Pentagon Announces It Is Sending 2,000 Troops, Fighter Jets, Air Defense Batteries To Saudi Arabia

If you watched the Trump rally in Minneapolis on FOX News last night, he reiterated his desire to end the endless wars in Syria and Afghanistan even though he has only redeployed troops within Syria to move them out of the path of the Turkish invasion.

Blompf made a big announcement last December about withdrawing troops from Syria which we watched the neocons in his administration walk back because Israel was opposed to it. The Republican Senate voted to condemn the withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan.


“The Pentagon is sending a fresh wave of troops to Saudi Arabia to help defend the kingdom against Iran, despite President Donald Trump’s repeated pledges to end the U.S. military’s commitments in the Middle East.

“I have ordered the deployment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of two additional fighter squadrons and supporting personnel,” including two batteries of soldiers manning Patriot air-defense missiles and another Army unit manning a larger air-defense missile system, Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters at the Pentagon today.

The latest deployment, which includes two squadrons of fighter jets and three air-defense units, will bring to 3,000 the number of troops the U.S. has sent to Saudi Arabia since Iran attacked the kingdom’s oil infrastructure last month. “The evidence recovered so far proves that Iran is responsible for these attacks,” Esper said, noting that Germany, France and the United Kingdom have reached the same conclusion. …”

Blompf hasn’t ended any of these endless wars.

He vetoed a Senate bill to end American support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. He has dramatically escalated tensions with Iran and keeps sending troops to Saudi Arabia. Overall, Trump has sent more troops to Europe and the Middle East than he has withdrawn from the “endless wars.”

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  1. Zog Doublethink in action , the kurd removal was a fake gay op that will obviously benefit Israel in the long run. Kurds are Israel’s golem proxy fighters but so is turkey

  2. Just freemason Trump keeping the agreement they made with the caliphate a 1000 years ago. When will the people learn who is the enemy within? My bet, never….

  3. Brett McGurk: Turkish forces have fired on a declared U.S. military outpost in northern Syria. Turkey knows all of our locations down to the precise grid coordinate as confirmed by SECDEF and CJCS only two hours ago. This was not a mistake.

    Can we get the this Irish Mick on the next flight to Kobane?

  4. Hurray! More AMNats get to protect the wahabi Saudi kingdom from the ‘real terrorists’ in Yemen and Iran.

    Saudi Arabia has the third largest military budget in the world. Are the Saudis so dumb that they’re incapable of operating the Patriot missile anti-air batteries Zog sold to them?

  5. The War Department is going to send several thousand more ZOG mercenaries, fighter planes and surface to air missiles to Saudi Arabia?


    Hey you MAGA fags, is this what you voted for in 2016? If so, then why do you condemn Hillary Clinton? She would’ve done the exact same thing.

  6. Aw, yes.

    Here it is, the other step backward.

    The one step forward (moving troops out of the way in Syria) has now been rendered moot by the truth: he just moved soldiers around in Syria, and now sending more troops to protect the sponsors of 9/11.

    Bravo, Trump.


  7. U.S. warmongering will only end when the country goes broke from the dollar losing its value. This will happen because of the massive, unpayable debts the U.S. Government keeps piling up to the moon. There is a tipping point where suddenly financial markets are in disarray as confidence in finance disappears. When this happens the U.S. Government will no longer be able to pay for its empire. Until then talk about pulling out troops, ending foreign entanglements etc. is just that, talk talk talk.

    No one can predict when this financial catastrophe will happen, we will only know in retrospect. No one on the Titanic predicted that they would hit an iceberg either.

  8. Oy.

    I’ll admit it, when I heard Drumpf wanted troops out of Syria, I was hopeful he had, (like Theoden of old) awoken from the lies of Grimma Kushner Wormtongue.

    Who was I kidding? Until the Jews are destroyed BAMN (by any means necessary) they will be forever the noose around any White Nation who thinks (falsely) that they are ‘God’s Chosen’- they are God’s MURDERERS, from Calvary down to today.

  9. While they keep us distracted with all the impeachment nonsense 3rd world alien hordes keep on invading and ZOG keeps on ramping up for war with Iran.

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