Black Virginia Girl Who Claimed White Classmates Cut Her Dreadlocks Admits To Making Up The Story

This race hoax out of Fairfax County in Northern Virginia was reported last week in the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and CBS.

New York Times:

“The police in Northern Virginia are investigating a report by a black 12-year-old girl that three white boys in her grade held her down, covered her mouth and cut off lengths of her dreadlocks on a playground at their private Christian school.

The girl, Amari Allen, who is in sixth grade, and her family said the assault happened on Monday during recess on the playground of the school, Immanuel Christian School in Springfield.

They said the three boys, whom they would not name, had been bullying Amari since the start of the school year in August.

“They put me on the ground,” Amari said on Friday in a phone interview. “One of them put my hands behind my back. One put his hands over my mouth. One cut my hair. They were saying that my hair was ugly, that it was nappy.” …”

As with the Jussie Smollett race hoax, the mainstream media gave the story national attention because it was “a story about race in America” that fit their narrative.

New York Post:

“SPRINGFIELD, Va. — A northern Virginia girl has recanted her accusation that three classmates grabbed her and cut her dreadlocks on the playground of a northern Virginia private school.

The Washington Post reports that the girl’s family issued an apology Monday to the boys, the school and the community. …”

It was another stunt for attention.

The anti-White bias in the media is so obvious that even sixth graders are taking advantage of it. Meanwhile, the important stories like the fact that 9 out of 10 interracial felonies between blacks and whites are black-on-white rather than the other way around receives zero coverage. We are fed a steady diet of disinformation about racial violence.

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  1. I know by personal experience, in the workplace especially, that blacks will frequently do this when they screw up. Somehow, they think it will cover their tracks.

  2. It took me quite a long time (more time than I am eager to admit) to figure out that most of such cases are hoaxes perpetrated by the “victims” themselves. Examples can be multiplied, of course, but there is a very good reason that a great percentage of “anti-Semitic” acts of violence, or potential violence, are nothing more nor less than Jews themselves staging a crime they themselves, or one of their own, have committed.

    I used to say that there are three primary educational institutions in America: (1) the home, (2) the Church, and (3) the education apparatus, or “public education.” I still think that is a fair assessment of so called “education” in America. I also think, as I always maintained, and still maintain post haste, that when the three of these combine to form a “unified front,” as it were, you’re going to get a bunch of this and then some.

    Will Jews continue to act the part of victim in modern America? Well of course they will! Will they continue to lie or otherwise “Cook the books” per anti-Semitism and their exposure to it? Well, of course! How could they do otherwise considering their “educations” and the collusion between the three aspects of their “educations” aforementioned?

    • One ‘good’ example of ‘anti-semitic’ hoax crimes are the hundreds of hoax threats involving bomb threats and active shooter threats to numerous Jewish Community Centers and institutions in the US by Israeli-American Michael Kader of Ashkelon, Israel.

      Vader also tried to blackmail and threaten former top US Defense Department official George Little saying he would kidnap and kill his children, and issued a fake threat against the Israeli Embassy in Washington. He threatened a flight carrying the Boston Celtics, saying that there was a bomb onboard. The flight was temporarily halted and the plane was checked. In another case, a flight in Europe had to be accompanied by the French Air Force after a bomb threat. Numerous other flights – as well as preschools, malls and other institutions – were evacuated due to his fake threats

      IMAGINE if he was Muslim – we wouldn’t have heard the end of it, but it’s hushed up when it comes to another minority. Of course it’s a cohencidence that these hoaxes translated into a payoff of hundreds of millions of dollars of grants for Jewish NGOs awarded by the DHS because “Jews are the most targeted religious group in the US.” Paid for by American taxpayers of course.

      Note: It should be noted that these hoax threats were made from the Ashkelon apartment of “Michael R. Kadar’s” Israeli mother, Dr. Tamar Kadar, a chemical weapons researcher at the Mossad-operated Israeli Institute for Biological Research. His father, Robert Kadar, appears to be an Israeli Brigadier General. During most of the 2017 period for which Michael is accused of having made the Florida JCC bomb threat phone calls, he was jailed in the US and thus could not have made those calls from Israel. However the operation needed a fall guy. Once the FBI had determined that the JCC bomb threats originated from Israel, Michael, a petty criminal and ne’er do well, was an attractive candidate. MRK was given a plane ticket to Israel, departing Chicago around March 22. Upon his arrival in Israel, on March 23, Israeli police arrested MRK at Dr. Kadar’s apartment. If he is indeed being made to take the fall this suggests an institutional cover-up at possibly the Israeli government level.

  3. What will they do when there are no whites to blame? Die from starvation, probably, because the mestizos and Asians won’t give or sell them corn and rice. Ain’t that America, 2120? Something to see. You were right, Mellencamp.

  4. I called it 2 seconds after reading it.

    Mike pence wife, christian school, three white boys at christian school ?!#

    Jewsmedia strikes again.

  5. In the long run, we’re going to haf to sever the Blacks from those who stir them up and use them as political weapons against Whites.

    • In the long run we’re going to have to have our own exclusive homelands. Non White envy and hatred of our race is eternal.

  6. James, ANYTHING to NEVER see those Medusan snakes on a hominid’s head: just put them out of view— behind a wall, behind a fence, anything. It’s one of the ugliest, and most viscerally defining elements that says ‘Other,’ I have ever seen.

  7. Hate crime hoaxes are perpetrated to stir up hatred and violence against White people and only White people. Anyone involved in a hate crime hoax should be prosecuted for a hate crime but don’t hold your breath waiting.

    I strongly suspect the devisors of hate crime “laws” really had themselves in mind, projecting their hatred of Whites onto Whites.

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