Democratic Congresswoman In Polyamorous ‘Throuple’ Allegedly Caught Grooming Staffer While Naked

Have you ever been labeled a rightwing extremist by the media?

Have you ever found yourself bursting out in uncontrollable laughter like Arthur Fleck at these pretentious journos? Why should these people be taken seriously?

Should they be taken seriously by us as authority figures because they are on television or because they write for leftwing newspapers? Should they be taken seriously because they were elected to Congress? Is that what makes these people legitimate?

How about another joke?

What do you get when you are in a ‘throuple’ with a female staffer who you enjoy grooming while naked while simultaneously carrying on another affair with your male finance director and you break off the relationship to focus on your important work in Congress?

I’ll tell what you get!


Red State:

“It is in that spirit that we are sharing information obtained from multiple confidential sources relating to Rep. Hill, who’s currently in divorce proceedings. It is this writer’s view that events that occur within a marriage or affairs that lead to its demise should be kept between the parties involved and are not the business of the general public. When those events or affairs occur within one of the parties’ workplace, though, and that workplace is the United States Congress, the public should know about them as they determine that elected official’s fitness to serve.

Photographs and text messages obtained by RedState show that Rep. Hill was involved in a long-term sexual relationship with a female campaign staffer. The woman, whose name is not being released, was hired by Hill in late 2017 and quickly became involved in a “throuple” relationship with Hill and her estranged husband, Kenny Heslep. …”

Seriously though, how did we end up being ruled by these people?

Why has our culture degenerated to the point where we are waking up to headlines like this? By what historical process did we shift from the way we used to be to the way we are now? Who lost the culture war and why did they lose it?

Note: In my view, the cuck who was married to Rep. Katie Hill doesn’t explain why he isn’t supportive of her exploration of her sexuality.

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  1. Poor old Adolf tried to warn us, didn’t he?

    The “husband” is a real piece of work. He didn’t’ care when his FREAK of a “wife” was banging other women – but another male – nosireee!

  2. There’s all kinds of sexual chicanery going on in Washingcoon – Congressmen preying on teenage interns, “open” marriages, male prostitutes, pedophilia, etc – yet “our” press never reports on any of it. But if a politician, Federal judge or Pentagon official should ever disobey his jew masters they will!

  3. Why won’t White men “man up” and marry these thots? It’s because White men aren’t manly enough that we have all these thots and sluts running around instead of the good wives with tattoos that they really want to be. If you’re a single White man, this situation is your fault. It’s also the fault of Kenny Heslep because he wasn’t able to be man enough to please his tradwife and so she had to engage in a lesbian relationship with a woman and a man working for her. He’s also not man enough to accept this relationship and tried to initiate a divorce (which, as the good tradwife she is, she is fighting).

    Why aren’t young White men growing up, getting married and raising families?

    – Occidental Dissent Commenters. .

    • Why did “good White men” allow the Jew IN, to create this mayhem in the first place? (((Feminism))) began approx. 20 years – 2 DECADES – after (((mass acceptance of Jew porn))).

      • No White man of dating age today let the Jew in to the country. But all the White women of dating age today have the choice to be a complete degenerate whore or not. Unfortunately, many have chosen that path.

    • Spot On, Gold Coin, and Boo-Yah! It pains me to no end how too many men on the “Edgy” Right mirror the ridiculous moralism/shaming of men that Trad Cucks engage in. When one looks at the current crop of white women, something becomes glaringly clear. The Blood of Jesus, 1488, or Thor are no match for the allure of cash/prizes awaiting women at the (((Family Court))). This isn’t popular to state in Edgy Right Circles, but it is true. White Women are a bigger enemy than Jews.

  4. There is no widely-accepted moral center in society anymore like the precepts of Christianity, so Satanic chaos will fill the void. When there are no limits put on perversion, it will flourish. People are weak and selfish, and will give into their sickest desires if there aren’t restraints. It’s fashionable to label such depravity “self-empowerment,” but it’s really just empty self-indulgence. It’s destructive to both the person and the culture.

  5. I wonder how she finds the time and energy to serve her constituency? Unless,of course, if it’s in her own special way…lol!

  6. kosher Culture of Death:

    abortion, porn, sexperv, miscegnation, judeo-“feminism”.

    all aimed at cratering White family formation and birthrate.

    and it’s working.

  7. Hahaha every day a new abomination and all we can do is beg for moar!

    I’d say repent and ask Yahweh forgiveness. If you’re not a goat or tare that is…most like subjects in article are ready for LOF.

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