The Trump Justice Department Is Coddling Antifa

This video tells you everything you need to know about U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen and his campaign against “white supremacists” which has made him the darling of The Washington Post:

Do you see the black man swinging the stick in Charlottesville in this video? That’s the “victim” of Jack Corbin who the Trump Justice Department says was “racially intimidated” by exposing this video.

Now, do you see the White guy in the white shirt, black backpack and red MAGA hat that he is attacking unprovoked with the stick in the video? That’s Michael Miselis of the Rise Above Movement who was charged by Thomas Cullen and went to prison on a federal charge of “conspiracy to riot.” The Trump Justice Department even went so far to request a “hate crime motivation enhancement” so that Miselis would be sentenced to an even longer term in prison.

I will say it again: the 2020 election is coming up and a year from now you will have the opportunity to deliver a verdict on the Trump administration and its policies whether it was record legal and illegal immigration, internet censorship or this explosion in Antifa violence and the Justice Department going out of its way to protect and coddle Antifa. There can be no doubt after the charges against the Rise Above Movement (both in California and Virginia) and now the prosecution of Jack Corbin – whose only “crime” was exposing Antifa – that the Trump administration is trying to protect Antifa. There is no other explanation as to why they can seemingly riot with impunity on countless occasions for years on end while their enemies and critics are prosecuted by the DOJ.

Note: Cantwell has a long take on Jack Corbin’s arrest which was retaliation against him by the Trump DOJ both for exposing Antifa and poking holes in Cullen’s case against the Rise Above Movement.

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  1. They aren’t merely coddling antifa. They are working directly with antifa. Cullen flat out quoted unsupported claims from antifa blogs as evidence against RAM.

    • Yes, Cullen charged Jack Corbin with cyberstalking while using Berkeley Antifa as a source to indict the Rise Above Movement. Antifa is free to engage in serial, chronic street violence and cyberstalking by doxing people on the Right and here we have a U.S. Attorney defending them and citing them and prosecuting their critics even when they are engaged in violence!

  2. Topsy-turvey…fucking bizarro world…the man who exposes a felonious assault is the criminal. The perp is the victim…madness!

  3. Good article and very true but the problem is you have a few people charged compared to hundreds if certain Democrats get in power.

    Ethnic Europeans need some type of Freedom of Association bill to be established so these things can be avoided and the slow Genocide can stop.

    • MARK, We whites need separation. Every year that goes by we are losing more power and yes, there is a genocide against our people. We can’t trust Trump to help us because as he’s proven again and again, he is a civic nationalist who could care less if white people become a minority in America or even if we are blended out of existence.

  4. Cullen is another in a long line of Catholic Roman Fascists. Its the papists that destroyed america when they built DC, every liberty we have or had, came from the WASP pioneers in pre-fed america. WASPs for the win, death to papist fascist scum!

    • Hey Harold Drooley- the one man who is most responsible for destroying America is Abraham Lincoln- Lincoln was a white anglo saxon by race/ ethnicity and as for religion- while Lincoln himself was an atheist or agnostic,his family and his ancestors were Protestants. When he declared war on and invaded the south in 1861 Lincoln destroyed the constitutional republic that the founders had created- ok you fucking moron??

      Furthermore,the weapons he used to destroy Dixie were indeed WASPS- like the homicidal maniac Sherman, who, when asked why he prosecuted such a murderous and destructive campaign replied that “he wanted to punish the south for the sin of slavery”- ironically, slavery is not regarded a sin by either the old testaments or the new testaments- Likewise Grant was also a WASP- and we all know- or should know what a ruthless and bloody siege he used to conquer Vicksburg- hell I could throw John Brown in there as well-another good old liberty loving WASP- whose actions accelerated the tinder box situation of the 1850s to the point that war became almost inevitable- like I’ve said before- you should learn something before you shoot your idiot, fucking trap off.

      Apparently you’ve learned nothing from all of the historical articles Hunter has written for this website- if you’ve even read them.They are as pearls before swine you moron Harold- pearls before swine

      • Drunk bastard chrurchill was a wasp and not only did he set in motion the jews takeover of the West, he wanted to use poison gas on the German troops on D-Day!

        D-Day should be renamed J-Day.

  5. All I have heard for decades is that we need to “stop the Democrats.”

    I am at the point where I believe we need to stop Trump and the GOP from not only wanting to wage war on behalf of Saudi Arabia but of also of charging innocent men of crimes and putting them in prison for political reasons. This shit is egregious.

    Obama in his worst days never did this – the only thing Obama did was give sympathy to minorities vs. the police which is a hell of a lot less egregious than what Trump is doing.

    • This all goes back to what we have talked about 1000 times. The White populace goes to sleep when the GOP is in power. They would have never put up with this shit in the Obama years. The average White conservative voter would have went berserk if Obama had done to tea party supporters who took to the streets what Trump and his justice department has done to his own MAGA supporters under the guise of going after “White supremacy.”

      Trump and his admin are a menace.

      • Indeed. Warren will most likely be the Dem nominee. No one will for Buttplug and his BoyFriend Booker. Yang cried on camera over some stupid nonsense – and that finished him. He’s not an actual homo, but that idiotic stunt marked him as a spiritual homo. Kameltoe Mongrel is so hated it can’t even carry it’s own STATE. It’s HATED in the most Marxist, Nation Wrecked state in the country. It’s done. And poor old Biden? He has the iron clad support of the Negress vote – which is really cruel, on their part. I think he’ll stroke out on camera before the end of 2019.

        It’s gonna be Warren,

      • Ulfric, “The White populace goes to sleep when the GOP is in power.” You are right on. This is why I am wondering if I should vote for the Democrat in 2020 even though I despise the Democratic Party. A Democrat in office will more likely awaken whites to the anti-white shenanigans of the elitists.

      • Cullen is making his Zog bona fides as their capo by persecuting White advocates unjustly and harshly. He reminds me of former jewnited states attorney Patrick Fitzgerald who got a Zog kangaroo court to persecute Matt Hale and send him to the federal supermax prison in Florence Colorado on trumped up charges.

        What I sense is that Cullen will be the future attorney general of the jewnited states under the next demoncratic administration or appointed fbi director.

  6. Chump campaign for the forgotten man and women is fake news.District of Corruption and the Antifa is their anti-white organization.

  7. It should strike some bit of fear in every one of us who truly understands to the core how fundamentally corrupt and even evil our established system is.

    On the other hand, the fact that we are in the midst of another wave of proto-genic awakening in White America can be useful if the beam is collated and aimed the right way.

    Already having gone through the Valley of the Shadow of Death….

    I remain slightly optimistic.

  8. The Republicans have always engaged in Failure Theater, but Trump has not only taken it to a new level, but adds insult to injury by allowing his own supporters to be attacked with impunity and anyone who defends them to be prosecuted while letting Antifa waltz away without charges.

    Then there is the big fat joke on all of us that is The Great Wall of Trump. To hell with him.

    The most palatable of the Democrats is Elizabeth Warren. Slightly OT, I wonder where this Pete Buttigieg character thinks he and his “husband” would be safe representing our country in any Moslem country. Has he forgotten what happened to that ambassador in Libya?

    In any case, if Warren gets the nomination, I will vote for her. I’m done with Don the Con and bitterly regret my past support for him. If I had held my nose and voted for La Clinton, I could have at least been entertained by figuring out which Democrat would contribute to the latest Clinton Body Count.

    I have no trust where Trump is concerned. I can see him signing off on gun control despite how much he promised the defend our 2A rights when he campaigned and I can see him getting us in a war with Iran and Russa.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Trump campaign/administration was/is just a strategy by this vile anti-White system to maintain it’s power. The flushing out and persecution of it’s enemies is just a tactic.

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