Poll: 70% Hate The Political Establishment

Look on the brightside.

We’re clearly headed over the falls at some point.

Pretty much everyone agrees the current system isn’t working.

The Hill:

“The majority of Americans said they are angry at the political establishment, which they say benefits the well-connected class, according to a new poll.

Seventy percent of Americans said they feel angry because the political system seems to only be working for insiders with money and power, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday. 

The poll found 43 percent of Americans said the statement described them “very well” and 27 percent said it described them “somewhat.” …

Twenty-nine percent of Republicans said feeling anger at the political establishment described them “very well,” which is a ten point decrease from 2015, based on the poll. But, 54 percent of Democrats now resonate “very well” with the sentiment, which is a ten point uptick from 2015.  …”

We’re godless.

We’re unpatriotic.

We’re narcissists who don’t believe in future generations.

We don’t believe in policing our borders. We don’t have any plan to deal with major challenges like automation. This can only end in tears in an inevitable correction.

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  1. De facto secession is coming. The DC monsters won’t allow people to officially secede, but I look forward to Washington becoming a land of check printers, impotent bureaucrats, and little else within my lifetime.

    • @Rich L.

      In order for Secession to happen, other than with Mexifornia, we haf to get rid of our worthless state politicians. They’re all cucks, scalawags and shills for ZOGUSA.

  2. I believe the U.S. has two choices long term. One is Czechoslovakia, the other is Yugoslavia. The sane choice is the Czechoslovak Option, but that will not be taken. There was a map created a few years back from a Russian who was considered an expert on the United States. Much of his findings were suspect, but there is no way this country can be held together. Mike Enoch described America as a multi-racial shopping mall with everyone renting stores from Jews. This is not sustainable.

    • Mike ‘Enoch’ Pienovich is a self-admitted jew with a B’nai B’rith fag-hag jewish wife. His opinion about anything is as relevant as yesterdays news.

  3. There are two centrist positions in the USA. The first is the popular centrist position, which is the overlap between Democrat and Republican voters and is best described by “populism.” This position has no representation in government.

    Then there is the “bipartisan” centrist position, which is the Washington consensus, the overlap between what the two parties actually vote for. This is what 70% of actual voters hate.

  4. Seems andre wanglin has another compelling article at DS describing women as below dogs and less helpful then them also says they have no souls aren’t human and proceeds to say for the millionth time that they should be beaten raped and caged When your viewership is blackpilled might as well tell them these things an whip them up in a frenzy

    Real classy stuff from the chief propagandist of incels

    • So the Andre was rejected again? Weird. What woman wouldn’t want an emotionally warped, childish, seethingly resentful closet case, who won’t do ONE thing to appeal to a woman, and who goes mental over the merest hint of a suggestion that a Glorious White God striding the Earth should be forced to do ONE thing to attract a mate, and who HATES women?

      I don’t get it….

      • Colonel Anglin is the most un-charismatic cult leader I know of, madam. You’d have to be a real autistic incel to follow that character.

    • Don’t write off Anglin’s opinions on women. He’s not entirely wrong.

      Whatever deserved shit that we say about men nowadays goes 10x for women. At least a basement dweller, star wars crying beta soyboy has certain healthy instincts he obeys that manifest in pathetic ways.

      Women have collectively become a sex of narcissists or slobs who exhibit extremely high time preference. Their behaviours, traits and interests have no value, and they have spent their whole life on making themselves into sexual commodities.

      Until people on the far right reconcile with the women problem there will be no progress whatsoever. This “find a good church girl” bullshit has gone on far enough.

        • There are also people who win the lottery.

          So your economic advice consists of “win the lottery” rather than “fix the economy?”

        • HW, you’re upsetting Col. Anglin’s misogynistic male admirers with all your crazy talk of having wives and lots of children. If you want to appeal to them you’ll need to devote entire threads to sluts, whores, traps, trannies, roasties and Japanese sex-robots.

          • Spahn – indeed! That’s the ticket to saving the White Race! Caging and beating and raping White women, and Asian sex robots! WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THIS BEFORE!!!!!

          • You’re joking Spahn, but if brothel experiments are anything to go by, your average slutty women would be quickly replaced by a Japanese sex-robot. Not a forefather of yours would blame modern man for it either if he were to look at the state of women these days.

            Criticize Anglin all you want, but he’s got a point. If we keep listening to people like yourself and Denise, The last of the White men will die fucking Asian prostitutes, VR simulators or sex robots while the last of the White women will die of drug overdoses or suicide while high on painkillers.

            I got no hate for you, Denise, HW or anyone else here. I just think this “chin up champ, there’s lots of good girls out there” or Denise’s “White men are to blame” are counter-productive when discussing the war between the sexes currently raging on. There really aren’t a lot of good girls out there, and White men really aren’t to blame (other than maybe their fathers).

        • Mr. Wallace,

          Thank you for taking up for women. You too Denise and spahnranch1969. Why are many white nationalists so hateful on women? Most of the girls I know are decent and well bred. We talk and think about a happy marriage sometime in the future.

          • Christina – the reason why hatred towards women is so prevalent in White Nationalist circles is because these creatures are not really White Nationalists. Many are closet cases. They don’t want a genuine, committed relationship. They don’t want the “bother” of raising children. They USE White Nationalism as a platform to make excuses for their personal failures.

            I’ve noted, for YEARS, that every political group/activist faction/social group/what EVER organization, EXCEPT “White Nationalism” accept all comers who wish to participate, to achieve goals. Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians – you name it – do not reject or insult their own kind. Young old, far, thin, rich, poor – all other groups accept and encourage any-one who wants to help.

            Not “White Nationalists”.

            Alleged WN males who insult, and spew the most malicious grotesqueries against White women need to be PURGED. Period. I’d say the same on behalf of White Nationalist women, trashing men – but there are so few WN women that’s it’s insignificant. Do White men and women have significant flaws? Of course. Humans, no matter the DNA, are imperfect creatures. No serious, sincere activist attacks their own group,, though. Subversives DO.

          • Christina, You live in Mexico. Male/Female relations in Latin America are far better than in the Anglosphere. I would extend that to Western Europe as a whole but I do not have enough experiences with those cultures.

            White Nationalists speak disparagingly of women because women in our countries are not properly raised as a whole. Canada and Australia hold some of the greatest concentration of MGTOWs in the English speak world. Women are the ones pushing for LGBTQ shit, Women are pushing for more refugees, and Women are pushing more of the crazy SJW pronoun shit. Do you find some men within these movements sure, but go look at who opposes those movements. Look at the opposition. You do not find White women standing beside White men. Look at Germany, look at the sex ratio voting for AFD compared to the Green Party.

            If you truly want to know, you can clinically find information out there that suggests there is indeed a woman problem. White men are still statistically desired by almost every race of woman on this Earth, but Asian women are valued in higher, and increasingly higher, amounts to White women by every race of men.

            Even in the far-left we see them complaining and stereotyping the White female “ally” as a condescending, neurotic bitch.

            The fact of the matter is that as bad as the White race is, it’s becoming noticeable not just to White men, but men and women of other races, that there is something especially wrong with White women.

            If we want to help both our men and our women, we need to accept that White women have a problem. Then we have to project a realistic ideal for women to strive for to become better people. That’s what women like Denise should be talking about instead of calling White men names and calling people they disagree with subversives.

      • The few ones I know that married “muh greit churchy gerl” are probably being cheated,these kind of women always end up fucking druglords where I live.

      • @Outlander – balls – or lack there-of.

        The PROBLEM is NOT da wimmenz. It’s been White men all along

        How did so many White women become sleazeballs? The answer is White men have allowed Jews to take control of our societies, and praise sluttiness and trashy stupid, self destructive behavior as the Way to Be,

        Women have always been sexual commodities. Women make babies. Period. Women have been controlled or contained by their men, for ever, in order to use that resource. The FIRST mandate, the Prime Directive of Nature, of ANY living thing, is to reproduce. The members of most species know this instinctively, and don’t need to be taught this. Humans – not so much.

        The role of women is to have babies. They must be impregnated by men, of course – but the FIRST role of men is to protect the Tribe. His own group.

        White men have been dropping the ball for literal centuries. White men have allowed Jews to control the money supply, and thus the social order, for literally CENTURIES.

        This is the source of all of our woes.

        It begins with the fundamental failure of White Men to keep The Other OUT.

        This is THE issue,

        This is what must be dealt with. All else follows after that.

        The behavior of women is a result of the choice of White men to dance to the tune of the Jew for muh shekels. White men have been far worse whores than White women ever have been, Instead of whining and weak, weak, weak pathetic excuses – FIX THE PROBLEM.

        • Denise,

          Great comment. My primary thought is to be married someday and have lots of children. My secondary goals are to serve my family interests. The two go together. I have and have been taught to have high standards. I expect much from a male. I demand the best, expect the best, and will give my best. Other girls I go to school with think the same.

        • Denise,

          ” The problem is not the wimminiz, it’s been White men all along.”

          So then you basically agree with Anglin then. See, this is the paradox that your position is in. Either:

          A) Women have agency and are generally just terrible these days and need to behave better.


          B) Women have no agency and men have to force them to behave properly.

          I’m a believer in A, that’s why I state the opinions I do. I believe women have agency, and that modern woman simply refuses to accept it. So she’s at fault for all her bad behaviours just like a man. I don’t think it’s White man’s responsibility to babysit White woman.

          If B, then even an Anglinesque take of putting the worst women in breeding pens isn’t unreasonable, because the actions men decide should dictate what the women do.

          If I believed that, then I couldn’t really have ethical objections to caging terribly behaved women or keeping them locked away in female communes within the state. This opinion of yours for blaming White men is actually proof against your argument that women should be treated well. If you’re like a loaded pistol, and the man holding you should be blamed for you hurting someone, then you’re no different from an object and shouldn’t be allowed to protest otherwise.

          • Outlander,

            You have kindly and in detail responded to me so I will analyze your response paragraph by paragraph.

            Paragraph 1—-Some of the sexual equality from the anglo world has reached Latin America but not near as bad as the anglo saxon world which I am loosely defining as western/northern European type peoples living anywhere in the world.

            Par. 2——-It does appear as if white women in the USA are noticeably more liberal than white men but they are still more conservative than non whites as a group.

            Paragraph 3—– White women are desired far more sexually than any others. Here and there I have gone to school with a couple of oriental girls. Naked in the shower room they looked like I did 3 or 4 years ago. And these are girls who have reached their adulthood. Who could desire that? Of course sexual beauty and picking a woman for long term marriage is nowadays not necessarily the same. I asked my older brothers if they or any one else thought oriental girls were pretty. And they all said no. An oriental is just an Indian and there are plenty of those in Mexico.

            Paragraph 4—Okay. There are a lot of crazy white girls in the USA. But is it not the diet, the atmosphere, the food etc. as well as the completely warped society that is the current United States? Something horrible has occurred and white women are part of the symptom. Time to help with their healing as well as the healing of white men. There are also a lot of medications out there. It may be hurting more than helping. The diet in the USA is horrible. Fast food and quick meals are generally not good.

            Paragraph 5— Women go to the strong and that does not necessarily mean the ones with the most muscle. Men can lead by example. Some women may be too far gone but you can only do your best.

            Paragraph 6—-Saying women can be raped and have no souls like this Anglin evidently did is horrible. That is blasphemy. Rape should be punishable by death as a general rule. Denise was rightfully horrified at that as was I. I believe in male rule within the family, Church, and society as much as possible. Generally, I believe in male supremacy that in current White Society is considered backwards at best so you do have a deep problem in your countries that is spreading everywhere.

            It is possible that my support of traditional male rule and guidance over women would be considered too extreme by even most of the anglo women on this site. Remember I am speaking not only as a traditional Catholic but as a latin girl as well. Anglos are more individualistic and equalitarian.

          • I’ll shoot back a response to you Christina and others on this thread for the next few days because this is a topic I think is worthy of discussion.

            I don’t know if White women are more conservative than non-Whites as a whole. I only have anecdotal experience to argue that though. I don’t think a fair study has been made among young women that deals with topics to effectively categorize them. So all I can say is I agree to disagree on that one.

            Okay, so the study is an OkCupid study that deals with race and responses. This study takes place in the U.S. and was done at least 2 times. In both cases, Asian women were the favourite among men. We see this a lot among White men preferring to date Asian women both in our home countries and travelling abroad. Women usually are baffled as to why men like Asian women, choosing to point out how they typically lack voluptuousness. What they lack in curves though they make up for in personality and a difficult in becoming obese.

            One of the most baffling things to me as a man is when White women try to ape Black women’s behaviour. They think being loud, obnoxious and overly sexual is the way to be when it appears that all guys want is a shy quiet girl who pretends to you that she thinks the world of you. It’s interesting that the first critique White women usually give against Asian women is their general lack of big boobs or a round ass. Clearly men are looking for something other than the physical in mates these days. Romance is worth its weight in gold.

            Also as I stated before, White women are becoming increasingly unattractive. Novelty notwithstanding. You live in Mexico, so there may still be a novelty factor there. People who agree with Anglin aren’t guys who maybe asked out 3 girls in their entire life, got rejected and are now holding a grudge. Much like men in the MGTOW movement, it’s likely that these men asked out dozens of women, dated a few maybe even got married and are still seeing diminishing returns.

            Now on to your response from Paragraph 4, I actually don’t think it has anything to do with diet. I think there are 2 general problems we’re seeing:

            1. Feminism, Media & Technology

            2. Natural Self-Destruction due to major sociological and cultural changes.

            I don’t think I need to go to in depth about number 1. Women are just the same as men or better, media telling women to be vulgar slutty harpies, and women being obsessed with upvotes from their dumb social media accounts and getting huge egos.

            Number 2 is more interesting. There is a concept called “The Great Filter” that is used to try to explain why we see no signs of alien life as part of the Fermi Paradox. If we believe The Great Filter is in front of us and not behind us in evolution, shortly after the discovery of radio and/or mastery of the environment, a species starts to collapse. I also think it’s important to look at The Mouse Utopia experiment where mice essentially choose to die out completely in a myriad of different ways once they have reached Utopia.

            Human beings were made to constantly struggle. Women chose to mate with men who were useful to them and from what it seems is lacking in today’s environment, in competition with other women. Humans have a rough 1:1 Male/Female ratio, but more males technically get born. Medical advances are ensuring more men survive into adulthood and the complete lack of war in Western countries means there is a surplus of males and women generally don’t need them to survive. So women are choosing to simply mate with the highest status males they can get.

            However, they aren’t really “mating” are they? There can be a lot of factors, but at the end of the day they are choosing to have sex with high status males but not to reproduce with them. Indeed we aren’t reproducing much at all.

            So to tie it all together, we have a society that in a weird way is a Utopia of sorts to men and women but more so women, we have media that is telling women they need to become like men, we have women pressuring other women to become like men, we have a society that encourages women to become sexually active but infertile, and we have a generation of young women who are constantly praised and never have to face consequences for their actions. Indeed, any talk of such a thing is shunned even on websites like this. Women live in a Utopia where they never have to admit responsibility, and they are more miserable than they have ever been before.

            This is what the death of an advanced species looks like. The social phenomenon isn’t even limited to the Whites. Japan and Korea both are collapsing under similar conditions without immigration. The only solution past kicking out the Jews, is that women need to go back to their traditional role as wife and mother. Most women will reject this, and so must be forced to and ironically will be happier because of it. How that happens is up in the air, but giving modern women more upvotes to add to their collection and yelling at men is not going to do this.

            I think Whites are smarter than mice, but rejecting hard-hitting critiques of women will be the death of us as a species.

            As for Anglin calling for rape, it’s extreme and out there but let’s be honest here everyone, more young White men are attracted to this thing than young White women are. Some of us like to imagine that White women are going to suddenly collectively come to their senses and join the ethnostate because we are of the same race and we are no longer in a extreme position of weakness. Wrong. These White women will mostly stay in the rotting corpse of their host country. They’d rather have the Constitution and risk being murdered by criminals than be forced to conform to an alien society.

            Anyone suggesting that there is a good solution is highly optimistic. The conflict will boil down to quality vs quantity. Bigamy vs immigration incentives for women vs conquest of foreign women. Of these, if we choose immigration of foreign women, we do run the risk of importing the same ideals of their host nations into our future society.

            We will literally have to import women to be married off or given to men in the most respectable solution and be forced to conform into the new society.

            Sorry for the long response, and if it sounds too clinical, it’s because it is a very serious topic on the macro level and should be looked at clinically.

      • Who the hell wants a good church girl anyway?

        And who gives a fuck about Anglin, he is impossible to take seriously. The problem is people like Jared Taylor who promote the same kind of shit (capitalism, yellow fever, BASED RIGHT WING JEWS and so on) but don’t catch flak for it.

  5. Effete, arrogant, out of touch…..Geoge “Pantywaist” Will represents everything I hate about ZOG’S political-media establishment. We are under the control of a hostile alien elite that does not rule with our best interests in mind.

    • Spahn, m’dear, I have long thought that if Iran or North Korea were capable of nuking Washington DC, while Congress, the Senate, and the Supremes were in session, this would be the biggest act of charity and kindness to Americans that we could ever possibly have…

      • I am very strongly against this. There are many important museums and libraries there which would be destroyed.

  6. The left and right don’t agree on much. However I think everybody agrees the gap between rich and poor is giant in 2019. The left sees higher taxes and higher wages as the solution. The right makes excuses for rich people. I think we need a Narionalist or Third Position that will be good for White People. Deo Vindice !

  7. Denise and Spahn are trolling this website big time,notice how the blame is shifted towards “them evil whitey”,this looks like some AIPAC conference.And spahn follows along like some BLM nigger,or some basement neckbeard(“Madam” LMAO).

    • Denise and Spahn have both made comments about the malicious and destructive influence of both men with small hats and people of preferred pigmentation. They also see that there are whites participating in the destruction of their own kind, either actively or passively. Isn’t that happening, Nat4US?

    • Damn you Langley bought and paid for contractors are stupid, trolling the internet with what you read or were briefed on by your SPLC and ADL handlers …. “Nationalist4US” … does this mean that you are a fake nationalist, getting your 30 shekels per post, for yo’ massas of good ole JewSA?

      PS, Denise and Spahn are well known and respected commentators here, … as I said, damn you US Government intel agency wannabees, bought and paid for contractors (you Boaz Allen? General Dynamics?…) are stupid !!!

  8. So the War On White Women continues unabated.

    David Bell of Asheville NC was found guilty on two misdemeanor counts today, one of assault on a female and the other of assault on a minor 12 and under.

    This for defending a lone white woman who was minding her own business trying to shop at the Asheville Mall, and for defending himself against a mob of black tweens making gun shot motions with their hands and attacking him from various angles.

  9. “Women are for reproduction and housework. Children are for educating. But ladyboys, traps, trannies, waifus and Japanese sex robots are for pleasure.”

    “Only a man can understand what pleases another man.”

    “Let us condemn others for bad optics while we compare white women -unfavorably- to dogs.”

    – The Golden Sayings of Wang Lin

    • Am I the only one that thinks guys encouraging rape do so (in part) because they can’t cut it in the sack? That their hatred of women is a projection of their self-hatred, because they’re not the men they “ought to be?”

      • Rich L,

        I think you are probably on to something but the psychology of males is frequently beyond me.

  10. Outlander,

    This is my response to your response to my previous response—or something like that. That is a lot of material to digest you sent me. I do have some practical knowledge of the USA having gone to school at times in California and Texas.

    The majority of people in many places of the world have abandoned tradition. Have you not noticed how almost everyone in the world dresses alike and listens to the same modern music etc.? Many non-whites mimic white customs and beliefs as well as the clothing.

    Without a return to a traditional relationship between men and women then any reforms will have limited value. Traditional male rule with chivalry and consideration is a lot different than savage treatment of women. Most of us would purr like kittens at such an arrangement.

    But would most anglo women in America support a return to a form of male rule I consider natural and desirable? I think that currently the answer is the same in English as it is in Spanish.

    The exaggerated belief of equality beyond it’s moral limits is the main problem. And this false belief extends beyond the sex problem.

    • Yeah it’s a lot of information at once, but it’s important to try to reference information in accordance to what you believe in. White knighting women doesn’t have any positive statistical information, it’s simply an advocating for the Golden Rule. We shouldn’t ignore psychology, sociology and anthropology for the sake of an unrealistic ideal. I’d rather men and women be truly happy than to simply allow women to do what they want.

      As I said about non-Whites and whatnot, I don’t have proof. I just see that while a Latina or Asian woman might have just as much casual sex as a liberal White woman, she’s actually quite content in practicing customs we might consider traditional whereas the liberal White woman would completely shun all of that. Same goes for drugs, abortion, homosexuality and other vices. At least that’s what it seems like

      I’d like the idea of convincing women to form traditional relationships, but the numbers don’t add up and I doubt women would want that if they did. Single women like power and are almost addicted to having power over men. I think that’s why women tend to start acting normal once they have children because they then can exercise power over children instead of focusing it towards society. Most women would not give up feminism in exchange for a traditional society.

      When I talk about women and entertain Anglin’s takes, I’m excluding red-pilled women because they are the exception and not the rule and would likely accept a genuine patriarchy. But the gender imbalance is real and it needs to be addressed in some way. I can put forth Bigamy as a state alternative for a generation or 2. Where single women would be married to 2 husbands instead of one. Then we wouldn’t have to entertain Anglin’s arguments. But it’s probably equally distasteful in the eyes of others. Treating the women immigrating into the ethnostate nice and respectfully could give rise to another generation of liberals. They need to know that they are dependent on their husbands for everything and will receive no support from the state.

      I agree and I think that’s why my defense of Anglin is so intense. Women need to be discussed honestly and openly for who they are and what they should be. It’s bizarre that the conversation is boiled down to “Men who are married and just tell other men it’s easy” vs “Men who can never get a girl.” I think a lot of men who have grievances fall in the middle. Everyone is more than willing to criticize soyboys but criticize modern women, and you’re an incel.

  11. Where I do my grocery shopping has women employees from around the world. It just might be the one case I don’t mind diversity. Slovakian, Hungarian, Italian, And even a Turk. These women blow me away with their feminine charms and good looks. And their friendly personality puts a smile on my face. They still have it.

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