Turning Points USA Has Fired Ashley St. Clair

Sadly, I regret to inform you that Ashley St. Clair (aka Sexlaptop) of Turning Points USA has been fired after being caught associating with Nicholas J. Fuentes:

Nick Fuentes got her respectability card revoked by Conservatism, Inc.

Right Wing Watch:

“Ashley St. Clair, a pro-Trump social media personality affiliated with the conservative youth organization Turning Point USA, was photographed at a dinner with white nationalist and anti-Semitic content creators over the weekend. When Right Wing Watch inquired TPUSA about the photographs on Monday morning, a TPUSA spokesperson confirmed that staff had been alerted to the photographs and later provided a statement announcing that TPUSA had severed ties with St. Clair.

“TPUSA is a large national organization that touches hundreds of thousands of people all across the nation. Ashley is no longer one of our thousands of volunteer activists and ambassadors. Charlie [Kirk] and TPUSA have repeatedly and publicly denounced white nationalism as abhorrent and un-American and will continue to do so,” the spokesperson said in an emailed statement, adding that St. Clair was not representing TPUSA when she was photographed. …”

This is hilarious on so many levels.

THIS … Turning Points USA didn’t care about!

THIS … was crossing the line!

After finally infiltrating a conservative gathering (Fuentes was banned from attending CPAC 2019), Talking Points USA determined that Nick Fuentes was such bad optics that they fired Ashley St. Clair for being seen with him. She can always be replaced by another pretty face.

UPDATE: This could be a potentially fatal career move to all the ecelebs who associated with Fuentes. Is Ali still kosher?

Kathy Zhu is pissed:

Matt Forney has declared victory:

In other news, CJ Pearson endorsed White Nationalism this morning on Twitter and is danger of losing his respectability card. He’s black so he might survive this:

Has Nick figured out that Conservatism, Inc. is a Jewish scam and that he has been blacklisted for life over his views on Israel?

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  1. On the bright side, Ashley has more free time to get destroyed by black guys.

    So Amnattery is useful? Infiltrating the Republicans and getting their shills fired.

  2. Any organization accepted as representing an entire movement is already co-opted by elites behind the scenes. That’s what happened to the happened almost immediately to the Tea Party, after Establishment front men like Dick Armey swooped in to consolidate control and vacuum up the money. Anyone giving money to an “official” group like this is a sucker.

  3. Now watch fuentes go on a rage against White Nationalists and scream a million times “i’m not a White Nationalist”

    These faggots self censor themselves to the point they just speak like an npc and still get deplatformed haha.

    I’m telling you all give it up, twitter etc is wasting your time, your shitty follower count is doing nothing, 0 reach.

    Everybody will be banned long before the election, they are not going to let the orange potato win again.

    • Silverdawn,

      Fuentes denied being a WN two times. I was hoping he’d distance himself a third time, so he could’ve earned the Judas hat trick.

      Nick obviously want to keep raking in his superchat shekels on jew tube.

      Fuentes has expanded into selling merchandise to his incel army of “Nickers.”

    • Jill was an attractive crypto. Robert Wagner certainly thought so.

      Please don’t tell me that my childhood crush on Julie Newmar is also a ((())).

      • Wagner probably killed natilie wood just saying…, julie newmar is Swedish/french I doubt it that shes even partially jwwish

  4. What a strange turn of events.

    Fuentes wasn’t even originally invited to this diverse mosaic of alt-lite grifters. Milo had called off on the debate at sea, and Nick was tapped to fill-in.

    Had homosexual jew Milo not canceled his appearance, Ashley would still be in the good graces of Charlie Kirk and the rest of cuckservative, inc. at tpusa.

    Since “St. Clair” is of the tribe, she’s assured a soft landing at aipac or some other jewish NGO or play ‘his girl Friday ‘ to bibi shitpiro over at the daily liar.

  5. I don’t care about any of this tbqh. Not when the big controversies of our time remain unresolved. Such as:

    1) Broadheads vs. Mechanicals, the pros and cons on white tails. Do you really need that extra penetration?

    2) Barbells vs. Dumbells, which is the more versatile staple resistance training tool for the budget minded lifter.

    3) To vote for Trump in 2020 because it’s the lesser of two evils, or you know, just not vote in the national elections.

    4) Are the Irish White.

    Any of these would be more interesting and uplifting to my mood right now than reading about the misadventures of Nick the Knife.

    God I wish it would cool off so I can go hunting.

  6. Why Ms St Clair thats a big nose you have there lol laughing my ass off at this because Tpusa fires her after fuentes headlocked that bbc loving fake conservative jewess hahaha gatekeepers are starting to turn on their own members

  7. As it stands now conservatism is just yesterday’s liberalism and American nationalism is just a subset of Globalism is that it advances Liberal Democracy around the world which we know is not truly liberal or truly democratic but merely a facade behind which Plutocracy and Globalist elites reigns supreme.

      • Spahn,

        Were you aware that Tina Louise (“Ginger on Gilligan’s Island) was a Russian jew on both sides of her family?

        I just about shit myself when I found out.

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