some big “conspiracy”. The Freemasonry thing is a path that leads to nothing. These “secret societies” are nothing more than rich boys’ clubs, where they naturally attract people who will tend to enrich themselves without a consideration for the health of society.

  1. You can’t stop jewish theater. You can only find your role somewhere in it. Ours is to subvert their ending somehow.

  2. The frequency of mass shootings increased when the social media giants started mass censoring people after Trump’s win. Speech was invented as an alternative to violence. if you cut off speech then we revert back to the days of the neanderthal, where differences were resolved with violence. If Silicon Valley won’t allow the people to speak, they are responsible for the resulting violence.

    Politicians who run on populist policies and then do the exact opposite when in office are also responsible. The people have said very clearly what they want and the politicians ignore them to serve their donors.

  3. If the FBI agents reading this are looking for examples of real snarling hatred, see this Twitter hash tag Jack Dorsey has allowed to exist for the last 3 years, that encourages violence against the President of the USA. Most of the people posting it are using their real names, so finding them should be easy.

    I’m sure the indefatigable FBI will be on the case any minute now…

  4. “But now, what will be the character of the children reared under such a domestic organization as this? If human experience has established anything at all, it is the truth of that principle announced by the Hebrew prophet when he declared that the great aim of God in ordaining a permanent marriage tie between one man and one woman was “that He might seek a godly seed.” God’s ordinance, the only effective human ordinance for checking and curbing the first tendencies to evil, is domestic, parental government. When the family shall no longer have a head, and the great foundation for the subordination of children in the mother’s example is gone; when the mother shall have found another sphere than her home for her energies; when she shall have exchanged the sweet charities of domestic love and sympathy for the fierce passions of the hustings; when families shall be disrupted at the caprice of either party, and the children scattered as foundlings from their hearthstone.—it requires no wisdom to see that a race of sons will be reared nearer akin to devils than to men. In the hands of such a bastard progeny, without discipline, without homes, without a God, the last remains of social order will speedily perish, and society will be overwhelmed in savage anarchy.”– R.L. Dabney, Women’s Rights Women

    It’s a mistake to ignore the wisdom of our forbears. Read also The Garbage Generation. Overwhelmingly criminality is reared in dysfunctional, fatherless homes. e.g., blacks and “white trash.” Crusius’s father, such that he is, is a certifiable lunatic who actually belongs in a 6x6x6 padded cell. And as I’ve said before, I’ll eat my hat if it turns out Patrick Crusius hasn’t been taking doctor prescribed psychotropic drugs more than half his life t’boot.This is a recipe (the perfect storm, as it were) for precisely what we’re seeing with these mass shootings. Listening to their grievances isn’t going to change anything, man. Kids like Patrick Crusius are walking time bombs ready to explode in a fit of rage at any moment. I have a nephew who is a victim of the same shit, albeit in his case the family dysfunction is not nearly so severe as I take it Crusius’s was/is. His mother (my sister) raised him to hate his father. And he learned her lessons very well. If I’ve told her once, I’ve told her a thousand times this is a mistake that will come back to bite her square in the ass later on down the road. And it already has. This kid can’t stay out of trouble and is constantly doing stupid, self-destructive shit. I’ve jerked a knot in his chain on more than one occasion, but I’m his uncle, not his father, and he just avoids me like the plague now because he has learned the hard way that I’ll jack him up in a heartbeat when he starts acting like a damn idiot. He’ll spend time in prison before too much longer, because, like Patrick Crusius, he is now at the age when law enforcement and the judicial system has given him about all the slaps on the hand and breaks they’re going to.

  5. There’s too many angry, alienated young white men out there to keep from flipping out. And the jew-controlled System does everything it can to ensure they remain angry and alienated.

  6. I really like about 99% of your articles Hunter I have visited your site on and off for a couple of years. However I think you are too much of an optimist on what our supposed leaders are going to do about illegal immigration. Wishful thinking neither the republicants or the dimbocrats give a Flying F about what you think or want most of the time and they will do nothing to fix the immigration issues America faces. I have lived (experienced), seen, and heard plenty of what goes on in the d.c. cesspool and in the world. I know first hand the c-rap (elected congress people) from my state that go to d.c. to represent me.

  7. Jews don’t care about the soulless cattle beast slaves. The West wouldn’t be dissolving into madness and dust if they did. They want absolute power, and enough helots to do the drudge work. Period.

  8. You know Hunter, your suggestion seems so obvious and elementary and yet most people wouldn’t even think of it on their own.

    I think this is mostly because of our programmed isolation that the powers that be have successfully accomplished. This has diminished our capability to “put ourselves in the other person’s shoes”.

    And the media barrage of hate (yes that’s truly what I think it is) leaves us with the impression that the shooter is just some nut or in the El Paso case a “racist”.

    Yes, it’s so much easier to just dismiss such people as such, rather than trying to understand and empathize with them. For at the end of the day, the shooter is a human being, after all.

    Now obviously this does not mean that by understanding and or empathizing that one agrees with the act itself, but the media doesn’t allow for the possibility of understanding the motive and also condemning the act itself.

    This is of course the equivalent of loving the sinner but hating the sin. Our society was much healthier when we adhered to that, as you well know.

    So I guess what I’m saying is we should return to biblical principles as our foundation for our culture.

    One can hope.

    • SC Rebel – “we should return to biblical principles as our foundation for our culture. ”

      I agree, but whose?

      – Fundamentalist Dispensationalism is currently the de facto heresy underlying the Talmudic control group, at present. That’s not working.

      – Liberal Lamestream Protestant Xtianity of the 1950’s – what I call Methodist Mélange, or Presbytuckian Prevaricating- take your pick. That was ok for Eisenhower, the “Swedish Jew” and others of his ilk, to grab power. But that didn’t work.

      – Charismania/Hippy Xtianity of the 1960’s? With the demolition of art, architecture, clothing, culture, and especially, MUSIC, how’s the “remains of the day” working for my fellow STUPID boomers, who engaged in all of this crap? From Keith Green, to 2nd Chapter of Acts, watching Amy Grant AND Sandi Patti become divorced/tarnished ‘women’ while seeking fame and fortune, while Falwell, Swaggart, Bakker et al. built their ’empires’ while thinking Ronnie would bring the ‘Moral Majority’ to prominence… all the while the Jews were gaining power, and control. MLK holiday, anyone?

      – RC Vatican III BerGOG/Magog/lio Empire? “Grazie, ma certo, NO!”

      – Conciliar Orthodoxy (and not the CIA/Phanar sort!) – well, Russia seems to be doing well, restoring what the Bolsheviks/Jews assasinated/killed/pogromed/holocausted. But…. it’s “Russia!”

      Yeah, gonna be a difficult choice to determine those ‘biblical principles’ any time soon.

      • @Fr. John+ Do you have an opinion on Ellis Skolfield, if you know of him? He talked about the importance of veiling women in church, Islam as being the Antichrist, and demon possession as being the true cause of the dramatic increase in severe mental illness. Among other things.

      • Fr. John,

        All of those are false teachings so none of the above.

        Dispensationalism in particular is the worst of the lot IMHO, but they are all very bad.

        Maybe we can start Pre Vatican II and figure it out from there?

  9. These shootings are exactly what they want. They provide a reason that many will follow to disarm White Americans. They cause racial strife that can be used to blame Whites. The reasons that benefit the Jews are many.

    They don’t have any reason to stop these shootings.

  10. What about the mass shootings in black metropolis areas can’t wait until the Latinos take over those settler European built communities that only whites can fix

  11. Return to traditional norms. End feminism. Bring the hammer down on usurers and speculators. Close the borders. Segregate schools by race and sex. Stop putting children on psych meds. Problem solved.

  12. You can take a jiggaboo out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the jiggaboo.

    From 8/4/19-8/10/19, eighty people were shot in Chicongo and ten died due their wounds.

    The Soros funded agitation-propaganda NGO black live matter seems just fine with the negro slaughter that acts as a self-cleaning over in the ghettos. No protests of black on black violence. Negro grievances are heard loud in clear everyday, but they still act like feral savages.

    The (((msm))) and “progressive ” politicians aren’t pushing anti-Second Amendment draconian legislation in these urban war zones.

    Whites have a different temperament than hyper-machismo non-white hispanics and africans. Our behavior on the whole is more measured, as we possess impulse control. We are open to dialogue, but when when our valid concerns are censored, betrayed, scorned, or ignored, it leads to despair and rage.

    JFK for all his many faults was on point when he said, “Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”

  13. ((Who)) started all the TOXIC feminism in the 60s and has fueled it ever since?
    ((Who)) is behind the score of social ills fueling our social destruction?

  14. “My solution is to listen to the grievances in these manifestos and if they are reasonable to address them and lance the boil instead of allowing it to fester. ”

    This amounts to the Jews and their ostensibly White stooges giving up on their policies, and giving up in the face of their enemies. It ain’t gonna happen.

    Would we give in to the legalisation of pedophilia, in order to stem Leftist violence?

  15. The only time anti-Whites care about violence is when they can use it to silence, discredit and demonize White people.
    The only time anti-Whites care about violence is when they can use it to justify White Genocide.

  16. Since all these shootings are staged by the “deep state” the only way to stop them is to overthrow this mysterious entity. And since “deep state” is only an euphemism for the organized jewish power, this power must be overthrown. Otherwise these shooting will keep happening when powerful jews think they have to guilt-trip their serfs because some unfavorable news are spreading. To counteract the Epstein-saga those shootings were recently staged.

    It is sad that you can’t see through this pattern, HW. The jews will laugh when they see your hand-wringing in your article.

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