The Impending Crisis

I’ve been watching all the back and forth at Identity Dixie.

It started with Padraig Martin’s article Murder Is Not Bravery. It escalated last night with the Dylann Roof, Murder Is Wrong episode of Rebel Yell and continued this morning with the follow up article A Strategic Assessment of Southern Nationalism. The debate has been taking place across social media and the core of the dispute is the morality and tactical wisdom of violent accelerationism.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

1.) Murder is immoral and arguing about such a core moral conviction is a fool’s errand because it is at the very core of the social order. No state could possibly function if its citizens became convinced that it was permissible to start murdering each other. You may as well howl at the moon because your arguments will fall on deaf ears outside the ranks of a tiny minority of sociopaths. Psychologically speaking, people on the Right and especially Southern Christians are defined by their attitude toward authority, order and traditional moral values. You can’t rally people by cutting against the grain of their beliefs.

2.) I’ve been writing about the mass shootings phenomenon for a decade on this website. These mass shooters range from crazy people like Jared Loughner to ideologues like Glenn Miller. Some of them are both crazy and ideologues like Dylann Roof who suffered from a number of health issues and mental illnesses, but who was a violent accelerationist trying to start a race war. Some of them are just pure evil like Devin Patrick Kelley the Sutherland Springs church shooter who it is worth remembering was chased down by Texas good old boys and shot and killed. Some of them appear to have no motivation like Stephen Paddock the Las Vegas shooter who had by far the “highest score” of all of them. The bewildering variety of the shooters points to a deeper cause than “guns” or “white supremacy” which is the Left’s current narrative. The true of cause of this is social disintegration. Far from being a symptom of resurgent racism, it is a symptom of a society with extremely low social capital.

3.) The current debate going on is the latest iteration of the “mainstreamers” vs. “vanguardists” debate which is the two tracks that White Nationalism has gone down since the 1970s. The “mainstreamers” want to reform the system and appeal to the masses. The “vanguardists” want to bring on the collapse through violence because their belief that the system is incapable of being reformed. Neither of these strategies has ever worked. We should be rethinking our strategies and tactics.

4.) The violent accelerationists are nothing new and have a long history of being crushed by law enforcement. It happened to the Black Panthers in the late 1960s. It happened to groups like the Weather Underground. It happened to The Order in the 1980s. It happened in the 1990s after the Oklahoma City bombing. The fate of violent accelerationists has always been death or prison. The state won’t have the slightest difficulty crushing these people insofar as they exist. The violent accelerationists are successful in unleashing terror and polarization, but the story never has a happy ending.

5.) We should pause though before outright dismissing the violent accelerationists. The American State was able to handle them quite easily in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The same was true of their counterparts all over the West like the Baader Meinhof gang in West Germany or the IRA in Britain or the Front de libération du Québec in Canada. Could it be different this time?

John Brown, a product of Bleeding Kansas, was the most successful violent accelerationist in American history. Unlike Dylann Roof, John Brown’s attempt at Harper’s Ferry to spark a violent race war really did have a transformative effect. Brown succeeded in pushing sectional polarization to the point that the blow he struck and the dread it left in its wake did more to change public opinion in the Deep South than all the efforts and propaganda of Southern Nationalists for the previous thirty years combined.

6.) The violent accelerationists are arsonists and this country really is a tinderbox. Mass shootings are a symptom of social disintegration. It is not inconceivable that one of these people could spark a blaze that could send the whole country up in flames. The Democrats have responded to the El Paso shooting in the worst possible way by doubling down on gun control and labeling Blompf a white supremacist. By themselves, the violent accelerationists are incapable of achieving their goals and like Brown will end up either dead or in prison. The reaction to the violent accelerationists is another matter altogether. It was the celebration of John Brown’s fanaticism in the North and his links to prominent abolitionists that killed the Union in the hearts of millions of antebellum Southerners.

7.) There are three critical differences between our own times and the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The first is that social disintegration and sectional polarization is far more advanced than it was then. The second is that this country is far more diverse which has compounded the decline in social capital. The third is that fanaticism has put down much deeper roots. It is not tiny fringe groups that are invested in fanaticism. The spirit of fanaticism has infected the elites and millions of people. It is the New York Times and The Washington Post that have been radicalized.

8.) In the 1970s and 1980s, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan won landslide victories. When Robert Jay Matthews was killed in a shootout with the FBI in 1984, Ronald Reagan had just won a 49 state landslide victory over Walter Mondale. It was “Morning in America” or something. We are on the cusp a completely different America. It is more like Twilight in America now.

9.) As far as the violent accelerationists go, it is not the “white supremacists” who the American State should be worried about. Whether it was Dylann Roof or Patrick Crusius or Brenton Tarrant, the authorities arrested all of them quite easily and no one but a tiny handful of people in anonymous internet forums carry their torch. Outside of The Bowl Gang, no one carries a torch for Dylann Roof. The Southern people will never sympathize with murderers because of their Christianity.

10.) The true danger and the real threat to the Union is another “woke” terrorist in the tradition of John Brown who becomes the toast of our leftwing elites. It is easy to imagine the present crop of SJWs breeding such a terrorist. Willem van Spronsen who attacked the ICE facility in Washington was part of his local John Brown Gun Club. He did not succeed, however, in having anywhere near the same political impact because of his “low score” and the ineptitude of his attack. It is not far fetched to imagine the whirlwind of violence that these people could unleash under an Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders presidency. It was John Brown and Abraham Lincoln who brought about secession.

11.) This brings me to my final point.

The Confederacy itself was a product of two types of accelerationism – the backlash to John Brown’s violent raid on Harper’s Ferry, and William Lowndes Yancey’s sabotage of Democratic unity in the 1860 election. If the antebellum secessionists were alive today, they wouldn’t be trying to reelect Blompf and reform the system by voting for the Republican Party. Instead, they would be trying to split the Republican Party to elect a candidate like Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren. The secessionists wanted Stephen Douglas to lose the 1860 election and Abraham Lincoln to win so that the specter of the triumph of “Black Republicanism” could be used to paint such a dystopian picture of the future of the South in the United States that the conservative normie who loved the Union like Jefferson Davis would finally be aroused from his slumber and confronted with the reality of the demographic peril.

And he was.

The upshot of this is that violent accelerationists offend the religious values, the sense of justice and the authoritarian orientation toward order and authority of the typical rightwing conservative Southerner. The Southern people will never rally around the Dylann Roofs of the world. Predictably, they will dismiss them and deal with them as harshly as Jeff Sessions with James Fields, Jr.

Everyone here knows we are a kind, good hearted and good natured people who are slow to anger. The Southerner won’t be roused to resist his dispossession until 1.) he has given up on mainstream politics and the Union (the implication is that Blompf has to be gone first) and 2.) he feels justified in resistance outside of the normal channels of his discontent because he is the one who is under attack. He has to feel like he has been left with an impossible choice by the Left and has no option left but resistance.

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  1. So Brad, there are two directions violent accelerations (aka jew agitprop) end in: gulags or total gun control. Which are you proposing as the better alternative?

    It’s unbelievable to me that the fate of western civilization and my people’s survival rests on deciding how to react to jewish fakery.

    • “The Southern people will never sympathize with murderers because of their Christianity.”
      Like cattle, they will go shambling towards the slaughterhouse because it’s the “moral’ thing to do.

    • LOL… the truth spoken above… but they will never ever give up being “spiritual Yahwist’s” (aka unbeknown to them unless your a Masonic is that Yahwist christianity is the worship of a male androgyne patriarchy of which Christianity is a part, and of the Yahwist messianic male androgyne man-god emperor worship hierarchical “patriarchy’ ( of global “dominionism” (aka Neo-feudalism/communism for the Jerusalem Yahwist Oligarchy of Socialism (usury is the global communism variant of socialism!!) who are the ones who want to abolish nations (classical definiton of heritage of familial (ethnos) and racial descent) and get rid of private property rights, at least for us, and not for themselves. … the tranny male androgyne “He-She” tetragrammaton “YHWH: the so called “ineffable name” of the Yahwists :

      • This is exactly why the Alt-Right is a failure. You have know knothings commenting alongside retard pagans in a completely unconstructive way. Typical of pagans, who are more spiritually jewish than actual jews. Notice how all pagans do is attack Christians and nothing else. Fucking useless morons.

        • Sounds like you’re projecting your own uselessness on to others, Drooley. Tell me, exactly how is Christianity saving the West?

          • A return to phrases like “God, forgive us for that which we must do” “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” and “May God have Mercy on Your Soul” might enable Christianity to save the West. After all, it was our mostly Christian forefathers who created and sustained it for generations, before their religion became a source of mockery. Unlike the modern JEW-Day-O-christians, they didn’t seem to have the same misgivings about the measures they were forced to take in order to ensure the survival of their families and for the benefit of their country.

          • paganism saves nothing and does nothing but the jew’s work of attacking the backbone of america. nothing is more pathetic than a pagan. see sphanranch

          • I’ve heard your type before, Harold Dooley. Blaming “pagans” for all our ills. Pagans are irrelevant. Modern Christianity is actively destructive and anti-white.

          • @ Dooley, worship of a misogynist male androgyne tranny (he-she) is pretty disgusting! Yahweh/Jehovah (the christian father god) was a rescripting of Aton, Akhenaton’s god of light. Aton was not originally worshiped by the people of Egypt. Like Ra, he was largely a private god worshiped for centuries by the Hyksos pharaohs and sun priests of Heliopolis, Avaris, and Amarna. He rose to power during Akhenaton’s reign because he was under the influence of the Israelite Queen Tire. She was most probably an agent of the descendants of the Hyksos kings expelled from Egypt at the beginning of the eighteenth dynasty by Ahmose I. These despotic lords subsequently took refuge in Tanis and other cities in and around Egypt. We believe that Akhenaton was, like Tiye, under their control.

            Further more The tetragrammaton (Yahweh) is a tranny, ie. A extreme misogynist male he-she and the followers bent on the destruction of the European women, because intelligence is inherited from her!!!! Just look at all the misogynist propaganda against European white women! Once they are destroyed so are your nation!

          • @ Dooley and the rest of Dixie, Our fathers were lied to, get over it! Authentic religion is the only thing that will make us stronger than “mere city dwellers, relying upon law and authorities.” Only authentic religion will give us the power to effectively resist the collectivized mind-weapons of the extreme misogynist tranny he-she Yawhist Judaism and it’s daughter pacifying slaver religions of christianity(ie your the neo-feudal surf slave Dooley) and islam.

  2. And I have another comment about the occasional misogyny on this site. RamzPaul just tweeted about Australia lowering the standards for female engineers without acknowledging what several other tweets from Australians empirically indicate – this is being done for the benefit of non-white women, not white ones. It’s just another aspect of the self destructiveness of this non-movement.

    • And yet will still benefit white women. Thus it’s support from large majorities of white women. Same as every such policy here in the States and across the Western world.

  3. A lot of intelligent points from our host.

    A few observations re John Brown:

    1. Slavery was an obviously real thing. It was widely observable, it was in fact evil, and it needed to be stopped. It could and should have been ended without any recourse to war; there were probably about a half dozen realistic ways to end slavery peacefully and reasonably. So JB’s accelerationism was unwise because it pushed matters in the wrong direction.

    2. In contrast, such leftist bogeymen as “white privilege”, “structural racism,” and “systemic bias” simply do not exist. They are imaginary creatures, used to disguise the fact that the true agenda of the J-left is the extermination of White people. So there is no realistic discourse to be had here, in the way that a peaceful end to slavery was a real thing which could be rationally discussed.

    3. In further contrast, the active agenda of “White replacement” and “soft White genocide” are very real things, which can be illustrated by simple biology. But because White genocide is gradual in nature as currently practiced, it is not readily, obviously observable to normies in the way that the existence of slavery was obvious to abolitionists. This poses logistical and communications problems for effectively addressing the issue.

    4. Quite obviously, this whole “lone mass shooter” thing is immoral, evil, and a practical waste of time and human ability. People like Dylan Roof are models for exactly nothing. The whole notion is pure futility.

    5. Yet as the situation worsens, more strident forms of resistance may become pieces on the game board. The real model can be found not among lone evil weirdos, but by looking to Irish history of the 19th and early 20th century. Not the imbecilic pointless IRA of modern times, but the historical currents which led to a successful Republic.

    6. Three phases come to mind:

    a) Daniel O’Connell laid the moral and intellectual groundwork by pioneering the non-violent mass movement approach later used by Gandhi and MLK (it was O’Connell who created the tactic). He was not fully successful, but his efforts allowed the Irish Republicans to claim the moral, intellectual, historical, and political high ground. This is what WN sorely lacks today, when it can readily be dismissed in the public mind as Nazism and crankery.

    b) An unfortunate but seemingly necessary phase of organized fanaticism then came to the fore, under Connolly and Pearse, and the failed Easter Rising of 1916. The seizure of the Dublin GPO was a failure, but it was not a crackpot mass shooting, it was a movement with an organization and an articulated agenda, and it was Ireland’s John Brown moment.

    c). The failure of the Easter Rising paved the way for the more successful strategies and tactics of Michael Collins, who ultimately, if tragically, did in fact achieve success.

  4. There is no movement. The only thing happening now is content creators believing they are “educating the masses” but to NO ENDS. There is no push to get these people into groups and build anything, in fact the opposite is true. The paywall crowd, which is almost entirely shills when it comes to the alt-right, DEMONIZES all domestic groups. This leaves people just as atomized as they were before getting “woke” on race and jews, only now they are angry.

    Activism is the only thing that causes real world networking. People don’t get together for no reason. Now that activism has been beaten to death by the paywall fake nationalists, the networks are gone, and are not likely to return. If you think rallying people around the 2020 election is going to happen A. you are wrong B. only blue pilled idiots who know nothing about the history of the federal government would should up. We have no voice in government. There is no electoral solution

    When the paywall pundits pivot from Trump to Yang, you should then know they were never serious.

    ID is a joke, they don’t do anything, and have little to no reach and likely no growth, also they don’t lead anyone to joining or doing anything. Just like TRS and DS.

    Want real advice? Prepare to defend yourself because none of these people are going to do it. In fact, they are more likely to simply call you a “wignat” when you defend yourself.

    Fuck the Alt-Right.

    • I’ve said it before and I shall say it again: Whitey isn’t going to start fighting back until there’s one stale loaf of raisin bread left on the supermarket shelf and he has to struggle against thousands of machete-wielding Negroes to get it. And even then other whites will condemn him for engaging in “senseless violence”.

      • that’s well said, but CW2/RaHoWa will begin before this…I think

        that 4-8 accelerationist years of Prez Kamala, Warren, or some other YT-hating Jewstooge

        + dollar collapse

        should do it.

        if it doesn’t, then

        Whites will deserve to go extinct.

    • Yes, exactly as Jem’s states … they are all shills for the Jerusalem Oligarchy of Usury!! If it was truth, they wouldn’t be charging ya for it behind a paywall… they are just like the game-show host preachers and politicians… all on the payroll… all they are interested in is their “traditional hierarchy” which is a euphemism for slavery!!! Wake up people… nature is not hierarchical, it is holographical… I have never ever seen an hierarchy of farms… have you?

  5. Leftists love to spout bullshit about how trump is polarizing the country and how he is solely creating a “racist” atmosphere in the country, so the democrats justify to go fully far left as the only reaction to trump. All of that is complete horseshit. Trump is a sellout, false opposition anyway. The truth of the matter is, even without trump as president, the far left would still be just as radical and crazy as they are today. The far left has been on this path since the obama presidency, the moderate democrats had no voice in their party once obama took power.
    Under obama, you had black lives matter beginning as a movement, you had obama’s HUD wanting to distribute urban negroes to the suburbs, you had the baltimore riots, ferguson, the cop hating, the pandering to muslims, the attacking of christianity, attacking the tea party, the hatred of middle class whites, the gay agenda on steroids, executive order amnesty, the dumping of african and muslim refugees into rural america, how criticizing obama was “racist” and etc, etc. So obama and the left are just as guilty of polarization as they claim trump and the right are. The leftists look at trump’s rise into power as something artificial and unnecessary. That’s how oblivious they are.

  6. Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, Robert Bowers, Steven Paddock….did they really commit any mass-shootings? Did they even really exist? Just because ZOG tells you an incident happened doesn’t mean it really took place.

  7. “Murder” is defined as killing a member of your own clan. Killing outsiders and/or enemies is properly termed “warfare.”

  8. Brad, remember the Protestant Reformation, was a successful revolution by our ancestors against the Roman Catholic Church, and, the Holy Roman Empire, the super-powers of the Middle Ages.

    The murder of the Huguenots in France, and the untimely battle death of Gustav Adolphus are the two events that halted the Protestant advance. Otherwise the Catholics would have been driven back over the alps into Italy.

    • instead, the devil’s roman catholics followed us to America and built DC via their masons. Papist scum. pre-federal government America was best America. 98% protestant with laws against jews and papists owning land, holding office, or voting. Roman Catholics ruined this country before the jews did.

      this is what Hunter should write about

      • “…roman catholics followed us to America and built DC via their masons.”

        Not sure what you mean, but it’s my understanding that the RC church adamantly opposed Freemasonry and formed the Knights of Columbus, its own pope-approved fraternal organization to counter the Masons, which is populated mostly by Protestants and, in some lodges, by Jews.

        Maybe you are using the term “mason” in a strictly literal sense, as in an actual craftsmen in stone or brick construction.

  9. Some time in the not too distant future, under a President Kamala Harris perhaps, some Leftist group will shoot up or firebomb a gathering of whites – say, a Young Republicans convention or a white college fraternity – all in the name of combating “white supremacy” or “killing Nazis.” President Harris will issue a pro-forma denunciation of the violence but the FBI will yawn and the perpetrators will not be caught. Some ultra-lefties in Congress will insinuate that the groups had it coming and give a wink-wink approval. Lather, rinse, repeat…

  10. Acceleration would of happened in South Africa, at least a decade ago, with all racial groups fighting white black colored East Indians and rich vs poor no matter what the ethnicity.

    The shekels keep bailing out the failing power utilities, road and water infrastructure, and medical services. So it’s a very slow painful process.

    The frog boiling in the pot analogy, it’s an existential crisis and nightmare for whites

  11. I’m for more freedom and responsibility. That means carving out a free state (although I’m becoming more anti-statist with every passing minute) within our current authoritarian state. To neutralize the forced multiculti society, you need to build your own alternative. Take its power away by empowering yourself.

  12. RE: ID’s argument as presented above, Reform vs. Accelerationism is a false dichotomy, because it assumes a thing that increasingly is apparently not the case, something the Left has been saying and proving for decades. There is no White Identity.

    White Marxist non-Jewish elites are the vanguard of the Left.

    White Zionist non-Jewish elites are the vanguard of populist movements currently ascendant across Europe and which brought us the Donald here in the states through Bannon’s cynical formulation, once again taking advantage of dissafection among working class whites to create a controlled pressure valve to bleed off the critical mass for real reform that was building after the Great Recession.

    There is no White identity that transcends a regional affiliation like IRA (Irish duh) anymore. Christendom was the only thing thats ever come close. Even amidst the peak of Christian Europe, national identity was more powerful. England never submitted fully to the Catholic Church or the Roman Empire before it for instance. The collapse of Christianity has led to the current cult of individualism that pervades every level of the Right. Christianity isn’t going to pervade white culture any more. It only ever really served as a structure of control over the lives of the white working class, Protestant or Catholic alike. Whats changed here in the U.S. is the loss of regional identity as well. “American” used to mean something. It doesn’t anymore. “Southern” used to mean something. Increasingly, it doesn’t any more. “White” means very little to a normie.

    If we are truly to rethink our strategy and tactics, as Brad suggests we must, I suggest we stop accepting premises that clearly aren’t born out by reality.

    Forget “Christian”, forget “Southern”, and I think forget “White”. We need to aim for something more fundamental or we won’t have a bedrock for a cohesive worldview that can withstand the onslaught we are facing.

    We won’t all belong in this group, whatever it is. And those outside will have to fend for themselves.

    Rugged individualism is fake and gay, and just leaves us all vulnerable since we come pre divided, for the conquering. This is the current state of affairs.

    Something of the scale of a tribe, smaller than the Amish even, to start, will be more likely to be feasible.

    What though, is the common thread to build upon? Not race per se. Not national identity per se. Not regional. Even State level is too big. That common factor, would by defintion include only Southern Christian Whites, but we need more specificity, or there is no common ground to build on.

    What else is there?

    Proximity is a big missing ingredient in the recipe, but its not everything.

    The more I ponder this, the more I become black pilled by not knowing the answer. Still, if such a fundamental factor exists at all, it exists whether we comprehend it or not, and should thus organically begin to differentiate itself as a superior social mode. If it doesn’t, its not something we can meme into existence, as white individualists are far too cynical for that kind of faggotry.

    On the small chance that anybody even reads this, other than who ever is moderating/currating these comments for wrong speak, I would be grateful for the opinions of some my fellow deracinated, atomized, rugged individuals. As I’m rapidly losing hope that there is an answer to this conundrum.

    Honk Honk

    • ISA, Growing up, we were taught that we were all Americans, no matter our color. That was back in the Sixties. All ethnicity and race was subsumed into the broad American category. The movies, through Westerns, reinforced the idea that we were all descended from tough individualists, which made us the same through inference. We were fed lies and exaggerations, and pretended we were free and tough like our ancestors.

      We are controlled, through all our institutions. Most of us here know that, but surprisingly few outside this realist movement do. I think that means any different set-up we want to come up with will have to be done on our own, which means organizing and coming together. Whether that means being gathered in semi-autonomous communal areas like the Amish, or in little pockets within “normal” towns or suburbs, I can’t say. The easier thing would be to go to a rural area, but then we all have our atomized lives these days, and most of us don’t have skills that would make us of value in the standard sense. That means developing interconnected home-based or other small businesses. Homeschooling should become schooling for all the offspring of the like-minded, in a rented space outside of public schools, outside of the reach of the authorities. Or through going to different homes, to foster familiarity and togetherness of the community. Etc., etc.

      I’m just spitballing. We are disorganized, because ethnic categories and pride has fallen away. It needs to be replaced by other categories outside of “this is just where I ended up because of work.” So, to sum up, bringing us together will take the application of will and determination of the kind we haven’t seen us since the wagon trains of the 19th Century. Can we do it? I’ve no idea. It will take a community to accomplish these goals, and people in general don’t want to give up anything. We’re spoiled by the easier life of modernity, myself included. If it’s a hassle, why bother?

  13. The common factor that binds the Amish, is a willingness to eschew modern technology and do everything the hard way. The only people willing or capable of understanding the value of this, is a sub population of Christian Whites. You won’t find a nigger who wants to live that way if an easier alternative is given them freely.

    Its a self sorting system. Niggers are lazy, so they won’t want to be Amish. Gooks don’t value independence, so they won’t be Amish. Jews are naturally dishonest and greedy, so they wont be Amish. Mexicans are too stupid to be Amish and not just starve to death.

    Amish, is what we need to consider. How to be more like the Amish.

    A lifestyle of self denial, may well be the key. The rigor of the lifestyle becomes the Shibboleth.

    I don’t really think the Amish is what we need to be. But this is the general idea.

    • The Amish have some very good and laudable characteristics – their independence and self-reliance, strong family ties (etc) as you note.

      One of my younger sisters did the “Acres of Diamonds” thing several years ago and began to look outside her family and to the Amish for “better” ideas on how best to raise and discipline her kids. She, in turn, began to tell me of her findings – that the Amish use corporal punishment and that sort of thing. My advice to her, as her older brother with much more experience in successful child-rearing, was to leave off on this pursuit of learning from the Amish and “humble thyself and learn of me.”

      The thing with the Amish is that their system is comprehensive and entire. You can’t just take what you like that they do and dispense with what you dislike about what they do, and expect to arrive at the same results. That’s not the way things work in the real world we all live in.

      I utilize corporal punishment too, always have; and, like the Amish, it is a part of a broader, comprehensive system, albeit materially different than theirs. Call me crazy, but being totally (or almost totally, as it were) “off the grid” seems to me to unnecessarily deprive oneself and your family of some of the “finer” things in life, namely electricity, air-conditioning, … indoor plumbing. I don’t watch TV and haven’t for many years, but even I like to watch a good movie now and again, even (or especially) when I know it’s a bunch of “Judeo-Christian” nonsense all cobbled together for the “big screen” and my people’s defilement. Do y’all understand the teaching opportunities a Hollywood movie like Schindler’s List or “Glory” provides a well-educated, well-read Southerner? I mean, seriously, how could we ask for a better production in either case of abject nonsense, and proof of our postion that the winners write the history, and they write it badly, and in bad faith?

  14. If another John Brown arises to rouse Whites from their complacency, and Whites rise up to defend themselves, the US Federal Government, which is much better armed and far more pervasive than in 1861, will impose a far worse catastrophe on White people everywhere.

    Christians know and understand this in light of the Apocalypse of John. It may be that the time has at last drawn near.

    • the so called Apocalypse (revealing) of “John” is political propaganda, it was written on Patmos on 1 October 1486:

  15. Living most of my life in Pennsylvania I grew up living next to Amish communities. They have always had a low trust acceptance of high trust modern white society. From origins in Europe and immigrating to North America.

    The creeping reality is, high trust white societies are becoming low trust. Hence what’s become of placid Sweden, Belgium, and Netherlands, with demographic replacement and oppressive liberalism.

    The Amish, as much as I admire their self reliance, stoicism, and community identity, with self preservation. They are extremely passive using violence fighting back those who would harm them.

    Don’t get your hopes up on them being a white resistance group. They don’t study military history!

    • This is something I have thought about. How will the passive Amish adapt to a 3rd world America if the tide can’t be stopped? Will they become something they are not and defend themselves, or will they allow themselves to become prey?

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