New York Times: Are We Ready For Breastfeeding Fathers and Transgender Children?

Good morning, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man? Did you eat a big bowl of gay Kellogg’s All Together Cereal for breakfast? Yesterday a historic milestone was reached in the march toward equality in the first ever all-female spacewalk!


It is absolutely important to protect transsexual illegal aliens and black trans women from gun violence! They are particularly vulnerable!

Today it is the coming age of BREASTFEEDING SOYBOYS.

New York Times:

“A young man with shoulder-length dark hair leans back in a chair, his T-shirt pulled up to his chin. Two plastic tubes the size of shot glasses are attached to each of his nipples. Through the plastic, we see his skin inflate and deflate in a steady rhythm.

It’s early autumn 2009, and on a little-watched Swedish late-night television show, 25-year-old Ragnar Bengtsson has begun what the host calls a “scientific experiment.” Over the next three months, three times a day, Mr. Bengtsson will pump his breasts to see whether they will produce milk. …

Is it possible for a man to breastfeed a baby? For millenniums, this question has tickled people’s imagination. It has intrigued; it has disgusted; it has also remained largely hypothetical. …”

Will they be able to menstruate as well? I’m all for equity!

Today it is a progressive homily on CELEBRATING YOUR TRANSGENDER CHILDREN.

New York Times:

“Shortly before my gender assignment surgery in 2002, my father told me that he was grieving the loss of his first-born son. My first impulse was to comfort him. We talked about his feelings one afternoon and I reassured him that he wasn’t losing me. I thought this was my duty; after all, he had supported my transition, defending me against bigoted relatives (even as he stumbled over my pronouns and told me I needed to be less argumentative if I planned to live as a woman).

Still, I counted myself lucky that he and other members of my immediate family didn’t reject me, which an estimated 50 percent of trans people have experienced. So I listened, even as his words were tough for me to hear. He lamented that I could no longer bring honor to our Filipino family or be his rightful heir — gender expectations I couldn’t fulfill and had grown to resent. …”

In the United Kingdom, a place where transphobia has become a crime worse than burglary punishable by six months in prison, the police are investigating a reported hate crime where a transgender “woman” on “her” third sex change was allegedly turned down for a porn role because “she” has a penis even though “she” began “her” transition when “she” was only 15-years-old. “She” has been discriminated against for still having male anatomy.

The Sun:

“COPS are investigating a “hate crime” after a transgender woman was turned down for a porn role “because she has a penis”.

Ria Cooper, 25, who became Britain’s youngest trans person when she transitioned 10 years ago, says an anonymous photographer messaged her saying he wanted them to have sex on camera and sell the resulting porno. …

But when he found out Ria still has male reproductive organs he immediately retracted the offer. …

Ria has hit out at the “transphobic behaviour” and says she’s being unfairly discriminated against in her modelling career. …”

Behold the paradise that the United Kingdom has become after centuries of liberalism where International Pronouns Day is celebrated by the police who will come and arrest you for the hate crime of transphobia in their rainbow colored police cars.

Make no mistake about it.

This is the world that progressive liberalism and the Democratic Party has in store for us in the United States which was made clear by every leading Democratic candidate posting their pronouns on Twitter and by the Q&A session at CNN’s LGBTQ Town Hall.

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The march toward the progress of equal rights continues. Where will be next month?

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  1. Remember in the old days how computers would crash all the time? These mentally ill people and their perfectly sane, thoroughly evil and corrupt masters will crash Western societies just like a computer crashes. The re-boot of society is what happens after the crash although with a far, far different operating system since the old one was fatally flawed.

  2. These people are mentally ill and need to be placed in psychiatric hospitals or re-education camps while the (((groups))) that promote and push this degeneracy need to be tried, found guilty of crimes against humanity, and then executed. That’s the only way forward.

    • Absolutely agree. Croatia knows this, my country knows this but how to explain to our Western brothers that 2-6% of white people are mentally ill and the rest are just too stupid and afraid to confront them.

      How many of genius Western scientist pointed out the obvious fact that Greta Thunberg is just a another mad child from well known mad child witch hunter production area less than 100 miles around Stockholm with centuries old mad child production experience ?

      Yes, they have century old industry down there to produce mad children.

      When you need a brand new Russian tank, then you get it from …Iceland, Australia, remaining white communities in Zimbabwe ?

      When Global Elite needs a mad child, the it will get this child from ?

      Some white people are mad. Jews know this, Eastern Europe know this , entire world know this only our Western brothers reject this fact despite get beaten by white Antifa and get betrayed by fellow white politicians.

      • Only 2-6% are mad? I would think it was more like 90%+ are mad. At most only 10% of whites reliably vote nationalist, the rest wouldn’t mark a paper to save themselves.

        IMO there are different kinds of white madness:

        At the high end, there are the stark raving mad shitlibs, that annihilate everthing they touch.

        Then there are the white libertarians that believe in lawlessness, open borders, and magic soil.

        Then there are the bonkers conservatives that care nothing for thier own kind. They only care about profits for big corporations, and Israel.

        Then you have the WN that want to let all the mad white people into their ethnostates. They seriously believe their ethnostates will survive, when they are outnumbered 10 to 1 by the other mad whites.

        • “””….Only 2-6% are mad? I would think it was more like 90%+ are mad…..””

          Well. As much we like the white supremacy, 90% of whites are as dumb as Nwords and can be rally out small but determinate minority.

          Now the pathology kicks in. 2-6% mad whites have nothing else in their life except cultmarx issues. Pro white patriots have a lot of in their life, job family friends. They have no time to fight with the lone white lunatic repeating the very same lies 24/7.

          White normie is zombie. This thing act what is told. When you remove 2-6% white liberals, then you can get rid of 24/7 lie and white normie zombie will act as you say.

          White people are not special. The very same white normie can sacrifice his life fighting in the bravest unit of Waffen SS or throw his life away to save refugeees.

          The question is only, who is programming the white normie. White humans or genetic white liberals. The whole fight goes only between 5% of white devil servants and between of God servants for white normie soul. Like the policeman and thug fighting for same firearm.

          Jews and other diversity are absolutely irrelevant.

      • @Juri I understand your frustration. I am an American but my ancestors are from Croatia and to this day I have extended family in Croatia who are in shock at the stupidity of Western Europe, Canada, America, Australia, and New Zealand. The kikes have infiltrated the West over the past century and have used Western/Northern European liberal values against the native populations of the countries in which they reside. Liberal values, democracy, and capitalism are failed ideologies that have caused the situation we find ourselves in today. In order to end this insanity we must abandon those failed ideologies, remove the (((cancer))) from White nations, send the shit skins back to their shitholes, rebuild mental institutions to house, care, and treat our mentally ill, promote healthy heterosexual relationships which lead to marriage and children, and return to Traditional Christianity ex. Pre Vatican II Catholic Church, OG Lutherans, Orthodox Christianity, ect.(not the modern Judeo-Christian bullshit). That’s the only way the west will ever be great again.

  3. After watching the 1st hunger game film on netflix, the world in it politically doesn’t seem so liberal… In fact it seems kinda tolatarian and fashy. It seems the only liberal element is the wacky haircuts that the elite sport in it lol. I’ve yet too watch catching fire parts 1 and 2 tho so maybe I don’t fully grasp the politics in it just yet but thats why I get from it so far

  4. Jew york times never disappoints with their wacky crazy bullshit tho honk honk in full swing with that article

  5. When this shit is finally over maybe 10 or 15% of the white race will still be alive. But that small group will represent the best part of our race, the part that was worth saving. The fatties, queers and other rejects will have forfeited their right to exist. They will have been culled from the herd.

    If Blormp can accelerate the inevitable decline and fall of this decadent, evil empire then maybe I will reconsider voting for his ass next year.

  6. Most healthy, rational, and non-generate people realize this is the wrong direction for society.

    In my opinion, it just seems that Jews are lashing out to the nth degree because they’re starting to realize they’ve been found out. Fewer and fewer people trust their fake news anymore.

    They’re losing control of the narrative and so they’re baring their fangs by pushing extreme left and also extreme right by trying to outlaw anti-Israel sentiment in Red State public education.

    I can understand the bugaloo mindset. It’s not irrational and it comes from a place of righteous anger. But, while our minoritization is inevitable we’re not going extinct. There are still tens of millions of White Americans out there who might eventually support an explicit Pro-White political movement.

    Maybe not, but all is not lost. When Red Ice was banned by YouTube, plenty of people from different factions supported them. Those Whitepills offer glimpses into what is still possible.

    Bashing people based on disagreements on funding is not healthy or mature. Most people are inclined to voluntarily donate when they see someone in need. This is not a Cult and no one should ever donate under duress.


  7. This shit is the West’s collective penance for “making the world safe for democracy ” by destroying the based Third Reich.

    • The present situation in the West can be traced back to the “French” (judeo-masonic) Revolution.

      Enjoying your “new normal”, you lowly gentile dogs?

  8. At this point, an American patriot has to hope for a Russo-Chinese victory and their puppet government in the US. Much better than ZOG.

  9. This straight-outta-hell decadence is making me into a straight-up authoritarian. I’m all for getting the pervs back into the closet, nailing the door shut, and taping over the cracks. Being of the “live and let live” mindset leads to not only social and civilizational decline, but to acceptance of things and activities that are truly the inverse (and perverse) of nature. Banish the demons back to the lake of fire, and keep them there.

    • I am looking forward to bloody mass-reprisals and deportations at bayonet point to forced labor camps in the Arctic Circle, Mr. Little.

      Who was that guy who could make facial expressions like Bobby Di Nero and Bill Shatner? You know, that guy on TV?

  10. I’m an optimist! The Black Plague, 30 years war, and world war 1+2/cold war never took out all the whites of Europe let alone Australia! We still have the skill of a bow and arrow, and deadly winter, over gun powered and technology, Whites will prevail! It’s in our DNA : Flock of seagulls made sound of it best! DNA instrumental! Listen!

  11. There’s no such thing as “transphobia.” A phobia is, by definition, an irrational fear of something that is itself innocuous or harmless at worst. There is nothing irrational about fearing the inevitable consequences of acting as though such Satanic degeneracy is “normal”; as always with the lunatics on the left the irrationality lies within the fact of the existence of their reprobate minds. As Prof. Smith (at the Orthosphere) has pointed out before, this is a state of things that “the earth will not long put up with.” Nature shall have her way in the end, and we’re all going to pay dearly when she does. And deservedly so!

  12. If ZOG USA has become so pathetically soft and decadent then what does that say about us for being unable to overthrow it?

  13. All in preparation for Moshiach, why? Everything the Jews do is to prepare the world for their Moshiach, so why? Because the long awaited Jew messiah, is an assloving tranny freak, who wants to have kids birthed from his rectum is that it?

  14. I hope people are asking themselves the right questions:

    Why type of entity would endorse such abnormal/unnatural behavior?
    Why is it/they targeting the physical protectors/brawn of a civilization?
    What is the goal?
    What is the gain?

    We certainly know the outcome if it isn’t stopped.

    Forget what you’ve been taught/brainwashed with and use logic. Get that white IQ fully engaged…..

    Up is down
    Down is up
    Black is white
    White is black
    2 + 2 = 5

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