DHS Strategy Aims To Tackle White Supremacist Terrorism

This hardly comes as a surprise.

After Charleston, Pittsburgh, Poway, Christchurch and El Paso, it was bound to happen. The violent accelerationists were crushed by law enforcement in the 1980s and 1990s. Having learned nothing from history, these guys and others like them are going to prison for a long time.


“For the first time since it was formed after the 9/11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security is adding white supremacist violence to its list of priority threats in a revised counterterrorism strategy issued Friday.

“The continuing menace of racially based violent extremism, particularly white supremacist extremism, is an abhorrent affront to our nation, the struggle and unity of its diverse population, and the core values of both our society and our department,” said Kevin McAleenan, the acting Homeland secretary, in a speech at the Brookings Institute in Washington. …”

Read the 41 page document.

I’m not sure what can be done about the problem. These people almost never join organizations. They almost never give advance notice of their attacks until it is too late to stop them. They are attacking soft targets like Wal-Marts and synagogues and can be assured of 24/7 media attention. No one else has any advance knowledge of these attacks until they just appear in the news.

No one could have stopped Dylann Roof. No one knew Dylann Roof.

No one could have stopped James Fields. No one knew James Fields.

No one could have stopped Patrick Crusius. No one knew Patrick Crusius.

No one could have stopped Brenton Tarrant. No one knew Brenton Tarrant.

If the federal government knew how to stop mass shootings, it seems reasonable to assume it would have done so years ago after Sandy Hook or Las Vegas. These “white supremacist” mass shootings are one facet of the larger phenomenon. We still don’t know what motivated Stephen Paddock. Instead of stopping real mass shooters, the feds will end up taking it out their frustrations on harmless fed posters. They have to “do something” about the problem and that is what they will end up doing.

Do you remember the last mass shooting in Odessa, TX that was sent down the memory hole by the media because it didn’t fit the “white supremacist terrorism” narrative? Seth Ator called the FBI Tip Line before the shooting. He had been calling them for years. He personally red flagged himself to the FBI. They still couldn’t stop him. They were focused on red flagging Patriots.

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  1. Chechar is the most virulent accelerationist
    His website is far more violent than daily stormer yet never was bothered.
    His proposal is the extermination of at least 99% of humans. Chechar asks for the annihilation of cholos for example, and he himself is a cholo.
    Chechar is a dangerous fanatical Blond Supremacist (BS), so who’s financing his blond propaganda machine?
    When I was a kid I had blond hair, but due to global warming my hair became brown, so I’ll be gassed because of it? Blame global warming not me, bitch!
    By the Nuremberg racial laws I’m totally Aryan, so it should be me, an Aryan, judging if a cholo deserves the gassing, not the opposite! It’s surreal.

    In a recent historic article titled “If everyone is blond who needs hair dyes?”, Chechar shocked the world with the revelation that all Spartans were blondies, they refused to mix with “mudbloods” i.e. Jews, Turks, Somalians, Mexicans, etc
    Nevertheless Chechar seemed puzzled by the fact that despite Sparta’s universal blondness they enacted a law forbidding hair dyeing.

    The truth is, Chechar insulated himself in a mental blond bubble. Detached from reality, el puto desgraciado is extremely intolerant with commentators, especially “pessimists” and mockers.
    One has to use dirty tricks to post comments and outsmart his vile clique of anti-troll admins, moderators, sub-moderators and apparatchiks.

    The most loyal and brilliant commentator called Adunai was cruelly banned for a post in the same article “If everyone is blond who needs hair dyes?”, for insinuating that Chechar dyes his hair (to appear younger) so cynically disobeying Sparta’s anti-dyeing laws.
    But for some reason he is very fond of one guy that displays a total scorn and insults him directly, the dumb autist aryan wannabe Walsh. Joe Walsh is one of the few mentioned and quoted in Chechar’s massive autobiographical book “Hojas Sussurantes, Mi Lucha Contra la Oscuridad” (whispering leaves, my struggle against darkness).

    • Chechar, lol, that is one extreme wacko I haven’t heard mention of for a long time. Although he ranks as extreme even in a movement known for the extreme wackos it regularly produces, his case is far from unique. WN-ish ideas seem to make a lot of people thoroughly lose touch with reality. They might have been basically normal, functional human beings before, but once a few WN ideas lodge themselves in their brains, racial thinking quickly comes to dominate all their thoughts. They start to believe nothing else matters in this world except race. And in a world in which white racial prospects seem rather dire, that can make them totally flip out.

      • Then, hopefully wisdom will dawn upon men who will never carry their fantasies out due to their own cowardice but will try to constantly meme and propagandize the most deathpilled reality with black and white skull masked hero vigilantes saving the day to impressionable and unstable minds…..

        ….who might just do it while the sociopathic coward, like Weev, sits back and vicariously enjoys the bloodfest.

        It’s not funny anymore.

      • A Mexican with a serious case of racial “false consciousness.” As a thinker, he is in no way important, but his voluminous output meant that, for a while, he was a fairly regular topic of discussion here and elsewhere.

  2. “No one could have stopped James Fields. No one knew James Fields.” – The city could have dispersed the rioters, enforced the declared state of emergency equally, and not allowed anyone to move police barricades. That would have stopped what happened.

    Mass shootings are a thing that our nation used to not have at all, and politically motivated mass shootings are vanishingly rare, despite what the media would have you believe. That said if the system wishes to reverse course on involuntary commitment, the destruction of the family, and a host of other social ills they can actually do quite a bit. The FBI is however not a good faith actor in this, and the system isn’t troubled in the slightest by mass shootings.

    • Yes we used to have tons of assassinations and now we have none of those, although those seem to make more sense on an ideological level than random mass shootings. The fact is the FBI/CIA was involved in almost every assassination and they are also with these WN shootings. They just do a little “entrapment” (which is also no longer a thing after the patriot act, now anything goes) and take out whomever they want.

      For us to think they don’t have something on every single person they could use when they want to, is really naive and ignorant. Half the country brought in a freakin Gov listening device ALEXA by their own hand! I mean the (((Feds))) must really be laughing at the sheer stupidity – the majority of those same folks probably warn about 1984.

      • “Yes we used to have tons of assassinations and now we have none of those” – Well the “anarchist” bombers of the early 20th century got the political control over us they wanted.

  3. Brad seriously, why have people come forward and said there were more than one shooter in most of these incidents? Were they lying? I highly doubt it. Get real man, as I said before, us White males are concidered the new Amerikan threat just like Bin Laden was. The sad part, most Amerikans are falling for this. God bless us White men if a democrat gets in, we’re the new Amerikan threat, nothing new though, think of all the brother wars in the past.

    How them Yang bucks feeling now White man? Or how is Trump silencing your 1a ever so quietly and implemting ‘Rothschild laws’ in German it translates to Red Flag laws. Ya….

  4. His hair looks dyed. Who dyes his hair in prison at his age?

    Here is one idea to solve your mystery: Nobody knows these guys in advance because they are agent or even phantoms. These shootings are psyops which are stage by the government.

    Since you are still shilling for the official version of 911 whopping 18 years after the event, it doesn’t surprise me that you are shilling for the official version of these shootings including their silly manifestos.

    • The definitive way to see what is an op and what is organic is the body count. Powoy shooter got 1, ok believable. Stephen Paddock, an old fart boomer, stacks 63 bodies?? I DONT FUCKING THINK SO.

      Killshots are not that easy, the distance was too far to realistically get that many, the fire rate of the recordings is clearly not a bumpstock, but an m-40, therefore this was clearly a military operation featuring multiple shooters, you could hear multiple shooters on several videos, and there is footage of men in black standing on a bus on the street firing into the crowd.

      Las Vegas was an op by the military industrial complex. Any time they instantly lock up the case files for 3 months and then come back and say “duh, yeah it was just 1 guy and we don’t know the motive” they are lying and laughing at your dead.

      Paddock was obviously a pasty.

      Brad must be turning into an NPC with these horseshit takes lately.

  5. This will just morph from ‘White supremacist’ to Whites in general. Any form of White activism will be charged with ‘White supremacist’ having charges fabricated.

    This may be good, causing more Whites to feel alienated from that government , leading to more acts of rebellion. An escalation of Whites against zog. This has potential.

  6. FBI claims Paddock had no strong opinions about anything. Really, who believes that? The guy had Deep State and/or leftist connections. Country is pozzed, but MSM disinfo means the popular image of Country is still White and conservative. Just like normies still think the Southern Baptists are ultraconservative.

  7. “These people almost never join organizations.”

    Why would they join?

    If they joined they know the organization is targted for infiltration by alphabet agencies and NGOs. When infiltrated its members will be doxxed, social shamed and bullied by the mass media and NGOs like the SPLC and ADL, until they lose their means of making a living.

    And if despite all this, they did join an organization, the establishment will eventually use RICO like laws against its members, if one of them gets into trouble with the law.

    “They almost never give advance notice of their attacks until it is too late to stop them. They are attacking soft targets like Wal-Marts and synagogues and can be assured of 24/7 media attention. No one else has any advance knowledge of these attacks until they just appear in the news.”

    White Rage just like Black Rage is an unpredictable phenomenon. They can either deal with it like they do with blacks, by listening to their concerns, or they can keep up the forced assimilation, harassment and censorship, aimed at white people.

    “They have to “do something” about the problem and that is what they will end up doing.”

    What the establishment apparatchiks will do, is continue the massive immigration and forced assimilation aimed at all white countries, against the will of their populations. They will increase the censorship and oppression against the majority of whites that don’t want what they want. They will not stop no matter how bad things get, because Political Correctness is their Religion.

  8. If these wackos do nothing but hurt the cause of white identity I have no issues with the government cracking down on them. This will force people in pro-white circles to stop fed-posting like idiots. The interesting thing is that almost none of them actually understood the real issues at play. Roof attacked blacks with no understanding of the Jewish role in black anti-white agitation, similarly Tarrant had nothing about the Jewish origins of multiculturalism in his stupid meme-filled manifesto. Both these killers were inspired by Jew-friendly conservative/alt-lite/counter-jihad propaganda. I find it strange that almost no pro-white content creators see fit to mention this.

  9. Apparently James FIelds Jr has some mentally fragility, and was being drugged by chemicals during his ‘trial’

    Apparently James FIelds Jr was violently attacked in Charlottesville, and in fear of his life from Antifa-type goons, beating on his vehicle

    Apparently James FIelds Jr, in fear of his life, was trying to flee from his attackers, and amidst his trauma, did not engage his other reflexes quickly enough to avoid the crowd

    Apparently James Fields Jr did not strike the woman who died with his car or otherwise, the morbidly obese woman dying instead from a heart attack as she was knocked over by other people

    Apparently James Fields Jr had very good grounds for defence, if he had minimally competent lawyers and a fair legal proceeding

    Apparently James Fields Jr was railroaded, when no USA lawyer was brave enough to stand by his side and truly argue his strong case, showing the total moral bankruptcy of USA legal culture

    Apparently James Fields Jr was railroaded, with the help of an assigned public defender who was apparently corrupt, an ex-prosecutor tied to the Virginia courthouse mafia

    Apparently James Fields Jr was railroaded, by a malicious political prosecution, in the state of Virginia where carpetbagging and fed gov Washington DC influence, has created the most corrupt swamp of judicial and legal corruption in the entire USA

  10. The people is power want to make it a crime to be white. McAleenan is Irish. What did I tell you about the Irish?

  11. “I’m not sure what can be done about the problem”

    There is no problem. Pretending that there is a problem of “white supremacist terrorism” is just playing into enemy framing.

  12. Shame on you for lumping Fields in with those boys Brad.

    This was his first event,
    he walked his friends back to their cars so they could be safe
    he was trying to get back home
    the last thing he did on his cellphone was look up GPS directions back home
    antifa moved the road barriers forcing him down that street
    he slowed down and hit the brakes because no one was moving
    he car was hit 2-4 times with clubs
    a frozen water bottle was thrown into his windshield breaking through it, and lodging itself in the glass
    he probably thought that was gunfire initially because the glass broke
    scared, he bent over and this made his glasses fall off
    a crowd of violent communist antifa scum are yelling at him, surrounding his car (at least 150 people were at the end of that road)


    its absolutely asinine that anyone, after all the info has surfaced, would think this was premeditated. Are you a fucking traitor like judge Richard Moore now Brad??


    You need to retract that shit now.

  13. Let’s discuss Jewish Supremacist Terrorism shall we? I will name a few examples… USS Liberty Attack, Pinhas Lavon Affair,Bolshevism,Communism,Marxism,Holodomor,Genrikh Yagoda,and let us not forget their inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people.

  14. I don’t know what happened with other “mass shootings” but Brenton Tarrants “New Zealand Mosque” shooting was fake as fk…go look at the video of it, its totally green screen faked…bullet casings dissappearing before leaving the frame, the guy “shot” at the front of the “Mosque” was shot 9 times with a shotgun…9x!!!..and not a drop of blood..another guy at the front was barefoot and “dead” on the way in and, miraculously, was wearing blue socks on the way out….hundreds of rounds fired and no brain hamburger…anywhere!…that shooting was a crime against White people!!

    • …perpetrated by jewish and moslem co conspirators…They did this exact same thing in 1492 Spain, they were working TOGETHER to undermine, subvert and conquer Spain from within…Queen Isabella threw them both out of Spain in 1492 with the Treaty of Granada…guess where the jews went from there?…U….S….A

  15. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed- and hence clamorous to be led to safety- by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    – H.L. Mencken

  16. The key is to not look and act exactly the way the SPLC, ADL, New York Times now DHS, FBI want you to look and act.

    Don’t be a loner – become a liked, trusted member of some group – a sports fan group, a social dance group, a hiking group, a church group, end the isolation. Have friends and neighbors that will stick up for you as a good person.

    Beware of people trying to push you in ways that do conform to the negative stereotype of the White supremacist, violent hater, gun nut etc.

    Be very responsible, careful with things like:

    Racialist literature.

    Yes, most types of guns are still legal in Red States, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to come out ok if you look the part.

    If you are going to own guns, carry a gun, I highly recommend you join some formal, respected gun range, NRA group – have a very respected gun advisor who you can invite to your home to see that all of your guns are practical, stored and kept in a safe manner.

    Don’t hang out or enable people that are irresponsible or who do fit the profile of the loner, hater etc.

    I wouldn’t be paranoid, but the SPLC has at least $400 million in assets, they can easily hire bar flies for a few thousands to get you set up, get you drunk and talking about things you shouldn’t be doing and talking.

    It’s a big country, try to find some decent place to live a decent life.

    Get rid of your Cable TV – join a film club.

    It looks like we’re losing a lot, most of our internet freedoms.

  17. Hey Ryan, “what are the three things every nigger needs? Loose shoes, tight pussy and a warm place to shit.”

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