Fed Posters Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Shoot Up Wynn Las Vegas Nightclub

It is hard to believe that there are people who are really this stupid floating around out there and who would say something this retarded in the context of a national moral panic about mass shootings, but it isn’t at all surprising who they were following on the internet:


“LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Braxton Ryback, 25, and Johnny Young, 22, were recently arrested by Las Vegas police after threatening to shoot up the XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas.

The incident happened Aug. 10. Police were told that Ryback and Young were shouting “White privilege, white power, we are white supremacist” and locking their fists like they were going to hit people. Police were also told that the men told security that they were going to come back and shoot the place up. Young then allegedly returned to the hotel-casino with pepper spray.

During an interview with police, Young told police that he had a weapon in his vehicle at the Wynn and another weapon in his apartment. He also told police that Ryback spent time on a website called “Daily Stormer” and that he shared Ryback’s beliefs.

Young also told police that he was drunk and angry at security because they had stopped him from taking photos of security cameras but he never had any intention of hurting someone. He said he intended to only use the pepper spray for protection if needed. …”

He had a PELLET GUN in his car!

Seriously, who on earth is stupid enough to encourage people to act like this? It is the people who continue to publish stuff like this on the internet:

… or this:

Read the whole thing.

I wrote a response out to that the other day. I decided not to publish it though because I figured it was either another troll for attention, a cry for help or that Andy had probably just had another bad date or something and was venting his sexual frustrations on his website.

Since the El Paso shooting, at least half a dozen fedposters (3 in Nevada, 2 in Ohio, 1 in Maryland and 1 in Florida) have been arrested. The one in Ohio has been hit with federal charges. If ever there was a time to say stupid things and win stupid prizes, it is now.

Note: Don’t shoot the messenger. You were warned.

Several people have been arrested lately for obvious poorly received jokes. It is an especially problematic time for crude internet humor.

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  1. Meanwhile Colonel Wang Lin, heroic leader of the White Resistance, is holed up in his secret compound somewhere in the jungles of Cambodia with his small army of autistic incels, ladyboys, waifus and Japanese sex-androids.

  2. Mr. Wallace,

    Well you have warned your fellow White Advocates again and again on what not to do. Unfortunately, some of these angry men are not going to be stopped before they commit another shooting. It is possible that the United States is just one mass shooting away from drastic measures instituted by the government. Depending on who the victims and who the perpetrators are of course.

    I strongly hope that no retaliation shootings against Anglos are conducted. I really have no desire to see either government crackdowns or racial civil war. I also especially liked in another article that you had as your number 1 point the fact that murder is immoral no matter who is dying and who is doing the murdering.

    Christina Romana

    • People are losing their minds in this country. It has been going on for my entire adult life. It is a symptom of our unhealthy culture, but it gets refracted through the prism of our unhealthy politics. Just my take.

    • Christian – Whites are murdered by the Bio Weapons of the Jew – Blacks and Browns – every single day. Or do really stupid things like kill ourselves with drugs and booze every single day. Or get maimed or killed in the wars for Israel’s land acquisition goals. A Civil War has been waged against Whites for DECADES. Most of us don’t care, and cannot or WILL not see what’s happening. In my direct experience – the Normies I personally inform about the Extermination plan being waged against us absolutely reject any info I try to impart. They don’t want to know – and hate ME for broaching such topics.

      I’ve been trying to spread the word about White Genocide for YEARS I’ve tried all kinds of tactics and approaches. People, IRL, know UI am into politics and history. They know I know my stuff. I was more diplomatic and subtle, years ago. Now – I don’t give a flying fuck.(/you are a very polite, well-spoken young lady. Sorry to deploy crude language – but my language is ACCURATE). If people ask me, “What is happening? WHY is all of this happening” I tell them. Straight, no chaser. People don’t WANT to KNOW – even if they know, deep deep deep down inside, that I’m telling them the truth, I pretty much always get the same reactions. – shocked expressions, absolute sputtering denial – and resentment and anger, before they stalk away. I laugh at ’em as they go.

      Don’t worry about us. The vast majority of White still want to believe in (((fairy tales))). They don’t want to do anything to rock the boats. It’s the praying the alligator won’t eat me last scenario. There’s nothing we can do about anything, except ride it out.

      • Denise,

        That was a heartfelt response from you.

        A couple of years ago I was at a large picnic with numerous families. All based on the girls at my school and our families. Some were anglo families. I usually do not speak politics at parties/picnics but I opened my mouth and told several anglo parents that non whites hate you as a group. And that the day of the whites dominating America will soon end. I was not gloating and was polite. They said no way. That there was the electoral college, there was the constitution etc. There were checks and balances for the system etc.

        I was truly amazed at their foolishness. They viewed me and what I said the same way I would look at my little sisters and brothers if they said let’s discuss the origins of the Punic Wars.

        I realized 2 things. One—you cannot tell people what they do not want to hear and TWO——most adults are dumb!!!

        Despite being on this website since the New Zealand shootings I still can not grasp why whites do not understand what is happening and why.

        • Christina,

          The reactions you encountered at that picnic, IMHO, derived from a number of factors. I listen to the Jolly Heretic podcasts. There was a recent discussion on one of the podcasts between Dr. Dutton and Dr. Woodley, regarding the fact that Whites really ARE mentally and emotionally different from other Races. We are ideologically …mono-maniacal We get obsessed with, and suicidally glued to our concepts and ideals. Other Races act according to Real Politik. We don’t. Countless Whites have literally died for their ideological positions. Those Anglos have most likely grown up with the “infallibility” of Muh Constitution and Muh Electoral College. We are hammered with “America is the Best! Muh Freedums” etc. And do remember – every-one form everywhere else comes HERE. White Americans, even now, as I type these words, live in White Christian enclaves, everywhere except Dixie and now the South West. Whites have avoided Negro enclaves forever. Until, really – the past 2 decades – movies and TV shows have been cast with White actors. Most Whites still have2 not experienced 24/7 “diversity”. Other Races are not “real” But we’ve been told, 24/7, that non-Whites are wonderful, darling, innocent children. They ONLY do Bad Things because Racism. Most Whites don’t KNOW about racial reality.

          The other factor is White Egoism. Not White Guilt – White Ego.We’ve dominated World Events for centuries. 80% of everything ever invented has been created by White men. We are a generous Race. Marxist Jews have played on these traits. We believe that every-one wants to be just like us. They would be us, if they could. We do everything we can to help! If we only find the right “education words magic” we can turn every one in the world into honest, kind, earnest, hard working Jeffersonian Republicans!!!! We’re so nice and kind! Most Whites have NOT had the direct experience of The Other – still – up to this second – and have NOT had the direct experience to understand that different people are VERY different, and have very different natures and world views and goals and talents than ours.

          FYI – I recently helped a very well-educated, older Puerto Rican lady with a problem she had. We discussed a number of issues, and fell into a conversation about the hurricane that devastated the island, Apparently there are sections of PR that are still without electricity and power. Her very elderly mother in in the USA mainland, and wishes to return. The lady I spoke with is afraid of the fragility of her mother’s health. She is discouraging he mother from coming home, because everything is so dicey. The women told me, and this is a direct quote, that “My people are lazy. The Americans (Whites) are the ones who helped us” etc. She was brutally clear on this point. So we Anglos (I’m a Celt!) are kind and generous and helpful. Most non-Whites aren’t as honest and direct as this Puerto Rican lady, though, and regard us as suckers. Chickens to be plucked.

          Helping others makes us feel genuinely good. Helping others IS good. But not when helping others destroys ourselves, and our Volk. Do you remember the story of Dr Kent Brantly? The White Christian ASSHOLE who travelled to Africa, to help the Ebola crisis. He contracted Ebola, nearly died, and returned to the USA so his blood could be used for experiments, and the creation of a cure. I loathe that ASSHOLE. He has a wife and his child was a toddler, when he pulled this stunt, He lived in a very poor section of TX. He could have stayed put and treated impoverished people in his own community – but he risked his LIFE, and abandoned his WIFE AND CHILD, and could have widowed is wife and left his CILD AN ORPHAN, for his God DAMNED ego needs. This is what I mean by White Egoism. Most people would be aghast by my assessment of his actions, and he’s been lauded to the skies for his BULLSHIT stunts. Children are orphaned for all kinds of reasons – but I consider risking your life, when you don’t have to, to be a very BAD reason to potentially orphan your OWN child. He’s just announced that he’s going back to Liberia. Ebola is still raging, because 70 IQ African NIGGERS still haven’t learned to refrain from eating bush meat, and WASHING THIER HANDS. I hope some nigger settles his hash for good. He’s an example of very bad, destructive White DNA – and he and his ilk need to GO.

          • Denise,

            What you wrote is educational to me. My thoughts are I would never support anyone or any cause that hurt my people. Only exception would be some moral imperative like encountering a starving group of people etc. Other than that my thoughts/agenda etc. are how to advance my family and my kind.

            I must own to feeling contempt for whites who travel the world to help non whites when many whites In the USA lack the basic necessities of life. Surely, every family and society has enough problems to solve without traveling overseas. I have heard that volunteers are needed to deliver food and companionship to the ailing. Why cannot these busy bodies to that?

            Whites will help sharks and whales before helping other whites in America.

            Only your technology is keeping you in the game. For now.

            Current anglos believe in individualism to an extreme. My people are more collective as am I.


      • You hit the nail on the head there Denise. In my experience, they do not get angry at what I am saying regarding race, white displacement, etc. They get angry AT MY SAYING IT! They do not want to hear. It bursts their happy little fantasy world. An aside: how old are you? I have read OD for years and always assumed you were middle aged. I can count on one hand the number of YOUNG women I know who share our politics. Or actually not count. Because it js zero. Probably a couple dozen young men. Anyway, just wondering.

        • StandfastMS – I am a Lady of a Certain Age, you impudent young whippersnapper! ; }

          Young women are biologically programmed to seek attention from males. Period. It’s a marrow deep mating imperative. 99.9% of young women want to be flattered and loved. Youth is the optimal period for baby-making. I do and have known very young gals, involved in politics – but most – nope. It’s boys, make-up, and clothes. The handful of women involved in WN are older, for the most part – because we’ve experienced life, and reality. Older women have raised children, and deal with real world things. My hometown was paradise, when I was a kid. White on White, lovely, and SAFE. I’ve written about this in the past – but my pals and I used to run around the town, all night long, during Summer vacation. The town was our playground. We never caused any damage, and we NEVER EVER gave a thought to any chance of personal harm. Our parents never worried; we were. overall, responsible. The worst thing we did was hold spitting contests, on a local bridge, to see how far we could spit, and the boys would jump from the rooftops of the buildings downtown, one to another, to impress the girls.

          That’s all gone now. My little town is Orc’ed out.

          Re: Cognitively dissonant Normies – I…don’t know…anymore. So many are so mind-f#cked, and afraid.

        • Aaaannnd that answers that. You were the “young lady”. I thought Denise was referring to the way others responded to her. “Your a nice young lady but please dont tell us about this stuff.” Lulz. Sorry y’all.

        • Christina,

          You are welcome. You are polite and well-spoken. I have noticed, with Latinos, the well-bred classes are virtually courtly in manner and mode of expression.

  3. DRUNK, when he made the threat ! No one likes to address the harm that alcohol caus3s.

    ( in more than half of the shootings in USA, either the shooter or the victim is drunk)

    • Drinking in public places like bars and clubs is just stupid and completely idiotic to me, people act especially hard an brave in these tense and toxic environments.

      Call me old fashioned but if I’m going to drink its going to be at home by myself or with a small group of friends who act normal not rowdy or violent and i can make my own drinks at a fraction of the cost and not get charged up the wazoo for a cocktail or a beer

  4. It’s too bad those two young men were so stupid and reckless, because under a strong, competent and charismatic Leader they could’ve been put to good use. There are a lot of angry young men like them out there in the hinterlands waiting for such a Leader to step forward. Perhaps their patience will soon be rewarded?



  5. I don’t think these “HuWhite SuPREEMAciss” shooters are Fed Posters. I think they are FEDS. The Dayton shooter was a Marxist mental case, who wore dresses while his girlfriend screwed other guys. The El Paso MONGREL has a Very Bad Deep State Daddy – mind control with all kinds of drugs, (((CIA connections))) etc. These 2 new ones – I wonder how much Soros is paying them to pretend to be White Supreemaciss Knazzees?

    Why do all the White Soopreemacisses ALWAYS publish a pro forma screed, online, before they break out the pellet guns?

    • Raping and killing children? Degrading and dehumanizing women? They’re not on my team. Jew or FBI plants? I smell a rat.

  6. Nothing like painting a bulleyes on your chest for the bull…, if they really did shout ‘white privilege white power’ then they are exceptionaly stupid and will probably get charged another 5 years just for saying that by blumpfs (((DOJ)))

    • Thom – the Jews media begins babbling 24/7 about White Soopreemacism after the Russian Collusion Hoax fell flat, after YEARS of agit-prop, and millions of Tax Slave Bux. The Epstein child raper story was getting loads of attention and still IS – and (((pattern recognition of predators))) is beginning to seep into the thickest of Goyim skulls. Suddenly – a spate of White Soopremasiss shootings begins! Ruh roh!

      Hmmm….is this a cohencidence of some kind?

  7. It’s actually a fairly high end club. Security at the Wynn is extremely tight, hard to believe they thought they could get away with that there.

    • Imagine going to jew vegas at a high end club and shouting ‘white power we are white supremacists’ at everybody, locking up your fists like a bunch of goons and saying your gonna shoot the place up but only actually have a pellet gun and pepper spray

      Either these two heavy metal looking goofballs are incredibly retarded or they are Feds!

  8. Notice how all the fake shootings and fake prevented shootings happen in the same old states.

    Yet so few wonder why…

  9. I’m really starting to hate the word fedposters right now its a confusing term to describe entrapment and these aren’t fedposters they are FEDS! Big difference

  10. I would guess these two young men, who judging from the pictures are not stupid, got into some pretty serious trouble. The FBI offered them the opportunity to pull this stunt, in return for some leniency later on.

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