Washington Examiner: The Conservative Case For Legalizing Prostitution

Brad Polumbo is back with a new take.

We last saw Brad locked in a fierce battle with CJ Pearson for the soul of conservative liberalism. He first came to our attention when Ashley St. Clair aka Sexlaptop was fired by Turning Point USA for associating with Nick Fuentes. Charlie Kirk didn’t have a problem with Sexlaptop when she was being destroyed by big black niggas like Tyrone.

Polumbo is a homosexual who writes for Washington Examiner who has been called out for following “cute boys” on Instagram. He condemned CJ Pearson and Ashley St. Clair for breaking the moral quarantine of White Nationalism. He believes that it is very important that this moral quarantine of the Far Right be maintained and that conservative liberalism is represented by intellectually developed spokesmen who are respectable enough to be on FOX News.

Washington Examiner:

“Conservatives don’t have to like it, and they certainly don’t have to view prostitution as moral or acceptable. But if they want to embrace practical reality over moral idealism and help women, they’ll begrudgingly accept that we must stop waging state-led war on the world’s oldest profession. …

The facts demand that conservatives put practical reality before their moral distaste for prostitution.

A core tenet of conservatism is that government must be limited, in part because of the serious unintended consequences of government involvement. Conservatives must stop pretending that policing sex work is some kind of exception, or women will continue to suffer the consequences of their naive, benevolent intentions. …”

I’m sure there is an explanation for why a gay chicken hawk is writing articles about legalizing prostitution in the Washington Examiner as a representative of True Conservatism, but being seen in the same room with Nick Fuentes can destroy your career. My theory is that the “fighting anti-Semitism” and free market stuff is all that really matters in Conservatism, Inc.

On a more philosophical level, why should prostitution be illegal under the framework of conservative liberalism? The government is bad. The free market is good. Individual freedom is the glory of liberalism. Ever since 1776, there has been a long line of liberations as our traditional culture has steadily been brought into closer alignment with our liberal values. The criminalization of prostitution is a case of government intervention in the choices made by private individuals. The freedom of Brad Polumbo to visit a consenting male sex worker in Washington, DC, adult or otherwise, is being restricted in the name of the suppression of vice by the state. How is this not collectivism? How is this not the blackest form of statist tyranny?

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  1. As far as I can tell liberals call themselves Conservatives and communists call themselves Democrats. I have to admit I am puzzled why anyone calling themselves a christian would support either Party.

    The lesser of 2 evils strategy I suppose. But that is like supporting a serial killer who has killed 20 men compared to another murderer that has killed 30.

  2. I might the strongest critic of Libertarianism, strongest critic of the Ron Paul/Rand Paul cult in the dissident Right, Alternative Right blog world.

    That said, I do favor legalization of prostitution, but with very strict regulation including health testing for the sex workers, citizen/government commissions to keep out criminal gangs from taking over prostitution.

    But, organized Italian Mafia crime is almost always better than the other criminal groups like M13, ZETA cartels or Black Street Gangs that will jump in and do disorganized crime. The Italian Mafia will generally not beat or rape the White gals that are the most profitable sex workers.

    I visited TJ Mexico and the legalized prostitution system seemed to work fine.

    I note that the Beatles performed their best live music when they were young performing in Hamburg Germany and the Beatles song “Ticket to Ride” was about legalized prostitution that the Sex Workers had to pass a board of health test and then they received…

    A ticket to ride.

    There are so many God awful worse things about Libertarianism (open borders immigration, race to the bottom for wages, those with $ ie Jews and Jew go alongs take over everything that is important) but sensible, practical views about prostitution – no I’m not going to be a part of that. It’s the same with Bible Belt women trying to force prohibition of beer drinking on men or Bible Belt religious women trying to make all forms of sex including marriage sex no fun or not at all. No – sorry ladies, we’re not letting you do that again.

  3. The slope is too slippery. Most times a contract isn’t signed let’s have sex for profit but it’s more like hey I need this because I’m broke.

  4. Well Prostitution would destroy thots once and for all though. No longer would they have any power over us. In fact, the entire female sexual utopia of power would instantly be overturned.

    Right now the man has to pay and that doesn’t guarantee sex, and the female holds the power to claim abuse and rape and sic the state on you. They hold all the cards.

    With prostitution, there is a financial contract now, so they have no power. You pay and you get sex, and they can’t claim any rape or abuse because they consented and that is backed by a financial contract. Furthermore, no doubt we would start rating these whores like on angieslist, so they would have to be clean, respectful and do a good job. Any hassle out of them and we tank their ratings – career over!

    The thots that don’t want to be hookers, now have to offer something better than the contract we could get with a prostitute. Meaning they would either conform to what we want, or we ignore them and get a hooker, and they stay alone and lose all the power they have (via the state) over us.

    This is a form of accelerationism that would actually work, and solve the whore problem. I fully support it. It’s also not like we would lose a single “good girl” (lol there are no good girls) because if they’re so good they wouldn’t become a hooker.

    The elliot rodgers of the world are saved the madness of these modern whores and regain the rights even medieval serfs had. female get taken off their damn pedastool and the state’s anti-Man legal system is hobbled.

    Prostitution now, prostitution forever.

    • Pretty much. Though I prefer to put it in finance lingo. Right now pussy is overvalued such that most men can’t even afford it. The market has become inefficient due to govt. regulation, and legalizing prostitution would open up the market on pussy. Overnight we would see a huge correction as the value of pussy would crash and then stabilize. That is the real conservative case for prostitution.

  5. Prostitution should be safe and legal, otherwise those women are at the mercy of their pimps, johns and corrupt pigs as well (In other words they’re at the mercy of men like Fr. John and Jaye Ryan).

  6. These people also want to repeal age of consent laws, I wonder why? By their logic consenting adults would be able to engage in dueling, lethal jousting, gladiator contests etc. and why not? In their clown world wealthy perverts would just run amok, free from even the threat of legal consequences, able to indulge all their vices.

    Those who aren’t wealthy would live in fear and misery, always at the mercy of these monsters except that such a world could not endure for long. Anarchy would lead to tyranny in short order and that would be the end of their clown world.

  7. I would support decriminalizing prostitution. Not like us guys are getting to marry Christian virgins anyway and no woman who makes more wants to keep a man at home but they love ‘equality’ when it benefits themselves. Most women are obese which is another turn off for most of us. Sure, most of us men would like a relationship, but if it is going to be a hassle all the time, this would be a good alternative.

    I used to talk to an older lady in the early 90’s who told me the area we lived in had a red light district. Probably not technically legal but it was available.

  8. Prostitution is already legal in many ways. Otherwise we wouldn’t have a Congress. Prostitution can involve selling integrity as well as selling sex.

  9. Reducing all human interaction to economic exchanges takes the moral dimension out of it. That leads to, as HW suggested in the article, making all perversities into just commodities on the market. By that twisted logic, if some pedo can convince a ten year-old to have anal sex for a few bucks, what’s the problem? It’s something that’s being done by mutual consent for money, right?

  10. This is an idea whose time came about 50 years ago. It was time to legalize then it is time to legalize now. Instead we have screaming banshees calling prostitution then new term sex trafficking and equating 17 year old women who want to be in the sex trade child sec trafficking victims. It’s a total scam. They’ve rebranded prostitution and everyone and I mean everyone is running with the new term sex trafficking. Legalize now.

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