Kate Steinle’s Killer Has His Sole Conviction Overturned

We don’t hear much about Kate Steinle anymore.

Washington Examiner:

“The only conviction against a man accused of killing Kate Steinle in 2015 was overturned in the 1st District Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Friday.

Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate was accused of shooting Steinle while she was walking with her father and friend on the San Francisco waterfront. Garcia-Zarate, a Mexican national, was in the U.S. illegally at the time of the shooting. He had previously been deported five times, and it was not known when he reentered the country. Steinle was 32 at the time of her death.

Garcia-Zarate maintained that the shooting was accidental and that he did not mean to discharge the firearm he says he found wrapped in a T-shirt. The gun was stolen one week earlier from the parked car of a Bureau of Land Management ranger.

Garcia-Zarate was acquitted of all but one charge in November of 2017, more than two years after Steinle’s death. The jury at the time found him “not guilty” of assault with a semi-automatic weapon, first and second-degree murder, and involuntary manslaughter. He was convicted only of being a felon in possession of a firearm. …”

I wonder why.

What happened to Kate’s Law?

What happened to the man who killed Kate Steinle?

There was a big election in 2016 and all these things were promised and the GOP delivered the same old neoliberalism and military spending.

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  1. Very legal and very cool thank you blumpf for monitoring it! what a absolute joke and travesty of justice just unbelievable

    • “What happened to my paycheck while I undercut the white working class and give big business cheap labor, tax cuts and amnesty for illegals” -Bitch McConnell irish faggot and yellow fever zog shill

  2. i am sure everyone’s favorite beaner Christiana that all the cucks fawn over on this site will be glad to hear her eloquently put reasoning of why her spic race should be legally allowed to rape and kill gringos…you know, because we stole beanerfornia and the SW from these useless spics.

    • Irate,

      I am strongly against illegal immigration. I believe in death for rape and murder no matter who the victim is and who the attacker is when is comes to race.

      And I have quite clearly stated that the United States in it’s current configuration belongs to the citizens of the USA and no one else. And that includes the United Nations, Mexico etc.

      As for this particular incident? It is obviously an atrocity. Blaming me or pretending to blame me is easy but solves nothing. It is your politicians who have sold you out.

      • We ladies have warmed up to you, Christina, because we see that you are not anti-white. You are also well-grounded regarding the different classes of Mexicans and you are certainly Jew-wise. We had a rough start but I think we can move forward toward many common goals. I welcome you here.

    • No. Christiana is very well bred. She won’t gloat, or make excuses. I’m certain, based on what she’s written, that she have no pity for our weakness and foolishness. And why should she? We’ve allowed ourselves to be lied to, buffaloed, slandered, robbed, attacked, raped, and murdered by just about ever Other on Earth. The vast majority of us will throw our own kind under the biggest, heaviest bus on the road, and do it again and again and AGAIN until it’s their turn.

      Years and years and YEARS ago, a Chinese man told me, “We used to worship you. Why have you allowed Negroes to take over”? By “we” he meant his own Race, and by “you” he meant Whites, of course. I told him I didn’t know why. That I didn’t. This was right after 9/11/01. I didn’t know that reasons why. I do now.

      We have no right to ask any member of any other Race to pit us, and take our side, when we don’t care about our own People, and refuse to take our own side, and act, every moment of the day, for the benefit of the Other that despises us, and wants us dead.

      • Denise,

        Thank you for your warm defense. I do not make excuses for the actions of that Mexican man. He should be punished legally. And I try to not gloat. Morality aside it would lower me. I do not pity your politicians or the people that support such foolish policies. I do feel sympathy for American whites who do care and deserve so much more.

        It is hard to feel sorrow and care for American whites in general when you are trying so hard to destroy yourself through what I call the three I’s. Immigration, Integration, and Interbreeding.

        Now if Christina were running Mexico I have you deport that man to my care. I examine the situation and I find him at least guilty of manslaughter and probably murder. So he gets a long stretch in a Mexican prison which is no joke unless you have money or I hang him.

    • IrAte irishman,

      What happened to Kate Steinle and thousands of other Whites in the USA at the hands of vicious illegal immigrant wetbacks every year are travesties of justice that boil our collective blood in outrage.

      But here’s is the thing, th first district court of appeals in sanfagsicko overturned the conviction of this pos mestizo not Christina. https://www.wkrg.com/news/breaking-teen-arrested-for-ladd-peebles-shooting-charged-with-nine-counts-of-attempted-murder/Hat are the races and ethnicities of the judges that delivered this outlandish verdict? It’s a pretty sure bet that none of these judges on the first district of appeals are illegal beaners from Mexico, but it sure as hell wouldn’t surprise me if an Irish man or woman judge had a hand in tossing out this conviction.

      Attacking Christina for want occurred to Kate Steinle and in chambers in the first district court of appeals is a textbook case of displacement of anger. Put the blame where it belongs on the treasonous politicians, lawyers, and jewsmedia that allow and condone the violence against our people perpetrated by not only illegal beaners but other POC criminals that have citizenship in this clownworld of country.

      • November,

        Thank you for your wonderful and detailed defense of me and for pointing out the true culprits. There were many guilty parties in that horrible decision including the criminal himself however not one of them was Christina.

        As long as Americans do not or cannot hold these politicians responsible legally for their actions this will continue. Liberal Democracy keeps showing it’s underwear.

        • When exactly did this comment section become all about kissing the ass of troll Christina ?? It’s total CRINGE.

      • November,

        Carl Green used to like me until I took the Mexican side during the Mexican-American War. Article under Jaye Ryan on Cruelty to Animals. I also have justifiably condemned Anglos for their weakness.
        The following letter from Carl Green——-

        Carl Green
        June 24, 2019 at 6:59 pm

        I have to give you credit, Ms. Christina Romana, you write like sheer poetry on the delicate matter of relations between men and women. Beautiful! I think perhaps Mr. Ryan is just a bit crotchety and bitter towards the fairer sex.

  3. Reverse the races and he’d have gotten the James Fields treatment. The Jewmerican jewstice system has very little to do with justice and very much to do with war on White people.

  4. Here’s what I said on this incident. You may or may not agree with it, but I consider it a balanced analysis of the incident, the gun and the acquittal + dropped charges, and all sans the namecalling:

    To be absolutely fair, It’s my understanding that the particular model of Sig handgun found by Mr. Garcia-Zarate has a habit of discharging even if the safety *is* on. https://www.google.com/search?q=sig+handgun+fires+safety+on&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1-ab Hence it being retired from certain law enforcement agencies due to its “drop fire” problems.

    As for the possession charges, merely finding something doesn’t make you in possession of it. I might find a bag full of drugs say, but that doesn’t mean that I possess them, merely that I was holding, had to hold, the bag when I discovered them. That’s also the case here when he found the gun concealed in a cloth – What’s this I wonder?” and that’s why the possession charges were dropped.

    As for his acquittal for first degree murder, the prosecutor in this case – a highly politically charged one – *overcharged* Mr. Garcia-Zarate, something that all prosecutors have a habit of doing in any case, hoping for, expecting, a plea deal. That expected plea didn’t happen, the case went to trial for murder one, and he was found not guilty.

    (And to be very honest, I would have found him not guilty as well inasmuch as there was no intent or prior malice, just misadventure.And any reasonable, responsible and non-agenda driven person would have done the same. Even if you don’t like the guy, the facts simply didn’t support the charges.)

    What you’re seeing is just plain bad luck all around. Some poor looser smuck discovers a twitchy stolen handgun that is prone to accidental discharge and, unfortunately, does exactly that while he’s holding it. And you have a girl minding her own business who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time who catches the bullet and dies as a result. News at 11:00. And it’s nothing more than that.

    Really, if you want to point the finger of blame then point it at San Francisco sanctuary city politics that dictate that the jail not cooperate with immigration. Had a hold been effected on Mr. Garcia-Zarate, none of this would have happened.

    Hope this clears things up.

    Just a thought.


    • VICB3,

      That is a lot of interesting information. Since I admit I am not an expert on the details I can neither support nor rebuke your particular findings.

      However, If a person trespasses on land not his and he supposedly accidentally shoots someone then he still has to be punished. This would not have happened if he did not trespass. If an Anglo is in Mexico illegally and he accidentally shoots someone he is and SHOULD go to jail. The same is true for private property trespassing as well I imagine.

      I did ask some members of my family about SIG handguns. They said they were very reliable in general compared to say–Glocks. Glocks evidently do not have a safety device.

      Do not even suggest I am pro-Anglo either. Since I have been on this site I have been called a whore twice, called an animal for being Mexican, called a cucaracha, told I am nothing and should shut the f— up, and called a transvestite. Oh, and I was also called fat!!! When I am skinny.

      So, my opinion is based on morality as I understand it. And I would render the same to an anglo as to a Mexican. No more and no less.

      Christina Romana

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