Jack Corbin Has Been Arrested By Trump’s Justice Department

Exhibit A of why Donald Trump deserves to lose the 2020 election has struck again.


“Charlottesville, VIRGINIA – United States Attorney Thomas T. Cullen and Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the Justice Department’s Civil Right Division announced today the arrest of a Florida man on federal charges that in January 2019 he made racially-motivated threats against a prospective candidate that interfered with a local election for City Council in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

A federal grand jury in the Western District of Virginia returned a sealed indictment.pdf on September 11, 2019 charging Daniel McMahon, 31, of Brandon, Fla., with four counts: willful interference with a candidate for elective office, bias-motivated interference with a candidate for elective office, threats to injure in interstate commerce, and cyberstalking.  The indictment was unsealed today following McMahon’s arrest.

“As alleged in the indictment, this defendant was motivated by racial animus and used his social-media accounts to threaten and intimidate a potential candidate for elective office,” U.S. Attorney Thomas T. Cullen stated today.  “Although the First Amendment protects an individual’s right to broadcast hateful views online, it does not give license to threats of violence or bodily harm.  We will continue to prioritize cyber-threat cases, including those giving rise to civil rights violations.”

The Washington Post ran a big puff piece on Thomas Cullen last month called “The Trump Appointee Who Is Putting White Supremacists In Jail.” Thomas Cullen is the US Attorney who indicted the Rise Above Movement for defending themselves from an Antifa mob in Charlottesville.

For those who are unfamiliar with Daniel McMahon aka “Jack Corbin,” he is well known as one of Antifa’s biggest enemies online. He has a reputation for doxing and unmasking them in retaliation for their doxing and unmasking of people on the Right. Just as was the case with the Rise Above Movement, Thomas Cullen is selectively prosecuting White Nationalists. He has also pointedly ignored the corrupt Charlottesville government which was responsible for the violence at the Unite the Right rally.

A year from now, we will be given the chance to make our opinion known on the Trump presidency. I’ve already made up my mind. There is no way in hell that I am voting to reelect Donald Trump and the farce that the Justice Department has become under his leadership – releasing hardened criminals from prison, turning a blind eye to chronic Antifa violence, prosecuting only White Nationalists to virtue signal about “racism” – is one of the top five reasons he should be left to crash and burn.

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  1. Was Jack Corbin’s named already attached to his real identity before you posted that just now?

    I remember this guy’s posts. He was a bloodhound at exposing these antifa scum. Too bad the federal government is pro-Antifa and anti-White. Nothing new there though.

    • Yes, it has been out there for years.

      I’m sure it is in the indictment. I haven’t read it though. I wasn’t sure that was his name, but Antifa have always said that was him. DOJ was saying he was cyberstalking someone running for office in Charlottesville.

      • Bull. I don’t believe that Corbin is that stupid. Wang Lin and Der ewige Weev have written tons of vile things about Da Ebbil Wite Wimmins – but it’s actual White men like Cullen who have done the REAL evil. He’s actively working to destroy his own Race.

        • “Have written tons of vile things about Da Ebbil Wite Wimmins ”

          Yes, they have a slanted view. I guess it comes from bitter disappointment. Like a tormented animal, they are lashing out at the nearest object, because they can’t directly attach the tormentors.

  2. Cullen, the son of an Irish Roman Catholic Richard Cullen, from Brooklyn, New York.

    Transplants, halfbacks, professional students, immigrants of all classes have killed our Olde Virginia.

    Where’s Carter Glass?

    • The first and greatest destroyers of America was and is Roman Catholic White Men. WASPs built this nation, they built the federal government. RomCats are actually worse than jews.

  3. If you read up on this man, he really sounds like a plant. Does anyone really believe any authentic white rights advocate would threaten that black organizer? Like, this guy wouldn’t know what would happen to him?


  4. “There is no way in hell that I am voting to reelect Donald Trump and the farce that the Justice Department has become under his leadership…”

    100%. I will not give one sh*t when the left destroys the traitor.

  5. “You may not be concerned about identity politics, but identity politics is concerned about you.” I would love to ignore the stupidity of the ruling class, but they keep forcing themselves into my life. We aren’t free to insufficiently multiculti. There have (so far) only been violent eruptions against this anti-white crusade from the anti-social/mentally disturbed set. When regular volk not wanting publicity get involved in pushing back, we will indeed be living in interesting times.

  6. Trump said it himself, he’s unleashing the federal agencies to hunt “anti-Semites”.

    The goal of his faction is to eliminate those who would be natural leaders of disaffected Whites. That way disaffected Whites will see no other option besides Zionism.

    While the Democrats intend to “declare war on White Nationalism”, pro-white activists may well be safer under their rule, because are going to be less selective, and they will target at least some normies as well.

    • What? I wouldn’t count on anything other than frothing at the mouth Bolshevism in the coming years. All those FEMA camps are still here, and empty.

      • The Trump administration is specifically and selectively targeting “the Alt-Right” for persecution, he said has much when he said he was going to target “Anti-Semites”, defined as those who criticize Israel or the Israel lobby.

        “The Alt-Right” will still be targeted for persecution by the Democrats, but the Democrats will also be targeting right wing normies who happen to say politically incorrect stuff, so the persecution will be spread out across a larger number of people and there will be more anger about it.

  7. JFC. This is infuriating, Jack is great guy. Any idea who this candidate is or what they claim Jack said to the candidate on the internet. This is insane. Fuck Trump.

    • His name is Gathers. He’s your run of the mill low IQ black race-hustler/grifter. He’s on video attacking people at Cville. The authorities refuse to do anything about it. They’ve wanted Corbin for some time. There’s more to this story that I’m sure Hunter is aware of. One of Corbin’s biggest mistakes was working with this people and believing they were actually going after antifa.

    • DMs not working on GAB Mosby, go read through Molly’s Twitter @socialistdogmom that’s all I’m gonna say here.

  8. Dump & Cullen are scum.There won’t be another miracle win for Orange Judas next year; When he screwed us on behalf of the jews, he screwed himself.

  9. The candidate was Don Gathers. He’s a violent BLM/Pantifa member who was running around on 8 12 beating people with a stick. We don’t need him on city council. Just another racist POS.

  10. What do you expect from the Department of Justice (sic)? Under Trump you had the figurehead Jeff Sessions but the real AG was Rosenstein. He made the decisions on far more than just the “Russia investigation.” Now number 2 is another jew named Rosen.

  11. The Congress scumbags are now on a mission to flood the US with cheap college grads from India. They want to remove the country cap on the number of green cards for Indians.


    As long as they take the jobs of the ultra-corrupt creeps of the DOJ/FBI.

  12. I don’t know about threats but he did expose a candidate for CVille city council as a violent oogabooga savage who committed acts of violence at UTR, the violent cannibal then withdrew his candidacy. His real crime was doxxing hundreds of antifa. He even alerted me when my doxx came out, I might not have even known if not for Daniel.

  13. On the face of it this seems a completely bullshit “indictment”. What are typical election campaign maneuvers, if not ‘biased interference with a candidate’?

  14. Cullen is on a revenge mission after Corbin’s investigations aided RAM and made Cullen look like a twat. These “threats” they are speaking of are simply “the politicians chances at victory getting threatened by Corbin’s research which proved said politician is a violent Antifa bastard” so that’s the “threat”

    This is simply a political attack and abuse of power. Absolutely nothing new for the Feds. It’s all they have ever done. Fuck Cullen HE is the enemy of the people.

    • Cullen is not a “twat”. He’s kike-fellating race traitor GARBAGE. His brain is rotted by oceans of poisonous jew jizz. Corrupt to the MARROW. Like the rest of the DOJEW

  15. We are clearly being hunted down Jew Bolshevik style. Corbin did nothing wrong. Good man. We need to start organizing and making friends IRL. Trump wants us dead and gone. In his own words Vamos.

  16. WN were warned this would happen, when they campaigned for a New York billionaire, who prefers the company of Jews, but the Block Heads wouldn’t listen. Trump is the lesser of two evils they said, over and over and over. Are you enjoying your lesser evil?

  17. Did it cross anyones mind that “Jack Corbin” may be a manufactured mole who is being fake prosecuted for fake crimes so they can control the narrative and outcome?

    The government manufactured fake #1 White Nationalist Richard Spencer, and everybody believed he was real until he was outed, so why wouldn’t they manufacture this guy too?

    Hint- They’re all manufactured actors! Nobody is genuine!

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