Fash The Nation: Reaganomics Demographic Death Spiral

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I’m sharing this because it dovetails with my current research for an upcoming speech which is focused on the construction and expansion of the liberal world order over the past 75 years.

The Right Stuff:

Note: The title of the speech is The Unraveling of the South. The text of the speech will be published here next weekend. It will be the sequel to a previous article that I wrote in 2015 called Blood and Soil: How Southerners Became a Separate and Distinct People.

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  1. Southerns are not a distinct and separate people, they worship and are a satrapy of the modern Middle eastern state and luv it more than their own kinfolk… praise Baal, err, the “Lord” …

  2. Thanks for posting this. As a person who voted for the first time in the 1980 elections (and voted for Ronnie, twice) I had NO IDEA of all of this. My parents knew of the mess in Californication, but I was too young to realize the ‘links and ties’. From a historical perspective, my wife and I learned a lot from this podcast- and no, we are not ‘ignorant boomers.’ We both have advanced degrees- but the Media freedom one has today, is light years different from the print and three-channel media of forty years ago. Just the ability to collate and coordinate such massive amounts of info is certainly way better than listening to Cronkite or Dan Rather on the ‘Nightly News.’

    • Re: John + …. yes exactly why Boomers should not be disparaged upon … only fake news was promulgated unless you were handed a copy of Gary Allen’s book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” ….but alas this fake news and rewriting of history goes back, well, to the Edomite Flavian Emperors and the Sanhedrin of the Levitical (Hasmonean’s) – Edomites (Herodian’s) … creatingchrist.com

  3. Every POTUS since Wilson has been in Shlomo’s hip pocket. Reagan was one of the worst. I’m glad to see this rejection of conservatism and liberalism take hold on the Dissident Right. May it grow…

  4. Our White American people have so many faults and failings that I often just throw up my hands and say “we’re hopeless”. Maybe we can get conquered and saved by some other/better sort of White European people like White South Americans.

    One near fatal failing of our White American people is to look for White saviors in the form of Hollywood actors. Actors were considered just amusing slaves in places like classical Greece and Rome, but in White America 1940s- to today they are worshipped and regular White European Americans put all their hopes that some Hollywood or TV actor will come SAVE the nation like they do in their movies or TVs.

    The list of would be Hollywood actors/saviors is a long one:

    John Wayne
    Charleton Heston
    Arnold Scwartzenegger
    Clint Eastwood
    Jimmy Stewart
    Henry Fonda

    And of course Ronald Reagan who was both Governor of California and two time President of the United States.

    The Hollywood studio owners/moguls have always been Jewish – the original Jewish Hollywood owners/moguls were not completely evil, some like Louis B Mayer did love America and produced Hollywood’s Golden Age of movies. The Hayes Code, McCarthyism and just White American societal norms about pornography, miscegenation, corruptions and Communism kept a lot of the worst Jewish talmudic/Marxist hatred for our people temporarily at bay and White American movie goers wanted handsome White actor heroes, but the system was never ours.

    Reagan real world Conservative politics was always reactionary at best and backward looking and clueless at worst.

    I watched a documentary on the late 1960s in California – the college campus protests, riots, the hippies, the Charles Manson gang and CA governor Ronald Reagan comes off as a pole up is arse, stick in the mud Conservative. California in the 1960s must have been 85% + White Anglo, Beach Boys paradise. I saw Governor Ronald Reagan making some speech where he’s practically losing his mind that some long haired CA students held a dance at the UCLA basketball gym where they were playing Rock and Roll music, showing psychedelic slide shows and there was (OH MY GOD) Marijuana smoke smells!

    White youth is always rebellious, interested in sex, beer/some drugs and rock and wall – the uptight, pole up the arse reactionary ways of thinking are a huge turn of to White youth.

    Remember when Ronald Reagan was actually elected President of the United States in 1980 in a huge landslide and the Beach Boys were invited to play at Ronald Reagan’s Presidential inauguration? The equally up tight, pole up his arse Secretary of the Interior James Watts announced huge outrage, proclaiming that the Beach Boys promoted the worst forms of Rock and Roll music that was destroying our once good, clean Christian civilization!

    Well, the first lady Nancy Reagan fortunately slapped all this sh** down and dismissed James Watt as a complete idiot who had just put a big shoe in his mouth.

    And all this time our country, our people were suffering and are still suffering all out 3rd world migration invasions, our cities terrorized by the worst Black underclass criminals and Reagan Conservatives wasting all our remaining time trying to fight our kinsmen the Russians the same as we fought, slaughtered and defeated our kinsmen the Nationalist Germans, Italians, Dutch, Croatians.

    Go figure.

    And the reality is that Reagan’s second term Ronald Reagan was basically senile, operating on fumes.

    Yeah, so many times I feel like throwing up my arms and giving up all hope in White America. I do go out of my way to notice and compliment other White European peoples and encourage them not to do the same stupid SH*& White America does – don’t assimilate.

    • It is not just “American” whites who are failing. It is primarily whites of Western/Northern European origin. I’d feel less bad about America failing if I believed my people are going to preserve themselves somewhere else on the planet, but right now I’m not seeing it.

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