Radical Agenda Interview: The Deep State and The Drama Stirrer


I had a very long discussion with Christopher Cantwell this evening about Donald Trump, the Deep State, the 2020 election and the meltdown of The Daily Stormer which is a Jewish performance art website that was created to control and discredit the Far Right.

Note: In case you are wondering, that’s Weev in the background.


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  1. Matt Forney and Andre Anglin accuse you and TRS of collaborating with feds and snitches. And how does Hunter Wallace respond? By doing a show with a federal informant!
    Please, never stop being funny Hunter.

  2. Both sides in this Internet Drama need to come clean.

    Weev needs to be expelled and denounced. TRS needs to provide a full, detailed explanation and apology.

    Until that happens, every sensible Pro-White Man will treat these people as compromised Confidential Informants.


    • TRS doesn’t owe you or anyone an apology. I’m sorry that you’re so naive and gullible that you believe Weev and Anglin’s idiotic conspiracy theories. Fools like you are why we lose.

      • What’s your opinion on TRS’s idiotic conspiracy theory that weev being a jew was “made up by Newsweek” in 2018, as Eric Striker claimed on a show with Mike Enoch.

        Any outlet that would lie to protect any jew should be cutoff completely, regardless of whether it’s Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer or Ames Friedman.

  3. Snitchwell is cancer, and was he drunk on this podcast? Yank twat sounds like shit. Brad you need to get on a better podcast than this, Snitchwell has corroborated with antifa and the SPLC, as well as feds. Not good bro. Also, not archiving, but LINKING to that site? Fix yourself dude

  4. Great interview, HW. I listened to it twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

    Cantwell can be unstable at times but he’s no snitch. If HW trusts him that’s good enough for me.

    • Indeed,
      Cantwell has his faults, but he’s one of the more productive figures in the current pro-White movement. His material is also among the most entertaining currently being produced in it’s genre. Those are, of course, opinions. But I stand by them.

      I have to shake my head at those who toss about the faux-outrage about “snitching”. That is how negroes and leftists think. That’s not us. We are NOT criminals buying into the idea that law enforcement is our enemy. Clowns who label reporting a crime that some of our enemies commit against us (as Cantwell did) as “snitching” are fools, knee-jerk cop haters, criminals, surly teenagers going through a “it’s ‘cool’ to hate authority figures” stage, or leftist infiltrators. That is NOT who decent White men are.

      • That’s an incredibly naive and foolish line to take. These rules apply to all groups throughout history who are not in power. They are the values of our ancestors. No snitching is the core of group identity. We cannot have a cohesive group of whites in any context without that mentality. If the results of Charlottesville don’t prove the futility of snitching to a hostile government, I don’t know what to say.

        Naïveté and assuming good faith in those outside of the tribe is what is killing whites. It’s sad to see people inside of our mount internalize these values and virtue signal about it.

        You are positing a false, ahistorical, liberal set of values as being “white.” Our ancestors were tribal pagan war bands who raided Rome. You better believe they killed snitches on sight. The situation we are in now is like the situation of the South under Reconstruction.

    • He sent customers doxx to Antifa Jared Holt, and works with Michael Hayden of the SPLC. This has all been proven. Not to mention he’s a druggy slob that used to make anal masturbation videos. No wonder SpahnRanch likes him.

      • Hey look everybody, it’s Bob Warren, better known as Azzholemadore! Tell us Bob, is it true you’re a closet queen? We already know you’re a meth-addict. Did the Feds cut some kind of deal with you to keep your gay ass out of prison?

      • Fact check: I’ve never sent customer data to anyone. Ever. Anyone who says I did, is a liar. Including you. I have a legally binding contractual obligation with anyone who does business with me not to leak that information without a court order. There are literally guys who committed crimes against me, whose data I have, and who I called the cops on for their crimes.

        EVEN THEN I told the cops “you have to subpoena me to get that information”. They have not done so.

        I doxed Mosin Nagant AFTER Mosin posted my home address on Twitter, and conversed with someone I am barred by court order from mentioning, about trying to get me sent back to jail in Albemarle on bogus allegations. I had his information because he bought a copy of Mein Kampf from me over a year prior (and I’m only telling you that now, because he already said it publicly while defaming me) but I didn’t publish that data. I texted somebody who knew him, and asked for his details, and then I posted a screenshot of that text exchange.

        You would know this if you listened to what you were commenting on.

        I doxed Cheddar Man, for his role in the DDOS attacks, call floods, and constant spam of my chats. He never gave me a fucking penny, to the best of my knowledge, but I genuinely haven’t even checked the database to find out. I doxed him using information I got from a 3rd Party, and what I posted were again, screenshots from that datasource, as well as pictures of the guy, which my order process most certainly does not collect. Because Cheddar is a liar who deserved to be doxed, he ran with the same lie that I was using my customer database.

        I doxed Pinochetball using information from another listener, after Pinochetball’s pseudonymous crew doxed that very listener. I didn’t even check that information against my database before I published it. Then that idiot went around screaming “He doxed me using his customer database!” which is a blatant fabrication, and only served to verify that the information I published was accurate.

        Giving me a couple of bucks at some point over the course of years, does not entitle a person the right to defame my character, DDOS my website, spoof caller IDs to make it impossible for me to do my job as the host of a call in show, threaten my life, dox my listeners, spam my chats/comments with botnets, and make false reports to law enforcement about me. ALL OF WHICH WAS DONE TO ME by the people say I’m leaking customer data.

        The only reason anybody even has the information they are twisting to slander me, is because I admitted to all of this in public in near real time. Nobody “caught” me doing anything. I do a live, uncensored, open phones talk show. I meet people in real life. I use my real name, and my real face. The people who slander me, hide in the shadows, and they deserve to be exposed.

        You have three choices here.

        1. You’re an idiot.
        2. You’re a liar.
        3. You’re about to apologize.

  5. HW,

    You will be remembered as the Dr. Van Helsing of the pro-White cause that drove a wooden stake through the (((Daily Stormer’s))) psyop. By defanging and delegitimization Anglin and Weev, you probably spared some naïve young White men from being manipulated by those two malevolent charlatans.

    Cantwell, if you read this, how can you still parrot the MAGApede’s talking points of Blompf’s agenda being blocked by “the swamp,” knowing that by Executive Order Blompf could have ended the “anchor baby ” scam and DACA,? There was no reason for Blompf to cuck on keeping the government shutdown, until he got congress to fully fund the wall on the southern border.

    • There was a very good reason to cave on the wall to reopen the government. You cannot play chicken with crackheads.

      I talked about this at length as the shutdown was happening. I always knew he would fold, from the first day, because the Democrats would literally rather let America lose a war than build that wall. They would burn this entire country to the ground, just for the chance to govern the ashes, and they can only do that through immigration.

      Keeping the government shut down forever is not an option for anyone who cares about the future. You and I might feel like we could do without the Federal Government, but the majority of country does not see things that way, and for good reason. At some point, a shutdown will tank the country’s credit, send interest rates skyrocketing, and thereby crash the economy. You heard them begging for a recession, and if you think they would stop at two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, you’re insane. They would love nothing more than to see this country completely fail under Trump’s watch, and sweep into power with AOC calling the shots.

      The Democrats have lost their minds. Trump’s best play is to be the adult in the room, drive the Democrats further Left with impotent rhetoric, and watch White Democrats give him a second term, this time with control of the House, sans Paul Ryan.

      • @Chris Cantwell Under the gov’t bureaucracy’s own rules, after 30 days of the shutdown Blompf could’ve started firing some of the red tapeworms impeding his progress. That would’ve gone a long way towards fulfilling one of his two main campaign promises: Draining the Swamp. Also, he could’ve arranged to keep his other promise, Building the Wall, during the same time period under any number of pretexts, national security foremost among them. So, your reasoning is specious partisan nonsense. Blompf didn’t have to give in. He had the ability to do whatever he wanted, and gave in for basically nothing.

        He has betrayed his supporters on every major issue on which he campaigned. I also wouldn’t want to be a friend of his. Long-time friends and advisors like Roger Stone have been tossed to the wolves. Being a supporter of his can also be rough. Some of us unashamed to be White, initially on Blompf’s side, have been persecuted and prosecuted by his so-called Justice Dept. To continue to support him would be self-debasing and self-destructive.

      • Christopher Cantwell,

        All I read were a bunch of weak rationalizations defending the Blompf/kushner administration’s capitulation to those same insane demonRats.

        Tom Metzger was correct when he said many years ago that things have to get MUCH worse before they get better.

        Blompf is a judas goat.

        • To dismiss what I said as not well thought out is to betray your own status as unthinking dupe. If you disagree, then make a point, if you call people names and oversimplify, you are Daily Stormer tier subversive losers, and not worthy of the effort it took for me to say so.

          • Okay, so I won’t say you got your knickers all tied up in a bunch then.

            It was unnecessary to refute your rose-tinted POV with a 10,000 word dissertation because it it rang hollow due to being empty rhetoric.

            For shits and giggles, please tell this “dupe” how moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, launching Tomahawk cruise missiles against Syrian installations for a false flag ‘chemical gas attack,’ allowing unprecedented internet censorship, promoting globohomo at the UN, opening up the Alaskan Arctic Reserve to oil exploitation, pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, and unilaterally withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal…was/is a winning strategy?

          • I didn’t say Trump was a Nazi, you unthinking dupe. Are you a retard or are you a subversive? Pick one, because those are your only choices.

            If you think moving the embassy to Jerusalem sucked, wait until President Elizabeth Warren starts handing out reparations.

            I can’t believe how rapidly the alt right dwindled into libertarian fantasies about abolishing the system.

          • Cantwell,

            You have a holier than thou attitude for someone that had Weev, Azzhole, and Anglin on speed dial.

            Since all you have in your bag of tricks are ad hominem attacks. You can consider me among your legion of detractors.

            I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but your behavior is best summed up as “He doth protest too much.”

            BTW, I am looking forward to POTUS Warren handed out those reparations to jiggaboos. If that doesn’t light a fire under normie White’s apathetic and lethargic asses, than nothing will. That kind of catalyst (reparations) and intelligence (White reaction) are priceless. Let the circus begin.

  6. Even a downloadable PDF transcript of this interview, would be a great help for those of us who read far faster than we listen. Thanks,

  7. I listened to the podcast of Foley and Anglin mainly to get an idea about this Foley guy who was brought to fame here in our little bubble not long ago. As expected, I didn’t like Foley who is still shilling for Trump and the lame idea that he is at least the lesser of two evils. Anglin is a better writer than a speaker and he should avoid radio shows to maintain his aura. I have to confess, I really like reading his articles although I firmly believe he is some kind of agent which is a shame.

    But there were some juicy tidbids, which were new to me. I knew about the “Fade the butcher”-stuff and the insane asylum episode before, as I was reading VNN forum (I was not a poster there) when you appeared on the scene as “Hunter Wallace”: Foley claimed that you attended conferences which were organized by the SPLC at the beginning of your political activism and that you wooed the daughter of none other than Morris Dees. Is this true?

    • No, it is covered on the SPLC website.

      1.) In 2008, I was covering the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, and my normie parents thought I had gone insane for celebrating the collapse of the stock market. They were losing a lot of money.

      2.) I was taken to a local hospital and woke up on anti-psychotics for bipolar disorder. I couldn’t think straight. After I was released, I was still on the medication while I resumed posting to the internet. This went on for a few weeks.

      3.) The person who I thought was Morris Dees while I in the hospital was a different guy named Rusty Houser who years later shot up a theater in Baton Rouge and the girl who I was flirting with in there was just another patient.

      That’s the truth.

      Aside from being embarrassing and a product of normal people having no idea what we talk about in these circles, there is nothing to the story.

      • I’m not understanding this. Did your parents commit you to a hospital because of your anti-Wall Street views? They had you medicated for Wrongthink on capitalism? If so, that was abusive, at the very least. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

        • I was euphoric about the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. It seemed to them like a horrible thing was going on because they were losing money, but I was over the moon about the collapse of two of the biggest Jewish financial institutions in the country.

          They suspected that I was bipolar for being excited about the collapse of Bear Stearns. I stupidly agreed to go to the hospital with them because I was in such a celebratory mood. I was given a shot that knocked me out. When I woke up in the hospital, I was in a daze on anti-psychotics and couldn’t think straight.

          It was worst experience of my life because I couldn’t think straight and didn’t know what had happened. I got out and was still on this medication for a few weeks while posting on the internet. As soon as I got off the medication, I was fine and have been doing great ever since.

          This is the source of the whole smear that I am crazy. It’s not true and was all part of a misunderstanding. It was highly embarrassing at the time, but I laugh about it now. That’s like the worst thing these people can say about me.

          • ” That’s like the worst thing these people can say about me.”

            No, the fact that this comment on a show during which you chum around for over three hours with a self-admitted FBI snitch, doxer of right-wing people, provider of information to Antifa, and all-round wignat loser like Cantwell probably ranks a bit higher on that list.

            You’re flaunting your friendship with Ganelon after he admitted that he took Saracen gold.

          • I’ve been talking to everyone about their experience with The Daily Stormer. This includes Cantwell who was targeted by them. I’ve also talked to plenty of people who dislike Cantwell who have had a similar experience with them.

          • My God. My parents were horrible people that shouldn’t have been allowed near children, but even they never did anything like that. If you still speak to them, or have a good relationship with them — let alone forgave them — you deserve some kind of medal.

  8. I only had time to listen to the first thirty minutes of the show this morning; I’ll have to get back to the rest later. In the meantime, let me say I think you fellows need to read Zippy (R.I.P.) thor-ough-ly. His old blog is a proverbial “gold mine” of critiques of liberalism from about every angle one can possibly approach the problem. There are any number of Zippy’s articles I could point you to to begin, but the link below is as good a place as any to start. Also read the comments to his articles, which discussions are sometimes better than the articles themselves.


  9. I feel so bad (not really, but kind of) for Yankees like Cantwell. They have no choice but to support the Trump-wing GOP even if they know he is bad news because they have no alternative vision. We can dream of a Greatly Enlarged Confederate States of America for White Christians Only (or as an impenetrable supermajority I guess) but all Yankees can do is hope their fake federal overland empire doesn’t kill them. We can take the admittedly huge step and just convince our people we have to decide to leave, whereas they have to overthrow their whole evil system which their people installed in the first place. Cantwell simply isn’t offering anything of benefit for us in terms of ideas. Basically, listening to non-revolutionary Yankees talk politics as a Southerner is the equivalent of those cheesy “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God” bumper stickers.

    • Thanks for listening to the Radical Agenda, for what was clearly the first time.

      I have never been of the opinion that electing Republicans is the solution to our problems. I did not even believe that about Trump when the whole movement believed it. Elections have always been a peripheral concern to me, but they matter. The Democrats will destroy us, we are better off with Republicans in power, simply because it buys us time.

      My strategy has always been of a secessionist nature, even when I was a lolbertarian.

  10. HW I don’t think that’s weev. Looks about 20 years older than him. Maybe it’s the Meth and LSD? To me it looks like AZZclown but I am biased.

    • I am biased against that AZZ clown as well…as in i’d spit in his punk face if i ever was near that drugged out fatso.
      I dont like being called a jew, like any normal human wouldn’t…but its what people do on the toxic comment sections of the internet.
      AZZ will destroy InfoStormer…that is his purpose.
      The traffic is down over there already..
      I think AZZ banned Spahn also.
      Lee is a fool to allow that guy to ban people from his forum.
      I was one of the biggest contributors of the site and was instantly banned for pointing out that weev is jewish.
      Oddly, HW and those that this AZZ-clown talks massive shit about haven’t banned him from their forums…
      Its like some little bratty kid taking his ball home and shouting nobody is allowed to touch HIS ball..
      He acts literally identical as the leftists he despises does.
      It was like being removed from a news media sites comment section for noticing black crime or talmudic supremacism.
      LOL not to mention anyone who shouts shit like “free Dylan Roof” is bad for optics and cannot help any pro white movement.
      What normie would be okay with people who dress like hollywood caricatures and shout shockingly offensive shit?
      I think the Dylan Roof thing was a total faked hoax , like most mass shootings it has a lot of deception intertwined into it.
      And if it was real, i don’t think its anything he should be locked up over and i actually agree with the ideas of violence, i just dont shout it in public or mention it that much online because it does more harm than good.
      I see AZZ’s snide, smarmy comments on this comment section still sometimes.
      On the forum of a person he mocks and insults nonstop!!

      AZZ couldn’t hold HWs jockstrap when speaking about history or breaking down the fake 2 party system…or ANYTHING involving WN.

      I was called a shill who was being a “turd” and sowing dissent…and was told to do Wallace’s work elsewhere when he banned me for 1000 yrs from their forum.
      What a total fkn clown.
      I’ve contributed more to the IS forum than that AZZhole has.
      And outside of his crappy podcast that he promotes on the forum, i hadn’t seen him ever comment or post anything in the 2+ yrs i was active over there commenting and posting.

      Its more of an entry level site for normies who are starting to realize the world they live in is controlled by the most vile (((“people”))) that exist..
      Seems odd that Lee would blindly allow this, as if he is the woman in some abusive relationship being bullied.
      I prefer the intellectualism and comments on this site much more and HWs take on history and modern politics is much more proactive and forward moving than those who make basic, generic observations and primarily use sarcasm to emphasize their points.
      We obviously need a new strategy in the so-called WN movement because we haven’t accomplished much since the election of blormf..in fact, with the DS and these other idiots we’ve seemed to move backwards back to square 1 prior to the election of obama.
      I don’r know matt forney or cantwell at all, but wouldn’t put anything passed anyone in this world of deception.
      I just dont get the whole “they are snitches” narrative..
      Its almost like certain people act like wignats and niggers and want you to make a stupid move like knock on someones door with a gun to solve an argument, like a nigger.

      • I’m pretty sure Azzholemador banned me from Infostormer, because after he bitched me out for defending Cantwell I responded by posting a montage of all his mug-shots and then asked him when the next meeting with his Parole Officer was. Then I called him a jailbird.

        We need to viciously ridicule and marginalize creeps like him who espouse Loser / Incel Nationalism. Every white guy who wants to fight for his race ought to be required to have a Caucasian wife or girlfriend, a steady job and a relatively clean background. The last thing we need are any more antisocial misfits.

  11. Hunter, take this criticism in the spirit it is intended: You need to learn to allow other people to talk when you are on a podcast.

  12. >>The Daily Stormer …. a Jewish performance art website that was created to control and discredit the Far Right.

    I think in this case you are over-thinking it.
    The bottom line is that Anglin is just a 4channer kiddie that never grew up. He’s the face of what is wrong with that demographic. Image board “culture” is toxic, nihilistic garbage that seeks to cause as much damage as possible. We, the pro-White movement, should have nothing to do with the channer kiddies and their antics.

    • This. I find it absurd to call these trolls the “alt-right.” The alt-right was a broad stretch of the political spectrum including paleocons, paleolibertarians and white nationalists who opposed the Iraq War. There was even a broad overlap between those groups in the 90’s, before the term was coined. Most Americans who considered themselves white nationalists were paleocons, not fascists or nazi. The latter group was a tiny percentage who would join cults and get into legal problems. Most people voting for David Duke or subscribing to WN publication were racially aware, libertarian leaning paleocons.

      These trolls came much later and bring a lot of baggage that has nothing to do with the alt-right. Let’s label the trolls and not confuse them with the alt-right.

      I have seen absurd claims from Anglin and Weev that they started “racist trolling” or started the spreading of A Wyatt Mann comics and other edgy memes in the 00’s. Lies. That stuff was widespread on the internet when I got on it in the mid 90’s. Anyone who read skinhead/oi/right-wing music scene sites in the early days of the internet saw tons of the 4chan style memes with humorous photoshopped pics of nazis, racial stereotypes, AWM etc. Some here will remember that AWM was not the only artist to do work for skinhead zines.

      The GNAA did not start troll raids ether. There were many message boards doing that even around 1998, 1999. News groups used to raid each other before that. Furthermore 4chan is not the first image board and did not create image board culture. It borrowed heavily from many other sites.

  13. Cantwell should not have talked to the FBI, let alone shared film with them. That was a terrible mistake. That is snitching by law of the street. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from fiasco. I notice the alt-right is not learning them. Weapons of any kind are problematic from a legal perspective. Possession of a weapon changes the legal status of everything. Self-defense is narrowly defined even in the most red states. The law also treats group violence differently than violence carried out by individuals. There was an incredibly reckless use of and displaying of a wide variety weapons at this event that by all sides that is unprecedented in modern American history. That’s what freaked the public out so much and made it easy for the draconian crack down on the alt-right.

    Let’s learn lessons.

    • If you think me showing off a couple of semi autos in North Carolina was the problem you’re probably spending way too much time in the company of Democrats. I cannot help but notice that every comment you’ve made on here is similarly subversive.

      This effort to jacket me, in which you are obviously an enthusiastic participant, has everything to do with the benefits our movement would have otherwise gained as a result of my actions. The whole entire point of what I did that weekend, while in jail, while on house arrest, and even after I came home, was to have the ABSOLUTE WORST OPTICS POSSIBLE while being in 100% compliance with the law.

      What the movement would have done if we hadn’t been sabotaged by Jews like you, is used the fact that I am home right now to call attention to the lies about Charlottesville. Instead, you kikes set out to deprive me of what voice I had left after Google, Facebook, and Twitter had done 90% of the work already.

      Most of the country probably still thinks I am in prison, and that definitely would not have been the case if I was not jacketed. I was working on building businesses to finance movement activity, and then a bunch of hostile subversive saboteurs like you came in and destroyed the one thing that was making progress.

      Congratulations on that, but I promise you, your time for celebration is coming to an end.

  14. So, I’m listening to this interview. It just confirms that Cantwell is not in any position to be a leader or major figure in the alt-right. He was some kind of ancap leader or whatever, but when you change ideologies, you don’t get to keep your rank.

    His takes are icy cold plan trusting. Cantwell was for McCain over Obama in 2008. The alt-right mostly passively supported Obama in the theory that Obama would be no worse on immigration, but less likely to be able to get amnesty done and better on foreign policy. We also knew having the face of the system be a mulatto would trigger boomers and make them more open to our ideas. It turned out to be the right call.

    The alt-right as a social phenomenon needs to do a better job of policing newbies. New converts are here to learn, period. The huge influx of radical libertarians and trolls has caused a lot of problems. We are still digesting these people.

  15. >>Cantwell should not have talked to the FBI, let alone shared film with them.

    So he should not have tried (as futile as that was with the benefit of hindsight) to see those who committed violent felonies against him brought to justice? What other options did he have? Let it go or turn the other cheek? Embark on some extra-legal vigilante campaign to get revenge? Attempting to aid Law Enforcement in IDing and possibly collaring the criminals who attacked him seems like the best option he had at that moment.

    I suspect most men would have done similar if placed in Cantwell’s position. Buuuut…then we have this:

    >> That is snitching by law of the street

    The law of the street? The manner by which the dysfunctional subcultures of criminals and negroes see the world?
    *sniff* *sniff*
    Is that a felon I smell? Could you pass an NCIC Criminal History Background Check* my friend? 😉

    I stand by my statement that only criminals, negroes, and children on the schoolyard that have such a knee-jerk hatred toward alleged “snitches”.

    *- As I have mentioned in previous posts, we really should show all criminals the door in this movement. They bring with them a whole bunch of baggage that we simply can’t afford to tolerate. They also can’t be trusted and their amoral way of looking at the world is destructive. (There are exceptions of course as pure political prisoners do exist. For example if Matt Hale were released tomorrow, I’m sure most would gladly overlook his criminal record) I used to be involved with a militia group until I got too old to play soldier on the weekends. The first step they took when vetting a potential member was to run an NCIC check. A felony conviction, or even more than one or two arrests was an automatic decline. Membership groups in our movement would do well to emulate that practice. It would have prevented the involvement of creatures such as “Weev” and “Azz” if nothing else.

    • Do you know another group that has a very rational hatred and fear of snitches? Political dissidents.

      You’re treating this situation like it’s a happy Sunday outing in which ZOG is impartial, fair, restrained, honorable, and wants the best for everyone.

      They have declared anyone who is remotely pro-White to be an Enemy of the State. They’ve been seizing people over trivialities and charging them as “White supremacist terrorists.”

      You’re blundering about incautiously thinking that you’re safe in a system that hates you and wants you and your kind destroyed and replaced. Which even openly states this to be the case. Which charges nationalists with felonies and imprisons them for years for defending themselves, while releasing the Antifa aggressors with “time served” on misdemeanors. Which jails some guy for 400+ years because he had a traffic accident while his car was being attacked by mob, Which liferuins people who are doxed so they can’t work again.

      :Let me see if this can get through your dense, moronic skull. You ARE a criminal and an enemy to these people because you want to keep your country. If you think that snitches are no risk to dissidents calling out a hostile, malevolent system desperate to retain its power and recognizing no limits except what it can get away with — which includes Waco and Ruby Ridge — then you are a fool, a danger to yourself, and a danger to everyone who might be exposed as a dissident through your incaution.

      Either learn and practice opsec and avoid snitches, or stop being involved in politics at all, because it’s not a polite, friendly, good-natured game.

      • We’re not involved in criminal activity.

        The easiest way to avoid getting ensnared by the actual feds is to avoid people who celebrate or encourage criminal activity. Weev, for example, lives in Transnistria because it is a non-extradition country. He also suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

      • Anybody who runs around calling themselves a “wignat” at this point is just asking to be identified as a bad actor. That phrasing had humor and usefulness in the immediate wake of Ricky Vaughn’s exposure, but once you idiots tried to jacket me, smart people figured out that Bowl Patrol/Atomwaffen was just the other piece of bread on that Kosher Sandwich, and your cover was blown.

        What’s funny is how stupid you kikes take the goyim for, and to your credit, the assessment worked for a time. But it has run its course. That’s always the thing with Jews. You’re clever, but you don’t know when to quit, and you’re about to get reminded for the 110th time why that’s a bad idea.

        The “wignats” hailed me as their hero for well over a year after it came out that I was going to the FBI. You didn’t just accept that I was talking to the FBI, you screamed JEW at everyone who questioned the wisdom of it, even people who had honest inquiries, which in hindsight, was obviously part of the op. I was happy to answer questions, that’s why I do a live call in show, but you retards got away with making those discussions impossible because I was blinded by my anger while I was in Virginia. That fog, you’re surely regretting to find, has cleared.

        You put your fangs in me, DS put theirs in TRS, and Heel Turn latched onto Spencer.

        Then you stoked factional conflict between Alt Right media outlets the same way Jews have been stoking conflict between Europeans for as long as we’ve got written history to record it.

        I shouldn’t be giving you tactical advice, but I feel like mocking you, so here it is.

        Next time, lick your finger and stick it in the air every once in awhile, to see which way the wind is blowing. Every single time, you come so close to total domination of a people, and then you get cocky, and you do stupid crap like this. Today, “wignat” is to White Nationalism what tranny is to feminism. It’s conspicuous, and only retards are falling for it.

        Also, be more careful in your target selection when you’re dealing with people who may actually have read Mein Kampf. You can cause a guy a great deal of grief by talking shit about him online, obviously, but if he’s an honest person with a good reputation amongst thousands of people, he doesn’t have to clear his name. He only has to outlast you, which I’ve clearly done already. Once that happens, people remember this quote, and he rises quickly.

        “Within less than two years I had gained a clear understanding of Social Democracy, in its teaching and the technique of its operations.

        I recognized the infamy of that technique whereby the movement carried on a campaign of mental terrorism against the bourgeoisie, who are neither morally nor spiritually equipped to withstand such attacks. The tactics of Social Democracy consisted in opening, at a given signal, a veritable drum-fire of lies and calumnies against the man whom they believed to be the most redoubtable of their adversaries, until the nerves of the latter gave way and they sacrificed the man who was attacked, simply in the hope of being allowed to live in peace. But the hope proved always to be a foolish one, for they were never left in peace.

        The same tactics are repeated again and again, until fear of these mad dogs exercises, through suggestion, a paralysing effect on their Victims.

        Through its own experience Social Democracy learned the value of strength, and for that reason it attacks mostly those in whom it scents stuff of the more stalwart kind, which is indeed a very rare possession. On the other hand it praises every weakling among its adversaries, more or less cautiously, according to the measure of his mental qualities known or presumed. They have less fear of a man of genius who lacks will-power than of a vigorous character with mediocre intelligence and at the same time they highly commend those who are devoid of intelligence and will-power.” ~ Adolf Hitler

        Have fun hanging out with Matt Forney and the other incels, Jew.

    • Yes, we should join honey pot militia groups that gather intelligence on dissidents. We are an intellectual movement, but we must follow the rules of dissidents through history. We don’t talk to hostile agents who specialize in infiltration and subversion. They best way to stop the subversion is to have no interaction with the authorities beyond routine matters. Any lawyer or establishment trained activist would recommend that for anyone operating under a hostile regime. It’s how US government backed groups operate in targeted countries. That’s common sense. Making it sound sinister is foolish.

      Part of why all successful dissident, radical and counter cultural movements in history, no matter how non-violent and strictly legal, have a no snitching code is too keep trust levels high, minimize risk and provide a firm guideline for how to deal with government agents. It works and avoids confusion. Just like any lawyer would advise a client under investigation to have no contact, even small talk, with investigators, any sane political dissident adopts the same approach.

      Notice this guy is characterizing a core in-group reinforcing behavior as “criminal and nigger,” when in reality, it is a universal trait of groups under oppression by governments. We sniff out the agents by their actions. People who fed post are treated as feds. Background checks simply do not work because the government has the power to make everything look clean. Mark Collett of the BNP discussed this very fact recently on his show. He knows from real world experience, being a senior official in the most successful nationalist party and political campaign ever in the English speaking world.

    • It was not futile. The people who are trying to make it look that way are hostiles. They are muddying the waters to discredit me, specifically because I am the one who has done more than anyone to save our people from complete destruction.

      The information I provided to authorities was 100% exculpatory. Otherwise, why would I provide it? If what I showed was in any way incriminating, I would only be incriminating myself. It would have been in my best interests to delete those videos before I went to jail, not give them to my lawyer. This was the whole entire point of wearing the fucking camera, everybody at both meetings knew I was recording, I told them about it, and they agreed.

      What we will never know, is how many arrests I PREVENTED. I have video proof that we coordinated with law enforcement on the UVA torch march. I have video proof that we discussed AVOIDING VIOLENCE. I have Eli Mosely on video saying “NO VIOLENCE!”

      You are out of your mind if you think telling the FBI that did not save lives. Before I went to talk to the feds, the only people talking to them were the Reds, and the Reds were lying their asses off.

      Go read the Plaintiffs’ complaint in Sines v Kessler. They specifically told the court that the meeting I recorded was a violent criminal conspiracy to attack innocent minorities. My video proves that 100% false. They told the same thing to the FBI, and you can be absolutely goddamn certain that the FBI would have been rounding up a lot more people, had I not dissuaded them from that view.

      The FBI went out and made a few arrests on conspiracy to riot charges, and to the best of my knowledge, none of those people were caught on my camera. The evidence against them was from open source video of them actually fighting, however justified, and their own social media footprints.

      If I did not DISPROVE the LIE about that meeting, you can bet they would have called the entire event a violent conspiracy, and rounded up dozens if not hundreds of people on those grounds. If you think we’re a circular firing squad now, I can promise you it would have been a lot worse once these loud mouth shitposters were facing fed time. These losers wouldn’t just snitch, they would fabricate to save their asses.

      “Hunter Wallace tried to sell me Zyklon B! Cantwell has nuclear weapons! Spencer procures women for Epstein! Anything, please, just don’t put me in there with the blacks PLEASE!”

      The truth was on our side, I told the truth, and we are all VERY FORTUNATE that I had evidence to back it up, because these people were not about to take our word for it.

      • Personally I don’t care for the name goytalk or fashthenation for that matter, its just bad optics an is stupid Pick a better name ffs it isn’t that hard, word association is important goytalk sounds like something a Zionist jew would come up with for stupid wn goys. Seriously what a dumb name

  16. Really informative show. You’ve definitely done your homework on weev and Anglin, job well done, Sir.

    Weev is worse than what I had first thought. He really is a high level subversive Jew that absolutely should be expelled and then shunned. Anglin as well.

    Anglin is the real traitor in all of this providing that he really is White, which is certainly debatable. Weev is just doing what jews naturally do, and Azzmador is just run of the mill garage, a filthy thief and junkie.

  17. Weev is a Jew, and Enoch is a Jew. So why are people even taking sides in this debate?

    Neither the Daily Stormer nor The Right Stuff is the real white deal. Even if the Daily Stormer were, its endless demeaning of white women and promotion of Asian cheesecake means that only the insane and the mentally retarded could possibly consider it pro-white.

  18. I’ve seen it mentioned numerous times that Enoch is a Jew. If anyone has any evidence of that please post a link. I don’t know much about TRS and don’t care for their show, so I don’t lean towards or against them, I did find it odd that he was (is?) married to a Jew and she was on the shows. But he may have woken up after he married her, so I don’t really have an issue with that aspect of it.

    There is no question about Anglin, weev and Azzmador. They are running a troll on everyone and laughing all the way to the bank. Doubtful that Anglin is actually an agent, but he’s definitely an informant. Weev, the Jew, is without a doubt working with the Feds and probably being directly funded by the United States government.

    Azzmador is also definitely working as an informant. He is a degenerate piece of garbage. He no doubt is working off some criminal charges related to thievery and drugs. He is a lowlife and the Feds love people like him because they are comprised and of low character so rating out people they are close to doesn’t morally bother them. Azzmador seems like the kind of person that would sell his own kids out for some meth and booze. Just really trashy. He fits right in with Anglin and weev, however is not nearly as intelligent as either of them. He is just a vagrant and a dope addict that steals checks.

    I tried to listen to the Forney and Anglin interview but couldn’t stomach those two, they are very annoying to listen too, I’ll try again tomorrow.

  19. What proof is there that Enoch’s DNA was used in the test and that the test was above board?

    How does an article in the New Yorker prove that Enoch is white?

    In the 18.01.17 edition of the Rebel Shoah podcast, at the 1.26.11 mark, Enoch had this to say: “But in terms of who’s going to be part of this movement, I would say, yeah, like, you know, it’s gotta be white people and, really, Jews should be excluded. And if you are going to let in a mixed Jewish person, they really have to have done something to earn that. And I think in my case I did.”


  20. “Enoch has a weird combination of Serbian/Norwegian ancestry and his DNA test reflects that.” -HW

    That doesn’t disprove what he said, besides he was (is) married to a jew. What better way to control the opposition but to lead it. Point blank, I’ve never trusted any one of you so called alt-right intellectuals who get off pissing on eachother legs.

    In my opinion Cantwell, Anglin and Enoch can all go to hell, especially Cantwell the studdering fool trying to convince people of his ‘right’ doing. Cantwell even admitted the money was more important. What more evidence do you need?

    Cantwell, get a job you bum if money is that more important! BTW I hope your cringe podcasts burn in hell with you and people who worship you find out who the flip flop studdering Cantwell really is, just a money hungry cringe far right podcaster who sold his soul to the Feds. That Vice documentary sums it all up, art intimatading life.

    • When you use sexual humor in your name, it’s a dead giveaway that you’re a jew. Also, anybody who listens to me knows I don’t stutter, I’m literally amongst the greatest verbal talents in all of political talk. You are bad at your job, shlomo. Lies must be credible. Go back to banking.

      • Grifter Cantwell is everyone who disagrees with you a jew? My commenting name is just a reminder what will be coming in the near future if certain people retain power in clown world. You may have verbal talents but your idiocy overpowers that. You’re nothing but a begging grifter fed snitch, anyone associated with you should run away and the ones that don’t, I don’t feel sorry for. That Vice documentary was spot on about you, a big mouthed babbling crying grifter that latched on to the alt-right for fame and money. I can see it on your website “I NEED MONEY” lol… Burn in hell.

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