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    • Say what you want bout malkin but shes at least is a true principaled conservative a rare thing i know. She pissed off the heebs, neocons at cpac with her speech and now trump is turning on his most loyal followers and disavowing them because they are exposing his lies like coulter. Potato president deserves his heeb betrayals the shabbos goy bastard

  1. RAMZ is going from strength to strength. Offers better leadership and vision than that Macron-loving preener Richard Spencer.

    • Some of us thought Spencer was going to be the Dissident Right leader we were looking for. But he turned out to be just another narcissistic e-celeb whose 15 minutes of fame are over.

  2. Michelle “No Nose” Malkin a graduate of White hating Oberlin College, and home of the “White Squirrels”.

  3. RamZPaul has the best takes of anyone in the alt-right now.

    We need to be more like him and move away from the edge lord stuff.

  4. More evidence Trump is weak and ineffective. Isn’t one coup attempt evidence enough to start making mass arrests and indictments? Is this all political theater or do they have video evidence of him making out with a 12 year old?

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