Fed Poster Arrested In Virginia On Weapons Charge

This is interesting.

He was bragging about violence in text messages? Was he running his mouth in a Telegram chat to an FBI agent in a skull mask or had they tapped his phone?

NBC 4:

“A Northern Virginia man arrested this week on gun charges is a neo-Nazi who has bragged about committing racially motivated violence, authorities said Friday.

At a detention hearing in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, FBI agent Shawn Matthews testified that Andrew Thomasberg, 21, joined Atomwaffen, a group that advocates racial holy war, after attending the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. He had previously been a member of Vanguard America, a somewhat less radical white nationalist group, Matthews said.

The agent said Thomasberg bragged in text messages about committing a racially motivated shooting in the past and using racial epithets against a group of African Americans he saw at a shopping mall. He said he would have gone “St. Roof” on them if they had stopped to confront him. That’s a laudatory reference to Dylann Roof, who shot and killed black churchgoers in South Carolina in 2015, according to Matthews, who investigates domestic terrorism for the bureau.

A judge ordered Thomasberg detained while he awaits trial on weapons charges. …”

Clearly, the FBI is identifying and rounding up known accelerationists and looking for the slightest pretext to lock them up. This has been going on at least since Jeffrey Clark (DC Bowl Gang) was arrested after Pittsburgh. Clark was also arrested on a gun charge with a red flag law.

UPDATE: The FBI tapped his phone.


“The affidavit was surfaced Thursday by freelance journalist and extremism expert Nick Martin.

The FBI tapped the phone of someone identified as “B.B.”, an associate of Thomasberg’s, and monitored text and phone conversations between the two men. In one group chat involving B.B., Thomasberg regularly discussed his weapons. “TFW you’re carrying enough gear and supplies to set the new high score, and wouldn’t want to have to explain that to a cop,” he texted his friends in June. …”

Moral of the story: being an idiot online or offline is a ticket to jail in the present political climate especially if you are LARPing as a terrorist.

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  1. If the FBI wishes to remove the freaks and losers from our ranks they have my blessing. The only problem is that these clowns are becoming the face of white advocacy.

  2. Yeah, yeah, this is like the 4 nggz the FBI arrested for plotting to destroy Dc.
    Bunch of drunks BSing each other.

    HW is right, be very careful what you say, they will use the slightest pretext to prosecute. Stay sober!

    • If you disavow illegal activity you can always speak freely because you have nothing to hide. A lot of white advocates get gaslit by Jewish propaganda into believing they actually are engaged in some kind of criminal enterprise by being openly for their own race. The truth is we simply hold the same values that all decent white men held a century ago.

  3. “The FBI tapped his phone”. I had a good laugh out of that one. Some old guy wrote that. Update, 21st century already. All the phones are tapped, all the time. Everything is “tapped” 24/7/365. But this Virginia guy, joining a NAZI group, named after the SS, is not one of us. NAZIism is unamerican.

  4. Atomic Waffen? It is possible to pick and even more idiotic name? Enemies are afoot looking for whom they may devour. Do not be an idiot! I have always said being racially conscious isn’t enough as one must also be politically sane. Most of these people who do such stuff are not politically sane. It would behoove actual membership organization to do extensive background checks!

    Ask yourself two questions: If I had a business would I want these people are employers?

    Would I trust them to be around my children, wife, or family?

    From my experience in the movement the answer is usually no! We do indeed suffer from quality control (depending on which group we are talking about)

    We lament the fact we have no big donors. But who is going to give to a group that is here today and gone tomorrow with no stability. The pattern in the movement is the leader dies and the group fragments and fades into obscurity. What financier would back a company like that?

    • The official group on optics the daily shitstirrer heavily endorsed Atomwaffen or at least humored and downplayed their antics. Atomwaffen is such a comprised group to begin with. Anyone remember Devon Arthurs the alt right turned muslim who murdered those other two Atomwaffen members they shared a apartment with together?

      Apparently he murdered them because they ridiculed his conversion to salafi islam but why would a group like Atomwaffen be sympathetic to islam to begin with? Not to mention Atomwaffen is a pro satan, pro homosexual, manson worshipping crazies, accelerationists and anti Christian group of edgy larping weirdos wanna join a screwed group of messed up losers like that? Be my guest but you were warned

  5. Andrew Thomasberg, 21, joined Atomwaffen,

    Not Southern at all. To Southrons, Hitler and the Nazis are just foreign and strange. Or who grandaddy fought against way back when.

      • Yes, this is true – Most Everything AH and NS Germany did before the invasions of Poland and the invasion of the Soviet Union was sensible, practical and worked very well. But then things went badly in the East and Anglo America and Anglo Great Britain took the side of international Finance and decided to slaughter their/our White Germanic kinsmen.

        Why should White Anglo Saxon Americans and White Anglo Saxon English go off to Saxony Germany to slaughter White Saxons in Saxony? Makes no sense. You don’t see Jewish people in New York City or London getting all excited to go slaughter their Jewish kinsmen in Israel or back in the day, slaughter Jewish people in Russian and Poland. Why did our grandfathers do such a foolish thing.

        James Owen says Southrons see Hitler and the National Socialists (NAZI is a smear word like honky, cracker, Whitey) as just foreign and strange.

        Well, do some education, learn who the real Germans in National Socialist Germany were like, what kind of music and art they produced and liked – not strange at all, certainly not strange and alien like Black rap music.

        Check out this very educational video about the life of Han Schmidt in the glorious 10 years of National Socialism before World War II. I corresponded with a much older Han Schmidt in the 1990s.

        No of course we don’t want regular White folks in the South to dress up like 1930s German National Socialists – that would looks strange and foreign. NS Germans in the 1930s didn’t dress up in French Napoleonic costumes – that would have looked foreign and strange then.

        Check out this educational video on regular life in NS Germany.


    • @James Owen,

      Your last sentence is nothing to be proud of.

      The Germans were correct and your grandfathers didn’t fight to defend Dixie. They killed other racially aware White men for international jewry, and that seems odd and foreign to me.

      • They killed other racially aware White men for international jewry, and that seems odd and foreign to me.

        The difference is whites with your views are, what, 1/10th of 1% or thereabouts, so it is perfectly safe to ignore your perceptions and preferences. The perceptions and preferences of white normies cannot be so safely ignored.

        • “The perceptions and preferences of white normies” will change once they get drafted to fight the IRGC for international jewry, it will be our job to make sure that they know they are fighting and dying like good goyim cattle for the jews..

          Some of them have already been red-pilled overseas, after first be ordered kill innocent Arabs for the jews, and now more recently arming, training and supplying the CIA/MOSSAD created killers of ISIS in Syria.

          PS, the same MOSSAD = ISIS has created an implacable enemy for the jews … an entire generation of the leadership of the Russian Army, from captains to generals … good job there International jew.

  6. Simply Romanists in DC carrying out the counter reformation like they have been doing in this country for over 200 years. Nothing new. Thomas Cullen is an Irish Catholic and the Military is run by Catholics. Romanism still rules. Time to wake up.

    • “Romanism still rules.”

      LOL. If you really believe this, then explain why we haven’t been able to overturn Roe vs. Wade yet.

      • Because ‘Romanism’ is a death cult, always had and will always be. Washington DC used to be called Rome.

  7. Atomwaffen always seemed to me like a silly fed-run parody of NACAZAI/Rural People’s Party, which were awesome groups that really need to be revived. I believe one of their members (Joshua Caleb Sutter) is now with Atomwaffen which may be leading him in a dangerous trap(He’s already been arrested by ZOG in the past though)

  8. Blompf is coming right out and telling everyone he supports Big Tech censoring those Whites committing Wrongthink through inaction, and then later weaponizes their censorship through DOJ persecution of anti-multicultural Whites. The Constitution, while already dead, has now been dug up and dragged through the streets. Most politics is now identity politics, which really means anti-White politics. All groups but ours will be allowed to say and do as they please. This will lead to more spurts of violence, which the TPTB will be okay with if they aren’t affected by it.

  9. I’m still awaiting the arrest of the Federal thugs that murdered citizens in Waco and Ruby Ridge? This act of domestic terrorism went unpunished.

  10. Affidavit here: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6422582-Andrew-Jon-Thomasberg.html

    This sounds like:

    1) His friend B.B. got investigated for some other unspecified crime
    2) Feds raid B.B. and take his weapons+phone
    3) Feds notice that B.B.’s SAM7R was (straw) purchased by Thomasberg
    4) Feds crack B.B.’s phone and extract Signal messages
    5) Feds charge Thomasberg for the straw purchase
    6) Tack on the 922(g)(3) drug charge for good measure
    7) Add in the fedposting stuff to spice up the affidavit

    Enabling disappearing messages in Signal may have helped, as it is trivial to extract archived conversations.

  11. “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself… Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.”

    – H.L. Mencken

  12. Jeffrey Clarke is out now, this kid wont get long if he shuts his mouth like Jeffery did.

    These are all just show trials designed to make you fear the feds.

    So you can all sit back in your little 2000 follower 3 retweet per post carefully choosing your words and censor yourself echo chambers now. Go look, there must be something new to be outraged about and post a ‘poor me White man’ article.

    Good goyim.

  13. This just in: Mywerdzar Ustaginstmi is now standing trial for Hate Crimes he committed last Halloween, when he shouted “Boo!” in front of a group of African American children. The children’s attorney has argued that Mr. Ustaginstmi actually meant “Jigaboo” and was trying to denigrate the children because of their race. In feeble attempts to explain in English why he said this, Mr. Ustaginstmi claimed that he had his own children with him at the time and that he didn’t even see the Black children standing there. He tried to say that he waited until his two children were looking the other way and he hid around the corner. When they began to look around for him, he jumped out and shouted “Boo!” The entire courtroom gasped in disbelief. Mr. Ustaginstmi began to stammer out, “I was only trying to scare them, you know, spook them.” An uproar ensued and the bailiff had to restrain the Black children’s mothers. The prosecutor rested her case. The all Black jury returned five minutes later with a guilty verdict and Mr. Ustaginstmi now awaits sentencing. Meanwhile, Mr. Ustaginstmi’s two children have been placed with a loving same-sex couple so that they can be cleansed of all of the senseless hatred that their father has instilled in them. Their mother was stripped of her parental rights due to the endangerment she knowingly placed her children in by not divorcing her husband and draining his income for child support, and for failing to bring multiple Negro paramours into the family home. A spokesperson for Child Protective Services told reporters, “She had her chance to do the right thing, and instead she decided to remain married to this racist animal and subject her children to his vile outbursts.”

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