Mitch McConnell: If House Impeaches Trump, The Senate Will Put Him On Trial

The politicians in Washington have long since given up on doing anything of substance which they were elected to do and have fully pivoted to political theater.

For two and a half years, the Democrats talked about nothing but the Russia conspiracy hoax which culminated in the Mueller Report. I wrote almost nothing about that scandal because it was an obvious nothingburger. It would have been a huge waste of my time.

Now, it seems the House is really gearing up to impeach Trump over the Ukraine conspiracy hoax, which makes no sense in light of the previous Russia conspiracy hoax in which Trump was a puppet of Vladimir Putin. In the first conspiracy theory, Trump was being manipulated by Russian agents who cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election. In the second conspiracy theory, he is accused of arming Ukraine against Russia in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden.

As everyone who reads this website knows, I don’t even like Trump or intend to vote for him 2020, but I wrote about how the GOP Congress had authorized $500 million in security assistance for Ukraine in November 2017. It also authorized spending $100 million on the Baltic states to “deter Russian aggression.” The Trump administration also authorized the sale of Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine in December 2017. I wrote about how it sold 210 Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine in March 2018. There has been no discernible change in Trump’s Russia and Ukraine policy which he has outsourced to mainstream conservatives.

This is obvious bullshit. It is political theater. I actually agree with Trump that it is a witch hunt. He’s not wrong either that the ultimate result of going through with impeachment will only be to further deepen partisan polarization.

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  1. Trump is right. If he is removed from office rather than voted out, millions of whites would lose faith in the fake system. That is a better result than him going out with a whimper at the next election.

  2. McConnell: “If House impeached Trump,” blah blah.

    Ha, ha! If the House impeaches Trump, what alternative do you in the Senate have to putting him on trial that wouldn’t smack of “unAmerican” anti-Constitutionalism?

    I tire of being treated like a constitutionally illiterate idiot. But I also understand that most are, so there ya go.

    • Article blah, Section blah:

      “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.”

      I ask again, Mr. McConnell, what alternative have you in the U.S. Senate in the case of impeachment of a president, to try the bastard and save face inasmuch as you are all staunch “consitutionalists”? I mean, give us all a effing break! You’re not going to hold him accountable for his crimes in any case, because, as I’ve said before, you’re all guilty of the same “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and you know it; so what is the point? Answer me that, my dear Lord!

  3. There will be no war. War demands co working, clear goal, organization and most important, moral . Bunch of scared strangers who just do not like something is not an army. When Donald is impeached, nothing will happen, just few hotheads get shot and after that is full communism and normies obey like they always did. Donald is the last defense line against full communism.

    • Agree there will be no war – Trump’s DOJ made it very clear that Nationalist Patriots are criminals in the eyes of the govt. So why would we come out to fight because Dear Leader is removed from office? He doesn’t seem to understand that loyalty is a two-way street.

      The Magapedes don’t have the testosterone to participate in a Civil War. They will be the normies that will obey the new leadership.

      Bottom line – if Trump is removed from office, that’s it for him and Juri is correct – we’ll be under full-blown Communism.

      • Zio Boomerfaggots and edgy accelerationists are the ones who keep saying they want a civil war 2.0 but are they willing to fight in one? yeah exactly no they are not, just all attitude and line drawing bullshit

        lol at blumpf thinking we would start a civil war if he gets his stupid Zionist ass impeached hahaha taking quotes from these evangeltard pastors when it suits him of course when we know blumpf would never go to church for any reason

  4. If anyone went around ranting and raving about Russian Conspiracies to TAKE OVER AMERICA in 1960 they would correctly have been dismissed as paranoid, Right Wing Conservative Kooks. Now it’s just the establishment Demorats and RINO Conservatives, Jewish Neo Conservative/Zionists that now hate Russia because Russia has reverted to pre Jewish Bolshevik Russian Christian Nationalism. Please feel free to use our/my/farstar cartoons that just “notice” that the “American” (Jewish) media is spreading absolute nonsense about Russian conspiracies:

  5. Let as may states as possible peacefully secede from this ungodly union while we still have some freedom of speech left …

  6. You people do realize, I hope, that if Mitch went crazy and removed him, Trump would still be on the ballot in November as the Edomite Party (red) nominee.

  7. If the Senate could decide to not hold hearings on Judge Garland, there is nothing that can make them hold an impeachment trial. If Pelosi, as she and the Democrats are doing, creates a “parody” impeachment, the Republicans are bound by constitutional ethics to not hold a trial on an invalid impeachment.

    • Impeachment proceedings in the HoR are essentially the same thing as a Grand Jury investigation. As such, if the HoR finds that Trump is guilty of certain “high crimes and misdemeanors” and votes to impeach him on those charges, the Senate will, in turn, hold a trial of impeachment. But none of this matters in any case; the HoR will likely vote to impeach, and the Senate will in turn, and as I said, hold a trial. The Senate (Roberts presiding) will likely convict on some lesser charges or other and exonerate him on the more serious ones; Trump will remain in office and essentially come away from it all unscathed.

      It’s just a circus sideshow, and that it all it is. It literally serves no purpose whatsoever, and nothing of importance will ever come of it.


    Why the DEMS are out for blood, and why Hillary is guilty as Hell…

    “…You would ask, why Biden admitted to the crime? He considered himself untouchable like Mrs Clinton and other people of her circle. Mischievous President Trump decided to prosecute Biden for bribery and extortion, as if he were an ordinary mortal. This was a direct threat to the Clintonites (let us use this nickname for the power variously described as Democrats, Liberals, Internationals, financiers, Masters of Discourse or Deep State). This challenge caused them to abandon caution and to start a furious pre-emptive campaign against cocky Trump.

    Their accusation is outright ridiculous: they claim Trump’s intention to bring Corrupt Joe to justice was criminal per se, as Biden was a likely contender for the Dem nomination. As it happens, the US Constitution didn’t find it fit to provide likely contenders with full immunity for past and future crime prosecutions. It’s just the Clintonites were used to be above the law. Indeed, for three years President Trump avoided to touch them. Crimes of Mrs Clinton were well known, from the simple affair of the email server to the Libya murders.

    It was expected victorious Trump would unleash the law against the defeated dowager for Mrs. Clinton’s role in the Obama administration’s decision to allow the Russian nuclear agency to buy a uranium mining company. Conservatives have long pointed to donations to the Clinton family foundation by people associated with the company, Uranium One, as proof of corruption, reported the New York Times. The Clintonites saved the old lady’s skin by starting the Russiagate hoax. In 2016 election debate Trump told Clinton that, if he was in charge of the nation’s laws, “you’d be in jail”. But a year later he was in charge, and she wasn’t in jail, not even charged. The ruse of Russiagate worked wonders: the President accused of collusion with Russia did not dare to charge his adversary with this very offence.

    Now the Clintonites decided to repeat their feat and began impeachment procedure hoping it will keep Trump busy and away from uncovering the Ukrainian Hell’s Kitchen…”

  9. This is what you should have gotten out of the Trump era regardless of how it ends and that is it is impossible to reform the system from within. Donald Trump is living proof of that and if he wasn’t a billionare who could finance some of his own campaign he wouldn’t even be in the White House.

  10. I really like your blog but you’re off base on this one. The White House’s own transcript shows Donald Trump clearly asking for a personal (& illegal) favor in exchange for the aid you cited above. Further it after that call, Trump (not Congress) held that aid back after it had been approved.

    You are not a stupid person so you must see how this is extremely questionable and should be investigated. I’m not in favor of impeachment for various reasons but if Obama had done this, you’d be screaming for his head.

    Again. the White House transcript is by source, i.e. Trump’s own words. How can you dismiss this as nothing? This isn’t the same as Russian collusion because you never had Trump’s own words making the case. Here that’s all you have.

  11. The Democrats and Republicans are more divided than ever. I’ve been following politics 24/7 365 days a year since 2001. I didn’t like Bush, Obama, and I sure don’t like Trump. However I’ll say even with the scum of the earth Bush in office…a few things got done. I’m not talking about anything for White Nationalists. I’m talking about spending bills and things like that. With all the partisanship now I don’t see government will ever be funded in the future. Democrats and Republicans do nothing now. Trump does nothing but run his mouth on Twitter. I agree it’s all political theater. It does nothing for the People. It’s only a matter of time before the Empire comes down because the the divide in Washington D.C. The basic things done by government will stop being funded because Democrats and Republicans can’t do something basic like passing a real spending bill. I’m talking about a budget, spending, and things like that and it last for 1 year….2 years…and so on. Everything now is funded for a month and some big partisan issue will pop up and nothing gets done. We saw it with the so called Wall argument and we know Trump did nothing but Cuck on that. All these are symbolic of a “country” that has nothing in common. That’s because the people have nothing in common. Diversity and Multiculturalism. Conservatives vs Liberals. Nothing is getting done in a country like that. The people should think about that. However that means watching something over than Fox News 24/7. That means reading online. That means following politics and legislation not 1 week a year (before an election) but every single day! We can fix these problems…..the people should look at us and realize that Nationalists will Unite White People and run the Government and Economy. We can get things done for the White Race. Deo Vindice !

  12. Trump hasn’t committed any impeachable offense but he has betrayed the tens of millions of white Americans who voted for him, which is far worse.

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