The Indian Summer of Our Discontent

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York;
And all the clouds that lour’d upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
Now are our brows bound with victorious wreaths;
Our bruised arms hung up for monuments;
Our stern alarums changed to merry meetings,
Our dreadful marches to delightful measures.
Grim-visaged war hath smooth’d his wrinkled front;
And now, instead of mounting barbed steeds
To fright the souls of fearful adversaries,
He capers nimbly in a lady’s chamber
To the lascivious pleasing of a lute.
— William Shakespeare, Richard III (1.1.1-13)

It is no fantastic revelation that the people of our nation, and, indeed, our entire civilization are in a state of moral, spiritual, and physical collapse.

Our communities are plagued with drug and other substance addiction. 

For the first time in one hundred years, our life expectancy is actually decreasing.

Our families have been completely decimated by divorce, single parenthood and infidelity.

We are getting poorer and dumber and are being overwhelmed by an enormous wave of third world migrants who have been imported here by our enemies for the very purpose of replacing us completely.

To top it all off, we are inundated with media that is programmed to humiliate and degrade us and ultimately finish off whatever psychological and spiritual resistance we might have to the Globohomo imperium.

For those among Generation Z and the millennial generation, this miserable hellscape is all that they have every known.

Ironically, for the Baby Boomers and the members of the Silent Generation —especially those who are wealthy enough to buy themselves safe spaces in gated communities and time shares—the bankrupt and demoralized diversity hell-world of post-millennial America is but a temporary unpleasantness that they have to deal with on occasion when they fill up for gas in the wrong side of town or bump into ANTIFA after a Trump rally.

There is, however, the strange two generations between the Boomer and the Millennials.

The Gen Xers and the lesser known Generation Y have known both the prosperous confident and ethnically homogenous post-World War II United States as well as the desperate, unhappy and fractious post- 9/11 America.

In their youth, these generations knew they could count on the police and the wider American judicial system to be fair and impartial.

While there were already diversity quotas and affirmative action slots in college admissions and in employment, every American kid believed that if he worked hard enough, he could make it into Notre Dame or Harvard and could land the job of his dreams.

The key transitional decade for these two generations is the 1990s when the Gen Xers went to college, and the members of Generation Y went through high school.

Just as the culture of Trump Era acts as funhouse mirror for our own Clown World experience, so too did the 1990s mass media serve as a sort of bon voyage or Indian Summer of our nation.

The 90s, rightly or wrongly, are often perceived as a riff or afterglow of the 1980s, a decade that leftists and radical liberals frequently bemoan as a stuffy and unhappy repetition of the Eisenhower era.

Thus, campy and allegedly wholesome television series replete with heart tugging moral lessons about drug experimentation and first dates such as Full HouseHome Improvement, and Growing Pains presented variant forms of the nuclear family or at least, as in the case of Full House, presented the nuclear family as a norm that had in some way tragically broken. These sitcoms and a host of others, even those that were raunchy or down right degenerate such as RoseanneThe Simpsons, or Married…with Children still operated within the bounds a loosely defined Christian moral framework even or when they transgressed or subversively mocked it. Moreover, they provided white or at least white-presenting families who lived in largely ethnically homogenous towns in which the school, judicial, and wider political system functioned according to the rule of justice—and when it didn’t, it was funny.

At the same time, these shows were joined by a host of funky, hip, but ultimately white-presenting sitcoms such as MoeshaHangin’ with Mister Cooper, as well as the Cosby Show and it’s hipper and blacker (but not too black) Cosby Show Spin OffA Different World. The premise of these black sitcoms, which were largely targeting an increasingly confused and deracinated white American audience, was that Historic Black Americans were just as Americans as white folks—except they lived cooler and more flavorful lives. The moral lessons of these shows largely revolved around black Americans struggling simultaneously with middle class white issues (the temptations of drugs, the “first kiss,” etc.) while, at the same time, striving to overcome persistent white racism, which, the shows’ writers assured us, was always on the edge of being overcome—if only white folks would soften their hearts. 

The key message behind the black sitcoms to both white and black America was that there was a small black minority in America that, while retaining its own unique culture, was just as American as the regular white Americans, and it was only a matter of time before the walls of injustice would come tumbling down and blacks and whites would live in harmony.

Beneath these laugh track accompanied projects of bourgeois American life, however, there was a darker current and anger and frustration. 

The music of the 1990s is often known for its coarseness, violence and aggression. From grunge bands like NirvanaSoundgarden, and Alice in Chains, to gangsta rap and hardcore hiphop acts like N.W.A. and The Notorious B.I.G., to radically politicized groups like Pearl Jam and Rage against the Machine, the most skilled of the 90s artists were fundamentally about challenging what remained of the white Christian middle class American status quo. However, like the vulgar sitcoms, movies, and stand up acts of the 90s, the aggressive music of the era relied precisely on the status quo as a monolith against which they could rail. Marilyn Manson’s on stage desecrations of the Bible and mockery of Christian images in his videos only was shocking because Americans still revered the Bible and venerated the Virgin Mary.

As many film critics have noted, the 1990s was the last decade in which the aftershocks of the great works of New Hollywood were felt as well as the last decade in which consistently good films—both “art house” and blockbuster cinema. The annus mirabilis for 90s films was, of course, 1999, the cusp of the millennium in which America, reluctantly said good bye to the 20thcentury and was pushed into the new millennium. 

Films such as The Matrix, Fight ClubMagnolia, and American Beauty provided a bon voyage to the hyper capitalist and unsettlingly tranquilized post-World War II era in which Americans got to buy everything they ever wanted but traded their happiness and ultimately their country in the process.  

Those pushing forward the “culture of critique” got exactly what they wanted in the 21st century: Western civilization is in a process of free fall disintegration. 

However, as we pick up the pieces and reforge a new civilization and a new life for our people from these ashes and ruins, we must reflect that the world of the 20th century with its comforts and complacency is what got us to this point, and, ironically, those artists who were most critical and subversive of late 20th century American life may have been on to something after all.  


  1. Hey Hunter, I’ve been overseas in the Pacific Rim/Asaian Theatre. How have You been?
    You know the stuff you speak about in this article happened to Me in the 1950’s, 1960′, 1970’s etc. etc. I was being replaced and didn’t know it. I did the best I could. I knew something was wrong. It was like trying to fight 10 Armed Men blindfolded and with one arm tied behind my back, bare handed. I got beat up pretty good.
    But as they say,”Knoeledge is power.”
    Thanks ?
    Best Regards, B. B.

  2. The society and country once known as the United States of America has left and is never returning. 9-11-01 really was when our fate was sealed. In the aftermath we went to war for Jews in the middle east, our borders were opened to the third world, anti-white culture was ramped up, harmful drugs were poured into white communities in rural America by Jewish Pharmaceutical companies(Jews became wealthier while whites went to their graves), and finally the nail in the coffin is their push to normalize everything from interracial relationships to men cutting off their dicks and dressing up as women. They make shirts that say never forget 9-11-01 well what really should be put on a shirt is Never forget the Jews are our misfortune.

    • Yes, but the drugs were even here in the 50’s jazz scene, then continued with the hippies, then the discos, then the 80’s pop and hair metal, then the resurgence of heroin with the forced meme of Grunge music (obviously an attack on White American youth, the boys to be specific) then the drug push continued through hip hop, and now the Miley Cyrus “illuminati pop”

      The feds saturating america with drugs has been a multi-generational problem for this country.

      • If you remove the (((tribe))) from the equation 80 percent of the problems whites face today would essentially disappear. There will always be issues that we as a group deals with and has internal debate about but this insanity that has been forced down the throat of whites for the past 80 years would be gone overnight if one group was completely removed.

  3. Perhaps instead of Globohomo a more apt them which is more inclusive-and God knows the enemy loves that which is inclusive-is Globohomo Pan-Mixia

  4. This trend that you identified in the 90’s has been cyclical throughout the 20th Century. There were the “Gay Nineties,” where “A Glimpse of Stocking was Looked Upon as Something Shocking,” followed by a more settled period leading up to the “Roaring Twenties,” Jazz, Prohibition and Flappers. This was curtailed by the Great Depression and World War II. The Fifties came into being as a very buttoned down, straight laced society with simmering undercurrents. The “Rat Pack” and Las Vegas, the Greenwich Village Beatniks, and other subversive and counter-culture elements were in evidence and in ascendance. While “Leave it To Beaver” and “Father Knows Best” presented a very sterile image of American Family life in the early 60’s, some of the fifties programs were far edgier, with “The Honeymooners” and “Amos and Andy.” being among them. “The Life and Loves of Dobie Gillis” may have given us the first televised glimpse of a likable Beatnik with Maynard Krebs. The original Shock Rocker, in my opinion, appears to have been Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, who predated Alice Cooper by about a decade and a half.

    The 60’s began with Doo-Wop and Rhythm and Blues infused Rock and Roll and ended with Psychedelic Music and Hard Rock taking center stage and “Laugh In” was on the T.V. The early to mid 70’s seem to give way to the Brady Bunch, The Waltons, and Little House on The Prairie on television. Bubble Gum Pop like Abba, Donny and Marie, John Denver, and a generally mellow vibe dominated the airwaves and this lasted into the Disco era, with the Hard Rock acts like Led Zeppelin drawing more of a niche audience. This began to change with the explosion that accompanied K.I.S.S. and hard rock and Heavy Metal began to gain larger audiences into the early 80’s, when the Huey Lewis and The News, “Hip to Be Square,” M.T.V. led to the Mid to Late Eighties New Wave incarnations of Preppies, Yuppies, and the Valley Girls who gravitated toward Madonna en masse. The outrageous antics of the original cast of “Saturday Night Live” gave way to the likes of Joe Piscopo. Shows like “WKRP in Cincinnati” were sanitized and cancelled. Spencer’s Gifts went from being a dim, black lit emporium to purchase Rock T-Shirts and Posters to a gag shop that sold plastic doggie doo and a bag of farts. This is when “Silver Spoons” and “Family Ties” were among the highest rated television sit-coms. Beginning in the 90’s, Spencer’s began to look more like it did when it first opened, and now it openly sells “sexual aids” in the mall (although, you are supposed to be 18 or 21 to look at and buy a rubber phallus).

    Beneath this was an underground Punk scene that had been in existence since the late 60’s and had reached it’s highest point toward the end of the 70’s with “The Sex Pistols” and “Iggy Pop” gaining a great deal of notoriety and “The Ramones” achieving a modicum of commercial success. This scene gave rise to the Thrash, Death Metal, Hardcore, Crossover movement of the late 80’s and early 90’s, and this ultimately spawned the hopeless, defeated sounds of “Seattle Grunge.”

    And, yes, I concur that the 90’s may have been the Swan Song for Western Civilization, but it occurred in increments with the acceptance of things that were being gradually introduced, revolted against, and then reintroduced in a more receptive climate among those who may have felt stifled by the societal restraints.

    Whereas, most Rock and Roll had fun and frolic or love won and lost at its center for the better part of its existence, not discounting the political songs of the 60’s, it at least maintained a sense of energy and rebellion until the Grunge musicians sapped it completely. Kurt Cobain may have been the first to commit suicide, but several others from that genre have joined him since. Which is indicative of the depression that was reflected in their art. Confusion, Anger, Longing and Alienation were their hallmarks.

    • The British rock/pop band Suede, in the late 80,s and early 90,s where making blackpill music of this current state where in with the 2020s. If only pop music in the States would of embraced the WhitePill of Roxy Music and Brian Ferry of sophistication and class, maybe we would have less trash? Both Suede and Roxy Music have songs called Trash!

    • Screamin Jay Hawkins and Elvis happened at the same time. Though Elvis was active in 1954 the same year SJH “I put a spell on you” came out. Elvis is more of a shock rocker, as he was the first White man to perform black music, and that was the goal of Sun records. “His [Elvis’] music career began there in 1954, recording at Sun Records with producer Sam Phillips, who wanted to bring the sound of African-American music to a wider audience.”

      He was also swiftly followed by White nigger heathen Jerry Lee Lewis. 1957 was the release of “Whole lotta shakin going on.” This was the beginning of what would become a massive psyop against WASP America. Degenerate music and the accompanying drug culture, and the “free love” that untied the family.

      Those old fire and brimstone preachers were right. Elvis should have been shot publicly.

    • Rock and Roll at it’s inception was simply juke joint nigger sex music. It should have never been allowed on the radio.

      • I’ve said on many occasions that Elvis’s pelvic gyrations were the forerunner of Miley Cyrus’s twerking. People have defended Elvis saying that he was just moving to the music and was not aware that his movements were being perceived as lewd and suggestive. Even if this was initially true, it wasn’t long before he was playing it for all it was worth, with “one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go” accompanied by genital thrusts. Still, nothing Elvis sang was anything that he had written personally. Carl Perkins released “Blue Suede Shoes” before Elvis did.

        Rock -N – Roll, as I’m sure many of the readers of this forum know, is a term derived from Negro culture to describe sexual intercourse and was popularized by Jewish Radio D.J. Alan Freed. Many of the most popular songs of the 50’s, 60’s and into the 70’s were written, composed and sold by Jewish artists and studio executives. Carole King, Lieber and Stoller and Phil Spector together contributed to an enormous amount of material. I know I’m preaching to the choir, so I won’t even begin to go into Simon, Joel, and Manilow or the seemingly endless array of others. Jazz was also heavily influenced by Jewish musicians such as Benny Goodman and Al Jolson.

        On a lighter note, did anyone see Lady Gaga and her safe sex, twerking paramour plummet off the stage in the middle of their Dirty Dancing, Lambada, “performance?”

  5. I think you must be wrong, Hunter. Aren’t you aware, Black & Hispanic unemployment are the lowest evah, Trump says we’re going back to the moon, then Mars and who knows how many square miles of Syria’s territory are now recognized as part of our Greatest Ally’s country? Best military evah, globohomo on the march, stock market at new highs, blah, blah, blah and illegal aliens are ‘natural conservatives’, I heard it on FOX TV.

    Best of all Lady Maga is lining up all those free lap dances for your friend, David French and the whole staff of National Review at the Republican Convention. Maybe Charlie Kirk and Diamond & Silk will give lap dances too to show “Dems are the real racists”. What a golden age to be a “Conservative” grifter, it will never get better.

  6. History and politics are intertwined with culture, and the latter is what holds the most importance in our daily lives. That is why it’s important for HW to cover all those topics. This essay is an excellent merging of all three interrelated concerns.

  7. Deracinated and Disenfranchised are the best words used to describe us proud whites. Awesome article but I can’t hop on board with the last sentances. We aren’t picking up the pieces of anything and we ain’t reforging nuthin’. There’s no time for it. 40+ a week and all of our energy is going into the machine. You need guys like me but – the kids need a roof and bread. We are on a pissed off steaming mad locomotive that cannot even miss 1 day of pay, or else. Us Xers are better off chalking it up and doing our best to gear the kids to live off the grid. Daddy is swept up and can’t live until his 70s. Mommy is a useless ball of stress worried about bills. Let me tell you something Mr. Wallace. I got nothing. And that’s just the way I like it. Because there is nothing to take.

  8. Gen Y ARE Millennials. The only other things is “the oregon trail” generation but thats really just the last of gen X.

  9. “even those that were raunchy or down right degenerate such as Roseanne, The Simpsons, or Married…with Children still operated within the bounds a loosely defined Christian moral framework even or when they transgressed or subversively mocked it.”

    No. All of these were jewish subversion. Roseanne Barr is a jew, 2/3 Simpsons developers were jews, Married with children was created by jews. All have clearly jewish humor and agendas. These shows were the first big push of the “dysfunctional White American family” culminating in “American Beauty” and everything that cam after it.

  10. Grunge and Gangsta rap were both jew psyops. Jews own MTV, and the majority of the record labels. A jewess sued Suge Knight of deathrow records until she seized control of the label. She did this specifically because Suge was going to try to sign more positive groups to uplift the black community (since they are mostly ans easily influenced by both music and the music videos) but the jews wanted the gangster shit to militarize the blacks as a bio weapon against us.

    grunge was nothing more than the continuation of the opium trade that started at Woodstock. 80’s pop and metal were used to push cocaine the CIA shipped in from South America.

    Now mumble rappers tout Big Pharma with their opioid pills and codeine cough syrup.

    Standard Bacchanalia.

    Personally I have grown to despise the rebellion and individuality pushed in the 90’s. The apathy, drugs, sex, and shit like skateboarding. All of this is great as a way to attack the enemies children if you are trying to decimate them. That’s what they did to us.

  11. Everyone seems to agree that the 90s (the 1990s, not the “gay” 90s of the previous century) were the last fun decade.

    • The gay 1890’s were a time of optimism and high expectations for the future. Telephones, phonographs and electricity were starting to become a little more commonplace. The lightbulb was illuminating cities and thoroughfares. Trains were coming and going across the country and making connections to destinations both large and small, near and remote. Science, technology and mechanical achievement seemed to hold every bit of promise that the new century beckoned to. The gay 90’s were, in many ways, a happy time full of hope and innovation.

      Vaudeville and nickelodeons often featured risque’ entertainment. And, there was a raunchy type of music that could be heard on the stages and in the tin pan alley sounds emerging from the taverns. This also contributed somewhat to the gaiety of the era.

      • Cowtown Rebel,

        How did Scott Joplin’s ragtime music fit into the scheme of things during the late 1890s and early 1900s?

        • I thought of Joplin after I typed the comment. I kind of think, with it being a loose, unstructured and somewhat improvisational style, it probably readily lends itself to debauchery. But, it is a carefree and airy sort of music that is infectious.

          Therein lies a great dilemma for me. My musical tastes, for better or worse, run the gamut. It comes from being exposed to such a large variety of music from an early age. My mother primarily listened to the late 50’s and early 60’s music that she embraced as a teenager. She never really got into the late 60’s or early 70’s scene, and generally rejected the hard or acid rock. For instance, she liked the early Beatles. And, she loved Elvis. My father liked all of the old Country and Western music, so I came to have a dormant appreciation of that as well. It has since come to the fore, but I was initially drawn to the Hard, Harder, Hardest, Heavy, Heaviest, Trippy, Trippiest, stuff that I could find. But, I never was, and never have been, a devotee of any particular style, and that may either be a blessing or a curse.

          Is it the message, or the vibrations, or a combination? A presentation that my father took me to when I was fourteen called “What The Devil is Wrong with Rock-N-Roll” by a man named Jeff Fenholt left a lasting impression on me and I still remember a lot of what he said. One of the things that he emphasized was tribal beats. I was recently reminded of the diminished or “Devils” chord, and how its was labeled “Diabolus in Musica” and its use in Church music was forbidden.

          • Cowtown Rebel,

            I appreciate your response, and fond myself nodding in agreement to much of what you wrote.

            I am not an expert in music or musical theory by a long shot. The only reference to the devil’s influence on music is the legend of Bluesman Robert Johnson at the Crossroads where he supposedly sold his soul.

            Hard rockers and “metal heads ” are known for throwing up so-called “devils horns” with their pinky and index fingers extended. Bands like Black Sabbath (among others) play up the whole satanic angle, but they appear to do as an act of rebellion, and not some sinister desire to recruit followers to Lucifer.

            On any given day, you could find me listening to Bill Monroe, J.S. Bach, Johnny Cash, Guns N Roses, or Pink Floyd. Mood determines my playlist.

            I like your take on popular culture. It’s fair and we’ll researched.

      • You’re right CR, America must’ve felt pretty optimistic about the future as the quadricentennial of Columbus’ (re)discovery of the New World was being celebrated. Of course we shouldn’t romanticize the past too much. In the 1890s there was venereal disease, alcoholism, gambling, prostitution, juvenile delinquency and even pornography to deal with. There were also the remnants of a severe depression which had lasted 20 years and put millions out of work. Violent confrontations between labor and management took place over miserly wages and abominable working conditions. But all of those problems were more or less manageable until the j * w secretly consolidated his grip on power over us.

        • Yes, legitimate concerns about labor conditions in mines and factories were soon being exploited by anarchists, socialists, street gangs, and politicians, and almost nothing those people did actually solved any problems. It was the constant shut downs, violence, and turning of popular opinion that eventually led to the industrialists making concessions to the nascent unions. If anything, using Street Hoodlums and bringing in the Pinkertons and the National Guard to negotiate their labor disputes with violence gave the public every evidence of the lengths the Government could and would go to to intervene on behalf of factory owners and mine operators.

          Conversely, the anarchists and socialists were leaving such a bad taste in people’s mouths that the Union’s were viewed, rightfully, with equal mistrust and suspicion. A good example is the Carnegie Steel Mill Strike, after the Pinkertons mercilessly gunned down the steel workers, the public was incensed. Shortly thereafter, an Anarchist named (((Alexander Berkman))) who was a paramour of Communist (((Emma Goldman))) shot and stabbed Carnegie Steel Director, Henry Frick. Public sentiment turned against the strikers, who, themselves, resented an outsider who had come in and ruined their negotiations. Interestingly, Berkman and Goldman visited with Lenin in Russia and expected to find a Workers Paradise. When they tried to express their disappointment, Lenin laughed at them and treated them like children.

          And, of course there were all of the usual vices. More widespread and in evidence in some places than others. Cities have always been cauldrons of sin and decadence, but rural regions had their out of the way (and often not too distant) dens of iniquity as well. Such is the wicked ways of men. But, it was usually contained to a particular section that everyone either knew to avoid or accepted the risk.

  12. Hunter-you’ve missed it-the 90’s were depraved on TV and in the movies-the 50’s were the last decade of wholesome fare from Hollywood, and that was only because of the numerous censor boards that proliferated until the late 50’s in flyover country America. Hollywood knew that if they made a morally objectionable movie it would be banned in half of America, thereby cutting their profit margin for that film in half.

      • Exactly, you didn’t write the article. Just throw it out there. OD is now nothing but Drudge or Breitbart now. You don’t remember shit.

        • More people are reading and commenting on the site.

          I’ve had some new people signing up as a contributors. I have no objection to giving them a platform. That’s what we are doing here. I don’t even read the Drudge or Breitbart websites. I’m also writing about the same subjects that I have always written about on this website. I didn’t even change the WordPress theme. The MH NewsDesk theme comes with the homepage format.

          • Are MPO and Kevin your SPLC-designated saboteurs? You’re too polite to them. They’re violating your second rule, and doing so while commenting to you. Most disrespectful. Just banish the malcontents. They can always get new email accounts and bs handles through their handlers.

          • I’m more amused by Kevin because he comes here and makes his arguments which no one finds compelling. It is like he is trying to convince himself that he has left the White Nationalist movement. He spends more time here than in his tribe.

            As for MPO, I believe he came here from The Drama Stirrer. He seems to believe there has been a great change here because of the shift to the magazine format. I suppose it is true that the site is more balanced in the content. I’ve been enjoying writing an article a day about something happening in the world outside of the United States, but that is nothing new here. I believe it was last year that I spent the whole month of February writing about African history.

          • Rich L,

            As I was walking my dog tonight, I was thinking along those same lines.

            HW is a Southern gentleman and lets a lot more slide than I would.

            MPO has implied that HW during OD’s one week recess two months ago was somehow compromised by Zog or Zog NGOs. MPO needs to show proof (which is nonexistent) or STFU. As in a court of law, speculation means nothing without evidence.

            “Kevin” and his arguments most likely haven’t ‘flipped’ one OD reader to his side of the ledger.

            If they’re SPLC or ADL agitation propaganda trolls, their inability to persuade anyone to their messages are sub-Charlie Kirk level convincing.

  13. Tallyrand once said something to the effect no one can understand how sweet life can be who hadn’t lived under the ancien regime. To many of us our ancien regime is the 1950s. Women, though there were early signs, hadn’t yet opted for the self destructiveness of feminism. Doors could be left unlocked and children could be raised “free range.” In fact that the child could roam, explore, and play was considered so normal, there was no special term for it. Martin Luther King was a questionable rogue and not a secular god. George Lincoln Rockwell was a popular speaker on campuses, while today even mild Ben Shapiro needs security to speak at a college. Children were watching Hopalong Cassiday and Wild Bill Hickock on television, not the garbage produced by Netflix. Men could support a family on a single salary and buy a house. And men being men freed women to be women.

  14. Those statistics are a perfect and horrible example of what an Industrial Capitalist and Liberal society has done. It has destroyed everything. That means We Must Retake Everything! Deo Vindice !

  15. I came across the movie Straight Out of Compton abut the rap Group Niggas With Attitude (NWA) and I was surprised how they portrayed Jews. They were the record producers and lawyers for the group and had no trouble with its antic white lyrics and anti-police mentality But then Dr. Dre wrote a rap sing with “antisemitic” lyrics and you should have seen how ballistic the Jews become. Screaming and threatening lawsuits and calling him a piece of sh*t.

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