The Case Against Trump In 2020

Robert Hampton at Counter-Currents, a website dedicated to building the metapolitical vanguard of White Nationalism, has penned an article called The Case for Trump in 2020. In the article, he makes the case that the Dissident Right needs to rally behind Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign because our fortunes are tied to his, the alternative which is likely to be Elizabeth Warren is worse and because the wignats are motivated by sheer knee jerk hatred of the man.

Now that the 2020 election cycle is underway, it was inevitable that we would start to hear the desperate cries from the mainstreamers to come on back to the GOP. We go through this every two years with varying degrees of populist enthusiasm. 2010 and 2016 were wave election years for the GOP. 2008 and 2018 were wave election years for the Democrats. This cycle is going to be extremely tough for the mainstreamers to make their pitch because it is conceded at the outset that Donald Trump has failed as a president in almost every possible way.

Donald Trump has presided over the demise of free speech on the internet and free association in the streets which has set us back from where we were in the salad days of 2016. His administration is presiding over a state crackdown on White Nationalism while it has been a boon to Antifa. He has presided over a surge in both legal and illegal immigration. He has presided over an intensification of political correctness. Although he hasn’t started a foreign war yet, he has failed to make a dent in the American Empire. His trade policies have largely been ineffective. The suicide and opioid epidemic in White America continues to take its brutal toll.

Now, it would be unfair to say that Donald Trump is without accomplishments to bring to the table to make his case for reelection in 2020. He brings with him the familiar conservative agenda of tax cuts, deregulation, conservative justices and record military budgets which is the agenda we would have gotten under any Republican president. He brings with him the lowest black, Hispanic and Asian-American unemployment rate in 50 years. He brings with him criminal justice reform which he did for the Koch Brothers. He moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, ended the Iran Deal, recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and pardoned Sholom Rubashkin. He brings with him the Grift Right which is the intellectual vanguard of Trumpism. The Overton Window shifted and now homosexuality has been embraced by the Right.

In 2016, Donald Trump ran an exciting insurgent campaign on a compelling nationalist and populist vision of the future, but after he won the election he sold out to the Republican donor class. He outsourced the MAGA agenda to the GOP Congress which blocked his nationalist agenda while using him as a rubber stamp for their own conservative agenda. In the 2020 election, Donald Trump has Charlie Kirk running a boring establishment campaign on boilerplate conservative themes like “capitalism vs. socialism.” He is running purely on fear and not being a Democrat like Elizabeth Warren because his old agenda was quietly thrown in the trash by his donors who want a mandate for pure Zionism and dismantling the existing welfare state.

What is Trump’s vision for a second term? Well, he might start a war with Iran after being held back by the fear that it would cost him reelection. I’m sure there will be a slew of new scandals. Seeing how much the Republican donor class has invested in Trump’s 2020 campaign, it is safe to say that a Trump second term will be pushing for whatever those people want for the next four years none of which will be “nationalist” or “populist.” To the extent the Republican Party has power, it will use it to push Charles Koch and Sheldon Adelson’s agenda and the conservative base will interpret that as “winning” while consuming “Trust the Plan” baby food from Q.

I want you to try a mental experiment.

I want you to close your eyes and think of the year 2024 with a 78-year-old Donald Trump still in office with his Twitter account. The WITCH HUNT has lasted for eight years. Can you imagine White Nationalism being in a stronger position at the end of a Trump second term? How about generic “nationalism” or “populism” in light of the agenda he is running on? When I close my eyes and think about it, I can only see an enervation of these things.

In a Donald Trump vs. Elizabeth Warren race, I think the result would be closer, but Warren would still emerge victorious for the following reasons. The Democratic base will show up for Warren which wasn’t inspired by Hillary. It was this more than anything else that cost her the presidency due to lower black and Millennial turnout. The demographics are less favorable. Donald Trump’s base has shrunk in key swing states. If we threw all our support behind him (SPOILER: there is no scenario where we get anything out of it), it is unlikely he would win with his Charlie Kirk campaign. The coalition that Donald Trump had in 2016 is no longer in the cards.

If the wignats aren’t feeling it in 2020, this portends doom for the Trump campaign. This is because the people who are denounced as wignats are a subsection of a very well known cynical slice of the rightwing electorate – Market Skeptical Republicans who are disaffected White working class voters, largely from rural areas and small towns, who incline toward populism and nationalism and who either lean Republican or are Independent voters. It is true that 90% of Republicans support Donald Trump and with their combined support he is currently standing at 40% in the polls. It is true that Core Conservatives, Country First Conservatives and New Era Enterprisers (i.e., the GOP) will support him in 2020, but he didn’t win in the first place with the Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio electorate. He won because Hillary failed to mobilize the Obama coalition and because he cobbled together a nationalist and populist coalition with these disaffected voters. It was these voters who were the keystone of Trump’s winning coalition and the reason why he stunned the world by winning Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan. Even if we were inclined to save Trump, he would still likely lose. Even if he won by some miracle, he would continue to drain us as an albatross while discrediting nationalism.

I suppose it is true that the Alt-Right became a major phenomenon during Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, but this is 2019 and the Alt-Right as a movement died a long time ago. Once the election was over and it had served its purposes as a Trump cheerleading squad, it was kneecapped and thoroughly marginalized which had been the plan all along. The Jews and homosexuals of the Grift Right quickly became the official “pro-Trump” cheerleading squad on the internet. Conservatives took over the administration. The GOP Congress has officially condemned White Nationalism at least three times since 2016. Seeing how the Alt-Right died during the Trump presidency, it seems strange that the survivors of that fiasco would want to give it another whirl. In retrospect, the growth of that time period was ruinous. It was not the sort of growth we needed. Back then, we could at least say in our defense that we didn’t know what we know now.

The thing that made Donald Trump’s insurgent campaign in 2016 so exciting to the Dissident Right was that he seemed to be challenging the decentralized two-story totalitarian state. In our regime, there are two official stories – conservative liberalism and progressive liberalism – which define the parameters of mainstream discourse. White Nationalism is excluded from the “mainstream” because there is a consensus on this issue between conservative liberals and progressive liberals. The respectable national conversation occurs within the confines of the narrow window of disagreement between these two poles of liberalism. From our perspective, Donald Trump initially seemed like he was engaged in a hostile takeover of conservative liberalism and that he intended to replace that pole of the mainstream with the story of National Populism. Nothing of the sort of ever occurred for a variety of reasons. Conservatism, Inc. survived and neutered the Trump presidency and successfully bent it to its will.

During the Trump presidency, conservative liberalism has continued to perform its traditional function within the two-story totalitarian state. It has assimilated and stabilized the LGBTQ social revolution of the Obama era into mainstream conservatism while continuing to push the frontiers of economic liberalism in the tradition of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. It has continued to marginalize the Dissident Right. It has continued to cater to the Jewish donors who own both poles of the “mainstream” in the United States with the result being that we inevitably get ultra-Zionism or social liberalism as the verdict of every election.

If you look at the history of conservative liberalism, it always follows behind progressive liberalism and performs its function of assimilating social revolutions into mainstream conservatism. Initially, it opposed the Civil Rights Movement during the Barry Goldwater campaign on libertarian grounds, but after its triumph it assimilated MLK as a conservative hero as the “mainstream” shifted to the Left. It assimilated both the modernism of the counter-culture and the Sexual Revolution. It assimilated identity politics, multiculturalism and political correctness which is the reason why White identity politics is uniquely stigmatized. Rest assured, the progressive liberalism of today will inevitably become the conservative liberalism of tomorrow and in spite of knowing how the system works we continue to treat the story it tells as plausible.

In the eyes of conservative liberalism, Nick Fuentes is blacklisted as bad optics and as we recently saw anyone who even associates with Nick Fuentes and is seen in the same room can have their career ruined. In contrast, drag queens are performing at Trump rallies now. Nick Fuentes is banned from attending CPAC. Will Lady MAGA be speaking there next year?


I’m joking, of course, about Nick being bad optics. Is he seriously worse optics than this? He just isn’t kosher enough to be accepted within True Conservatism.

While it is true that violent accelerationism doesn’t work as a strategy, mainstreaming doesn’t work as a strategy either. If you have the wrong opinions on key issues or associate with the wrong people, you will inevitably be blacklisted as bad optics. If you try to infiltrate Conservatism, Inc. and keep your head down, you will inevitably be purged. The partisan dynamic that goes on between conservative liberalism and progressive liberalism will ensure that the result is always more liberalism. Regardless of who wins in the 2020 election, one thing is absolutely certain about the outcome … the Dissident Right will still be a critical fringe.

The Dissident Right is marginalized by the mainstream Right which polices the boundaries of respectable discourse for its dancing partner the mainstream Left. Virtually every negative thing that we have to put up with whether it is doxxing or street violence or the loss of personal income or social ostracism is the result of being stigmatized by the mainstream Right and having no representation in mainstream politics. By voting for the mainstream Right and treating the story of conservative liberalism as plausible and legitimate and accepting our role as being the niggers of conservatism and having no representation, we are reinforcing our own marginalization.

In 2021, the Dissident Right is not going to have any representation in mainstream politics and everyone who is involved in it will still be blacklisted. Whether it is violent Antifa or Big Tech censorship, we have no one in mainstream politics who represents our interest and that is by design in the two-story totalitarian state. I suppose there are a handful of scattered voices like Sen. Josh Hawley who make some of our points, but he isn’t up for reelection in 2020 and he is isolated within the caucus of conservative liberalism in the Republican Congress. The GOP ran on both of those issues in the 2018 midterm elections and did nothing about either of them.

So, the question that is facing us in the 2020 election isn’t whether we will have representation in the Republican coalition (we won’t) or whether we will still be stigmatized (we will) or whether Donald Trump and conservative liberalism will conserve anything of value to us (it is conceded that they haven’t and won’t). The question before the Dissident Right is to what extent should the mainstream Right be in power. Will Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden be worse for us than Donald Trump? Will the conservative normie continue his “winning” streak and feel represented and content with Q drops? Do we remove the pacifier that is the Trump presidency? Do we go to the mat in 2020 to back Trump and Charlie Kirk and rake their coals out of the fire?

It seems to me that some things are inevitable and we can count on two things happening in the 2020s which are changing racial demographics and the dying off of the Boomers and the Silent Generation. This is inevitably going to turn several of the Purple States – Arizona, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida – into Blue States like Virginia and Colorado. When that happens, it is lights out for Conservatism, Inc. In the final analysis, it doesn’t make much of a difference whether it happens in 2020 or 2024 because in the end it is going to happen anyway, right?

Every negative thing that could possibly happen to White Nationalists under an Elizabeth Warren presidency is going to happen to us anyway. It is going to happen because Conservatism, Inc. spent the last fifty years stigmatizing us and doing everything in its power to transform America into a Third World country. It will reap what it has sowed at some point in the 2020s. Maybe this cycle it will dodge the bullet again. It won’t be so lucky next time.

As for an Elizabeth Warren presidency, I doubt it would be the end of the world and it might have a salutary effect. Barack Obama was intensely polarizing in spite of being an affable, likable guy with relatively moderate policies. Obama was optimistic and generally gave off good vibes which is why moderates who aren’t particularly ideological liked him. He was a cool negro and a canny politician. Pocahontas is the anti-Obama in the sense that she is the incarnation of the shrill, unlikable New England school marm. She would be 1,000 times more polarizing in a good way than Barack Obama. The Left drives more people into our ranks than anything we say or do.

At the end of the day, I am not voting for Donald Trump or Elizabeth Warren. I’ve accepted the fact that I am marginalized under the two-story liberal system. As a dissident under liberalism, I have no stake in the outcome of this race. I’m just going to continue to do political commentary and poke fun at mainstream politics because one of the only advantages of being marginalized is being fully independent and able to tell you the unvarnished truth. I’m not under any illusions about Trump or any pressure to shill for him. It would suck to be one of those guys.

I don’t have any big plans for 2020 except to offer better takes in my space on the dissident fringe. I’m going to try to learn something from what happened to us in 2016.

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  1. So, put you down as a “No” for the March For Trump on Oct 17th in DC, Hunter? The Deplorable Choir whores are going to be there if that is an incentive.

  2. Terrific essay, with many valid and perceptive points made. Although it may seem like a big black pill that HW’s serving up, he also pointed out that “one of the only advantages of being marginalized is being fully independent.” There is the opening for us to build our own thing, because we have nothing to lose. If we want a different system, we will have to do it ourselves, from the ground up. In that scenario, we will owe no one in the dominant power structure a damn thing. Once there is a new model of society those of us on the Dissident Right can show to White normies, one that they can see is their last, best chance for tribal survival, we will have the beginnings of a healthy society within the diseased body politic that will rebuild our declining slice of America. Then the major parties might come calling in order to co-opt us like they did with the Tea Party. But the Tea Partiers believed in the system, and we don’t. We would most likely use the power structure for our own goals, for once. Of course, all the foregoing will take time and effort. But as I said, we have nothing to lose — and therefore everything to gain.

    • Good points. Events will be in the saddle soon and that will drive the narrative, the narrative will not drive events. The financial/economic situation is bad with record deficits and debts, zero interest rates and a volatile international climate. The ruling class is unable to see or adapt to change and will get run over, they believe the unsustainable status quo will be sustained indefinitely.

      There is no reserve for the diverse FedGov to call upon in the event of a military or financial emergency. Diversity requires enormous resources to sustain it and everything must go right all the time or it fails. Normies’ faith in the almighty government and its liberal/conservative narrative will be shown to be misplaced by the coming failures.

      The diverse, multicultural USSA cannot run a two car funeral let alone keep the lights on, food in the stores and the money good. Diversity and its attendant social dysfunction produce Detroit, Baltimore and other Hell holes requiring massive subsidies to sustain them. Places without whites fail.

      Parts of California have become so dysfunctional that the electric company burned thousands of acres and killed people through neglect. Blackouts, sometimes scheduled are routine during fire season. This sort of thing is characteristic of a Third World country.

      The State Government is incompetent, corrupt and ineffective in fixing its problems. Homelessness in SF and LA are two more of many examples of this Third World level of incompetence. All of these problems are only getting worse as the wonders of diversity increase nationwide; national failure is inevitable.

      • Thanks for your further elucidation, 12AX7. I appreciate it. We certainly will be looked to rebuild society, because “places without Whites fail,” and “national failure is inevitable.” Conceding all that, why rebuild for those that helped to destroy it? That’s why coming together wherever we can, in preparation for the national crumbling, is essential. It would be easier to do if European normies woke up, or even if they weren’t afraid to be honest about our current state and our troubles with other tribes. But that can’t be counted on right now.

        • I believe it’s incumbent upon aware whites such as those who enjoy Hunter’s Blog here to personally prepare ourselves and prepare for those close to us as means allow. When failure comes many whites will suddenly become race realists. SJW thinking, such as it is, is about a mile wide and 1/1,000 inch deep and events will swiftly change many minds, the current order is very fragile. There are surprising numbers of race realists in places you would never expect.

          By preparation I mean as HW has written to be healthy and fit and develop useful skills for a future which is likely to value trade type skills much more than lawyering, paper pushing, etc. Supporting those who provide a forum such as HW should be part of preps too.

          Also have sufficient supplies to hold us over a societal reboot and get out of dangerous living arrangements now such as diverse areas. Skills that were common place within living memory will make a comeback such as gardening, cooking, preserving food, sewing, vehicle repair, electrical/electronics skills, carpentry, masonry etc. The future will likely be much more a world made by hand than the immediate past. That is something white men and women excel at and why the future after the reboot holds promise.

    • What specific new model for society are you suggesting Rich L ? Does this new paradigm involve significant attempts to influence the broader society, or withdrawal into the extended family as a source for material help and support in old age or illness? Not everyone is self-sufficient in the sense of having the technical knowledge to build or maintain devices or machines. Autarky probably would not work for most people. Saying FU to it all may not be an option for some people. What then?

      • If you want to know what I think on the matter, look up my germane responses on other posts here. This was meant to be a more general comment on the essay. Your assumptions are fairly limited and limiting, though. A primitivist or survivalist society isn’t what I’m thinking of at all. I also don’t assume safety nets can’t be saved or restructured in the event of a central gov’t collapse, if that was part of your question. It would be foolish to throw away everything we have. The medieval monasteries rebuilt European society based on the remnants of Roman civilization, after all.

  3. What about “Lady” MAGA, will she be there Oct. 17th to sing the National Anthem then give Trump and maybe Charlie Kirk lap dances? I bet there will be several “reverends” giving a benediction based upon “Judeo-Christian” principles such as the glory of the free market and tax cuts.

    • I have come to LOATHE trannies and drag fags. They are NOT “queens:”. They are not women. Alas – millions of women are degraded enough already – but these degenerates freaks are not approximating women – they are mocking and lampooning women. I HATE them. The more I see them the more I want to help them remove their face paint with a nice H2SO4 based make up remover.

      • It’s cute when a wahmen gets all pissy and butthurt over fags and trannies.

        Given that women have massively agitated for faggot and tranny rights, and now are bleating indignantly when they got exactly what they wanted.

        On top of that, they’ve worked tirelessly and used government force and public propaganda to devalue, degrade, defame, and destroy men at every opportunity.

        Now they’re bawling and sobbing because some of the big mean mans have dared to mock them and to appropriate female status and social power by imitating women. Grotesquely and obscenely, but still, women have degraded the masculine, so some of the more attention-seeking men have discovered they can win back some status and power by taking over aspects of the feminine which is (ridiculously) held to be sacred.

        Awwww, poor wittle pwincesses, getting the consequences that their own actions created and that they deserve 100%. I’m over here laughing at you, Denise. You and the rest of women are getting exactly what you asked for over and over with your man-hating “feminist” bullshit and tyranny. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    • 12AX7,

      Of course, Lady MAGA will be there. It will probably be the Grand Marshal of the parade. Taking no chances of a Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction,” Lady MAGA will use Flex Tape to ensure that nothing untoward breaks free during said lap dances.

      Newly ordained by way of the Internet— the most right reverends Don King and Mike Tyson will provide the benediction blessing POTUS Blompf for lowest black employment ever, freeing political prisoner A$AP Rocky from a Swedish dungeon, and prison reform.

      Pay no attention to the millennials and zoomers laughing at inappropriate moments.

  4. “”.. The suicide and opioid epidemic in White America continues to take its brutal toll…””

    Anglosphere prefers suicide and opioids if they are not called racist. Politicians can not fight the religious madness..

    Of course Donald may send one tweet about supporting white people but then then those white people vote him out of office because they do not want to be racist.

    We had a lot of openly pro white politicians from Sweden to South Africa to New Zealand last 100 years. White people voted out of office every last of them.

    Donald is your last lie of defense.

  5. It’s a dumb argument being served up by the AmNat crowd.


    Or else what? Repression? And? That’s coming anyways. Let’s say a 2024 Republican nominee has a grand idea to win the POC vote. You know what it will be? Anti-white.


    It’s a moot point that even the author at CC acknowledges. We don’t have any control, very few people understand us, so whether or not we vote doesn’t matter in the grand scheme.

    And even when we did have out sized influence on the election in 2016, it was because we cared. Find half the energy for Trump in 2020. You’d be lucky. It’s just not there, and it’s a forced meme when people push it.

    Arguing with other white right folks telling them why they should vote for Trump proves my point. This wasn’t even a debate in 2016. Everyone was on the same page, even the Trump sceptics because they enjoyed the chaos. What we have now is just goofy Jewry.

    • “””…VOTE FOR TRUMP OR ELSE…Or else what? Repression?…”””

      Yes, serious ones, like in the 1917 in Russia. Not moderate violence, losing jobs like now. You will get the taste of real communism. When you learn from the history, then Lenin succeeded because everybody thought that in patient civilized God fearing Russia is French revolution madness just impossible. And after all Russians had a lot of weapons.

      Even Lenin himself considered Russia too backward for revolution and heard about it in Switzerland.
      We know what happened next.

  6. Trumpenbergstien is a Nationalist – only the Nation he loves and supports and works for is Israel. If he is re-installed, the demonization and PERSECUTION of Whites is going to be a thousand fold worse. Warren is just as bad – but some smart person noted that Whites go to sleep when an alleged GOP person is POTUS.

    I won’t be voting for POTUS in 2020.

  7. In World Wide Conservative News this week, the conservative party in Australia just repealed the anti-abortion law in its most populist state, New South Wales. In South Australia, they just legalized prostitution. Muh conservative values!

  8. This is the same President that just banned Michelle Malkin from Mar-a-Lago, because she recently appeared on RamZPaul’s Happy Homelands show. So RamZPaul, a fellow with less than 10,000 regular viewers is seen as a Big Threat by the Zionists who control the Republican Party? They must be insane.

    Also this is the same party that wants to make opposing nationalism for Jews illegal, at the same time they want to outlaw support for nationalism for Whites.

    At least they aren’t as bad as the Democrats!

    • Just remember, Democrats are the real racists. If MLK (blessed be his name) were alive today he would be reading the WSJ, criticizing Blacks like Bill (i’m innocent, dammit!) Cosby, favor tax cuts and vote Republican. I know because I heard it on FOX and I think it’s also in the Bible somewhere.

  9. I agree, Trump has done next to nothing & things have gotten worse under his term. I’ll still vote for him though, either in hopes the soft coup conspirators will be brought to justice or that his reelection will provoke a violent coup attempt. Both possibilities entail potential for exchanging some hostile elites with others less hostile to my people and my religion.

  10. A better narrative for the dissident right is being opposed to Trump in 2020. Prominent dissidents should make it clear we received nothing on policy so therefore they don’t get our vote. Richard Spencer is doing this. Occidental dissent is doing this. This essay alone spells it out succinctly. Very good.

    Imagine having another four years of this being due to the fact that we all went out and voted GOP. Why should we continue to be scapegoated so that Trump can deliver a massive military budget, oppose a viable healthcare option for our people, neoliberal economic policies which crush the working/middle classes and a justice department which cracks down on dissidents? No thanks.

    All of this is typical paleocon politics. The paleocons serve as nothing more than the voting block that the GOP can count on every 2 years while simultaneously using them as a scapegoat and punching bag to virtue signal to the left. How can you call yourself a dissident and support Charlie Kirk, Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment being in power or Trump who empowers them? Makes no sense. That is what I expect of people like Scott Greer and Peter Brimelow who are happy because Trump sends out tweets on immigration.

    There is nothing so bad about Warren or Biden that would get me to feel forced into voting for the GOP in 2020. None of these paleocon arguments are influencing me in the slightest. They are nothing more than a rehash of the ‘Stop the Democrats’ nonsense you hear from conservatives. It’s also a sign that the Trump campaign is a dead man walking. When all you have left is stop the Democrats you really have no compelling argument any longer to be in power.

    Most of all, I am thinking about my family just like I did in 2016. No way am I voting so that my family can continue to be crushed by more supply-side, anti-union, anti-working class, anti-middle class economic policies and insurance company-first policies on healthcare. I am not a conservative or lolbertarian on economics. I am a social conservative but I don’t vote on those issues anymore because it’s all fake – just like immigration. The GOP will never move on immigration due to it’s subservience to Big business and Big Ag and the cheap labor lobby. The conservatives own the courts right now and have not moved on any of their so-called social conservatism. We officially gave them the courts in 2016 – the ball is in their court now.

    I came out of the shadows in 2016 and voted Trump because he was going to be a populist President. He turned out to be Jeb Bush so therefore I will sit this one out.

    • This is so good, such a terrific summing up of the current situation, that it should be an article by itself. Thanks, Ulfric.

  11. Denise said it best: “Warren is just as bad – but some smart person noted that Whites go to sleep when an alleged GOP person is POTUS.”

    I believe she is correct. We NEED to have utter HATRED of the POTUS, and that means a DEMON-CRAPIC WHORE needs to be in office, so our hatred can at least be pure, unadulterated, and eminently biblical. [Ps. 139:21-22] Let the evil destroy itself. It always does.

    My only concern is how bad it is going to be for Whites, and where we might go, if we need to leave the country. Russia hasn’t said, ‘If it goes south, move East.’ I only wish someone would point out that not ALL Americans are these satanic slugs.

    • Fr. John,

      It is very unusual and very telling when you agree with Denise. Naturally, I think you are both correct in that American conservatives have misplaced faith in the Republican Party.

      Dasvadanya- Sorry. No cyrillic keyboard. I am learning Russian. It is interesting.


    • Fr. John,

      This is for your love of Russia and tradition. I am not good with computers so what I think I copied for you is noble girls from the 19th century singing God Save the Tsar.

      • The Russians did a hell of a job of saving the tsar by siding with the heebs, letting the Bolsheviks take power and lionizing two dictators like lenin and stalin . Stalin and lenin have a creepy cult like following in Russia you can’t say a bad word about them or the oligarchs too nice singing tho from the girls very pretty

        • Thom,

          Thank you for your kind response. Yes, I hear that many Russians still think highly of Stalin. Some of the Russians that do are communists while others remember the power of the Soviet Union before the disastrous 1990’s.

  12. Blompf lost me shortly after taking office. Most of the reasons to abandon him are obvious.

    AmNats behave like an abused child. They run right back into the arms of their abuser.

    One promise he did keep from the post-RNC election was that there would be “no daylight between the United States and Israel.” For his MIGA policies, Netanyahu named a town in his honor on stolen Syrian territory. His likeness will surely be minted on some denomination of shekel. He gave “The Squad ” Talmudic hell for their apostasy of the Zionist agenda, but only could muster the energy to “monitor ” atrocities committed against Whites worldwide.

    It will be must watch TV when Blompf loses by a landslide next year. With his pathological narcissism and ego being rejected by nearly every state that will crush him. To act as a balm for suffering a humiliating loss of an incumbent president by historic proportions, wouldn’t it be just deserts if he turned to opioids to soothe the pain.

    • November,

      An excellent comment. Your last sentence was like an Old Testament punishment from God.

      • Christina,

        Hmm? Being that the God in the Old Testament is often and accurately interpreted as “vengeful,” I’ll accept your analogy as a true Scorpio.

        It’s very impressive that you’re learning Russian. Will that be your third language that you’ll be fluent in?

        One must earn your praise, so I am humbled at your compliment.

        You never disappoint in your analysis as well. It’s quite remarkable for such a young lady to be capable of grasping and comprehending so many subjects.

        • November,

          Yes, the God in the Old Testament is a hard God. It is a hard world.

          I have been studying Russian for 3 years. I have used Pimsleur,Rosetta Stone, and various learning programs on the internet. I was told and taught to learn to speak and understand the language before learning most grammar.

          I picked the video above for Fr. John because those girls are roughly my age. They are more fair than me except the brunette. I am roughly the same complexion as her. I had never copied a youtube music video before. When I pasted it in my comment it was just http and other material. I was not sure how it would come out. Well, now I know. It was easy.

          As always I think you for your compliments. I am weak in certain areas however. For instance I know little of Economics. That is not taught until the University level. I am now taking Algebra. That is difficult for me. I also am poor at Art. I can not draw or paint. My singing voice is bad. I was even rejected for a church choir. I am fair at dancing. My mother/grandmother are excellent at the Mexican Hat Dance. As for me? I am semi-

          I have come a long way in a year or so. I was briefly on this website last summer of the year 2018. My comments were polite then as well but very girlish and immature. You would have been less impressed then.

          • Christina,

            From what I’ve been able to gather about your future, multiplication will be important than quadratic equations. lol

            Don’t fret. My drawing skills barely advanced from stick figures.

  13. If I had had the blessing and incredibly good fortune of being born an American, I’d vote Trump without a doubt.
    Am I leftist? No, Mr. Wallace is a million miles at the left of me.
    “White nationalists” saying that Trump must lose, don’t understand the world or it’s just theatre.

  14. Let me explain this on a High School level so “everyone” can get it. “WE,” have done zero to correct the wrongs the bribed and blackmailed representatives have done. “WE,” are in charge. “WE,” should be at the very very least, contacting all our rep’s weekly by e-mail, phone and letter, and at the very very least once per quarter in person … to demand they ( fill in the blank. ) “WE,” should, based on each ones performance, campaign for or against them. Have WE done ANYTHING even remotely like that ? Or, like unwashed masses, have WE ( the people, ) merely cast a vote then bitched ?

    Until WE do our civic duty … AND come up with a plan … a vision … a manifesto for a new ethno state … AND even WHILE building our ethno state … WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO VOTE FOR AND CAMPAIGN FOR THE LEAST WORST ONE. We cannot throw tantrums like little children and allow someone WAY worse than Trump to take control. The guy has done some good, and likely his 2nd term he’ll kick ass

    Why do you think ALL media’s against him ?

    Go to YouTube and enter ( one long word like this, ) Johnheretohelp.

    Where’s ANY of your plans or even “concepts for,” and ethno state ??? Even The McSpencer Group has drifted left and into irrelevance. WE are worse than Trump !!!

    While cleaning OUR house, we must continue to vote “least worst.” Our enemies would LOVE for us to sit it out.

  15. I’m not going to be voting for Trump because I think voting is to participate in a Satanic ritual…

    My eccentricities not withstanding, I cannot find it in my heart to publicly denounce Trump either, if for no other reason than my boomer, red-state, relatives have so much hope in the man. Spirit is far more important than being technically-correct about this or that policy-position. I’d rather hold my nose and vote for Trump than break the spirits of my parents by openly campaigning against him.

    It’s the spirit of conservatism – the conservatism of the hinterlands – I’m concerned with. Not the dog-n-pony show we see on the television. Really, we’re trying to conserve Christendom and I want that or nothing – even if all that’s left of Christendom is some mound of dirt in the wilderness on which I sleep alone…I’ll take it.

  16. I disagree with the premise that this article is making – to its entirety.

    It is a fools errand to say that by turning away from President Trump and supporting anyone else, worse then that, supporting a democrat NO MATTER WHO IT IS (I say), will bring the fortunes of nationalism and America in to a better turn in the future.

    It is not even an educated supposition, but rather an article that is full of emotional angst why we haven’t got EVERYTHING we i.e. Nationalists/Patriots wanted, from this President.

    As for the accelerationists amongst us, if that is, what some of you are.
    You people are narrow minded, you lack critical thinking and have NO common Sense – I would NEVER want to be next to an idiot i.e. accelarationiost in time of battle – I’ll freaking shoot you myself!

      • But sarcasm only has value when it promotes by shinning a light, on some type of a solution…>

        To act like a 5 year old who didn’t get his/her desired present at Christmas shows lack of political maturity and lack of thoughtfulness from an informed Citizen – which I assume you consider yourself to be one…

        Just ask the Eastern Europeans and the French, the Southern Europeans and the Germans what it is to be ruled by socialists and border line commies – what disappointments and hard breaks they endured, for over 5 plus decades and how they had to play the long game….

        It is time for Americans to learn from their lessons and plan ahead, act out of ell planned moves and social structures to create National cohesion and NOT TO ACT as if they are the right side of “anti-fa” !

        Americans need to learn the lesson to ACT by mature thought process and by planning ahead and NOT to RE-ACT!

        I said it once and I’ll repeat it.

        Accelarationists are a problem that will come back and destroy any Ethno national movement.

        I would rather shoot an accelerationist then talk to him/her !!

  17. Great commentary, Brad. I agree with pretty much every single thing you stated.

    Honestly, the only thing I see as the results of elections is the further destruction of America. Why be a part of it? We can analyze every single election we participated in and see that our efforts produced no real fruit. If you also pay attention to the generational aspect of change, the entire blueprint for world control is on course. The massive changes within a society happen leading up to and when the next generation takes over. They serve their purpose, move to a lower rank, and the next generation takes the ball. We simply don’t fit in a globalized world where a level playing field for all the cattle must be maintained. That’s why all the other races have been lifted. They want them in their system. They want to control every single human on the planet. I think it may be true that part of the agenda is to destroy all governments and humanity will be “governed” by corporations with social scores indicating who wins and who loses. Not that we’re not governed by corporations now but I mean out in the open corporate governing.

    Remember, the federal government IS a corporation and operates under Admiralty Law.

    • The federal government is more like organized crime, madame. And it often operates outside of the law.

  18. If we don’t immediately get everything we want or have the best alternative available in a situation… we should definitely help our worst enemies (who would literally like to see us all dead) take power. Just out of spite. Because who cares! It’s not like we have children who have to live with the hash we’ve made of it. Ideological purity is WAY more important.

    Successful political movements utterly triumph instantaneously and without any allies. If a movement is building momentum but not already victorious – THAT’S the best time to strangle it in its crib and start over from scratch.

    • While I’m not voting for Trump — or anyone — in the next election, the delusions of grandeur on the part of Wallace and the other wignats makes me smile.

      It’s quite comical that these insignificant people think that their abandonment of Trump will cause him to “lose in a landslide” and stuff like that. They’re talking like people who command 10 to 20 million votes, instead of maybe 10 to 20.

      At least I understand my non-voting from this point forward affects nobody but myself. Wallace, Striker, Hamback, Chris Fedwell, etc. all have the megalomaniac delusion that their being in a pout has some grand political significance. Hint: it doesn’t. 99.99999% of people don’t know who these guys are,and could care less about their opinion if they did.

      It’s also weird that the accelerationists among them are unable to see past their own tantrum butthurt and see that Trump is the best acceleration president they could ask for. There’s been no president better at stirring up the leftist wackos to showing their true colors than Trump. In fact, it’s been one of his chief accomplishments that, probably accidentally, he kicked all this garbage and rot and nuttiness out in the open where it can appall and radicalize the normies.

      Yet the accelerationists want him to lose.

      The thought processes of wignats are really weird.

  19. This article is TRUE but as far as who would be better financially for poor and middle class Whites it would be Trump.

    Under Obama/Democrats:

    Gas prices up to $4 a gallon (ouch)

    Forced health insurance (ouch)

    Lower test standards for getting jobs like air traffic control for example

    Regulations on businesses

    TRUMP doubled the child tax credit. Why didn’t Obama do that? I thought Democrats cared about the poor.

  20. The Democrats and Republicans have people brainwashed on Voting for the D or R. Trump really has people brainwashed. Conservatives are like Trump Zombies. Pure idiots. The Democrats and Republicans campaign for the base but govern for the Super Rich while in Office. The Populists and Nationalists are ignored. Same goes for Trump. He campaigned for us but ignored us the first day in Office. He was a fake from the beginning and has governed for the benefit of the Super Rich and has ignored White Nationalists. He literally condemned White Nationalists! We should never support anybody that rejects White Nationalism. Deo Vindice !

  21. I don’t think Warren can win. Stuff about her past hasn’t even yet been seriously brought up. Trump will mock her relentlessly.

    Trump is good at campaigning and branding. If it is Warren versus Trump, Trump wins easily.

    • Warren does not have the same baggage as HRC, but her absurd ‘flight from white’ claims of Native American ancestry, the lie she was fired for being ‘visibly pregnant’, etc, will give Blumpf ammo against her — unless the economy goes seriously south, I have trouble seeing her beating Blumpf — but Blumpf has done nothing for economically downtrodden Whites (he never even mentions white people), and now 1m felons can vote in FL — it is possible enough disillusioned Whites will stay home to filp the key states he won by small margins in 2016 — despite the perceived passions around the 2016 election, turnout was < 60%.

      It was easy to vote for Trump in 2016 (considering the opposition) — but impossible in 2020 — I just cannot do it.

      The hardest, most soul-draining part is being chained to the federal government freak show by the coercive tax system.

  22. Hopefully Blormp will be America’s last president. I don’t want any more presidents or congressmen, because that’s a failed, antiquated system of government. We need a leader who is appropriate for the new, diverse and tolerant era in which we live, such as Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

  23. “I suppose there are a handful of scattered voices like Sen. Josh Hawley who make some of our points, but he isn’t up for reelection in 2020 and he is isolated within the caucus of conservative liberalism in the Republican Congress.”

    And even he turned out to be a shameless, Zionist whore:

    “You’ll have to carry me out on a slab before I compromise my defense of the Jewish people, their greatness, their history, their safety, and the state of Israel”

    This is no different from Nancy Pelosi’s remarks about how even if Washington DC were to crumble, our slavish, fetishistic loyalty towards Israel, because that’s “fundamental to who we are.” And she’s right. One of the closest people to us in the senate can’t help but speak of Israel in a way he’d never speak of this country. To get anywhere in Washington, you have to suck Jewish dick on command and be ready to give your life for the Jewish ethnostate.

  24. Yeah, let’s pretend that a honest counting of the votes by the controlling jews will happen. And let’s all pretend that WN’s are a huge voting group who might decide the vote (and not a tiny group whose number was correctly estimated by Tucker Carlson not long ago).

    I am pretty sure that Trump will get a second term. Too many loose ends from the first term and he was a resounding success in the perception of those who control the voting process (and everything else).

    And is “liberalism” your code word for “jewish tyranny” now? Stop using it, please, it is ridiculous.

  25. This is another thing ive been talking about for over a year. National vs. State politics.

    There is nothing to gain in national politics. However, meaningful things are happening at state level that effect our daily lives.

    Please, if you are finally done talking about blumpf, consider being the only dissident right blogger to consider how a state by state political strategy could be a potential area focus for us.

    There is natural tension between states and the Federal Government. We live in the states that are most traditional. Do we also do nothing but watch at the state level?

  26. The only reason I can see to vote for Trump is that he absolutely drives the left batshit crazy and admittedly that’s not much of a reason.

  27. Great analysis. I completely agree. I can’t, in good conscience, vote for President Trump in 2020. There is no way in hell that I’d vote for Congressional Republicans. With that being said, I don’t support impeachment. The Russian Witch Hunt was Deep State/Media/DNC criminality and round two is the same.

    As dissidents, we need to allow space for disagreement. As a true dissident, I’m not going to spew invective on another dissident who might think there is some stategery in voting for Trump again. If you support voting for a straight GOP ticket in 2020 then you’re not a dissident. I don’t have any hate for you but we’re just on different paths.

    Hopefully, the Dissident Movement can evolve and mature into something healthier and vital into 2020 and beyond.

  28. once they’re in office, they seem to do the opposite of their party’s line – republicans screw us over (Reagan’s amnesty, Bush’s wars, Trump’s pro-Israel/antiWhite agenda) & Dems do welfare reform & get tough on crime (BClinton). But they all appoint cronies & party hacks. & they all do their donor’s bidding.

    & right on Denise: Whites go to sleep when GOP is POTUS.
    kamala harris & snoop dog 2020:)

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