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  1. Henrik and Lana had the Constitutional right to put me to sleep with their Red Ice show. But I guess giant, jew-run tech monopolies have the right to supersede the Constitution now?

    • Spahn,

      Red Ice and American Renaissance serve as reality 101 for White normies that live outside our urban and suburban cesspools.

      But to your point, Red Ice can induce sleep. Their best shows were when badass political commentator Jim Goad was their guest.

      We can’t cheer their deplatforming because of the who and why behind the erasure of the First Amendment.

      I’m pretty sure that Blompf’s FCC panjeet is closely monitoring the situation.

  2. Eventually we will lose everything online unless we build and own our own platforms. For years now the Racialist Right has known this was coming but did nothing but bitch and moan about it and done nothing to correct it. I love Red Ice Radio. It is always top notched and to put my money where my mouth is I am going to sign up as a sponsor or subscriber. F the PTB!

  3. @ Spahnranch1969

    Could you direct the readership to where you posted your latest two-hour interview with Professor Kevin MacDonald? Jim Goad? Insert here?

    Oh, you didn’t conduct any interviews? You don’t have a platform to deplatform?

    • Henrik and Lana are intelligent, civilized people but their attempts to play by the jews’ rules availed them nothing, because they got de-platformed anyway.

  4. Hey Hunter – do we have official and unofficial OD Bitchute Gab accounts? This is something simple that needs to be done – we should include links to still free speech social media on all our blogs, comments, videos.

  5. Everyone switch to Bitchute and Brighteon and get the conversation going about creating a new right wing version of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Is Twitch ok ?

    Attention lazy ass lawyers : Remember high school civics ? Any law that violates The Constitution is null and void. These scummy “possessed” Jews need to be sued and owned. They are violating our 1st amendment AND ( RICO, ) doing this crime in an organized way. Toss in payment processors like Paypal Visa and Mastercard. You attorneys could retire from one class action suit !!!! $$$$$$$$$

    PS : The reason Red Ice put you to sleep is the same reason all the others do. NONE OF THEM PRESENT ANY SORT OF PLAN … CONCEPT … ROUGH DRAFT OF A MANIFESTO FOR A WHITE ETHNO STATE.

  6. Fight the tyranny, subscribe to Red Ice.
    They are still in the seedling stage, they need to be cultivated and fed.

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