Washington Examiner: Young People Are Abandoning Patriotism, God and Children In Record Numbers

You’re not going crazy.

You’re not imagining that civilization is dissolving around you. From mass immigration to political correctness to abortion to feminism to transgenderism, the world around you and underneath your feet is changing faster than at any previous point in Western history.

Washington Examiner:

“The importance of patriotism, faith in God, and having children is significantly lower among millennials and Generation Z, compared to previous generations.

In a new poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, nearly 80% of people aged 55-91 said being patriotic is important to them, while only 42% of millennials and Generation Z, or those aged 18-38, said the same. Thirty percent of millennials and Generation Z said religion was important, compared to the over 75% of baby boomers, with just over 30% of millennials and Generation Z saying it was important to have children. …”

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Pardon me.

But I don’t think “conservative liberalism” is holding back the tide, boss.

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  1. I don’t believe we are even the same species as cuckservatives and neo-liberals bolsheviks.

    We are the Third Position.

    • The mating of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Cthulhu is coming! Fear the eye of Bob settling on you for your lack of Slack, and join the Church of the SubGenius before it’s too late!!

      • I haven’t seen a reference to J.R. “Bob” Dobbs for a long time! Praise “Bob”! Are you a fan of Robert Anton Wilson by chance?

        • Yes. I used to own a few of RAW’s books. (I usually pass on interesting books to others through Half-Price Books.) I had the “Cosmic Trigger” books, “Email to the Universe,” and some others I can’t recall right now. RAW got me interested in topics I never would’ve looked into, like General Semantics. His ability to connect seemingly unconnected, or even opposing, ideas inspired me. For example, now I’m checking into how to reconcile Stirnerite egoism with a less-limited perception of what God is and does. The clarity that’s bringing to my thinking in a lot of areas is surprising.

    • So I guess it’s true what they say about Gen X….we’re just sitting back and waiting for the world to burn.

  2. It is no wonder why young people no longer believe in God. As far as the Protestant Churches, you are left with two choices. First choice would be to attend a church where you are encouraged to shove things up your butt (mainline Protestant). Second choice, a Church that is “Conservative” with a “Biblical Worldview” that believes in perpetually “Blessing” Israel.

    I’m not just beating up on Protestants, the Catholic Church is in a sad state of affairs as well. The typical Novus Ordo Parish is very Poz’d. The Traditional (Latin Mass) Churches are a mix of autism and paranoia.

    As far as the state of Patriotism among the young people, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I have to agree with E. Michael Jones, America is what he calls “The Gay Disco”. Our foreign policy uses feminism and faggotry to subvert populations.

    • Seems like I recall a Biblical verse saying that in the latter days Jerusalem would be a burden stone(or something like that) for whoever had dealings with it. Poor Christian Zionist! For all their love of Christ they have yet to understand the parable of the good figs and the bad figs.

    • Jones is allowed on youtube after all the authentic dissidents were taken off. This is because the Caliphate Church is a jew vehicle.

      • @MakePieGreatAgain I’m of two minds here when it comes to The Catholic Church. As it stands right now, the Catholic Church (especially in America) is accomplishing the goals of Jews (especially on Immigration). Pre-Vatican II, The Catholic Church named the Jew. However, those days are gone. Jones is a bit naïve in his belief that all the problems of the world can be solved if everyone joins the Catholic Church. Keeping in mind, the hierarchy is anti-white, socialist, and largely homosexual.

        That being said, he is spot on regarding both the devastating effects on Southern Whites as a result of the (((Civil Rights Movement))) as well as Northern White Catholic Ethnics who were ethnically cleansed from their urban neighborhoods. Plus, he is pretty good on the JQ.

      • Pie, Jones has had a lot of his videos removed by YT. His historical research and commentary is top-notch, but his continual pushing for conversion to “the Church” gets old in a hurry.

        • Jones pooh-poohs any criticism of the Church, when one brings up the homosexual clergy and/or Marxism that is rampant in the Church. I heard him on (((Luke Ford))) and he admitted that Protestant Nations are far less corrupt than Catholic ones. He cited Poland as an example of a Catholic Nation that was a model to follow.

  3. The face of this emasculated, equality-worshipping sumbitch, David French, turns my stomach to look at. There is no earthly way he and I could get along in the same room for more than a few minutes; I’d kick his ass quick, fast and in a hurry, and that is a fact. Is there any way I can convince you to stop posting his deplorable mug so much and so often? I assure you that I, for one, despise this bastard and his effiminate face as much as anyone possibly can at this point. I’m zero percent Mexican or Spanish, but,… Por Favor!

    • I used to link to pics of luscious ladies like Raquel Welch to visually compensate for French’s weak-ass image being posted so frickin’ often. I then threatened to link to classic porn pics, and did, if that pussy’s face was ever posted here again. HW, being a cold-hearted philistine, deleted those links. There’s a rotisserie in Hades awaiting him for subjecting us to that limp noodle’s punchable face so much.

  4. Not sure why Camp of the Saints is in the libertarian right corner. I get the rest of them, Idiocracy is obviously upper right since Camacho = Dubya, 1984 is obviously communism, and Brave New World being lib-left is obvious too. I guess I just never read it.

  5. I still haven’t seen idiocracy, i was hoping it was on netflix but the bastards don’t have it on there, so i’ll have to buy it or watch it some other way

  6. No one reports that most leaving the ‘churches’ are leaving false judeochristianity. That means an awakening, becoming true Followers of Christ and no longer the corrupt and corrupting judiaized doctrines of men…

    • This was the boomer christian mistake, the idea that meeting liberal culture halfway will increase church attendance. Instead, they just ended up alienating the diehard Christians while also failing to draw in more people, since Christianity cannot compete with liberal capitalism on its own terms.

      Amnats make the same mistake, believing they can appeal to normal conservatives if they wrap identitarianism in 1950s aesthetic and embrace patriotardism. Instead, they alienate the diehards while failing to draw in the conservatives and ultimately undermining their own identitarian position. And if we look even closer, conservatives themselves make the same mistake in relation to the left, by trying to appeal to people on the left’s terms.

      The only way to truly convert people to a new worldview is to present a radical alternative. Christianity in its proper form is a radical alternative to “the world.” It is not “the world”-lite with artificial Jesus flavoring.

  7. It’s obvious that less and less people trust the political system. The partisan divide and the media do nothing but push people further away from voting. We don’t have candidates that people really like. The last 2 that united the country was Ronald Reagan and FDR. Trump got independent support by running a Ross Perot / Pat Buchanan style campaign. However he’s made the political gap even bigger. Some people make excuses for him. However him doing nothing populist or nationalist in office will do nothing but make even more people stop caring about Voting. Deo Vindice !

  8. The nation state is the basis of the international order, at least traditionally. Without the nation state, the Chinese electorate, a billion strong, can vote to make Chinese the official language of the USA. What objection, what defense do you have against his exercise of “popular global democracy” except American national sovereignty, the Declaration of Independence? Only the nation state, of whatever kind, can protect us. I’ve never understood how liberals, so committed to “civil rights” can be so contemptuous of the country and the founding documents that made “civil rights” possible. Patriotism, that is loyalty to the nation state model, is necessary for survival in a hostile world now as in 1776.

    As for religion of any kind, why do we need it? What did Jesus say that was relevant to any modern issue? Nothing I could find. He fought against the Jews who murdered him, but that’s about the end of his usefulness. We need racial solidarity, biological solidarity….not some middle eastern cult invented two thousand years ago. The most pro-Jew people I know are “evangelical Christians.” They’re insuffereable and incorrigible in their worship of God’s Chosen People.

    As for families, it’s hard to understand people who think the human species can survive if no one has children, or enduring, stable relationships. Single people, life long committed single people, are among the most miserable people in the world. More than that, they’re vulnerable to overreach and oppression by covetous strangers who petition to have them declared incompetent in order to strip them of their property and their rights and confined in a rubber room. Who helps you when you’re old and infirm? If you’re single and isolated in the world, you’re screwed. There’s no one there for you. Of course no one thinks of this when they’re young and healthy. Not until they’re too old to change course do they see any need to build the foundations of a good life.

    • I had thought long and hard what God’s Chosen People were chosen to do and an epiphany hit me several months ago. They were chosen to sacrifice the Lamb of God. If you think about it, they are the only people on earth with what they call the chutzpah and what Greeks would call the hubris to do it.

      Any other people, seeing the wonders, works and miracles that Jesus Christ had performed would crown Him King and fall down and worship Him as God. I am convinced that, when Satan tempted Christ during His forty days in the desert, he offered Him Rome which, at the time, ran the world.

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