Halle Synagogue Shooting Victims Identified

It’s official.

The Halle synagogue shooter is the German version of Glenn Miller.


“(JTA) — Jana Lange was a dedicated fan of German pop music. Kevin S. was a construction worker and decorator who loved soccer.

They have been identified as the two victims killed in the shooting by the gunman who tried to enter the Halle synagogue in Germany on Yom Kippur. Lange was 40; Kevin was 20.

An unidentified 40-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man were injured in Wednesday’s attack, according to Der Spiegel. …”

Stephen Balliet’s victims were a 40-year-old German music lover and a 20-year-old German construction worker. Neither of his victims were Jewish.

Jewish Press:

“The suspect in the attack on a German synagogue in Halle, Germany, on Yom Kippur armed himself with close to nine pounds of explosives, Molotov cocktails, and several weapons in his quest to massacre Jews, but both of his victims appear to have been non-Jews. According to Stern, they were Jana Lange, 40, a music lover, and fan Kevin S, 20, a decorator. …”

If you have a short memory, you might have a hard time believing that a mass shooting at a synagogue by an accelerationist could be bungled so spectacularly.

In 2014, Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. aka “Rounder” opened fire at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park, KS. He killed three people none of whom were Jewish including a 14-year-old Methodist Eagle Scout, Reat Griffin Underwood, and his 69-year-old grandfather, Dr. William Lewis Corporon, who were there for a singing competition.

As a strategy, violent acclerationism was dumb then and it is still dumb today now that such a predictable debacle has repeated itself. This is so dumb that I brought up that incident in my response to Joachim Hoch who accused me of moral fagging back in May. This is the second synagogue shooting inspired by Brenton Tarrant that has backfired on the shooter who didn’t know what he was doing. This is why cooler heads have consistently told these people not to go out and try to be a hero doing dumb things that are immoral and harm others.

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  1. A 20 year old construction worker probably making shit money on his lunch break. This is Glenn Miller tier stuff to a T.

    A complete loser.

  2. “The Halle synagogue shooter is the German version of Glenn Miller. ”

    You stole my thought.

    Glenn Miller was drunk. The (media) won’t tell you that. (They) don’t want alcohol blamed, (they) want racism blamed. Glenn so wanted to do something and he lived with so much frustration that he just burst. I blame much of this on society, the lack of cooperation among Whites.

  3. We all know you are a peaceful and honorable man, HW. But if ZOG wants to silence you then all your condemnations of violence and acceleration-ism will count for exactly nothing.

    • That doesn’t make any sense spahn, so you want Hunter to not bother condemning violence because its futile not to?! I don’t think it is Do you like Daily shitstirrers approach of condemning violence acts but endorsing shooters who are successful better?

    • But at least he won’t foolishly hand an excuse to the feds to kick in his door.

      You trying to bait him to answer this taunt is suspect dude.

      It doesn’t matter what your intentions are one way or the other. Declaring anything other than unequivocal opposition to pointless violence is accepting a tactical loss of moral highground and worse, telegraphs your intentions. In war, telegraphing your movements gets you killed.

      The real moral fags in this, are the ones feebly virtue signaling their intent to resist and blah blah blah. Bunch of fucking keyboard warriors.

      This is war, and asymmetrical by definition.

      Don’t be a fag.

  4. Something about this seems way off. Why take all the hardware with seemingly no plan for how to use it? White men in their right minds don’t do that kind of thing. Its not their nature.

    The optics of this almost position the hardware as a prop to emphasize the intention of whitey to mass murder.

    This seems fake and gay.

  5. Neither murder victim was a Jew? Now I know why I haven’t seen or heard the usual suspects screaming about “white nationalists” and muh Holocaust.

  6. This is a confirmed Mossad false flag. Famed Mossad Agent’s daughter released the only videos, AGAIN, like it did when it release ISIS beheading videos and created a FAKE BIN LADEN from a car repairman in Haifa. The shooter admitted he was GETTING BITCOIN from JEWS to do an attack, and that the Synagogue that he hit RECENTLY WAS REINFORCED AND SECURED by ISRAELI GOVERNMENT. It’s almost 100% if Rita Katz has the videos before anyone else its because the Mossad did it and gave it to her. And the death count, NO JEWS ONLY EUROS.

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