Mexican Drug Cartel Fights and Defeats Mexican Army In The Streets To Defend El Chapo’s Son

Woah …

The United States has its problems.

Mexico also has its own set of problems.

Mexico is by far a greater problem for us than Syria due to its proximity. The 2016 presidential election was largely about the desire of the American people to get out of the Middle East to address the problems we have with Mexico and Central America. We are being overwhelmed by drugs and mass migration from the failed narco states on our southern border.

National Post:

“MEXICO CITY — Heavy gunfire consumed the streets of Culiacán on Thursday, as Mexican security forces struggled to fend off members of the Sinaloa cartel, once led by notorious drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Members of the cartel deployed across the city with military-grade weapons, a remarkable, live-streamed glimpse into their ability to overwhelm the state.

Mexican officials briefly detained Ovidio Guzman, one of Guzman’s sons who has emerged as a leading figure in the cartel after his father was arrested in 2016. But as the cartel took to the streets, apparently freeing dozens of prisoners and turning the city into an urban war zone, Mexican authorities decided to release Guzman.

Security Minister Alfonso Durazo told Reuters that Guzman was released to protect lives; reports indicate the cartel took eight government soldiers hostage, as a bargaining chip to secure the cartel heir’s release. …”

To his credit, I think Donald Trump might have had a point when he declared there was a national emergency on the Mexican border back in February. Elizabeth Warren and Senate and House Democrats don’t see any problem with record levels of drug trafficking and illegal immigration – it is “racism” to acknowledge that Mexico has massive problems – and believe that illegal immigration should be decriminalized.

Conservative pundits who write for The Daily Beast sprung into action:

Just the other day, Trump had to veto a bill that passed the GOP Senate that would have ended the national emergency that he declared to build the border wall. 11 Senate Republicans voted to end the national emergency on the Mexican border. 12 Senate Republicans voted to end the national emergency on the Mexican border in March. Mitt Romney, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio are on the list. It is a who’s who list of conservative liberalism.

It is bad enough that the Democrats refuse to do anything about illegal immigration and drug trafficking and want to make the problem worse. Republicans can’t do anything either though about the problem even when they have been given a clear mandate by voters and control the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court largely because there are so many cuckservatives in Congress who are owned by wealthy donors like Charles Koch.

Mitt Romney doesn’t believe that Trump has the constitutional authority to build a wall on our own border with military funds to stem the flow of illegal immigration in light of the collapse of Mexico which can’t even control its own territory against the drug cartels!

He recently called Trump’s withdrawal of American troops from northern Syria though – an operation which was explicitly rejected and voted down by Congress and which Trump himself also ran against in the 2016 election – a “bloodstain on the annals of American history.” It makes perfect constitutional sense to be uninvited occupying the territory of a sovereign country on the other side of the planet to micromanage rival ethnic groups in Mesopotamia.

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    • “Dia de Muertos”? It’s the Mexican answer to “the Western Christian triduum of Allhallowtide: All Saints’ Eve, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day”. Very vibrant, as you say. Mexican national holiday as well.

      In addition to this particular cultural event, some of their Catholic adherents practice a form of religious syncretism with other indio-death-cult beliefs, such as prayers to/veneration of “Santa Muerte”, a modernized version of the death goddess Mict?cacihu?tl.

  1. Where there are Mexicans, there is Mexico. Where there are Africans, there is Africa, where there are Europeans, there is Europe, where there are Asians, there is Asia etc. Proposition nation, just like the USSR was a proposition nation, the proposition being Communism instead of SJW civic nationalism.

    The U.S. has only been a proposition nation (sort of) since the 1960’s. Just like the USSR, the U.S. as a proposition nation cannot endure. The whole point of this site and the few like it are to prepare for what comes after the U.S. as a proposition nation fails. The future is not fixed, at least not yet.

  2. Didn’t Trump entrust our “border security” to Mexico? The veto is electioneering BS. What need of a wall if you can queue right up to it and wait to be let in? What need of a wall if 3rd worlders are on both sides of it?

  3. There are parts of Philly that are basically open air corner drug markets known as the badlands. Its whole different world even then normal ghettos that are more old fashioned black communities. It’s like not being in America.

  4. ” Elizabeth Warren and Senate and House Democrats don’t see any problem with record levels of drug trafficking and illegal immigration”

    As long as their states aren’t affected, they couldn’t care less. And as long as Jews aren’t affected, they couldn’t care less, either.

  5. I know that the elites are allowing this all to happen. They’re allowing the illegals to flow over the porous border along with the drugs, holding down wages and killing off jobs for Whites, which makes for desperation and the desire to dull the pain with poison. All of that destroys many families and communities across the nation. The anger and sadness I feel over this is immense. I know what I would like to do about it, what I would very much like to do to the vampiric elites and their Renfields in academe, politics and media, but we’re not supposed to promote or suggest violence in the comments.

  6. Yes. There is a huge problem in Mexico on these criminals. I was angered over the cartels. The only way to smash them is by sending the army to destroy them. You round them all up, you give them a chance to confess their sins, and then you hang them publicly. If foreigners do not like that then to …..with them. Or maybe we send them to the countries that protest justice.

    And let’s not have some NRA person talk about gun control in Mexico. The drug war casualties are 98% cartel members and soldiers. More Mexicans having more guns mean more accidents, murders, suicides, crime of passion etc. than self defense. So do not try to apply your gun laws to us. What works with one people is no guarantee it works with others. The cartels get most of their weapons from the USA-to what extent depend on what survey one is biased toward. Now they have so much money they can get military weapons from anywhere.

    Mexico could be entering low level civil war. If only Cristina was Queen Cristina.

    • Cristina,

      You’re OD’s unofficial correspondent for Mexican affairs, so I was hoping that you would be chiming in on these developments.

      American weapons to the Mexican cartels? DuckDuckGo search the DEA’s “Operation Fast and Furious.”

        • Mr. Wallace,

          I am predictable under those circumstances. My family and friends were outraged. This is like a movie or a feudal revolt against a king. All of us want the army to smash them. The human misery the cartels have caused is incredible.

          • It has been going on forever, but this time it has gotten so much negative international publicity that it might change politics. The Democrats have been pretending for years now that there no problems in Mexico. I’m guessing there will be a backlash to this in Mexico.

      • November,

        I could not resist. This is incredible even for Mexico. I have an important test in an Algebra course next week so I will probably only comment on issues pertaining to Latins, or male/female relationships. I love those topics the best. In short I will be quiet and tame for a week.

        I do like the food and health articles. A lot of that Southern food looks good.,

        • Cristina,

          First off, good luck on you algebra test. Of course, it will take more than luck to do well on your exam.

          Secondly, from reliable sources, a lot of the cartel’s “soldiers” are former Mexican military personnel. That’s one reason that they a have military grade arsenal at their disposal.

          Third, government corruption in Mexico nearly is on par with that of an Afghan or Somali warlord. Therefore, with the cartel’s wealth and connections to the right generals and/or logistics officers, it wouldn’t be difficult for crates of M-249s (squad assault weapon/”SAW”) to find their way into their criminal hands with a bribe.

          Fourth, intimidation is one of the calling cards of the cartels be it of politicians, journalists, activists, or family members of active military troops. For example, cartel member shows a photograph to a driver of a military supply truck of his wife and children. He informs the truck driver that they know where his family lives, goes to church and school. The cartel basically makes him an offer he cannot refuse: provide them the contents of the truck or his family is murdered.

          Mexico is teetering on the brink of becoming a failed nation, unless drastic steps are implemented to quell the cartels power and violence.

          My free advice would be for Mexican military to launch a “Operation Phoenix ” action against the cartel with troops who can pass a polygraph test to insure their loyalty.

          • November,

            Thank you for the good wishes on the exam. I will have to look up details on Operation Phoenix.

            Only authoritarian actions with martial law is possible. The polygraph tests before an operation is interesting.

            Death penalty for those captured cartel members. Death for those members with illegal weapons. I do not believe in their civil rights. Prevention of human misery and fighting crime is real–make believe rights are not. Death for all of those who accepted bribes unless family was threatened etc.

            They still get and continue to get a lot of their weapons from the USA. That gave them their jump start.

            The cartels never could have gotten this powerful without corruption and compliance of the USA and Mexico. Yes, Mexico is more to blame.

            Also, without a demand for drugs there would be no supply.

    • Would that you were Queen, dear gentle soul. God bless you and your family, may you all be safe. and may God defend the Right.

      • Brian Douglas Frakes,

        Well that was certainly a nice and sweet response. May I respond in kind? May God give you and your family what you need and deserve.

        And may God give the cartels what they deserve as well.

      • November,

        An interesting song. I would not have killed the soldier in the song but let him go.

        Of course as the hypothetical Queen I would be more like Queen Isabella in only fighting just wars. Fighting an obvious unjust war is just legalized mass murder. My people as sovereign are like my children and I do not want them hurt unless necessary.

        • @Christina Alvarez: If you were a princess would you be a Spanish Habsburg or from the Duc d’Orléans branch of the Bourbons?

          • spahnranch1969,

            Since I have some German blood in me as well I would be a Spanish Habsburg.

      • Cristina,

        I know you wouldn’t have ordered that the soldier be killed. It was a song about a young queen. An actual female young queen to be exact. Grrrr.

        You said that you enjoy science-fiction movies from the 1950s. This little known gem combines a martian with Christianity. You n watch it, after you study for your algebra exam.

        • November,

          I am actually finished studying for the night. Tomorrow I meet with some girl friends to study. Girls only. When you study with guys they are more interested in us than in studying.

          I will check out that movie tomorrow night.

          Another thing the hypothetical Queen Cristina does is no central American immigrants to Mexico unless it is temporary work visas or they are starving. When they are on their feet then—-off they go.

          I also encourage as much as possible with troops and economic incentives to stop Mexicans from illegally going to the USA.

          Perhaps Texas and California would then make some statues of me. AND they better not let some radicals tear them down either.

          • Cristina,

            I’ve studied in mixed gendered groups, single sex groups, but my more effective studying was when I was by myself,

            But you’re correct. Boys and girls together will tend to focus less on studying and more on flirting.

            To keep La Raza radicals from defacing your statues I’d have AI security trigger a barrier of Mal de Oja, and if that didn’t deter them, from holes in the ground would crawl out animatronic chupacabras.

            Defense against leftist vandalism would be an automatic perimeter of full length mirrors. One look at how wrenched they actually are would send them fleeing from their reflection. Any stragglers would get covered in a foamy gel (think of shaving cream consistency) of Zyklon B.

            You’re a conundrum. A young girl like you enjoying science fiction movies from the 1950s. You’re definitely not easy to pin down.

        • November,

          My whole family enjoys US science fiction from the 1950’s. The Thing, Earth vs Flying Saucers, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Invaders from Mars etc. A Mexican science fiction movie the Black Scorpion was reasonable. It is available in English as well.

          I do love good horror movies. The Ring, old Hammer films. I have to admit I like werewolf and bigfoot movies. And some zombie movies. The Howling was scary.

          I think white liberals would be most likely to tear down my hypothetical statues. I do like your thoughts on defending the statues.

          The study session with friends I will be going to shortly is structured. I drew up a sheet full of necessary information which we will then take tests with. Going through them together is helpful.

          Remember, we are more social and group focused than males who frequently like solitude and quiet more than we do. The study session is at someone’s else house. I have a lot of noisy little brothers and sisters including —-Maria the Monster (my 4 year old little sister.

          • Christina,

            (((ThemTube))) only has the trailer for 1957’s “The Black Scorpion, ” so I’ll have to check it out at the library or find it a secondhand store.

            Is “Maria the monster ” your “impish little sister that believes that you’re part scorpion due to your prior stings?

            Let me know what you thought of “The Red Planet ” movie from 1952 (which means it was filmed in 1951).

            As you watch the movie, remember that the West was in the beginnings of the Cold War with the USSR and the USA was fighting communists in Korea.

        • November,

          I just finished watching the Mars movie. I have never seen an American science fiction movie with such heavy religious overtones.

          The Soviets and the one Nazi were caricatures of humans of course. American movies are seldom religious unless there is a politically correct way to use religion.

          Still a movie worth watching. I recognized Peter Graves in it.

          • Christina,

            I suppose Hollywood tried to kill two birds with one stone (Communism and National Socialism) in this film.

            Without little doubt, “The Red Planet ” was to differentiate the godless commies from the God fearing Americans. I believe it was around this time that the Pledge of Allegiance was changed to “One nation under God…” Also Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin was accumulating evidence of communist infiltration in academia, political parties, Hollywood, and the media (doesn’t that sound familiar?) and launch his Committee on UnAmerican Affairs hearings.

            The interweaving of Christianity and modern science was uniquely executed in the movie. I didn’t even miss not seeing the Martians.

            Yes, I agree about the use of PI in the film. Mathematics would be the initial language we would use to communicate with extraterrestrials.

            Maria “The monster ” sounds like she going to grow up and be a warrior princess. Good luck finding a husband for her. lol

        • November,

          Yes. Maria is the one who thought a captured scorpion was cute. One of my brothers bought her a hard plastic knife to play with and now she wants combat knife lessons.

          I liked the movie. I will admit I prefer movies where aliens and monsters are to be fought of course. The part using Pi was well done.

    • “What works with one people is no guarantee it works with others.”

      No truer words have been spoken. Las razas son reales– ¿Verdad?

      • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

        Yes. They are real.

        And you even have possession of a Spanish writing keyboard.

        It is my understanding that until the 1960’s Mexicans in rural areas could carry handguns openly. My grandmother quite clearly remembers seeing vaqueros in public with holstered pistols. So, Mexico within living memory had less gun control than Texas until the last few decades. The murder rate in 1960 was higher than currently. The rate went down a few years ago due to government policies but is now climbing.

        The murder rate in Mexico in 1940 was 3 times higher than now so actually what is happening now is spectacular but not unusual. Because of modern news media and the drug connection it seems worse.

  7. The federal government WANTS these spic terrorists to live here and kill us. They receive impunity for doing so. Kate Steinle was just the most popular modern example.

    • Tom,

      I have a buddy that’s a firefighter in a large urban city with Mexican enclaves. He told me that he’s been to garage fires where they find a dead body tied to a chair that has obviously been tortured prior to being set on fire. The corpses would have missing fingers and sometimes hands. The (((msm))) and police brass (puppets of the corrupt politicians) rarely cover the violence that is tied to Mexican drug cartels in our midst.

      Bureau of Land Management personnel have been threatened by Mexican drug cartel members that were growing marijuana inside national parks and refuges.

      There’s no longer an “if or when.”

  8. Crime and corruption is a problem, sure. But, the fact that hispanic immigration destroys every aspect of traditionally American and Southern culture, tradition, language, dialect, foodways, manners, accent, aesthetic – everything – is far more serious an issue.

    I cannot wait to leave my home state due to the complete nuking of everything that creates any sense of cultural connection to the place. In fact, I actively dislike the place now. Diversity and primarily hispanic cultural colonization has destroyed everything I like about the place.

    Cannot wait to leave.

  9. Mexican cartels have drug turf in many cities and states already. The question is how long will it be, before they turn our streets into literal war zones like the ones in Sinoloa Mexico? Though there will be a smidgen of schadenfreude when zog’s goys and girls in blue come under attack from well trained and well armed Mexican narco-terrorists.

  10. The Cartel head’s were picked off by the Mexican Feds, a couple years back with the former president. Now the Cartels are splintering off, and a rival to fill the power vacuum has increased the deadly violence. Which coincidentally has happened during (((The con artists administration))). Which is not in power sadly over our borders. Thank God Canada is our northern border and not, El Salvador. However, the demographics are changing in a unfortunate way in Canada as well.

  11. And how many MEXICAN illegals with ties to drug cartels and affiliation to groups such as ‘MS13’ have INVADED and remain in the US ?????

    has anyone seen the film “SICARIO” ??
    Times that by 400 percent, that is, what is leaving WITHIN the US !!

    here is a fun question to ask your self….

    Has the mexican/latin America drug cartels established co partnerships with MUSLIM organizations like ‘CAIR” within the US ????

    and what is hilarious is that these STUPID low IQ english speaking africans believe that they have an equal place among the mexicans and the arab/muslims……
    blacks do not realise that their destiny is to be CANON FODDER and NOTHING MORE than that !

    With VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS, White people, Americans and Europeans are ALONE we are by ,our selves there will be NO ONE TO FIGHT ALONG WITH US – WAKE THE F UP !!

  12. The reason that the Media and the Government hype MS-13 violence is because they are an El Salvadorian Gang and they do not have representation on City Councils and in Congress; all of the other gangs do. Negro drivebys and Mexican Gang activity is well established and has come to be, more or less, accepted as part of American life. With it becoming more and more difficult to startle the public, the media has to exaggerate the threat posed by MS-13, while downplaying the actions of the home town team of ruthless, heartless and vicious little precious criminals.

    There are all sorts of outreach programs directed at assisting the little homies to go from living “the life” to having respectable places in society. They send ex-cons to mentor the aspiring hooligans. They offer them apprenticeships and other job assistance. But, most of the gang members never actually leave the gang. They just take advantage of whatever help they’ve been provided with to further advance the gang’s agenda. They have infiltrated the military and have looted arsenals here in the U. S. They have positions in police forces, in mayor’s offices, and in all other occupations in civilian life.

    By the time American streets resemble those in Mexico, it will likely be too late to combat it without using an AC-130 to decimate entire city blocks.

  13. This is proof that local armed militias can defend against a Federal government weakened by corruption.

  14. Mexico is an example of what happens when mixed-breed mongrels rule a country, viz., widespread poverty, perpetual crime, chaos and corruption. Their castizo ruling elite is incapable of fixing the problem, since they too are mixed-breed mongrels, albeit to a somewhat lesser extent. Of course the raceless, rootless, godless jew is always lurking in the shadows, manipulating events to his advantage.

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